Chapter 1: Twilight's Mistake

May 27th, 2014
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  1. “Mr. Anon! How’s come you don’t have your cutie-mark yet?” said the trio of fillies at once.
  2. I had been in this land of technicolor horses for a little over two months now and everyone or everypony rather finally were able to accept me into their society. When I arrived I was first taken in by a Twilight Sparkle, who seemed to be one of the book smartest ponies around, who promptly treated me like a science project. Needless to say it was disturbing.
  3. “Well girls, humans don’t get cutie marks typically. We don’t have anything that tells us what our special talent is. Humans just kind of know,” I replied to them.
  4. “Well then what’s your special talent Mr. Anon?”
  5. “Girls!” A shriek came from down the road, “it’s rude to ask that kind of stuff!” Purplesmart here to rescue me and frankly, she couldn’t have come at a better time. If I had a cutie mark I guess it would be some beer or a bed to sleep in. I don’t know how I got here, but it beat my life back on Earth. There’s only so much a college dropout can accomplish in his lifetime, especially when he spends countless hours on videogames and internet messageboards.
  6. “Aww, Twilight but we were just asking” the orange one said. I was just learning everypony’s name, I believe this was Scootaloo?
  7. “Yeah we just got done crusading, and wondered if Mr. Anon was good at some stuff to help us out!” the white unicorn, Sweepy Belle, Sweetie Bell?
  8. “And if Mr. Anon could be the one who gets us our Cutie Marks!” the yellow one said, earth pony Apple something, she’s part of the Apple family that’s all I know.
  9. “Girls I don’t think Mr.Anon really has the time or energy to go crusading with you, “ Purplesmart begins to kill the vibe, “he’s much too busy helping me around Ponyville castle!”
  10. “You know what Twilight, crusading actually sounds like it could be fun, heh and who knows maybe I’ll get my cutie mark after all, “ I said jokingly, “Now how about Tuesday we all go out and crusade together. That’ll give me time to finish up all my work with Twilight”
  11. “Yaaaaaaay!” excited screams came from the three girls.
  12. “Yeah… that sounds interesting…” I heard faintly from Twilight.
  13. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  14. We made our way back to Ponyville castle where I had been sleeping in one of the spare rooms for the past two months. I decided to take it easy tonight where I made Twilight and her dragon assistant, Spike a simple spaghetti dinner.
  15. “And here’s the ruby-tomato sauce for the little guy”
  16. “Woah thanks Mr.Anon!”
  17. “and the traditional sauce for us”
  18. “Wow Anon you really outdid yourself today!” Twilight said across the table from me.
  19. “Aw, it’s nothing much I just figured I’d try to say my thanks to both of you for being so kind to me for the last few weeks.”
  20. “Anon it’s been a pleasure having you around, you know what they say! Two assistants are much better than one!”
  21. “Yeah! And you always seem to spice up this food” Spike said slurping up his spaghetti.
  22. “Also, Anon were you serious about crusading with those girls earlier?” Twilight asked.
  23. “Well yeah! Why not? Sounds like helping those girls do whatever crazy ideas they have in their head could be fun!” I replied enthusiastically.
  24. “Spike, could you give Anon and I a minute?”
  25. A red mess of a face revealed itself from behind a plate, “Yeah I was done with eating anyway!”
  26. “Was it that good?” I extended a fist towards the little dragon.
  27. “Heck yeah! You’re the best Anon!” he fist bumped me back.
  28. As soon as it was just Twilight and I the room took a much more somber tone.
  29. “So Anon, I was thinking… remember a few weeks back when you said that you wanted to know what it’s like to be a pony?”
  30. “I mean it was a passing…”
  31. “I think I have a way…”
  32. “Wait what?”
  33. “I think I have a way to turn you into a pony, I don’t know how long it would be but I’ve been looking up transformation spells and I wanted to test them out and I’m not sure how safe Dragon to Pony changes would be and I realize I don’t know much about humans but..”
  34. “It’s okay Twilight, if you really want a volunteer, it’s not like you’re going to get much better of an opportunity will you? Plus being a pony could be kind of fun! I could walk on fours, vegetables and fruit will probably taste better and..”
  35. “Great oh my gosh I owe you big time and I’m so happy you’re going to let me do this! You’re the best Anon!”
  36. “So when are we doing this? And how long does the transformation last?”
  37. The last question didn’t seem to matter when a purple stream of magic hit me square in the chest. I guess it’s starting then. Well alright then. Even though it hit me straight in the chest, Twilight’s magic seemed to first focus on my arms and legs. That’s fine, I figure better to get used to hooves first as I’m going to walk on them for a while. My hands balled up into fists and seemed to stay that way as I was under Twilight’s spell. My balled up hands shifted and my knuckles seemed to melt into my fist. Luckily there wasn’t too much pain, but the re-bending of my shoulders and elbows caused a little discomfort.
  38. “Shit!” I screamed as my elbow seemed to bend backwards to adjust to my new frame.
  39. “Oh god Anon!” Twilight screamed towards me.
  40. It seemed the magic stream that was enveloping my body just got much stronger, and the pain! I thought my elbows were bad, but feeling my toes merge into one appendage and my foot re-adjust for my new hooves began to make me realize the severity of the situation. With tears streaming down my eyes I looked down and saw my new completed limbs.
  41. “Well at least the worst part is done right?” I said with a strained voice.
  42. I was wrong.
  43. My skull began to re-shape and re-adjust for my new pony body becoming smaller. It felt like my brain was cramped and being squeezed out of my ears and nose when all of a sudden the feeling in my ears shifted. What was once the side of my head soon became the top of my head. Along with those changes my nose seemed to extend and merge with my mouth. A pony snout I guess. My hair began to prickle out from the top of my head and neck. The headache from my re-shaping of my skull disappeared and I just assumed that my head was finally finished forming.
  44. “Alight Anon we’re almost done!”
  45. Another surge of magic hit me and a slight prickling feeling washed over me.
  46. “Whoo! Fur!” my voice began to take on a higher pitch. I hope that doesn’t end up to complications, I assumed that Twilight was just re-adjusting my vocal chords. Nothing too serious. Unfortunately I didn’t have too much time to reflect on my situation as I felt a pain in my rear and forehead take place. This was worse than the skull headache from earlier. It felt like my skull was trying to push something in my brain and through the skull at the same time.
  47. “Twilight, at least I get to be a unicorn right” even more strain headed my voice. There really was an issue with this higher pitch. Until it hit me, or at least a tingle in my scrotum and testicles hit me.
  50. A huge surge of magical energy struck me, which seemed to cause my change in my nethers to go that much faster. The first thing to go were my testicles, they pushed themselves into my lower torso. My Johnson followed soon afterward forming what I believe would become my vaginal canal. It seemed to pull inwards, giving me a sort of reverse erection. I couldn’t believe what was going on. It all seemed to end when the head of my penis just shaped up and formed my new clit.
  51. “Twilight!” I squeaked. I sounded like those little fillies earlier, “What the hell did you do!?!”
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