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  1. The ache was unlike anything that Elesh Norn had felt before. Not painful, but it begged, urged to be sated immediately. It was distracting and disgusting. She hated it. Mostly because even for a Praetor, it was too much to resist.
  3. Elesh Norn lay sprawled on the floor of the orthodoxy throne room, the doors sealed to give her privacy. The red sash that she wore iconically at her hips was thrown to the side in a forgotten pile as she partook in shame. High pitched moans, and small noises were embarrassingly let loose from her throat. Her fingers teased and toyed with her body, her legs spread wide so that she could watch herself in perverse curiosity. The sensitive hole between her legs was finally getting the attention that it begged for every day.
  5. It was hard to concentrate on her duties as Grand Cenobite when her body screamed for attention every hour, every minute. It was harder to find time when she could lock herself in a chamber and be undisturbed by the priests while she stated that lust. It was harder still for Elesh to understand exactly what was happening to her, and why her body ached for attention.
  7. It didn't matter at the moment of course. Not much seemed to matter anymore when she buried her fingers deep inside of herself, exploring the tight, fleshy hole between her legs. Even the euphoria of the phyrexian oil baths, and the feeling of being whole could not compare to the pleasure she got from her own body. And each time, it seemed like she needed a little more. She had to slide a finger just half an inch deeper, or open herself just a little wider before the large wave of pleasure occurred. Though Elesh Norn did not know the words to describe what she felt, she now brought herself to orgasm several times per week.
  8. Her free hand sometimes stroked her chest, the porcelain plates and stomach flesh becoming oddly sensitive when she did this. Other times she would suck on her fingers, pretending that her mouth was milking a tiny myr of his infectious, delicious oil.
  10. It was not long before she orgasmed today, her body twitching and moving beyond her control, her mouth thrown open and head thrown back in delight. She idly brought her wet, slick hand to her mouth for a taste as she recovered. Her oil was not as delicious as the myr, but it made do.
  12. A small smile lit up her face as she licked her fingers clean with a flayed tongue. She had requested that the myr found commonly scuttling through the machine orthodoxy be captured, but not Compleated. Instead they were stored in a sealed room, and she instructed the priests not to tamper with it. A light shudder shook her body as she imagined the possibilities. Up until now, she had tried to ignore the room, ignore that she had even given the order in the first place. Today however...
  14. Not even bothering to replace her sash, Elesh Norn strode out the door into the white, pristine hallway. The passing priests gave no second glances to her naked form, walking past the oil pools and towards the special chamber full of myr.
  16. Opening the door, she gasped in surprise. The priests had been doing a better job then she expected at capturing the stray myr. Or perhaps Elesh had simply underestimated the amount that had wandered into the machine orthodoxy. Either way, she decided to stop counting at thirty, doubting that she would need close to that number today, or any day.
  18. The myr all scuttled away from the praetor, an empty semicircle forming as she entered. Tiny, mechanical eyes viewed her with both fear and curiosity. Elesh smiled warmly at them and sat down on the floor, her long legs stretching out in front of her and her back resting on the door; closed to allow no escape. "Hello my children..." She outstretched her arms towards them, trying to welcome them, make them feel safe. " there is no need to be afraid!"
  20. The tiny myr were curious of her, warily taking small, metallic steps towards her, their eyes gleaming and darting sharply around the room and over her strange, unique body. They reached her long, porcelain legs and touched the gleaming white metal curiously, as though wondering how such a surface could be attached to the raw, flayed, and red flesh that made up the rest of her leg. Elesh could feel their tiny hands wherever they touched, even through the porcelain armor that covered much of her perfect form. Soon, the myr had explored up to her thighs, desperately close to the warm, wet hole that was hidden beneath her sash. Some of them had climbed on top of her legs, tiny feet stepping on her sensitive flayed flesh and sending small shivers through the body of the god.
  22. Elesh's smile widened, trying to fight past her primal, despicable wants. "C-come closer, little o-ones...." She was almost begging now, pleading for the tiny myr to obey her. Her voice, usually strong and commanding, faltered and stuttered as she felt a hot sensation spread throughout her body from her nether regions. The grand cenobite of phyrexia was still but a helpless doll to her own powerful desires.
  23. Her fingers made beckoning motions and her legs slowly, unconsciously moved apart from each other.Without her red sash, there was nothing separating her sensitive pussy from the view of the myr legions. "Come here and.....pleasure your g-god."
  25. The myr, whether they understood her words or not, seemed to understand what was happening once she revealed her pussy.  Her small hole seemed to quiver with anticipation, the area around it already slick with a thin oil. It was somehow a more full color, a deeper red then the rest of the flayed flesh that made up her body. Elesh watched as their movements seemed to stiffen and freeze for a moment, and the room was filled with clicking sounds as several dozen myr revealed their tiny, erect appendages. The myr swarmed steadily around her, several crawling on her legs and now up her body. Elesh opened her mouth and let out a high pitched moan. Just their tiny hands and feet walking on her, climbing and inadvertently groping her gave Elesh such a vile thrill. She tried to count how many tiny bodies were touching her at once. Thirty...forty? She didn't WANT to concentrate on counting, the pleasure simply pushing the rational, godly parts of her mind out of the way to make room for waves of warmth and wanton lust.
  27. Elesh's hips twitched when she felt a myr finally reach her wet pussy. She looked down to see that two tiny myr were holding open her flayed, red lips, while another myr was furiously rubbing his small, hard appendage against the nub of her clit. Yet another, slightly bigger myr approached her spread pussy and began to thrust his erect cock inside of her. A small appendage of course, only a few inches long, but it was the first thing to ever breach into Elesh's tiny hole. It shuddered and clicked mechanically., its beady eyes watching Elesh shudder with unknown pleasure, her lips parted permanently in moan.
  29. The myr acted as though they had one mind, and each understood what the others wanted. Once one myr had felt the pleasure of praetor, all the other myr wanted it too. The myr, with a final thrust, shot a small amount of oil into her waiting pussy before collapsing and scuttling away, exhausted. Another myr quickly stood up to take his place, thrusting his small appendage into her dripping hole. The greedy, excited myr formed a crowd between her spread legs, replacing each other once they had taken their turn receiving the gift from their god, and depositing a gift of their own.
  31. Elesh watched in awe, moaning, but resisting touching herself, instead letting the myr take care of pleasuring her small hole. How she did enjoy watching them though, their tiny faces lighting up with joy as they spread their oil, their delicious sticky oil all over her flayed cunt. "Please little o-ones....take turns..." She asked them pitifully, not wanting any myr to be left out.
  33. Elesh suddenly felt a hot, sticky liquid spray onto the porcelain arch of her head. She looked up to see a myr rapidly stroking his appendage and spraying her crescent head with oil. She smiled warmly at him and brought a finger to the arch and swiped up a drop of the oil, bringing it to her mouth. It tasted just as delicious and intoxicating as she remembered. She felt another spray on the flayed flesh of her thigh. It would seem that some of the myr didn't want to wait for their brothers to finish with her pussy, and chose instead to find pleasure on their own. She felt another spray on the other side of her crescent head, and another on the flat surface of her porcelain chest.  All of the myr who got impatient seemed to crawl on top of her and look for a spot to deposit their sticky load of oil. One cheeky little myr climbed all the way up to her shoulder before quickly spraying her flayed and blushing cheek with hot oil. Elesh turned and smiled at him, neck leaning in to kiss the tip of his tiny appendage. The poor thing lost his balance in surprised and rolled down to the floor with a tiny metallic clank. "Please children! Infect my body with your oil!" she said through moans, her voice high and singsong.
  35. Elesh felt a new sensation from her hole, and was surprised to find that the myr were now using her more efficiently, fitting two of their tiny cocks into her at the same time. Elesh could feel her tiny pussy becoming more accommodating for things to be thrust inside of it. Just this morning she hadn't even dared to slip a thin finger inside of herself...
  37. Elesh reached down and grabbed two of the myr from the aroused horde before her, one in each hand. Her mind was filled with nothing but desire to taste the myr's precious oil, and she knew that if her tiny hole could hold two of them, then her mouth certainly could. She brought the two squirming, struggling myr up to her lips, smiling widely and opening her mouth to fit both tiny appendages into her maw. The myr ceased their movement once they felt her saliva covered tongue swirl around their tiny cocks. After completing several individual myr on her own, Elesh was quite good with her tongue, and getting them to infect her waiting mouth.
  39. She could feel every inch of her perfect powerful body being used for the pleasure of these tiny, weak creatures. Oil was constantly sprayed over her body as curious myr climbed up to explore their god. She felt her pussy leaking with both her own oil and overflowing with the gift of the myr. Such a thing not even stopping the horde from continuing to take turns inside of her, being squeezed off by her tight little hole.
  41. The cocks between her lips quivered and the myr clicked excitedly, shooting their delicious oil onto Elesh's waiting tongue. She couldn't help but smile as she withdrew the myr from her quivering lips, setting them down on the floor next to her legs before grabbing two more from the horde.
  42. How many were there now? She didn't even try to count this time. So many myr had sprayed inside of her tight pussy and all over her body, with many, many more still climbing up her body and pushing to get a chance inside of her cunt. They seemed to enjoy spreading oil on her chest for some reason...the flat porcelain plate was practically dripping with the myr's gift. She was about to sake two more myr into her mouth, and suck out the wonderful oil, when she saw a movement in the back of the room.
  43. It was then that she saw the superion.
  45. It slowly rose up from behind the crowd of myr, which parted to make space for it to walk towards Elesh. It was easily four  times the height or a regular myr,  and it towered over its metal brethren, though it was still quite small compared to Elesh Norn. To the myr, it was a giant, a protector, lumbering slowly towards the new creature in the room.
  47. She felt herself quivering uncontrollably. Elesh's intelligent mind quickly concluding that every aspect of his body must be exponentially bigger than that of a normal myr...Her body was suddenly overcome with a strange, urgent feeling.  It was the same feeling that had plagued her body for days at a time, her small hole begging once again for some attention. The same feeling that had compelled her to enter this room; to create this room in the first place! Only now the feeling was multiplied, coursing through her with an intensity she had never felt before.
  49. Elesh stood, the tiny, and temporarily forgotten myrs tumbling down off her form into the horde of small bodies below. She approached the superion and  reached out her arm, stroking its curved head. It shuddered at her touch, but did not seem fearful. Its beady, metallic eyes stared at her like it understood somehow, what she was, and also what she wanted. Her arm traced lightly down its metallic chest till it reached its groin. Thin, porcelain fingers gently stroked the area where she knew the myr's cock was kept. "You have s-something for your god...." Her voice was high and excited. Elesh needed more than anything else to sate her sudden forceful lust. Her head leaned in, quivering lips touching the metal of the myr's forehead, her hands never ceasing the strokes. "Please...give it to me..."
  51. The superion made a sound similar to grinding gears spinning loudly. Slowly the metal plates on its crotch drew back, and a thick, erect cock slowly emerged. It was at least three times as large as the small myr cock that Elesh was used to taking into her mouth. Elesh could feel her arms quivering as she ran porcelain fingers up the hard appendage, the superion making high pitches sounds of enjoyment as she did so. Flayed red lips kissed down the super's body before greedily she took its appendage between them. Unlike the other myr's, Elesh could not take the entire thing into her mouth in one go, it was far too large for that. Its hands gently found the great porcelain arch of her head and rested on them, almost encouraging her to continue.
  53. Although the superion was small by human or other standards, to Elesh, it was the biggest cock she had ever touched.  She swirled her flayed tongue around the appendage, which already seemed to be leaking a little of the oil that she craved so much more of in her mouth. Lifting her head off of him, she lay her body back onto the floor, quivering with anticipation for what she wanted next. She spread her legs, lifting her hips slightly off of the ground and displaying her dripping and flayed pussy to the superion. Her cunt was leaking the oil of many, many smaller myr, and she could hear it dripping onto the floor below her. Her quivering lips opened, but she could not command the superion. It was weak, useless, and pathetic compared to her, and yet all she could think to do was beg.
  54. "I-infect me....please infect me with your oil!"
  56. The superion was somewhat of an alpha male. He had seen situations similar to this, and knew that the praetor wanted him to do. He stepped forward, and wasting no time, his hands slid to her porcelain hips, suspended to his waist level, and guided his cock into her used pussy. Elesh shuddered with pleasure, her head flung back against the floor, her mouth open, mewing like a dirty animal of flesh. The superion was much going deeper than the other myr had managed, and his cock was wider then two of their meager appendages. Elesh felt funny for a moment before she realized that none of the other myr were using her while the superion took his turn. They all stood back, in awe and respect for their leader as he took her body alone.
  58. Each movement of the superion rocked her body, his strength easily 5 times that of the average myr. His cock was stretching her out, forcing her hole open to accommodate him, the fleshy, flayed pussy reacting sensitively to each thrust. She squeezed him, pulsed around him, moving her tight hole in ways that Elesh never knew she could. She wanted to please the superion, pleasure him until she was rewarded with what she knew would be a large, oily gift.
  60. The superion clicked, a lower, heavier sound then his smaller brothers. He didn't quite understand what Elesh Norn was...but to the simple mind of a myr, details like that did not matter much. He fucked her at a rapid pace, able to move much quicker than anything that Elesh had fucked before. Each movement seemed to stretch her cunt out even wider, making her moan and squeal. It hurt, but not enough to subdue the pleasure that coursed through her perfect form.
  62. She felt it begin to fill her even before the superion began to make noise. Hot and sticky oil flowing out from the superion's stiff, hard appendage and into her flayed pussy. She felt the oil reach a place deep inside of her, that had never been touched by anything before. Elesh could not help but moan, her mouth making nonsense sounds of high pitched pleasure as she was filled both with cock and cum.
  64. Her hips collapsed onto the floor, her cunt pumped full of the delicious, white oil, with each twitch of her tight, well fucked cunt squeezing more of it out onto the floor. Her vision blurred as she stroked herself briefly with her hand, bringing that oil covered hand to her lips and tasting bliss. She felt hot, wet droplets begin to hit her body, and when her vision re-focused she realized that the remaining, unsatisfied myr were surrounding her, crawling on her and covering her body in their gift.
  66. Warm sprays hit her cheeks and filled her open mouth, still mewing and gurgling with pleasure. She could feel the myr opening up her pussy again, eager to continue using her. Her vision seemed to blur and her mind went to another place as she felt her body shudder uncontrollably, hips bucking and tongue swallowing all of the oil that she could....
  68. *~~~
  70. Hours after she had entered, Elesh exited the room, and once the door was closed she immediately collapsed to the floor. Her body was slick, covered with oil, and her legs and arms couldn't stop shaking, no matter how much she tried. It had taken effort to even walk out of the room, with her body just completely exhausted.
  72. The halls of phyrexia were rarely empty, with compleated perfections not requiring much sleep or rest.  She walked proudly and strongly back to the porcelain throne, despite the feeling of exhaustion.
  73. Her sash lay discarded on the floor where she had left it this morning. She did not bother to pick it up, the feeling of going sash-less was oddly liberating. Elesh was unable to feel any shame.
  74. Elesh sat in her throne, the myr's oil staining everything she touched as it dripped slowly off of her body.
  76. How many myr had there been? She shook her head in disbelief. She knew one of the priests would know...but for now all she could say was that her body was covered and her belly and hole completely filled, infected, with their gift. Just today alone, she had discovered so much about her perfect form.  had these hidden pleasures been envisioned by Yawgmoth?
  78. She had so many questions...but there were none who could answer them. None that held a superior form.
  80. She would need to return to the room.
  82. A small smile crept to her lips as she thought of it. That wonderful room. She would order the priests to collect more for her. She would discover the secrets of her perfect, phyrexian body....And she couldn't wait.
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