Lair Post-Battle

Apr 19th, 2018
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  1. At the end of the road is the spot where an apartment complex known as the Lair used to stand. “Used to” being the keywords.
  3. The area around the Lair looks as though a bombing run went through: there are craters, cracks, and gouges in the streets, neighboring buildings are at least partially demolished, and debris litters pretty much the entire place.
  5. The Lair itself has suffered the worst damage of all, so much as to be practically unrecognizable. A pile of rubble now rests where the Lair once was, quite a few pieces of which have been hurled some distance from that particular lot. Sections of the rubble and surrounding environment have been blackened by fire or intense explosions, quite possibly a result of the anti-air batteries that had been stored on the third floor.
  7. That's not the strangest thing, however. Strewn about the place are pieces of...cotton, and fabric, ripped and shredded, like a bunch of unfortunate dolls had been put through a woodchipper. What's more, there's the damaged lower half of a massive stuffed snake just lying on the street. Upon closer inspection of the Lair's corpse, one can find the ripped head of the same stuffed snake under a light burying of cement dust and fragments. Well, most of it.
  9. There may also be a few intact dolls that meander around directionlessly. Some have nasty rips in their bodies, showing their cotton innards, while others are visibly squished, or perhaps blackened as well. Apart from these dolls, however, there is no sign of life anywhere in or around the remnants of the Lair.
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