Celestia's Secret

Apr 28th, 2017
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  1. ---- Celestia's Secret ----
  4. >The Moon sat in its rightful place in the evening sky, illuminating the world with its lunar glow.
  5. >The star-speckled backdrop of the sky lending itself perfectly to its majesty.
  6. >The Moon... your sister's moon.
  7. >You let out a panged sigh as you gaze into the silhouette of the mare.
  8. >"Princess Celestia?"
  9. >You feign a bit of surprise as you turn your gaze towards the balcony door.
  10. >"y-your tea?"
  11. "Yes, thank you."
  12. >The yellow mare slowly pushed the tea cart towards your seat on the balcony with a lowered head.
  13. >She trembles as she uses her levitation magic to place the teapot, cups, and cakes on the small table next to you.
  14. "You don't have to be so nervous around me. I don't bite."
  15. >"S-sorry, Princess."
  16. >You giggle.
  17. "You have nothing to be sorry for."
  18. >She bows her head to you and moves to exit the balcony.
  19. "Wait."
  20. >She stops and looks back to you, still trembling.
  21. >"Yes-s, Princess?"
  22. >You casually motion to the ornate pillowed chair next to you with a hoof.
  23. "Stay here with me for a moment."
  24. >"As you wish."
  25. >She slowly walks over to the chair and carefully sits, her lip quivering.
  26. >Poor mare.
  27. >Some of the new mares are often like this, but she is worse than usual.
  28. "I wanted to talk to you about something."
  29. >You take a sip of tea, and it is delicious.
  30. >She knows how to make an excellent brew, which is one of the reasons you chose her.
  31. >She sits quietly for a moment, before finally bringing her gaze up to yours, her eyes glistening.
  32. >"I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean to do it wrong! I sh-"
  33. >She bursts into tears, and you immediately move over to her, comfortingly wrapping a wing around her shoulders.
  34. "Ssshhh..."
  35. >You hum a brief tune as her sobbing fades
  36. >"Sorry, I'm just really nervous. I never thought I would ever be here. It's like a dream come true and I'm just messing it up."
  37. >You laugh, which takes her by surprise
  38. "You're doing just fine. The tea is excellent, and I should have you know that I choose my mares-in-waiting personally."
  39. >"Really?"
  40. "Yes."
  41. >"Oh, wow."
  42. >She shifts uncomfortably, and you give her some space."
  43. >"Oh, I never introduced myself! My names H-"
  44. "Honeycomb."
  45. >You flash her a grin
  46. >"Oh... right. Guess you would already know."
  47. >You pour her a cup of tea, and she nervously drinks.
  48. >"Princess, can I ask you something?"
  49. "Of course."
  50. >"Why do you sit out here on the balcony every night watching the moon?"
  51. >You're a bit taken aback, nopony has ever asked you about it
  52. >But then, you've been keeping the subject matter a secret for a long time.
  53. >You have a crazy idea. It's one of those ideas that you know could be a bad idea, but you go ahead with it anyway
  54. "Can I share a secret with you? You have to promise to tell nopony."
  55. >"I promise!"
  56. >Part of you wants to take a step back, but you're already knee deep
  57. "I... I have a sister."
  58. >She gasps.
  59. >"What?! Really?! I didn't know that!"
  60. >She stops for a second to think really hard.
  61. >Her expression turns towards curiosity.
  62. >"I've never heard of her, why is that?"
  63. "Well, nopony knows. That's why its a secret."
  64. >She seems a bit distraught now.
  65. >"But why? What happened?"
  66. "I'm sure you're familiar with the tale of Nightmare Moon."
  67. >"Yea, we celebrate Nightmare Night every year."
  68. "Nightmare moon - Luna - is my sister."
  69. >The color drains from her face.
  70. >"You mean... she's real?"
  71. >You nervously clear your throat.
  72. "Yes, but she wasn't always Nightmare Moon. Her name was Luna, and we both ruled Equestria side by side for many years."
  73. >"What happened?"
  74. >Now for the hard part of the story.
  75. "I was young, stupid, and foolish. I basked in the glory of my nobility while leaving my sister neglected and unloved. Her sadness and anger grew and transformed her into Nightmare Moon."
  76. >You feel tears forming
  77. "A confrontation ensued, and I was forced to banish her to the moon."
  78. >You blink out a tear and turn your gaze to the moon.
  79. "I sit here every night to remind myself of the mistake that I made, and to make sure I never forget my boloved sister for who she really was."
  80. >After a brief moment of silence, Honeycomb speaks up
  81. >"But why does nopony know? Why is she a secret?"
  82. "Nightmare Moon threatened Equestria with an eternal night. It was a hard decision to make, but I elected to supress evidence of her existence for a reason."
  83. >It's hard telling anypony this, but its starting to feel strangely right.
  84. "Nightmare Moon will return. I and everypony knew it. Over hundreds of years I took steps to turn her into legend rather than history. I wanted the ponies of Equestria to live free from the tyranny of fear."
  85. >Honeycomb is taken aback
  86. >"I... that's really... deep. I don't know what to say. I can't even imagine..."
  87. >You put a hoof up to her lips
  88. "You don't have to say anything. I haven't told anypony this for a very long time. Thank you for listening."
  89. >"Of course, Princess."
  90. "You can call me Celestia."
  91. >You take another sip of your tea.
  92. >You're really going to get used to her
  93. "You promised not to tell anypony, remember?"
  94. >"Of course, pinkie promise!"
  95. >You both giggle, and you refill the teacups.
  96. "Please stay here with me a while, its nice to have company."
  97. >"Well, if the headmaster complains about me being behind on my work then I've got a good excuse!"
  98. >The both of you share a heartfelt laugh
  99. >It fells like shes really beginning to open up to you.
  100. "I think you and I are going to be great friends."
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