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  1. If your twitter name is on this list, you are the reason why we target Anonymous. You are reason why the actions of the few affect the kids within Anonymous that try to do positive things. Hypocritical actions are not the best ones to make when you have such a large gathering of untalented people that blindly follow for the sake of being apart of something bigger than themselves. Anonymous uses DDoS attacks because they wish to silence the voice and deny services to the very people that depend on them. Then you have the testicular fortitude to attack some one else who does the same thing... Then you bitch when people come after you...  
  3. @kyanonymous
  4. @Zero_
  5. @cuntermoar
  6. @Fungus
  7. @SpiceyAnon
  8. @Absalom
  9. @tr1xxyanon
  10. @pyknic
  11. @jackherer20
  12. @fyrm
  13. @digitallegion
  14. @balweg
  15. @anondash
  16. @dz
  17. @mediasp
  18. @S
  19. @ExpectLulz
  20. @youranonnews
  21. @Antibully
  22. @b0r1s
  23. @rumbler
  24. @l3gi0n
  25. @frozen_shadow
  26. @pernicious_one
  28. You have no right MoralFagging about the internet if you dont like when other people play your game, or are better at it than you. Because of the above mentioned people, Anonymous will suffer greatly.
  30. I am not Legion, I am me.
  31. I have evolved to the point where I choose what to look past and what to stand for.
  32. I do no hold a grudge, for I finish my fights.
  33. You can not expect what you can not see.
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