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  1. Update v20180709:
  2. no changelog was posted.
  4. Update v20180629:
  5. Slowdowns caused by blur effects
  6. Fast forwarding during cutscenes / event scenes should be smoother
  7. Map shadows
  8. Additional stability improvements
  9. Additional performance improvements in various areas
  10. Additional text bugs
  12. Update v20180517:
  13. Fixed crashes that occur during map changes due to threading issues
  14. Improved additional NPC dialogue performance - talk.scp preloaded
  16. If you are still experiencing a crash due to nvwgf2um.dll, this is currently caused by your NVIDIA driver. Please update your graphics driver to the latest version to see if this fixes your issue.
  18. Update v20180511:
  19. Options to select internal rendering resolution
  20. Fixed hitching issues in conversations due to talker.scp
  21. Fixed text bugs
  22. Fixed Pangaea Plains (Night) 100% issue
  24. Update v20180510:
  25. You can now select the "Render mode" from the Options->Screen settings of the game.
  26. In order for the setting to take effect, you must restart the game after applying the changes.
  28. This will update the settings.ini file located in the root directory of your game folder:
  29. [Settings]
  30. ResolutionWidth=1920
  31. ResolutionHeight=1080
  32. WindowPosX=0
  33. WindowPosY=0
  34. WindowMode=1
  35. VSync=true
  36. RenderRes=1
  37. DisplayLanguage=EN
  38. VoiceLanguage=EN
  39. GuideType=2
  40. UseAllShadowWrite=false
  41. UseMapShadow=false
  42. UseGlare=true
  43. UseDoF=true
  44. UseGradation=true
  45. UseLensFlare=true
  46. UseSSAO=true
  47. UseAntiAliasing=true
  48. UseGroupObj=true
  50. In addition, talker.scp issue should have been improved.
  52. Update v20180502:
  53. Previously, we stated in a update that the lighting and shaders in caves and dungeons were fixed; the fix has now been implemented and should be working correctly.
  54. Issue where, upon closing the Camp menu, the "QUEST" icon would blink/flicker above NPCs' heads has been fixed.
  56. Update v20180501:
  57. Lighting in caves, dungeons
  58. Fixed issues when different controllers connected (occurred with specific
  59. combination of controllers and PCs)
  60. Fixed a brief freeze when talking to NPCs
  62. Update v20180426:
  63. Fixed flickering issues
  64. General text fixes
  66. Update v20180424:
  67. Improved joystick control (now true analog rather than 8-directional)
  68. General text fixes
  69. Fixed an issue that was causing the OP movie video and audio to stutter
  70. Fixed an issue that was causing the touchpad/tablet service to interrupt the game roughly every 15 minutes
  72. Update v20170423:
  73. Resolution list display bug
  74. dinput8.dll crashes
  76. Update v20180418:
  77. Fixed an issue that was affecting fullscreen and fullscreen window functionality
  78. Fixed an issue that was causing BGM to skip/stutter when multiple audio devices were detected
  80. Update v20180417:
  81. VSync enabled
  82. Fixed a bug that was causing excessive resources being used polling controllers
  83. Improved Bluetooth controller functionality
  84. Misc French UI/text fixes
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