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  1. Developing a clickable button and  banner to accept donations on Twitter. Studies have discovered that fund me and raising money initiatives have been more successful by more than 38% with a button to click. The idea is to keep it simple, fast and engaging to click on Twitter
  2. most of the time.
  4. I am not sure how I will do this and I am open to suggestions as this is open source to the entire benefit of humanity.
  6. perhaps what is missing for donation buttons is a certificate raising confidence to click and donate without any barriers that may currently effect donors when it is time to click the button. perhaps the user needs to be reminded without being a spam. perhaps encouragement animation and friendly characters are needed to break the ice and trigger curiosity and emotion of fun.
  8. this could be done in phases.
  10. the focus is create a button to click on Twitter to donate to a crypto account.
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