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  1. Its a friday night after school, your parents have decided to go out and oliver is at a sleepover, and mine are at an opening. It's just us, left alone. We walk home together to you house as i think about what were about to do, we eventually get to your door and with haste you take out your key and unlock the dorr, we both trail off to your room. Soon as we get to your room you stop next to me and close the door. I push you against the bed, I undress as fast as I can. I take off my pants then shirt then leave it at that for right now. I rip off your dress and now were both in nothing but our underwear. I lean in and start passionately making out with, and while I do so my hand trails off to your panties and start feeling how tight and wet your pussy is. You flip me over and take off my under wear so you can stroke my hard cock while we makeout. After more insanely pleasure of your stroking my cock, I unclip your bra, then I flip your body over, now were both head to cock and head to pussy. I take off your final piece of clothing as I lower my face towards your sweet warm tight pussy. I life my tongue up and lick nice and high, grazing deep in your pussy then onto your clit as I slowly get faster and faster, in only acouple minutes you make me cum so much all in your mouth, it's slowly dripping out of your mouth, some of it going down your throat. As soon as this happens I feel your cum squeeze you and down against my tongue. I faster for a couple seconds gettting all the cum deep out of your pussy. I clean you up quickly as I return to our previous position quickly spread your, wet, soaking, tight pussy ready for my cock to go deep inside it. I lean forward down onto you, our lips connect and as they do my hard wet cock is thrusted deep inside you, I start rocking forward before I can no longer keep my moans to a minimum, I am now moaning at full strngth. I feel your hips and before I know it were both screaming in pleasure and we both cum, coincidentally at the same time. I rock my cock slowly inside of you, making sure I don't strech your tight, now soaking wet pussy too much. I lean down as I think, the pleasures not quite over yet sexy. I lick deep and licky all the way back and forth getting you wetter and wetter, I feel your clit stiffen and I keep going, getting harder and faster than I ever have before, You moan one last load as fuck moan. I lick all the cum out of you one last time, I clean you up quickly as I can. We both get dressed in our underwear and cuddle for awhile, both enhanced in the others eyes. We talk about your situation, how many good dates we can go on, how much I love you and you love me, and i think to myself, your truly the best person in the world em, and not just mine
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