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Apr 7th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. William White
  3. The birth between Dr. Blackwell and (unnamed?) robot engineer.
  4. Under the influence of parents it becomes interested in robotics from an early age.
  5. Also because it is busy in both parents, child care leave exclusively robot.
  6. Therefore, it will be a robot to thank that family instead.
  8. [BLANK][An?] accident during the study, the mother died.
  9. [BLANK][Dr?] Blackwell became further immersed in the work, estranged.
  11. And because of (???) as a son of a genius engineer.
  12. [BLANK] (???) that I want you to (admit?) his father.
  13. We [BLANK] the [head?road?] child of the same robotics and father.
  14. [BLANK][I?] (when?where?) in school, and greatly affected.
  16. Gr-[BLANK](and?)[???][BLANK] school with (???) he joins Cherry Dynamics Corporation. <note: Graham?>
  17. (???)[BLANK](???) robot (???)(???)[BLANK].
  18. I w-[BLANK] (feel?) the (different?) [BLANK] robot.
  19. [BLANK] White is the aids [BLANK] human robot.
  20. [BLANK] (???) (or?) (???) of Mita Dr. <note: Mita is Sanda>
  22. (Discussing?) the conflict with respect to the design concept of the father and the robot.
  23. A[BLANK](-ing?)[Abandoning?] the Cherry Dynamics Corporation.
  25. And decided to break with his father.
  26. [BLANK] (renamed?) in (White?) from Blackwell.
  27. It is [BLANK] research developers.
  29. White aimed research and development of human robot.
  30. In order to [BLANK] funding of government at the same time.
  31. Start the (participation?) to the Battle Colosseum.
  32. After allowed to complete a nine-body robot becomes popular team.
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