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  1. {{Entity
  2. |image=Skeleton Horse.png<!--;Saddled Skeleton Horse.png-->
  3. |imagesize=200px
  4. |image2=Baby Skeleton Horse.png
  5. |image2size=200px
  6. |invimage=Skeleton Horse Spawn Egg
  7. |health={{hp|15|mob=1}}
  8. |size='''Adult:'''<br>Height: 1.6 Blocks<br>Width: 1.4 Blocks<br>
  9. '''Baby:'''<br>Height: 0.8 Blocks<br>Width: 0.7 Blocks
  10. |spawn=[[#Skeleton traps|Skeleton traps]]
  11. |id='''[[JE]]''': 28<br>'''[[BE]]''': 26
  12. |entityid=skeleton_horse
  13. |multiplevers= See {{slink||History}}
  14. |commondrops=
  15. {{drop|Item|Bone|0|2}}
  16. |usableitems=
  17. {{drop|Item|Saddle}}
  18. |exp=Kill Adult: 1–3
  19. }}
  20. {{cleanup||Remove information relating to other horse types.}}
  21. {{about|skeleton horses|others|Horse (disambiguation)}}
  22. '''Skeleton horses''' are undead variants of regular [[horse]]s.
  24. = Spawning =
  25. {{anchor|Skeleton trap}}
  26. {{anchor|Skeleton traps}}
  27. [[File:SkeletonRiderGroup.png|thumb|A group of skeleton horsemen spawned by a "skeleton trap" horse.]]
  29. Skeleton horses spawn only from "skeleton traps".
  31. A "skeleton trap" horse is a skeleton horse spawned from a fraction of lightning strikes during a [[thunderstorm]] (0.75–1.5% chance on Easy, 1.5–4% on Normal, and 2.8125–6.75% on Hard, depending on [[regional difficulty]]). It despawns after <abbr title="18,000 ticks">15 minutes</abbr> if not triggered.
  33. When a player comes within 10 blocks of the skeleton trap horse, [[lightning]] will strike it. This lightning cannot start fires or damage nearby entities. When struck, the skeleton trap horse transforms into a skeleton horseman: a [[skeleton]] riding a skeleton horse. It will also spawn three additional skeleton horsemen in the vicinity. Each skeleton is equipped with an enchanted iron helmet and an enchanted bow, and have [[Damage#Damage immunity|damage immunity]] for 3 seconds after spawning. Skeleton horsemen move fast and maneuver exactly like skeletons, strafing when attacking and backing up when the player moves towards them.
  35. Other notes:
  36. * The skeleton will be wearing an iron helmet, unless it randomly spawned with some other headgear.
  37. * The skeleton's bow and helmet will be enchanted as if on an enchantment table at level 5–22. The exact level depends on [[regional difficulty]]; on Easy it will always be a level-5 enchantment.
  38. * The skeleton trap horse will become fully grown if it was a baby, and the breeding cooldown will be reset.
  39. * The original horse will be tamed when struck, and the additional three horses are spawned tamed.
  40. * The skeletons will not despawn if (<code>PersistenceRequired</code> is set).
  41. * A trap horse may spawn in areas that a regular [[horse]] may not, such as the middle of an ocean.
  42. * A trap horse can trigger normally in clear weather.
  44. = Drops =
  46. Upon death, skeleton horses drop:
  47. {{drop|item|Bone|0|2}}
  48. * 1–3 [[experience]] when killed by a player or [[tamed wolf]].
  49. If saddled, they will drop anything equipped. {{verify|can they have any if these?}}
  51. Using a weapon enchanted with [[Looting]] increases the maximum amount of drops by 1 per level of Looting, up to a maximum of 5 at Looting III.
  53. = Skeleton Horses compared to normal horses =
  54. Skeleton Horses share many of the same mechanics as normal [[horse]]s. The differences are as follows.
  56. == Usage ==
  57. === Equipment ===
  58. {{in|java}}, Skeleton horses only have a saddle slot, but no armor slot.
  60. {{in|bedrock}} however, a Skeleton Horse has both a saddle and armor slot, as with normal horses.
  62. === Riding ===
  63. {{see also|Transportation}}
  65. A skeleton horse will not dismount the player when it enters [[water]] deeper than two blocks; rather, it can be ridden underwater without the skeleton horse running out of [[air]]. When underwater, its running speed and jump will remain the same but it will have a slower rate of descent.
  67. == Behavior ==
  68. === Taming ===
  69. Skeleton Horses spawn already tamed.
  71. === Breeding ===
  72. Skeleton Horses cannot breed.
  74. === Food ===
  75. Skeleton Horses cannot be fed.
  77. == Statistics ==
  78. === Health ===
  79. A Skeleton horse's health is always 15.
  81. === Movement speed ===
  82. A Skeleton horse's speed is always 0.2;
  84. See ''[[Transportation#Methods|transportation]]'' to compare the speeds of various transportation methods.
  86. = Data values =
  87. {{see also|Chunk format}}
  88. Skeleton horses have entity data associated with them that contain various properties of the mob.
  90. {{/ED}}
  92. = Video =
  93. {{Video note|Since 1.8, bread cannot be used for breeding or feeding. Since 1.9, skeleton horses can spawn naturally.}}
  95. <div style="text-align:center">{{yt|P7MtHyvXrmw}}{{yt|zvgLPMirigQ}}{{yt|jUFyWTRFfKE}}</div>
  97. = History =
  98. {{History|java}}
  99. {{History||4 April 2013|link={{tweet|jeb|319937646673674241}}|[[Jeb]] hinted at adding horses when ''Minecraft'' hit 10,000,000 sales.}}
  100. {{History||1.6.1|snap=13w16a|[[File:White Horse 13w16a.png|50px]]Added horses, assisted by DrZhark (John Olarte), creator of the [[Mods/Mo' Creatures|Mo' Creatures]] mod, whose horses were a baseline for Minecraft's Horse models.<ref>{{tweet|Jeb|319938276003827712}}</ref>}}
  101. {{History|||snap=13w16b|Made horses slower and reduced horses from gliding so much.}}
  102. {{History|||snap=13w18a|Removed [[horse saddle]]s. Horses are now ridden using the [[saddle]]}}
  103. {{History|||snap=13w21a|Added new GUI for horses, to control saddle/armor/inventory.}}
  104. {{History|||snap=13w22a|Added new sound effects for skeleton horses.}}
  105. {{History||1.7.2|snap=13w36a|Skeleton and zombie horses are now available without third-party tools, with the introduction of the {{cmd|summon}} command.}}
  106. {{History||1.9|snap=15w38a|Added [[#Skeleton trap|"skeleton trap"]] horses.|There is a chance (depending on [[regional difficulty]]) that a [[lightning]] strike will spawn a "skeleton trap" skeleton horse.}}
  107. {{History|||snap=[[15w43a]]–[[15w44b|44b]]|slink=none|Drops changed several times. The end result is that undead horses now always drop 1 of their item (bone or rotten flesh), not affected by Looting.}}
  108. {{History||1.10|snap=16w20a|Added Spawn eggs for Zombie Horses, Skeleton horses, Donkeys and Mules.}}
  109. {{History|||snap=pre2|Removed spawn eggs for Zombie Horses, Skeleton Horses, Donkeys and Mules.}}
  110. {{History||1.11|snap=16w32a|Horses now have different IDs: <code>horse</code>, <code>donkey</code>, <code>mule</code>, <code>zombie_horse</code> and <code>skeleton_horse</code>|Unused Variant ids result in a white horse rather than an invisible one.|Re-added spawn eggs for Zombie Horses, Skeleton Horses, Donkeys and Mules.
  111. |Skeleton trap horses' chance to spawn during lightning strikes is reduced to {{frac|1|5}} of what it was.}}
  112. {{History|||snap=16w38a|Undead horses now drop 0–2 of their item (bone or rotten flesh), affected by Looting.}}
  113. {{History||1.13|snap=17w45a|[[File:Horse 17w45a.png|50px]] Added a new model for Horses, Zombie Horses, Skeleton horses, Donkeys and Mules.}}
  114. {{History|||snap=17w46a|[[File:Horse 17w46a.png|50px]] The new model was slightly tweaked.}}
  115. {{History|||snap=18w03a|[[File:Skeleton_Horse.png|50px]] Updated the skeleton horse model again, also slightly altered the texture.}}
  116. {{History|||snap=18w19a|Skeleton horses will now sink in water, due to being an undead mob. Zombie horses, curiously, do not.<ref>{{bug|MC-129262}}</ref>
  117. |The player can now ride skeleton horses when underwater.}}
  118. {{History|||snap=pre2|Updated zombie horse and skeleton horse models to fix serious Z-fighting.}}
  119. {{History||1.14|snap=19w08a|Updated texture.}}
  120. {{History|pocket alpha}}
  121. {{History||0.15.0|snap=build 1|Added horses, mules, donkeys, skeleton trap horses and zombie horses.}}
  122. {{History|pocket}}
  123. {{History||1.1.0|snap=alpha|The entity ID for skeleton horse and zombie horse is changed from <code>skeletonhorse</code> to <code>skeleton_horse</code>, <code>zombiehorse</code> to <code>zombie_horse</code>.}}
  124. {{History|bedrock}}
  125. {{History||1.2.6|snap=beta|Added the new (1.13) model for Horses, Mules, and Donkeys.}}
  126. {{History||1.2.9|Horses will no longer open their mouths when bucking the player off or taking damage.}}
  127. {{History||1.5.0|snap=beta|Skeleton horses can now be ridden underwater.}}
  128. {{history||1.8.0|snap=beta|Skeleton and zombie horse foals now have a chance of being spawned using a spawn egg.}}
  129. {{History|console}}
  130. {{History||xbox=TU19|xbone=CU7|ps=1.12|wiiu=Patch 1|Added horses.}}
  131. {{History||xbox=TU22|xbone=CU10|ps=1.15|Added quick move to the horse inventory.}}
  132. {{History||xbox=TU31|xbone=CU19|ps=1.22|wiiu=Patch 3|Baby horse growth can be accelerated using wheat.}}
  133. {{History||xbox=TU43|xbone=CU33|ps=1.36|wiiu=Patch 13|Added sounds for horses.}}
  134. {{History||xbox=TU46|xbone=CU36|ps=1.38|wiiu=Patch 15|Added "skeleton trap" horses.}}
  135. {{History||xbox=TU60|xbone=CU51|ps=1.64|wiiu=Patch 30|Added the new horse model.}}
  136. {{History|3ds}}
  137. {{History||0.1.0|Added Horses.}}
  138. {{History|foot}}
  140. = Issues =
  142. {{issue list|Skeleton horse}}
  144. = Trivia =
  145. * It is possible to summon a rideable skeleton horse using the command {{cmd|summon skeleton_horse ~ ~ ~ {Tame:1, SaddleItem: {id: saddle, Count:1<nowiki>}}</nowiki> }} which will spawn a horse wearing a saddle, which the player can then mount. Like a donkey there is no armor slot, but also no way to equip a chest.
  147. = Gallery =
  149. <gallery>
  150. File:Skeleton HorseIngame.png|A skeleton horse spawned in.
  151. File:skeletalhorse.png|Skeleton horses spawned from a trapped skeleton horse.
  152. File:Skeleton Trap.png|A skeleton horseman consisting of a skeleton and a skeleton horse.
  153. File:Player ridden skeleton horse.png|A player riding a skeleton horse, having killed the skeleton rider
  154. File:Skeleton horse underwater.png|A player riding a skeleton horse underwater. It can run and jump.
  155. File:Skeleton Horse Interface.png|A skeleton horse interface, with no place for horse armor
  156. File:Skeleton Horse with Saddle Survival.png|Skeleton horse with saddle{{only|java}} in survival after defeating the skeleton horse trap.
  157. </gallery>
  159. = See also =
  161. * [[Horse]]
  162. * [[Donkey]]
  163. * [[Mule]]
  165. = References =
  167. {{reflist}}
  170. {{entities}}
  172. [[Category:Tamable mobs]]
  174. [[ko:스켈레톤 말]]
  175. [[pl:Nieumarły koń]]
  176. [[zh:骷髅马]]
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