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  1. <@euphoria> "joking"
  2. <@euphoria> ok
  3. <@euphoria> pretty sure she asked danthrax
  4. <@euphoria> "i can kick euphoria"
  5. <@euphoria> i can bring up the vod
  6. <@euphoria> waaa im Log1x
  7. * @euphoria suicide thoughts intensify
  8. * @euphoria suicide thoughts intensify
  9. * @euphoria suicide thoughts intensify
  10. * @euphoria suicide thoughts intensify
  11. * @euphoria suicide thoughts intensify
  12. <@euphoria> WaAAAAAaaAaA
  13. <@BawB> haha
  14. * @euphoria (euphoria@euphoria.teh.h4x) Quit (Quit: Quit)
  15. <@BawB> y-you too
  16. * euphoria (~euphoria@euphoria.teh.h4x) has joined #☭
  17. * ChanServ sets mode: +o euphoria
  18. <@BawB> man i wish i was autistic enough to play dwarf fortress
  19. <@BawB> the idea of the game seems ufn as fuck to me
  20. <@euphoria> also
  21. <@euphoria> (04:16:30pm) <@Log1x> and affy euphoria exadurated extremely hard
  22. <@euphoria> (04:17:18pm) <@Log1x> and he lost his shit
  23. <@euphoria> ???
  24. <@euphoria> always embellishing stories brandon
  25. <@euphoria> sique guy
  26. <@BawB> soundsl ike you fags are gonna have to settle this in a 1v1 rawket league match
  27. <@BawB> affy will draw up the correct paper work
  28. <@BawB> loser gets a kiss on the cheek from the winner
  29. * Disconnected
  30. * Attempting to rejoin channel #☭
  31. * Rejoined channel #☭
  32. * Topic is '☭ sickle and hammer ☭ ☭'
  33. * Set by * on Sun Nov 29 05:35:26 2015
  34. * ChanServ sets mode: +o SaWLid
  35. -ChanServ- (#☭) All these skinny chink ass niggas . I got dat ar 15 wit a 60 dick ready to ride on you fish eyed fuks . Fuck blue homie
  36. <@ChanServ> [SaWLid]
  37. * @BawB ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  38. * BawB ( has joined #☭
  39. * ChanServ sets mode: +o BawB
  40. * @plamb (~plamb@b3fccc81.200a837e.5bc2e65d.IP4) Quit (EOF from client)
  41. <@affy> can't lie on a VoD bruh
  42. <@affy> Donald Trump took his plan for tightening the nation's borders to a new level Monday — and drew condemnation from Republican opponents as well as Democrats —  by calling for "a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States."
  43. <@Log1x> lol
  44. <@Log1x> dont rly care.
  45. <@Log1x> u'll get over it
  47. <@Log1x> "WHY DO GIRLS HATE ME!!!!!!!"
  48. <@Log1x> nerd.
  49. <@Log1x> not to mention u can go back to the VOD where we're all yelling your name and being nice and asking where you were
  50. <@Log1x> and u were a mute
  51. <@Log1x> either way, u a) didnt have to call her a toxic rat and be a little fucking queer boy with no social skills
  52. <@Log1x> b) "later kiddo" me
  53. <@Log1x> when u come crying to me every other fucking day of your life
  54. <@Log1x> (06:45:35PM) * @euphoria suicide thoughts intensify
  55. <@Log1x> (06:45:36PM) * @euphoria suicide thoughts intensify
  56. <@Log1x> yeah that'd be u
  57. <@euphoria> when do i come crying to you
  58. <@euphoria> go die
  59. <@euphoria> literally
  60. <@Log1x> you're always depressed, you always come talking to me about your feelings, etc.
  61. <@Log1x> never do i plaster them on IRC
  62. <@Log1x> and be a little fucking faggot
  63. <@Log1x> so get over yourself
  64. <@euphoria> k
  65. <@Log1x> srsly
  66. <@Log1x> whats wrong with you
  67. <@euphoria> still doesnt change the fact that ur gf is a toxic rat
  68. <@Log1x> stay in school kid
  69. <@Log1x> ur mad because she said a comment over kicking you in a video game ((which she didnt kick you))
  70. <@Log1x> and ur literally crying
  71. <@Log1x> shes streaming full time atm  before going back to school and has to get viewers in, etc.
  72. <@Log1x> its not like she actually kicked you
  73. <@Log1x> you overreacted ridiculously hard
  74. <@euphoria> why would you even bring it up then
  75. <@euphoria> "i can kick euphoria"
  76. <@euphoria> >says it jokingly
  77. <@Log1x> because they were trying to get someone else in before ie ven brought you in
  78. <@Log1x> but they kept you in
  79. <@euphoria> >nobody laughs on stream
  80. <@euphoria> sick
  81. <@euphoria> SiQuE
  82. <@Log1x> she was streaming after all, wasnt like we were just kicking back for the lulz
  83. <@Log1x> she has to bring in viewers and other random people
  84. <@Log1x> either way you're being immature as fuck
  85. <@Log1x> "sique" lol
  86. <@euphoria> good luck with your sub button goals of 2016
  87. <@Log1x> she was never rude to you, never said anything mean about you or to you
  88. <@Log1x> she was friendly to you since day 1
  89. <@Log1x> did that little sanji patel thing or whatever
  90. <@Log1x> was trying to be nice
  91. <@Log1x> i dont understand why you took something so miniscule so insanely hard
  92. <@Log1x> lol
  93. <@Log1x> literally makes no sense
  94. <@Log1x> dunno whats going on in your life but dont take it out on your friends
  95. <@Log1x> thx
  96. <@euphoria> "friends"
  97. <@Log1x> the few friends and people who are actually fucking there for you
  98. <@Log1x> and have been
  99. <@Log1x> yeah like i havent been there for you for the past like 7 years
  100. <@Log1x> "friends" yet you disrespect me
  101. <@Log1x> call me kiddo
  102. <@Log1x> go off on my girlfriend
  103. <@Log1x> and be a little immature bitch
  104. <@Log1x> real friend like huh?
  105. <@euphoria> pretty sure i was the one being disrespected
  106. <@Log1x> *facepalm*
  107. <@euphoria> and then you are downplaying the issue by calling it a joke
  108. <@euphoria> "its a joke bro"
  109. <@Log1x> the Issue
  110. <@Log1x> LOL
  111. <@Log1x> you cant be serious right now
  112. <@euphoria> "it's a joke BrOoo"
  113. <@Log1x> go smoke something
  114. <@euphoria> it's a joke bro
  115. <@euphoria> it's a joke bro
  116. <@Log1x> >implying you actually got kicked
  117. <@Log1x> >implying we werent screaming ur name and being nice to you the entire time
  118. <@Log1x> >implying that a comment over a little kick is a reason to disrespect a good friend of yours relationship and be a total fucking retard
  119. <@Log1x> absolutely ridiculous
  120. <@Log1x> lol
  121. <@Log1x> ur acting pathetic
  122. <@euphoria> comment over a kick?
  123. <@euphoria> why would that thought even cross your gfs mind
  124. <@euphoria> if we were friends
  125. <@Log1x> did u not read
  126. <@euphoria> sick logic
  127. * bkwrm- ( has joined #☭
  128. * ChanServ sets mode: +o bkwrm-
  129. <@bkwrm-> Dae toxic rat
  130. <@Log1x> Euphoria, I'm confused how you watched stream and heard that comment without even paying attention to what was going on in the conversation. If you had paid even slightly attention and not just played into your extreme emotions you would've known that before you were even invited I was busy trying to get someone else's game to work (who was previously invited before you.) I actually talked with them and they agreed to NOT PLAY so I could LET you play.
  131. * bkwrm- is now known as SaWlit
  132. <@euphoria> that just makes you twice as scummy
  133. <@Log1x> Logic fails you, doesn't it?
  134. <@Log1x> Good job ruining an amazing friendship that's been there for you over disgusting personal attacks for such a stupid thing.
  135. <@Log1x> Real A+ class friend lol
  136. <@euphoria> sique
  137. <@Log1x> Goodness. Good luck with your life kid.
  138. <@euphoria> thanks
  139. <@SaWlit> so uh
  140. * @SaWlit shuffles feet
  141. <@SaWlit> whats been goin on ITT
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