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  1. Welcome guys! Today we're gonna be talking about the cars that are coming to gta5 casino DLC now as you guys know the whole base theme of the casino is a luxury high-end high-priced you know money like it's just beats money everything about is money so the name of the actual DLC is called diamond and Resort DLC so that says the old guys luxury high-end cars are gonna be expected now I can tell you for sure for sure of 99.9 percent that the Bugatti Devo which is a real-life car based but with a price tag of about five million in real life will be coming to the game now with GTA 5 you know how did you guys they mix up the cause names and they mix them up and to make them in there so for those you don't know know caught on driving right now is the Bugatti che run the Bugatti Chevron is is in the game called the Nero custom it's based off of course the Bugatti share they also have the Veyron in the game as well which is called the adder which when it came out was the most expensive car of a million dollars and now this one that came out was almost 2 million now I know it is for sure guys that the vivo is coming out because number one is the most expensive of a guy II and apparently you know how could I do you guys always claim that they have the fastest car Road car on the track anyway so this car in my opinion in the game is gonna have a price tag of about 3 to 4 million base price with the upgrades pushing it to about four to four and a half million now why I say that is because the most expensive car in the game right now isn't the pegasi tesseract which has a price tag of about 2.8 million almost 83 million and after upgrades about you know half million easy right now these new cars aren't gonna be expensive why because GTA 5 this is a big deal see this is this is the deal see where they trying to focus on you know making more money more short card selling you know how GTA 5 is still making money online guys read the evidential didn't do what it was supposed to do but the Devo sorry this sold this Devo was gonna be highly priced car for people to spend money and actually buy shop cause no obviously no it wasn't a day that people have the monitor counts people are grinding on the heist bitching you name it money is to be made but they know that rocks are not stupid they know that they want you to spend your hard-earned money so they're gonna be pricing these cars expensive now if you want to drive around in a Devo I'm here I'm telling you guys it's gonna be between three and a half to four million base price meaning of legendary motors or even a Benny's vehicle and after customization you can be hit about 4.5 to 4.8 million easy easily it's the debo guys it's the biggest it's the biggest thing you know I mean on the streets right now you know if you got a debo if you have any bug I technically you're rich it's like maybe with the money but that's the first car on the list and I'm 99.9% sure that this car is coming so be ready for the Devo when you see it don't say I'm wrong all right the DeVos coming and the second card I believe is gonna be coming out for sure is gonna be the Rolls Royce cooling and for those who don't know what a road race is it's a luxury-car again the base of the whole DLC theme is luxury and the cooling line is an SUV luxury it's like the how they came up with the heiress and they quickly the true rastelli Mohini now why I believe that it's cars coming out again I'm 90% sure that this cars coming out because of the theme of the casino and not only that they already have horse races in this game they have almost every wolf race that's on the world in the game so for those you don't know what the name of roads races in this game is called eNOS eNOS is has a mixture of even the Bentley's or the Rolls Royces now I'ma show you the names that are also sort of super diamond as you see on the screen is the same as the rolls-royce phantom again these are all cars from all GTS then they came out with the newer ones so they came up with the Windsor which is basically the rolls-royce Wraith and then they came out with their own Windsor drop which is the rolls-royce tone so they have the door on the rave at the Phantom and they have the old-school rolls-royce I think I'm missing a wardrobe so what pretty sure does every single module is so far now though they need to do is the cooling line is the newest rolls-royce so you know they're gonna come out with new cars now why I believe is if you don't know this is a fun fact guys that appease the creators of Midnight Club which was a racing game made by Rockstar are also developers on the GTA 5 was that once midnight club stopped so the car guys guys so car guys know what's news they they have their own research team they know what caused a new they know what cars are famous and you know what cause people actually want right so you want the Bugatti Devo that's 100% common I'm telling you that now for sure is coming it's gonna be pricey it's not gonna look exactly like a Devo well you're gonna know from this car like I'm in right now the shade one that I'm driving right now again this is called the Nero custom but you can clearly see this is a Bugatti shame on easily and same as the Veyron which was the at all he's the you were able to be able to see that Rolls Royces will look exactly like the shame on I'm sorry the Cullinan and my love opinion this game is rolls-royce had already been out in the game previously in GTA 4 the gate the gate Tony DLC that came up in GTA 4 balance gate Tony that's it a guy cool Youssef I'm showing you the cutscene right now came in a gold a rolls-royce phantom drop a base key in the game would be called a super super diamond drop it was beautiful like legit guys the cars amazing just look at his right this rolls-royce can easily be put into the game I mean easily like it takes two seconds for them to drag it from the gta4 Cody into GTA 5 and drop it again then we'll add they will make it new they'll mix it up with the new types of headlights of the Rolls Royces add new features to it I've dropped it in now the price type of the Rolls Royces is always cheaper like if you guys can see the price tags of the road race the super diamond comes in at 250 thousand obviously this is beginning of the game which is basically based off the phantom the Windsor and the Windsor drop are around 800 to 900 thousand so they're not really expensive you know and the old-school one they obviously up the price to about a million why just because people have money and it's a new car so to spend money now I'm not saying the rolls-royce is gonna be the you know that cheap it's just gonna be the cheapest of the lot why because not everybody wants to drive around a luxury car you know and you want your speed but I'm assuming the price tag of these roses are gonna comment easily at about two million base price so you're gonna get the Cuban out for about two million and the super diamond drop which I'm not really sure it's comments at the game will be about you know some older version of the car but it can always you know the numbers and put it on about 1.8 million and then once it's customized you're hitting about 2.5 to 2.6 million on both cars again I don't know if it'll be a Benny's a Bernese update because let's be honest the interior of the Rolls Royces is beautiful and not many cars that I've come up have been able to be customized for Bennie's so I'm assuming most of these cars are gonna be legendary unless the casino comes out with its own garage which I highly doubt so be ready Rolls Royce is coming soon the Rolls Royce kulilin and the Phantom drop top which is already in a GTA file so they can just drag it now the next car arm is basically speculation now you guys already know they have not got a lamborghini aventador in the game they have every Lamborghini you could think of except for or not every single but except for the adventure now most people might argue me and saying on all about is internal no nor the zentorno it's not an Aventador guys the zentorno in my opinion is even based off a banana or so another car which most of my subscribers know the name of the car I always forget it because there's only time said I'm a guinea so in my opinion there is no I meant total in the game they have a hurricane which is the Tempesta they have a Gallardo which I forgot the name of it but it's about 240,000 it's in the game as well and then they have the zentorno and now they have the iris which is basically the true story which is the SUV version of the Lamborghini they have that too so the only card is really missing out the Lamborghinis is the Aventador now there's three types of Aventador event row s the original obviously the s VJ and the SV so it's you know it's about it's a possibility that is coming I'm not saying it's for sure but just look at it just imagine guys are most of these footage are from modded PC accounts so but just just imagine these types of cars in the game now you guys know how Rockstar do you guys they mix and match the cars they make the front and the back look close to the cars but it makes them look so obviously no copyright law that no one's gonna say oh my god you copy in my vehicle you know what I'm gonna try and see you like because I like let's share one I'm in right now you can clearly see there's a share on from everything every angle but they don't make it their own version they mix and match it you know they take bits and bobs to give you the illusion that yeah this is the car that you're looking at but really and truly to get away with a coffee right they don't do it now with the Aventador SV price tag of the Aventador s use SV obviously is a higher-end priced car so I'm gonna tell you the real-life price of the Aventador it's coming in at about 270 1146 pound which is about four to five hundred thousand right so that's not cheap but obviously you know how GTA v this is a very pricy DLC so I'm assuming any hyper car that comes in now will be easily over two million you know hit in the free Union numbers so the book i I'm clear it's gonna be over 3 million hitting 4 million even 5 million with the Rolls Royces here in about two million and if there is a new Lamborghini would just be sure there's gonna be a new high because in this game I'm assuming the price tag of that is gonna be about two to three million or two and a half million maybe even more but I Ventura I'm 50/50 on it but there is no mention on the game so be ready he's a car guys remember car guys are working on his game he's coming the whole base of the theme is a luxury an expensive DLC right now so be ready guys like legit be ready the next car to come in the next car that I'm gonna be talking about is the Ferrari the Ferrari in the game is basically based off the grotty now you've got loads of Ferraris in this game loads of Ferraris guys so the amount what he thought in the game you got classics you got new ones you've got the beast er which is based off the f12 or the f-type you've got new one that came out a grotty GTO which is based off the superfast 812 again it's a mixture of combination of cars but we can kind of tell that it's based off the 812 and the only car that the GT has not come out with yet the only car and they're only Ferrari sorry that GT has not come out with yet is a d4 five eight in the 48 I don't know why but this could be possibly another car that's gonna be dropped now again with the Ferraris I'm assuming it's all assumption right now but we do with the default is to guarantee or what the rolls-royce is highly likely ting and a drop those cars but with the Ferrari again they'll be looking at newer cars you know they got a lap ferrari which they call the Turismo R but you know how rockstar do they can just turn around so you know what we're gonna bring out the laferrari anyway why because it's not in the game so that they're gonna be focusing on that as well and it's gonna be a mixture again the four five eight and a 48 could be a mixture with other cars as well to make it look like the four five a four way or like a hybrid of all all to both cars so that again would be a hefty price of about two to three million again with customisation you're gonna look Oh easily over three million easily over three million for those so my guarantee is the d volt coming for sure the Shea one is like following after that my 8% the SV I want in my opinion I want it to be in it's not in the game so 5050 with the Ferrari they haven't got they have loads of Ferraris in the game but they haven't come out with a four five eight or the for a eight again speculation so I'm gonna give that another 50 50 percent chance a common fruit now with these two following cars it's almost another guarantee that a common fruit so with a McLaren now we're moving on to McClaren's they have the t20 which is based off the McLaren p1 or the McLaren 12c and it looks good it looks pretty much decent towards it and then they also have the f1 which is basically the proto DT in the game which is based off the literally G based off the everyone it's just a copy of it now they need to if they're gonna come out with a new Bugatti they're gonna have to come up with a new McLaren why hyper cars are always challenging each other and the main ones Arbogast Bugatti McLaren Porsche and Koenigsegg which I'm gonna be talking about soon as well so McLaren Senna is on the screen right now guys it's a beast of a car with a retail price of about 700,000 pounds which in America is about 1.2 million real-life price but this is GTA 5 guys they don't give a about real-life price they're gonna give you a crazy amount of price now obviously I think this car along with the Kearney's which I'll talk about in a second is gonna easily come just slightly under the bow guy so like I said a Bugatti is gonna be hitting about 4 million because the chief was caught in the game the story the most expensive car in the game at the moment that they found about 2.8 million now they're gonna try to push the figure to about 3.3.4 to 3.5 million for the Divo which allows room for these new super cars coming just under it so the carnage that could be hitting 3 million to 3.3 million and then the McLaren Center will be anywhere between two point nine which maybe make it in essence the newest cheapest hybrids car will the most expensive but lowest priced high piss car which will be 2.9 million but again with upgrades you're easily looking about 3.4 million to 3.5 million which would obviously make the Deebo the most expensive car because with the upgrades close to 5 million in the game so McLaren Center would obviously not just look like a centre guys would be a mixture of different types of McLaren are out right now and they'll make it look like a hybrid but clearly when you see it it will be looking like a McLaren Senna and then of course I mentioned it the current exact nowadays to turn exactly in this game already imma show you right now so the car I'm in right now in GTA 5 is called the entity XF which is based off the turn exact Agera R or close to it and this car came out when the game basically came out I was 750 K and I gave the adder which is the Bugatti Veyron a good one for its money now obviously when the game updates they bought out the che one and they also bought out the entity X X F the newer version of this i'ma show you picture it out now now as you can see you see the pattern I'm talking about night guys they came out with the adder and XF then they came out with the shame 1 which is the Nero custom and then the entity X X F now if they bringing out a new brigade which I'm telling you they would like it's a hundred percent the DeVos coming now if you don't believe me just watch and wait and see you will see oh my god you know what he was right nah blah blah with the DeVos coming up you have to believe that the can exact reg era are or I don't believe it's gonna be there Guerra all the newest one which is called the Kern exec Jesco that is coming out alongside the Bugatti why these two always head-to-head in real life so they also head-to-head in the game as well now the burger the kinda exec Jesco in my opinion is gonna be the second most expensive car after the Divo again hitting close to five million not based price the base price again I'm thinking it to be about if the Bugatti was maybe about 3.4 to 3.5 million the kinda execs gonna be just under a slightly under it by 100 grand unless 100 round yeah 100 and 200 grand less in my opinion so 3.2 3.3 million again not with customisation once you customize the car you already know guys you know body kits and in performance wise and rims you don't even know like these body kits are becoming ridiculous the spoilers are taking like 20 30 40 grand rims or four grand so imagine these new upgrades that they're gonna be coming out with especially with this casino DLC the China rinse all these modern accounts and trying to make you buy more short cards because Red Dead Redemption didn't do as well as they say it did or didn't pop up as good as it did I mean there's no people playing that game but these cars are going to be pretty much expensive the most expensive cars in the game easily will be a jet Evo and then slightly less expensive would be the kind exec and then following that would be the McLaren now those are my top five list of cars that I believe are going to be I think I did more than five but so the Divo the rolls-royce cooling and the Phantom drop top which they're going to be calling it a super diamond drop which was already in the game again they can easily just slide that in there but I'm not sure about that's coming through the Ferrari and the Lambo or speculation but they you know they're gonna be coming up with new Ferraris and lumber but those are my opinion of those were not coming out and then the kinase egg and the McLaren Senna are almost another certainty I know the Koenigsegg will be 99.9% commoners worldwide because every time every time they've dropped a Bugatti in the game aka a da they've dropped a entity following it so those who are for sure the Rolls Royce is for sure the other aspect chelation any news I get and if you think you know cars that are coming or that you think would be coming up don't be afraid to drop it in the comment section below remember those are just these are just five guesses on doing I could get some more you know I mean I'm pretty sure they're gonna drop it some more Bentley's they're gonna drop it some more hypercars some more super cars bunch of cars man coupes sedans but these are the main ones that I wanted to cover the most expensive ones anyway Ferraris Lambos current eggs eggs Bugattis Rolls Royces now the ones that haven't made it to the list or the I know that I believe are gonna be coming also gonna be a few Jaguars new Range Rovers new Bentley's because they haven't put on a new Bentley for a time Mercedes which is called a benefactor in the game which are they I need to put out they need to pull out more Mercedes s classes or even a mixture like of a Mercedes Maybach then out yet Porsches which is a professor in the game that's gonna be coming out did it at the Dome trying to think of Welsh luxury type of cars that we're talking about I think I said jag was already but yeah guys this is literally my informed version of the cars are common are rough price tags as well but the closest price tag is you but you probably gonna see in the game when it comes up I don't feel it maybe many cars there are gonna be legendary Motorsports cars but any news
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