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Sana's Swimsuit (2018) Story

some_translationanon Sep 28th, 2018 145 Never
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  1. Sana's Swimsuit (2018) Story -- Gorogoro at the Beach [1]
  4. Sana: Nn~~.... The wind feels so nice!
  6. Sana: I...came to the beach to play with Iroha-san and the others!
  8. Sana: ...Ah, Iroha-san!
  9. Iroha: Sana-chaaaaaaan! Whew~~... I'm exhausted--
  10. Sana: Um, Tsuruno-san and the others....?
  11. Iroha: They're still energetically swimming. I'm taking a little break. Sana-chan, did you already swim?
  12. Sana: Yes! That's why I'm taking a break too.
  13. Iroha: I see~~ then, let's just take it easy!
  14. Sana: Yes~~...
  15. Iroha: Haa~~~h...
  16. Sana: Haa~~~h...
  17. Iroha: The weather's really nice, isn't it~...
  18. Sana: The weather really is nice~~...
  19. Iroha: The sand is warm and it feels so good, doesn't it~
  20. Sana: It really does~...
  21. Iroha: ...Ah, that reminds me...
  22. Sana: ...Nn? What are you doing...?
  23. Iroha: ...Raise this sand up...like this... There! What do you think?
  24. Sana: ...Nn? ...Ah---! T, This is...! It's Gorogoro from "Koneko no Gorogoro", right!? [2]
  25. Iroha: Thaat's ri--ght! Good job, Sana-chan!
  28. Sana: "Koneko no Gorogoro" is the name of our favorite puppet show! When I was little they were showing it on TV and ever since then, I love "Gorogoro"! It's a heartwarming story about a kitten named Gorogoro and its animal friends who live in the animal village... The director Nekoyanagi and the scriptwriter Niboshihajime-sensei... This famous duo played a leading role in creating that world! The theater group Futamiza's puppetry and practical effects were also first class! It's a legendary program that was said to have been broadcast over 2000 times! That was the show "Koneko no Gorogoro!"!
  31. Sana: ...........
  32. Iroha: ...What's wrong? Sana-chan... You've been staring at Gorogoro, but...
  33. Sana: ...It's amazing, Iroha-san...
  34. Iroha: T, Thanks...
  35. Sana: A three-dimensional model that accurately depicts the features of Gorogoro's face... Just as I thought, Iroha-san, you're also a "Gorotor", aren't you...! [3]
  36. Iroha: Gorotor...?
  37. Sana: I'm going to try to make one too...!
  38. Iroha: Ah, yeah! Give it a shot!
  39. Sana: Then... I'll make this character...
  40. Iroha: ...Ah, that's Gorogoro's friend Wonderful! ...I get it! There was an episode where the two of them participated in a beach volleyball tournament, right?
  41. Sana: That's right!
  42. Iroha: But they couldn't win first place, right...
  43. Sana: Right, right!
  44. Iroha: If I remember correctly, that character that appeared in that episode...
  45. Sana: ...was him!
  46. Iroha: Woah! Right, right! It was Tategamiperm! [4]
  47. ...But anyway...Sana-chan, you're fast at making these...!
  48. Sana: If I remember correctly, back then, they had the tournament at a venue like this...!
  49. Iroha: Yeah, yeah!
  50. Sana: Then, Gorogoro and friends rode in a car like this...!
  51. Iroha: ...Eh? You finished making it already?
  52. Sana: Then, there was a beach house like this...!
  54. >1 Hour Later
  56. Sana: Then, this Tanukicks was a key character in the first half!
  57. Iroha: Sana-chan...
  58. Sana: And then the new Nuun-chan also got involved in this episode!
  59. Iroha: Sana-chan! Stop for a second!
  60. Sana: ...Stop?
  61. Iroha: Sana-chan, take a look at this entire area!
  62. Sana: Area...? ...Oh!
  63. Iroha: The "Gorogoro" characters you made are...!
  64. Sana: D, Did I...make this many!?
  65. Iroha: You were really into it... At this point, it's not really sand art and more like... See? Take a look around us.
  67. Random Person A: Uwaaaah, amazing--!
  68. Random Person B: What is this? Is it like a live performance or something?
  70. Sana: People are gathered around us...! When did they...?! W, Waaaaaaa~~h! How emmmmmmmmbaaaaaaarrassing~!
  72. Iroha: Ah, wait! Sana-chan! (...She went into the ocean...) .......... (...Anyway, right now...I'll take a picture of this!)
  75. Sana: When it comes to "Gorogoro", I can't help it, I get so excited...But, it was really fun! I want to try doing that again~!
  76. ==================================================
  77. [1]= The "gorogoro" in the title might have two meanings here. It can obviously refer to the Gorogoro character/show, but can also mean "idling around", like what Sana and Iroha were doing before Sana got carried away.
  78. [2]= Koneko no Gorogoro or in English, "The Kitten Gorogoro".
  79. [3]= Gorogoro + creator = Gorotor
  80. [4]= Tategamiperm = Mane + Perm (as in the hairstyle)
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