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  1. Drake Fang Talisman.
  2. Answering some questions about the loot priority on this item, since I've had it brought up a few times!
  4. Q: Why do main tanks have priority on this, specifically?
  6. A: The hit%. Getting 2% hit in a trinket slot allows tanks to itemize much better, as hit chance is one of, if not the, strongest increase to threat a tank can get. Getting easy hit from slots like trinket, neck, ring, allows big mitigation armor pieces in other slots. (For an example, a tank in Lionheart, with Drake Fang Talisman, and Band of Accuria, can pick up some actual plate in their boots, or nicer rings than Don Julio's. :p ) The attack power is also a nice bonus, but it's not as big of a deal.
  8. Q: Why are all 4 classes equal prio on it? Don't X get more use from it?
  10. A: They're equal prio because it keeps things as fair as we can. On our level of 'seriousness', it isn't fair to not give Drake Fang Talisman to a player because their class is theoretically worse than another - While they're beating that class on the meters.
  12. Yes. To be perfectly clear, some classes get more use out of this trinket than others. But we've never given out loot based on which class gets the absolute most out of it, or who will do the most dps from it. We've always considered the main priority to be to whoever considers it best in slot... And every class does! For other examples of this, Rejuvenating Gem is equal between all healers. Circle of Applied Force is a similar item to Drake Fang Talisman in priority, as it's a very good ring for four classes all at once!
  14. For the actual numbers, I've taken a few examples from spreadsheets for the dps increase of Drake Fang Talisman:
  15. - Warrior: Fully bis - 1247 dps to 1259 dps, an increase of 12 dps.
  16. - Rogue: Fully bis - 1110 dps to 1126 dps, an increase of 16 dps.
  17. - Feral druid: Fully bis - 960 dps to 980 dps, an increase of 20 dps.
  18. - Hunter: Fully bis - 856 dps to 867 dps, an increase of 11 dps.
  20. Tests done with full world buffs/consumables, we don't expect anyone to reach these numbers, but for consistency it's best to use the maximum possible output. Sheets used from Fight Club/Garcia's Rogue Spreadsheet(Rogue discord)/Shedo's Cat Simulator/Hunter Theorycraft & Simulator.
  22. The differences are... Negligible. If we were hardcore enough to care about the differences here, we'd be handing out loot to the best performers first, but we're not that kind of guild.
  24. I know everyone's got their eyes on this awesome trinket, but we can all be awesome about it. It'll drop, hopefully a lot of times, along with all the other amazing rare loot of Blackwing Lair.
  26. If you've got any questions, put them down below! (Or in a whisper, if you're shy!)
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