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May 27th, 2016
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  1. >>3247001
  2. >Are you the guy who tried to educate me on map dependant randomspawners yesterday ?
  3. No, that's me. I'm that guy that was helping that other guy with the point thing.
  5. You can actually use thing hate for this but you have to do things like give every monster a tid and check los in acs constantly to decide what to give the thing hate to. You could also use this in conjunction with your method, to have the decorate version a shorter range thing; eg the bikers see you first and don't start shooting at the zombies across the map, but if the zombies get close to them they switch targets to the zombies. Meanwhile the zombies see the bikers first with acs and so shamble towards them, but check with acs their proximity to players or bikers within a certain max range, so that if you get too close target you instead. I'm using both methods (well, radiusgive with script rather than painstates, but very similar except only really feasible when done from a very limited amount of monsters) for the mini marines in fractal doom so that monsters attack them if the see them. Also holy shit apparently there is a doom mod madness video for fractal doom
  6. I had no idea people were still playing this dumb meme mod in 2011+5. Also consider adding flags to zombies like the drop off flag so they will run off of ledges.
  8. As for acs, it's basically just a limited version of C, so any tutorials for C will also be applicable to acs, more or less. It will make more sense than decorate once you learn it.
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