VisualVanilla 1.5 Changelog (05-13-2022)

May 13th, 2022
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  1. + Compatibility with v1.0.2612.0 (Gen9 Update), shaders now go to update2.rpf
  2. + Compatibility for vehicles from the Gen9 update (Dynamic shadows from headlights)
  3. + Recompiled all .ASI scripts in Visual Studio 2022, special thanks to robi29 for providing the source code
  4. + Fixed ReShade crashing the game
  5. + Fixed No Grass Dithering not removing all grass dithering, special thanks to Alex106 and TOVOT
  6. + Restored Heathaze effect from VisualV (through weatherdetector.asi)
  7. + Updated ENB and ReShade settings to match that of VisualV's recent updates
  8. + Updated everything under Map Enhancements, the whole thing should now be set up to be future-proof/sustainable from R* updates, special thanks to Alex106 for making this possible
  9. + Improved Blizzard and Snow Weathers, taking inspiration from the more finished "Light Snow" and "Xmas" weathers.
  10. + Better clouds for Neutral Weather
  11. + Neutral Weather is now part of the weather system - it shall now spawn naturally alongside weathers such as EXTRASUNNY, CLEAR, CLOUDY, SMOG, FOGGY, RAIN, THUNDER, etc. as a transition weather between SMOG/FOGGY/CLOUDY and EXTRASUNNY/CLEAR.
  12. + NEW OPTIONAL: HUD Blur - Restores the blur on the character, radio, and weapon wheels from the base game, special thanks to Alex106 and his Old Gen Visual mod for the inspiration
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