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Sen no Kiseki Magazine / Dengeki

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  1. === Sen no Kiseki Magazine ===
  3. Source: http://rosie.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/gamerpg/1505193373/285/
  4. Translator: gu4n
  6. Interview according to Kondo
  7. * Osborne is working toward a policy referred to as the Five Metropolises Plan (五大都市構想), which will be brought up in Sen III.
  8. * There are team members of the protagonists that have yet to be announced.
  9. * Erebonia's dark history will come to light.
  10. * Sept-Terrion, the Phantasmal Blaze Plan and Olivert's past will play an important role.
  12. * In the first half of the game Rean builds his relationship with his students. This collapses in the second half of the game after an incident. This incidents leads to the Sen series' major climax.
  13. * Mueller and Kurt are brothers from a different mother, hence the difference in hair colours.
  14. * You cannot imagine who recommend Thors Campus Leeves to Ash.
  15. * As you travel throughout West and East Erebonia, you run into graduates of Thors Military Academy. Some will help you, others have changed...
  16. * There are students from North Ambria and Remiferia, which plays an important role in how they treat Rean.
  17. * Student Stark is from Jurai. You'll learn more about Jurai's history by puzzling the pieces of dialogue together.
  18. * The truth behind Millium, Altina and the Black Workshop will be revealed.
  19. * The Black Factory may be one of the Thirteen Factories, it's a little more complex from the perspective of Ouroboros.
  20. * Kondo is preparing something for PS4 versions of Sen I and II, and hopes to reveal more soon.
  22. == Dengeki tidbits ==
  24. Magazine contains shots of the animated opening. There are screenshots with New Class VII, an upset Claire, an angry-looking Osborne, Ouroboros and Original Class VII. During the opening hours of the game Rean is treated with contempt by students.
  26. Juna: "
  27. Kurt: "So In the end, your heroism depends on your Divine Knight".
  28. Valimar: "It is your ambition to relief yourself of the burden that keeps you imprisoned." [?]
  30. Dengeki cover is the same as the box art. Next Dengeki issue contains DLC codes with Dengeki's mascot swimsuit [like with Sen II].
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