Candy Pone

Dec 15th, 2017
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  1. >Today was a good day for you
  2. >You'd finally gotten off of work at your dead end wageslave job
  3. >For further clarification, you worked at a burger joint in the middle of nowhere Indiana
  4. >Earned about 8.50 an hour, not enough to live on your own, but you and your best friend had a little hovel together and split the rent evenly
  5. >You waved goodbye at a cute waitress you had your eyes set on, Heather was her name, pretty little thing with wavy auburn hair and green eyes
  6. >She smiled and waved back at you, boy were you in for it
  7. >You clocked out at 7:00 pm, and walked your way past the busboy with a skip in your step, pushing the back door open to the parking lot with gusto
  8. >You had a plan today, only 10 days before Christmas and you wanted to get Heather something special, maybe something to show her that you could be more than friends with her...
  9. >So you set off in your cramped Chevrolet Cavalier, cackling as you did a burnout in the parking lot behind the burger joint to signify your exit before taking off onto the main road
  10. >You were going to go to the candy factory a town over, Albanese
  11. >They made delicious candy, chocolates, peppermint, gummies...
  12. >You name it, they made it
  13. >Plus you heard through the grapevine that there was a certain special discount available before Christmas hit, something about buying in bulk and you get 30% off
  14. >All the more reason to get some sweet sugary goodness for your special someone
  15. >Well, maybe she wasn't your special someone yet, but you'd hoped that she would want to be
  16. >Your fingers tapped on the steering wheel as The Rolling Stones played on the loop, humming along to sympathy for the devil as you passed rows upon rows of barren snow covered cornfields and dilapidated barns
  17. >You knew that Heather liked gummy candy, when you two hung out as friends a few months ago she had gotten the two of you some gummies with liquid LSD dropped on them, it had been one of your best trips ever, just laying on the floor giggling along with her as whimsical thoughts passed by as dark side of the moon played on your stereo
  18. >Needless to say, you two enjoyed each others company
  19. >You passed the sign signifying your entrance into this backwater little town, and spotted the sign for Albanese just up ahead
  20. >Humming happily, you noted the lack of traffic and shrugged, making a left and turning into the parking lot for the candy factory
  21. >Strangely enough, the parking lot was nearly empty itself, much of the usually filled parking spaces covered by a few inches of snow with only a few cars spaced out by the entrance
  22. >This was usually a tourist hit for people coming from Chicago, guess people didn't want to take the chance in this weather
  23. >You found a parking spot close to the entrance, and parked neatly between the unseen lines
  24. >You'd think they'd plow this lot, but apparently it wasn't so
  25. >You coughed as you shut off your vehicle, the music cutting out, and stepped out into the cool winter breeze
  26. >You fluffed up your jacket defensively and involuntarily shivered, something felt off about this place right now, though you couldn't put your finger on it
  27. >Maybe it had something to do with how awfully empty and quiet the whole place seemed, but your mind wasn't set on that debacle right now, you just wanted to get a present for Heather and get the hell outta there
  28. >Not letting your day be ruined by a little mystery and cold weather, you happily pressed onward and walked down the path leading up to the tall doors that lead into the storefront of the factory
  29. >Cautiously, mostly due to your sense of foreboding, you peered through the glass windows of the factory and noted that although all the lights were on, there was nobody inside
  30. >The chocolate fountain that ran from the ceiling to the display down under still ran, and the lights bounced off the violet and orange color scheme all well and nicely, but you sensed no other activity
  31. >You shrugged, maybe they were on break?
  32. >After all, the doors seemed to open just fine after tugging on them, and so you made your entrance
  33. >You made a slow pace through the shopping area, gazing around at all the spectacular Christmas displays
  34. >Sure enough, a banner hung up above the register area advertising a 30% discount off of purchases of 3 or more, the letters red and white stripped like they were made of large candy canes
  35. >After a good 5 minutes of browsing, you realized that maybe there were no employees here, and somebody had left the store open by mistake
  36. >Somehow...
  37. >A deviant thought slipped through your mind, could you get away with stealing the candy?
  38. >There were no cameras, and no employees or guards to watch your theft
  39. >Looking around more, your eyes were set on a cute little display in the corner, a little gift basket full of differently colored gummy candys
  40. >You chuckled as you discerned their shape
  41. >They all looked like varying colors of candy horses, each one probably being a different fruity flavor, with a jelly like filling in the center
  42. >Sort of like a gusher
  43. >Heather would definitely love this, after all she did like gummy candy, and horses were her favorite animal!
  44. >You pondered the gummy horses for a brief moment, before a second devious thought crossed your mind
  45. >Nobody was here to see you take these without paying, so surely nobody would stop you from trying one to make sure they actually tasted good
  46. >Right?
  47. >You cackled your best fake evil laugh as you unwrapped one of the gummy baskets and plunged a hand inside, tongue coming out the side of your mouth as you blindly fished around for a random gummy horse
  48. >You felt your fingers brush past one, so you plucked it without much effort
  49. >Taking your hand out of the basket, you pondered your catch
  50. >It looked like a normal gummy candy; apart from the fact that it was astonishingly detailed, quite excellently in fact!
  51. >You could distinguish ears, a tail, a mane, even eyes and individual hooves, 4 of them!
  52. >It looked more like a cute pony than a horse when you thought about it
  53. >You shrugged and popped the dark red candy pony in your mouth, instantly falling in love with the candy as your teeth plunged through its gummy hide and into the much more gooey jelly filling inside
  54. >The gummy part of the pony tasted incredibly like concentrated strawberries, and the filling was a wonderful cherry taste, the kind of cherries you'd expect to find on a sundae
  55. >It was probably the best gummy you've ever had, hell, probably the best piece of candy you've ever had period!
  56. >You smiled, knowing that Heather would certainly love these little fellas
  57. >Satisfied, you plucked an unopened basket from its display and whistled innocently as you looked around, idling around the store and waiting to see if a cashier would come by anytime soon
  58. >Once again you chuckled as it became apparent nopony was coming to ring you up, and so you turned on your heel and started to make your way out the store
  59. >But, something was wrong.
  60. >It was the doors, they wouldn't open!
  61. >You began to grow frustrated as you pushed and pulled on the tall doors, they just simply wouldn't budge at all
  62. >You raised up a fist and banged on the glass, futilely hoping that it would budge in some way
  63. >Imagine your surprise when your fist straight bounced off the glass and collided with your face
  64. >Shocked, you fell to the ground, dropping the basket and spilling the multicolored gummy ponies all over the tiled floor
  65. >You found that the collision with the floor didn't hurt at all, in fact, it felt like you bounced off of it like a rubber bouncy ball
  66. >The spilled candy on the floor soon became the least of your worries as you tried to undo the fist you made, but found that the fingers had become stuck together
  67. >You first looked at your hand in confusion, then in terror as your fist trembled and began to swell, fingers melding together and slowly changing color from a pale white to a vibrant strawberry red
  68. "What the fuck is happening to me?!"
  69. >You yelled out, but nobody came to answer you
  70. >What was once your right hand had become a semi-translucent red... Gummy... Hoof stump thing...
  71. >You glanced at the gummy ponies down beside you, and you swore their gummy eyes were staring at you, mocking you
  72. >While your hand had become this gummy hoof, you still felt a sense of touch through it, tapping it against your left hand and squishing it
  73. "This can't be... This isn't real!"
  74. >Touching your left hand seemed to be a mistake, as the gummy mess spread onto said limb
  75. >The red candy continued to spread up your right arm, thickening it and dissolving your bones into a light red filling
  76. >So this was your punishment for stealing...
  77. "This is a dream... It has to-"
  78. >You stopped talking
  79. >Was your voice getting higher pitched?
  80. >You hardly noticed as your left hand forcibly squeezed into a fist, and turned into a near mirror copy of your right hand, a red gummy hoof
  81. >You pressed one gummy hoof to your throat, testing it
  82. "T-testing!"
  83. >You gulped, and then ultimately realized that touching your throat with the gummy hoof was a massive mistake
  84. >You felt the sticky feeling spread onto your throat, and winced as you felt your neck forcibly thicken, skin stretching out and expanding into a thicker red gooey pony neck
  85. >You probably looked like an abomination at this point
  86. "Why me..."
  87. >You whimpered in an obviously girly voice, it sounded much like a teenage girl's voice, but you were too much in shock to really care anyway
  88. >The sticky gooeyness from your arms, now turned hooves, met up with the gooey mess spreading from your neck down to your chest
  89. >You heard your precious slayer t-shirt rip and weakly pawed at it with sticky hooves, trying to get it off before it was destroyed, whimpering all the while
  90. >But it was futile, you felt your rib cage expand and that was all the shirt could take before you burst out of it, exposing a thicker red gummy chest, all chest hair gone and replaced with this horrifying strawberry red
  91. >You rolled over onto your stomach, which was currently ballooning out and turning red itself, forming a curt feminine barrel
  92. >You stood up on your two remaining human limbs, before doubling over as your spine cracked and permanently placed you in a quadrupedal position, causing you to whimper again
  93. "I just wanted to have some candy!"
  94. >The gummy ponies continued to silently mock you from their place on the floor
  95. >You tasted the rich concentrated taste of strawberries as the stickiness crept up your chin and engulfed the lower half of your mouth, turning it a now sickening red as your nose and mouth were forcibly pulled out to form a rounded snout
  96. >Somehow, you expected that you wouldn't be able to function, that you'd lose all motor control, but that wasn't the case here apparently
  97. >The stickiness crept up and covered your eyes, turning your tears into the same gooey filling that was now inside your body, and gave your vision a noticeably red tint
  98. >In fact, your field of view was expanded as you felt the extremely dizzy sensation of your eyes expanding into large ovals
  99. >All you could see was a red tinted candy factory, all you could smell was sugary strawberries, and all you could taste was the same sweet cherry flavor that you had enjoyed only moments prior to becoming this monstrosity
  100. >It wasn't finished yet, as your hair now became a single jelly mess that somehow grew ever longer, draping partially over your eyes, though you managed to brush it away without getting any of the jelly on your new gummy hooves
  101. >Experimentally, you tried spitting onto the floor, and instead of saliva the exact same cherry goo flew out of your mouth
  102. >You were convinced you were dreaming at this point
  103. >There's no way this was actually happening
  104. >You were lost in deep thought for a moment before suddenly being pulled back into reality by a pleasurable twinge
  105. >Your female voice...
  106. >The feminine figure...
  107. "Oh no!"
  108. >You had long forgotten about the lower half of your body, and rolled over onto your back to check it
  109. >Your pants had ripped to shreds in the middle of your thought, your legs and feet had become the back legs of your new red gummy form
  110. >The only human part left was...
  111. >You gulped
  112. >Your little buddy, little anon, he was shrinking
  113. "N-no I'm a man! I can't be a m-mare I'm a man!"
  114. >You weakly whinnied as you pawed at your shrinking cock, it receding back into your body ever so slowly
  115. >The more you touched it...
  116. >The better it felt...
  118. >You gasped as a tingly rush of pleasure shot through your entire body as you poked your slowly receding dick, noticing that it was being converted into the same jelly goo that formed the filling inside of you
  119. >As much as you tried to stop the total conversion to femininity from happening, no matter how much you poked and pressed, you still felt it all receding back into your body underneath your hoof, noting that it felt like a snake slithering beneath your touch
  120. >You suddenly felt little Anon spring up erect at full mast for one last salute before it sinks with the ship, and you couldn't help but cry out gooey tears in spite of the waves of pleasure hitting your body as this happened
  121. >You then felt a pop, and moaned in ecstasy as one of your testicles was sucked into your body
  122. "Oooooh~"
  123. >You felt absolutely on the edge of orgasm in an instant, pawing the floor beneath you as you wiggled desperately, whinnying in a desperate attempt to save yourself
  124. >Then you felt another pop, and your eyes went wide as you let out another, much louder moan as you climaxed, feeling spurts of warm gooey sweetness shoot out of what remained of your cock
  125. "Aaaaaaahhh!~"
  126. >Your gummy tongue lolled out of your mouth, and some of the gooey fluid found itself inside your mouth, and you couldn't help but swallow it
  127. >It just tasted so good
  128. >You couldn't help yourself
  129. >And finally, with a third pop, you found yourself the new proud owner of a spot between your new pony legs that was much more sensitive and much softer than any other part of your gooey self
  130. >You came to your senses and quickly tried to find your missing dick, and pressed a hoof against your new leaking marehood
  131. "Ah!"
  132. >You blushed as you found yourself enjoying these new extremely exciting sensations radiating outward from where your dick used to be
  133. >You found yourself involuntarily getting more aroused, feeling pressure building up behind the gummy folds of your candy clit, it just wouldn't stop leaking, and pressure was just constantly building
  134. >You continued to whimper and whinny as you weakly massaged the spot where little Anon should stand proudly, but still only found your sensitive little button to rub against, feeling sticky goo ooze out from between your hood
  135. "Y-yess...~"
  136. >You mewled out as you once again tasted yourself
  137. >You tasted great, like cherries, exactly like cherries
  138. >You kept massaging this spot, eventually flipping over onto your belly to somehow get a better reach, standing up on 3 shaky hooves while a fourth reached behind to massage your needy leaking clit
  139. >You shuddered and stared straight ahead, eyes half lidded with your tongue lolling out of your mouth once more, drooling the same fluid that was leaking out of your marehood
  140. >No matter how much you rubbed, and with how close you kept building yourself to orgasm, you just couldn't get that sweet release
  141. >You bit your bottom lip in frustration, moaning needily, the pressure continued to build and build, more cherry fluid leaking out as it felt like you were about to explode
  142. >And then it hit you
  143. "Oh myyyy goood~!"
  144. >You screamed out as it felt like you literally burst, like someone squeezing a jelly donut, the cherry flavored fluid spurted out in goops around your hoof, covering the floor beneath you with a sticky helping of sweet sweet redness
  145. >You collapsed on your belly, laying in the mess you made as you breathed heavily, staring into the many eyes of the candy ponies who now looked content as they stared at you with watchful eyes
  146. >You grinned at them, licking your lips once more, totally broken from your experience as you spoke a few words to the little candy ponies
  147. "I'm... Still... Haah... Gonna eat you!"
  148. >And with that, the little candy ponies regretted working their magic on you.
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