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  1. hey guys, kiki gutripper here with some gaming tips
  3. first off, you can never write a coherent sentence, especially not with proper punctuation or capitalization, this is what the line break key is for
  5. secondly, you absolutely need an online girlfriend, and this is why the ceremony of eternal bonding exists, as marrying someone in the game makes her your de facto girlfriend
  7. a good tip for achieving this is constantly orbiting your target and semi-ironically asking her to be your girlfriend whenever opportunity strikes, as well as making careful research to find out which race and gender she prefers, then using a fantasia to become said race
  9. last but not least, you absolutely NEED to join your server's top notch raiding free company, and a good strategy for achieving this is to constantly force yourself onto notorious players in your server's raiding community and bragging about your irrelevant clears in the thread
  11. thanks gamers and remember, ERP is a sin and my EB definitely does not take part in it. she is a lovely girl, and Ippiki is a figment of her imagination. NOT a real person.
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