Take Down strat benefits

Exarion Mar 23rd, 2015 235 Never
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  1. - If overleveled, can try to manip Torrent for Shelly 1's Mightyena (Rare Candy to Lv. 33 before)
  2. - Can either manip Torrent for Kylee's Swablu or go for a range with Take Down
  3. - OHKO Swellow at +1
  4. - Slightly easier to manip low HP for T&L
  5. - More likely to OHKO Shelly's Sharpedo
  6. - Slightly easier to manip Torrent for Shelly's Mightyena
  7. - More likely to OHKO Archie 2's Sharpedo at +1
  8. - More flexible PP management
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