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  1. Even then he moved to the second action after the ground slam there had to be a quick follow up in action, he had shaken the ground with the force of thunder so he needed to move like the lightning in order to cut down those to the left and right of him. So he move his foot shifting forward into position as his arms move up to split the man’s head down the center, his body already turning to avoid the swing that was coming from the man on the right that was still alive. His hand left his sword as he used the metal plate on his arm to turn the blade direction from piercing his liver to back into the air as he pulled his sword thought their neck. It all had to be done in the second between seconds; he had seen the best in the village they did not so much think as they acted. It was more than just practice it just was.
  3. "Time is as it will be as for pushing yourself you body needs rest to improve and this are not the best conditions to push yourself in."
  4. It seems that he was still right the blade was better than the one he was using before but it was still much weaker than the one that dirk had made from him back them. He could always just keep it in a chest and whenever he got that home but until then it was stronger than the standard weaponry and as such it would do. But it was nice to see that she was getting better faster at times and was able to hit was a good amount of force enough to push him back at times. That along with the style of hers, taking all those blows was an art in its own way.
  5. However it had been so long since he called down the storm he was losing touch with the ability and power that it provided. Cracking his back as he got to his feet.
  6. "Yea lookup Jessika she does enchantment work."
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