COM-Warfare default config

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  1. #Prefix: The prefix for the plugin to use {PREMIUM-ONLY}
  2. prefix: '&l&f[&cCOM&f]&r'
  3. #Auto download dependencies: Automatically download all required dependencies if this plugin cannot find them on the
  4. # computer. By having this value set to 'true', you understand and thereby give permission for this plugin to
  5. # download files that are required in order for this plugin to properly function, as well as give permission for this
  6. # plugin to automatically restart the server it is running on after successfully downloading all dependencies.
  7. # For restarting to work properly, in your 'spigot.yml', ensure that the value under 'settings.restart-script' is set
  8. # to your restart script location.
  9. auto-download-dependency: false
  10. #Lang: The two letter abbreviation for what language the plugin will be translated to. Set to 'none' if you don't want to use the translation service. Default: EN {PREMIUM-ONLY}
  11. lang: 'EN'
  12. #Server Mode: If set to true, when joining the server, players will be automatically put into a match.
  13. serverMode: false
  14. #Scoreboard: The different things you can change in the scoreboard.
  15. Scoreboard:
  16.  #Header of the tab list. Leave blank for default.
  17.   Header: 'COM-Warfare'
  18. #Lobby Time: The amount of time players should wait in the lobby before the match starts.
  19. lobbyTime: 70
  20. #Players: the min and max amount of players allowed in a single game. Default range:  (2, 12) {PREMIUM-ONLY}
  21. players:
  22.   min: 2
  23.   max: 12
  24. #Game time: The amount of time (in seconds) players should spend inside of a match, separated by gamemode.
  25. gameTime:
  26.   TDM: 600
  27.   DOM: 600
  28.   CTF: 600
  29.   FFA: 600
  30.   RSB: 600
  31.   KC: 600
  32.   OITC: 300
  33.   GUN: 600
  34.   RESCUE: 120
  35.   DESTROY: 120
  36. #Default health: How much health should the player start with? (Default is 20 in Minecraft, but 100 can be used to make guns do more precise damage amounts.) Default: 20 {PREMIUM-ONLY}
  37. defaultHealth: 100
  38. #Max level: What is the maximum level that a player can reach before they stop to level up?
  39. maxLevel: 55
  40. #Maximum prestige level: What is the prestige level at which the player can reach before they can no longer prestige? Default: 0 {PREMIUM-ONLY}
  41. maxPrestigeLevel: 10
  42. #Translate api_key: The key required by McTranslate++ to utilize all Cloud-based translation actions. Default: none {PREMIUM-ONLY}
  43. translate:
  44.   api_key: none
  45. #Maximum score: The score that players much reach in the game to stop the game before the timer has finished counting down. {PREMIUM-ONLY}
  46. maxScore:
  47.   TDM: 75
  48.   RSB: 75
  49.   FFA: 30
  50.   KC: 50
  51.   DOM: 200
  52.   #CTF: The amount of flags to be captured.
  53.   CTF: 3
  54.   #INFECT: The starting time of infected. (Will increase with every infected kill.)
  55.   INFECT: 120
  56.   #OITC: The amount of lives in One in the Chamber
  57.   OITC: 3
  58.   #DESTROY/RESCUE: The amount of rounds required to win.
  59.   DESTROY: 4
  60.   RESCUE: 4
  62. #OITC Gun: The gun to be used in One In The Chamber.
  63. OITC_Gun: none
  65. #GunProgression: A list of the gun's names to be used in gun game. Players will spawn with the top gun, and with every kill, they will receive the next gun in the list until there is no more.
  66. GunProgression: []
  68. #Rewards: Commands to execute when certain conditions are met. use {PLAYER} for the player's name.
  69. Rewards:
  70.  #When a player reaches the max level.
  71.   Max_Level: 'none'
  72.   #When a player reaches the max prestige.
  73.   Max_Prestige: 'none'
  74.   #When a player reaches the max level at the max prestige.
  75.   Max_Prestige_Max_Level: 'none'
  76.   #When a player earns the highest KD in a match.
  77.   Highest_KD: 'none'
  78.   #When a player earns the highest score in a match.
  79.   Highest_Score: 'none'
  81. #Level Names: The names for each level that will be shown next to players' levels on the scoreboard and chat.
  82. LevelNames:
  83.   1: 'PVT'
  84.   2: 'PFC'
  87. #Rank Tiers: The tiers at which players can receive different rewards. All players can get the default one. The permission for each tier are 'com.[tier]' Default: default rank {PREMIUM-ONLY}
  88. RankTiers:
  89.   0:
  90.    #The name of the tier.
  91.     name: 'default'
  92.     #The amounts for kill rewards.
  93.     kill:
  94.      #Amount of xp rewarded when a player kills another player.
  95.       xp: 100
  96.       #Amount of credits rewarded when a player kills another player.
  97.       credits: 1
  98.     #Amount of credits rewarded when a player levels up.
  99.     levelCredits: 0
  100.   1:
  101.     name: 'donator'
  102.     kill:
  103.       xp: 100
  104.       credits: 1
  105.     levelCredits: 1
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