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  1. >Be Anon, a famed detective.
  2. >You've been butting heads with one of those "phantom thieves" for years now.  Full on "mask and costume" shit like out of an anime.  It's kind of obnoxious really.
  3. >Not helping things is that she's actually really fucking good at her job.  You haven't been able to glean more than two things from her: her gender and the fact that you think she's a fox, based on the shape of her mask.
  4. >She leaves these cutesy calling cards for you, signed with the moniker Outfoxx and usually bearing some stupid pun or flirty double entendre.  Lately she's even been spraying the things with damn perfume.
  5. >It's really grating on you.
  6. >One day, you come home to your wife, a she-wolf.  She grins and leads you to a candlelight dinner, then reveals something she's been working on...
  7. >A perfect replica of Outfoxx's costume.  She whispers seductively that you can finally catch her tonight.
  8. >Cue some role play that culminates in the best fug you've ever had with your beloved wife.
  9. >Cut to a few months down the line.
  10. >That amazing night turned out to be the gift that kept on giving: you're expecting pups now.  Work's been the same, stressful because of that fox bitch.  But it doesn't matter; you've got kids on the way.
  11. >One day, it happens.  You finally get close to nabbing your eternal rival.  She seems to have trouble running away for once, with her even stopping to audibly pant at one point.
  12. >You finally go to cuff her, only to see something that freezes you in your tracks.
  13. >Outfoxx runs away as you process what you've learned:
  14. >She's pregnant.
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