Sicarii - Anon and Luna Become Roomies

Aug 9th, 2015
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  1. >"Anon? You work here now?"
  2. "Huh? Nah. Joe had something to do so he asked me to cover for him for awhile," you explain.
  3. >As if you had a choice, you didn't add.
  4. >"I see. How's your work,then?" She asks. "And oh, two glazed donuts and a cup of coffee,please."
  5. "Still toxic as fuck. I swear those aircraft parts are getting heavier and heavier each day," you grouse as you fish out two donuts at the display for Luna.
  6. >You place the pastries in a wax paper sleeve and pour some coffee in a cup while Luna takes out her wallet.
  7. "No worries. Donuts and coffee are on the house, courtesy of 'ol Joe," you beam.
  8. >"Really?"
  9. "Well, not really. I just passed by to use the restroom and bam- by the time I returned, Joe left a note that he needs to meet a lady or something. I suppose giving out free donuts ought to even the score," you laugh hard.
  10. >"You might get into trouble if he finds out,Anon," she warns.
  11. "You snort and chuckle at her comment. "What's Joe gonna do,fire me? He owes me a lot of favors anyhow."
  12. "And besides, I only give free donuts to pretty ladies," you add with a wink.
  15. >Luna just rolls her eyes and gives you a sideways look. "Always the wooer. How many girls have fallen for your sweet words,Anon?"
  16. You laugh as you handle another customer. "The fish ain't biting yet, unfortunately. How about you, still sweeping men off their feet?"
  17. >"As if men would find an old hag like me interesting," she says sadly.
  18. "Maybe you're just looking at the wrong place," you assure her. "Anyways, it's been pretty slow today so..mind if I eat breakfast with you?"
  19. >"Sure. I've been meaning to talk to you for quite awhile now anyways," she adds with a smile.
  21. >"Really,Anon?" Luna asks as she looks at your breakfast. You had a sausage patty,eggs and bacon sandwiched between two waffles.
  22. "I need a big breakfast to get my gears going," you explain. "And I see that your breakfast isn't exactly healthy too, Vice-Principal Luna," you retort.
  23. >She just gives you a raised eyebrow and sticks out her tongue. "I need a sugar rush to get my gears going."
  24. "Yeah riiiight," you smile coyly. "So,what's eating you,Luna?"
  25. >"Hm?" She says as she sips her coffee.
  26. You cross your arms as you look at her intently. "C'mon Luna, we've know each other for what, seven years? You're not exactly what I'd call as a fan of sweets. As far as I remember, you only eat sweets when you're sad or stressed."
  27. " it about work? Lovelife?"
  28. >She just sighs and stuffs her face with a glazed donut. "A relative is coming over to stay this coming weekend."
  29. "What about it?"
  30. >"Let's just say that we don't," she says slowly.
  31. You furrow your eyebrows as you try to remember the name. "Wait, is it that Blood-guy thingie? I think you told me his name awhile back. He's your nephew,right?"
  32. >"You mean Blueblood? I know it sounds childish..even Celly told me to be mature about it but," she grits her teeth as she repeatedly stabs her poor pastry with a spoon. "He's so thick and self centered that he's so unreal."
  34. "He's that bad eh? I'm sure you can bear with him for the weekend," you give her an assuring smile.
  35. >"I can't stand to be in the same room with him even for five minutes. Celly loves him to death but I can't say the same with me," she says with a defeated tone.
  36. "Can't blame you with that,sister," you agree with her. "Awkward and irritating relatives,yep."
  37. "So, you gonna stay over a hotel for the weekend or something?" You ask while wolfing down your sandwich.
  38. >She rubs her temples tiredly and gives you a smile. "I can't afford to stay at the Canterlot Lofts even for a night. And the nearest cheap motel is twenty miles away."
  39. "Stay with a friend,then?" You ask.
  40. >"If I can find one willing to bunk with me for the weekend,that is. If not, I'd just sleep in my car."
  42. " can stay with me for the weekend if you like," you say nervously.
  43. >"I don't think that would be proper if we'd sleep in the same room together," she objects. "I mean, its not like we're in some sort of...relationship."
  44. >She clears her throat and toys with her hair a bit as you look down at your coffee mug.
  45. "N-not in the same room with me,of course. I have a spare room if you like."
  46. >She mulls over it a bit then finally speaks. "I promise not to be much of a burden."
  47. "Naw no worries," you assure her. "So, pick you up on Friday say, 3pm?"
  48. >She smiles at you warmly. "Okay."
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