Apr 11th, 2016
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  1. >Everything is as usual...
  2. >There are soldiers watching your every move.
  3. >The stench.
  4. >The expressions on the faces of the people
  5. >Corpses, some are crushed, others are burned
  6. >you can hear peoples screams
  7. >dogs are sniffing in the debris, trying to pick up human scent
  8. >But something is different
  9. >You are in your own country
  10. >one of the dogs starts to bark
  11. >"We found one!"
  12. >you rush over
  13. >its unlikely that there are survivors
  14. >but that doesn't matter
  15. >you try to save as many as you can, as always
  16. >there is a broken concrete ledge and its carried by a steel beam on one side
  17. >you might be lucky
  18. >"We need to move this!"
  19. >these Rookies are going to get themselves killed...
  20. "Wait."
  21. >"We have to hurry!"
  22. "Do you want to be the next one lying under the rubble?"
  23. >You check your surroundings
  24. >everything seems to be resting on solid ground
  25. "Okay we can try this. Get over there and pull from that side. Maybe we can move it."
  26. >"Got it."
  27. "One, two, three!"
  28. >You stem yourself against the part the rests on the steel beam with all your might
  29. >and it moves a bit
  30. >you take a few deep breaths
  31. "Okay one more time. Be careful it could slide!
  32. >he nods
  33. "One, two, three!"
  34. >both of you yell in exertion
  35. >the panel moves again this time around by quite a bit
  36. >the opening is big enough to squash yourself through
  37. >you take your flashlight and try to make something out in this cave
  38. >there is someone
  39. "STRETCHER!"
  40. >you might be lucky
  43. >rebars are sticking out of wreckage
  44. >and the ground is... muddy
  45. >this is odd, but you have to focus your mind on the task at hand
  46. >you work your way towards the guy
  47. >you can almost reach him when you slip on this muddy ground
  48. >landing with a splash you are covered in some strange liquid
  49. >your head brushes one of the sharp rebars
  50. >as you get up you touch your head and move your hand in front of your face
  51. >blood
  52. "Another scar... and i just lectured the rookie..."
  53. >"Hey, what happened!? Are you okay?"
  54. "Yeah i just slipped!"
  55. >Back to work
  56. >after a few feet you reach the person
  57. >white male, lab coat, different blunt traumata , crusted blood on the head and the coat
  58. >carefully you try to feel for his pulse on his wrist
  59. >This IS your lucky day!
  60. >you turn around to shout
  61. "He is alive!"
  62. >you hear yelling outside
  63. "Okay."
  64. >you take a deep breath
  65. "Careful now..."
  66. >you have to check his body for injuries
  67. >but you have to be EXTREMELY careful
  68. >if he has a spine damage this could kill him
  69. >aswell as ruptures, open fractures, internal bleedings...
  70. >with as little force as possible you check him, limb after limb
  71. >Hands check
  72. >Arms check
  73. >Legs check, one is broken though
  74. >hips check
  75. >torso check
  76. >neck check
  77. >head blunt trauma, seems like a severe concussion
  78. "You are one lucky bastard..."
  79. >the estimated blood loss is tolerable, most of it is due internal bleeding of the fracture
  80. >now comes the risky part
  81. >you have to check his back for penetration wounds
  82. >worst case you reopen the wound and this guy will bleed out
  83. >but there is no blood below him
  84. >you slip your hand under his back
  85. "Jackpot!"
  86. >you turn around to yell towards the guys waiting outside
  87. "One survivor, I'm moving him out now! Get ready!"
  88. >moving another person in this constricted place is difficult but you manage
  89. >you are at the exit
  90. "The harness!"
  91. >they reach it down and you put it on the guy
  92. "Okay, start to pull! Slowly!"
  93. >you try to stabilize his head as he is pulled out
  94. >"Got him!"
  97. >you wait a few seconds before you climb out
  98. >they will need to move him
  99. >once you are outside you can hear cheers
  100. >"WE DID IT!"
  101. "Hold your horses, we are not done yet."
  102. >"Anon what happened?!"
  103. "Nothing i just hit my head. Lets get back to work we might find others."
  104. >"Hey Medic look at that!"
  105. >one of the two medics, which work on the guy you just pulled out of that hole, turns towards you
  106. >>"Let me see that."
  107. >He comes up to and checks your head
  108. "I'm fine! HE is the one you need to take care of!"
  109. >you point towards the guy you that's now on the stretcher
  110. >>"We'll need to stitch that, please get to the camp!"
  111. "Fuck, that bad?"
  112. >>"Yes."
  113. >This sucks, you are here to help, not to receive aid
  114. >But you are no help if you are injured yourself
  115. "Okay"
  116. >you sigh
  117. "Hey guys don't slack while I’m getting myself patched up."
  118. >"Yeah, sure."
  119. >After the two medics carry the one on the stretcher to the camp you make your way there too
  120. >you feel a little dizzy and the vision on your right eye gets a bit blurry and ... red?
  121. >blood is running from forehead and some of it into your right eye
  122. >wiping it away you realize its actually quite a lot
  123. "Oh goddammit!"
  124. >your hand is covered in red
  125. >this is so frustrating, you want to stay as long as you can
  126. >but you can't let yourself become a danger to yourself or to others
  127. >you wipe it off on your cloth which are still covered in this strange liquid
  129. >once you are at the camp you get into one of the medic tents
  130. >there isn’t much to do, most of the guys you pulled out of ruins were dead
  131. >the other ones were transported to the nearest hospital once they were stable
  132. >a medic approaches you
  133. >"Okay, lie down"
  134. >you comply
  135. >"this may hurt a little"
  136. "I know..."
  137. >the disinfecting agent burns like hell and makes you clench your teeth
  138. "Please don't move your head."
  139. >shes cleaning the wound before she starts to stitch the wound
  140. >if you had to define "unpleasant" this would be it
  141. >>"Anon, how are you?"
  142. >oh no...
  143. "I'm fine, it's just a scratch."
  144. >it's your captain, you can see him from the corner of you eyes
  145. >>"A scratch, huh? I didn't know you were a hemophiliac."
  146. >damn...
  147. "Hey it's nothing big, okay?"
  148. >>"I know you want to stay but that's it for you, you are going home for today, get some rest. You have been at it for 14 hours straight."
  149. "There are still people missing!"
  150. >there's a sharp pain on your forehead
  151. >"Stop moving! I'm trying to fix you here!"
  152. "Aah! ...sorry..."
  153. >She sighs
  154. >"Back to square one, don't blame me if this leaves a scar."
  155. >>"Look you did a great job today but we can handle the rest. You WILL go home and rest, understood?"
  156. "Like I have a choice..."
  157. >>"That's right, and better get those clothes off quick, whatever THAT is, you shouldn't have it on your skin."
  158. "Yeah, whatever..."
  159. >>"Bye, Anon"
  160. "Bye"
  161. >he leaves the room and leaves the two of you alone
  162. >"He is right, you should give it a rest."
  163. "I know, alright? It's just..."
  164. >"I know how you feel."
  165. >she gives you a smile
  166. >she is quite the beauty
  167. >"Okay, I'm done. Go home and get some rest."
  168. "Will do, goodbye."
  169. >you stand up and leave
  170. >"Take care."
  171. >a few moments later you are in your car
  172. >you start to drive in the direction of the the main gate
  173. >it's rare that you come to work by car
  174. >normally you come by plane
  175. >you are stopped by soldiers
  176. >"please open the trunk,sir"
  177. >you pull the lever
  178. "It's open"
  179. >The soldier heads to look into your trunk while another uses a mirror to look under your car
  180. >with a dull smash your trunk is closed and you see the soldier at the back of your care wave
  181. >a moment afterwards the barrier is raised and you drive off
  182. >after some time driving you realize how tired you are
  183. >and some strange warmth on your chest, where you wiped your blood
  184. "Shit, I better get this off quick..."
  185. >once you are home you head straight for the shower
  186. >you throw your cloth, which are soaked with that strange liquid, into the hamper and enjoy a long shower
  187. "Oh god."
  188. >This feels amazing
  189. >once you are done you carefully dry yourself with a towel, put on some boxers and a shirt and head for the fridge
  190. "Come here you sweet delicious."
  191. >you grab yourself a can of and get comfy in front of your TV and chillax
  192. >as usual there nothing but stupid crap running
  193. >you zap through the channels
  194. >buy this, buy that, shitty sitcom, shitty movie...
  195. >"today at 4:35 there was a large explosion at the military base, the amount of casualties is not yet determined and authorities..."
  196. "Yeah I know..."
  197. >you zap again
  198. >after a while you settle on a documentary until you finish your beer
  199. >with a yawn you put out the TV and head for the bed
  200. >after bare seconds you fall asleep
  201. >you wake up because of your dog who is starting to lick your face
  202. >with your eyes closed and still half asleep you try to push her away
  203. "Stop it, Joy."
  204. >"...blood..."
  205. >Wait your dog died when you were 16, who is licking your face?
  206. >you awake with a start
  207. "What the fuck!?"
  208. >there is some strange gray THING on your bed looking at you with big purple eyes...
  210. -------------------------------------
  211. >You immediately start to increase the distance between you and IT
  212. >you sit on your pillows, your back pressed against the wall
  213. >you are no easily scared person but right now your heart is racing
  214. "What do you want!?"
  215. >It has a confused look on its... face
  216. >Your mind start working again and your hand searches for something to smack this thing with
  217. >"...blood..."
  218. >What?
  219. "I don't know who or what you are but you better leave right now or or swear to god i will..."
  220. >It starts to move towards you with determination in its eyes
  221. >your hand finds your alarm clock
  222. >once it is inside arms reach you grab your alarm clock and swing it with all your might at the head of it
  223. >mid swing you can see its expression change from determination to fear
  224. >Blop
  225. >your hand and your alarm clock are now stuck in this gooey something
  226. >a shiver runs down your spine
  227. >shock waves seem to run through its body and it..
  228. >covers its head and shakes?
  229. >"No more..."
  230. >It's high voice is interrupted by sobs
  231. >"No, please..."
  232. >you heart is still beating like crazy and you are breathing heavy
  233. >Shit what the hell is going on?
  234. >First things first: you should get your hand out of its head
  235. >you slowly pull your hand out of it which leaves it covered with some slime
  236. >you look at the gross liquid that covers your shaking hand and try to rub it off between you thumb and index finger
  237. "What is this?"
  238. >"no more hit"
  239. >It still covers its head in fear and sobs
  240. >"please"
  241. >You found yourself in a lot strange situations due to your work but this...
  242. "Okay, easy now..."
  243. >You start to carefully get off the bed and and move with you back pressed against the wall along it until you reach the light switch
  244. >you don't dare to avert your gaze from this thing on your bed
  245. >its still sobbing, while your fumble for the switch
  246. >with a click the room gets bright, and you are dazzled for a second
  247. "A... pony?"
  248. >There is a crying and sobbing jelly-pony on bed
  249. "How did you get? Why are you? What are?"
  250. >"No more, please..."
  251. >oh shit
  252. "Hey, im not going to hurt..."
  253. >you just smacked it with all your might
  254. "Fuck. Okay im sorry i hit you. You scared the shit out of me, im sorry okay? Please i promise i wont do it again..."
  255. >"I’m a good pony... please"
  256. "I’m sorry. Please calm down i wont hurt you."
  257. >As it seems to calm a bit down you approach it slowly with your hands shown in front of you
  258. "I'm Anon what is your name?"
  259. >It slowly turns its head over its shoulder to look at you
  260. >There are tears running down its face(?)
  261. >"Name?"
  262. "Yes, your name. Can you tell me your name?"
  263. >hands still in front of you, and with your best i-have-no-intention-of-harming-you-posture you slowly take step after step towards her
  264. >"I am... I was... I..."
  265. >she is still sobbing and look like shes going to cry any second
  266. "Okay, calm down, don’t rush it. Are you injured?"
  267. >She carefully feels her head with her hooves, tears still in her eyes
  268. >"I... what?"
  269. >She looks so frightened and confused
  270. "Does it hurt anywhere?"
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