TF: Unexpected Red 13 (old and bad)

Oct 31st, 2012
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  1. "This sucks," you grumble, pacing around your bedroom and absently rubbing at one of your new ears with a forearm. Pacing isn't something you usually do, but you're restless and stressed. Add to that your present circumstances, and you decided it was justified. It's even helping you feel a little better, at least you're moving.
  3. "Who even thought turning someone into a pony would be a good idea in the first place?" Talking to yourself isn't something you usually do either. You prefer to keep your internal dialog internal. Most of the time.
  4. Clearly being alone with your thoughts is not good for your psyche.
  6. Making another round of the room, you continue your ramblings, not putting much thought into what you're saying. "Downright rude."
  8. You pause, scowling. It wasn't just rude, whoever started this was mutating your body and mind to his own whims. This was way beyond the concept of rudeness.
  10. "In fact, that isn't even a strong enough word for it," you concede "Whoever is doing this is a prick." You declare, putting emphasis on that last word, almost spitting it out. You hope you meet this guy someday; you want to kick him. You cant help but grin at the thought, playing through how it would go in your head. You really hope he's male, that will make it so much more fun. He probably is, for some reason you cant imagine a mare doing something like this.
  12. You sigh and slump down into your desk chair, pushing against the ground with your hooves to spin around a few times before you stop, facing your computer. The small mirror you keep next to your monitor catches your eye, and you nudge it with a hoof to face you. Your ears still look so alien on either side of your head, and curiosity compels you lean in for a closer look. As you do your chair squeaks slightly, causing one of your ears to twitch involuntarily. As much as you want to, you really cant deny that it's adorable. At the same time, you find the concept of finding yourself cute surreal. Maybe your ears are new enough that you don't quite consider them 'you' yet. That sort of makes sense, right?
  14. You lose a decent amount of time transfixed in front the mirror examining your new anatomy. The red fuzz covering your ears extends a little from each of their bases, making it look like you have pale red sideburns. You aren't quite sure how you feel about that, but you actually crack a wide smile when you discover with a bit of effort you can actually move your ears at will. You spend the next couple minutes giggling madly while you wiggle your ears back forth. Incredibly you eventually tire of this, and begin staring at your blank monitor screen while you fidget restlessly. You lean back in your chair, causing it to creak loudly.
  16. "Bored." You look at the clock and groan in frustration; it's only been an hour since Lizz left. You start spinning around in your chair again. You try figure out something to do, but it's hard to think when it's so hot.
  18. You pause, a frown creeping into your expression. Why is it so hot anyway? You've been feeling abnormally warm for a while now, ever since you were talking to Lizz. It just built up until the whole ears escapade where you got distracted. A glance at the wall mounted thermostat tells you that whatever is wrong, it's with you. That's a problem, and the first step to solving a problem is determining its source. You dig into your memories in an attempt to discover when all this started.
  20. Almost immediately an image of Lizz's breasts inches from your face from earlier this morning flashes through you minds eye, and with it comes a flood of desire so powerful it sends a shiver down your spine. You gasp and sit up straighter in your chair, wondering where the hell that came from. You can feel your thoughts slipping towards dangerously dirty territory. You shake your head and try to think of something else, but it seems your body has other plans. Some previously unseen beast rears its head in your mind, and begins feeding on any rational thoughts you may have, replacing them with a smoldering lust that begins spreading on its own. It's a familiar experience, albeit more strong, that you recall from the car ride yesterday. Or was that the day before? It all seems so long ago, and as the seconds tick by, it seems to matter less and less.
  22. One thought gives way to another, and soon enough you find yourself reliving sexual encounters you've had throughout your life. From high school experimentation, to late teen half romances. Some more memorable than others, but all fueling the fire. Naturally, you begin dwelling more on your endeavors with Lizz, the countless times you two had played here, and that one night hidden in her dorm. You feel your face reddening as a vicious warmth spreads from your nethers like wildfire.
  24. "Oh," you whisper to yourself, stunned by the sheer speed you rocketed from uncomfortably bored to uncontrollably aroused. This was definitely not normal. Not normal was bad.
  26. Just as you start to be concerned, one of your forehooves wanders between your legs, and begins rubbing rhythmically against the soft flesh it finds there. You let out a long groan and lean your head back against the chair, any worries about how quickly things seem to have escalated slowly fading. This feels way too good to be wrong. Your breaths begins coming faster as your hooves redouble their efforts, drawing out several more coos and moans from your open mouth as sparks of pleasure shoot through your body. Even as a red haze descends on your mind, you can already tell that anything your poor lopsided hooves can do to satisfy you is going to be painfully inadequate. Only one coherent thought seems to be able to pierce through your lust addled brain.
  28. You need to fuck somep0ny, and you have just the mare in mind.
  32. "Ana?"
  34. You hear the doorknob turn, and light seeps into the room as the door opens; it blinds you for a second before Lizz's silhouette blocks most of it.
  36. "Ana? Are you asleep?" She asks, leaning into the room slightly in an attempt to see better.
  38. You fight through the dense fog that has settled over your brain, and manage to scrounge up a word in response. "No."
  40. You stand up from your chair, causing it to creak slightly as it's relieved of your weight. You can see Lizz's head turn towards the noise. You approach her, doing your absolute best to ignore your instincts to just pounce her right then and there. You step into the light where she can see you.
  42. Her expression seems to change, but you cant read it. "You were just sitting there in the dark? Are you alright?" The meaning of that first sentence fails entirely to get through to you, but you understand the second question well enough to answer.
  44. "I'm fine," you whisper, and punctuate it by taking another step forward and wrapping your arms around her. You push the door shut with one of your legs, cloaking everything in darkness again. With a small gasp you pull her body against yours, and the warmth of body sends a shudder of pleasure throughout you that you're sure she can feel.
  46. "I just need something from you," you manage to say, and your voice sounds breathy and desperate; even to you. You don't much care though, you need this. You need this so badly you don't even know how to describe it. You need to feel more of her against you, you wish you could just wrap yourself around her and savor every inch where her body meets your own.
  48. You probably aren't quite flexible enough for that, but it certainly wont stop you from trying. You stroke your hooves down her back, over her rump, across her thighs, up her back, everywhere you can reach. All while you press yourself further against her. You just want to touch her. Oh goddesses how you want to touch her everywhere, all over, she is beautiful in every way and you want to experience it with every sense possible.
  50. Naturally you decide that the next obvious step is taste, and you extend your neck forward, pressing your lips against hers in a delicious oral embrace. Lizz doesn't seem to respond very much, but that's okay. You have plenty of passion for the both of you, and you're more than happy to pick up the slack. Especially when your tongue is involved.
  52. "I- Um, okay then," Lizz mumbles breathlessly after you break apart. She's obviously confused and at least a little off-guard. She doesn't recoil though, nor does she push you away, and with your current state of mind she might as well have begged you to fuck her silly. And with you're entire body screaming for it, who are you to say no?
  54. You bend her over backwards onto the bed with her feet still on the ground and slide one of your thighs between her legs, rubbing her softly through her jeans as you grind against her leg. The simple movement causes her to release a small whimper, and sends pleasant sparks of pleasure through your loins. The butterflies in your stomach start their fluttering once again as you slowly lower yourself between her legs. Here comes the fun part!
  56. Excitement and anticipation courses through you as you begin to furiously work at her belt, but your hooves fail you again and again. Why does she even wear a belt? Her pants are tight enough as is, you can tell that just by how they hug her shapely hips so perfectly.. A sudden rush of arousal catches you off guard, causing you to groan quietly as a few spasms ripple up your back. You feel something wet trickle down the inside of your thigh. You really need to hurry up. Abandoning hooves altogether, you tear at her belt with your mouth, unbuckling it at a speed that surprises even you. Lizz squirms as you grasp the fabric of hear jeans with your teeth and pull, sliding them down and off. She even lends a hoof with a few helpful kicks, tearing her shirt off at the same time.
  58. Now all that remains is a small pair of light blue panties, already a bit damp by the looks of it. You beam at them happily for a moment before leaping to action. Having learned your lesson from the belt, you immediately lunge forward to pull it off with your mouth, but you stop in your tracks when the sheer scent hits you like a sack of bricks.
  60. If you had to choose a word to describe it, you would probably go with 'indescribable' to save time. The womanly smell prickles through your nose and sends a fresh wave of wildfire through your body. You feel like you're burning up from the inside now, and you start to quiver from the intensity of it. With a slight shake of your head, you clear the haze enough to get your act together. So close now you can almost taste it, and soon, very soon, you will. You slowly pull the panties down, relishing the wondrous sight for only a moment before you can no longer hold yourself back.
  62. You bury your face between her legs, your tongue digging in with such ferocity and fervor that it draws a yelp of surprise from Lizz, shortly followed by a luscious moan of pleasure that makes your ears twitch and thrilling jolt of arousal courses through you once more. You probably could have been more gentle at first, but foreplay be damned, you wanted this NOW. Besides, you can tell she likes it by how she's shaking softly, and the way her bare hips squirm. She begins to squeeze her breasts, arching her back slightly as her breaths quicken. You can see her smooth abdomen twitch as the muscles tensing, rhythmically tensing.
  64. "Oohh, yes! Keep doing that!" she groans, heavenly.
  66. As wonderful as it is to please your partner, it isn't doing much to solve your own predicament, nor is watching her reaction. You furiously work your own aching slit with one of your hooves, but it just isn't getting anywhere fast. In fact more than anything it serves only to tease you further, and you let out a soft whimper of desperation as you gently work the tip of your tongue around Lizz's clit.
  68. "Nnhh.. Get up here."
  70. It seems your need has not gone unnoticed, and you giddily scramble up onto the bed. You're blunted limbs result in a few clumsy missteps, and you take this chance to 'accidentally' fall face fist into Lizz's breasts, causing Lizz to giggle while you feel them jiggle against you. She knows, but you're far too horny to feel embarrassed right now, as you're weak knees remind you. It's also rather hard to think about such unimportant things when you have a face full of cleavage.
  71. Having had your fun, you position yourself upside down on top of her, you're legs splayed graciously for ease of access as you get back to work on her, eagerly awaiting for her to return the favor.
  73. And she does, oh how she does. You thought you knew pleasure before, but you were wrong. This is beyond pleasure, this is beyond sex, this is beyond words or petty simple things like 'thinking'. So you stop doing that, and fall into a squirming, moaning trance, a veritable kind of sex nirvana that can be brought on only by the most grand of wriggling and slippery things. The noises you two make are enough to wake the neighborhood, but both of you are so far past the point of caring.
  74. Her first orgasm is the sweetest, and yours follows shortly after, curving your back as it wracks your body with a shuddering flush of feelings that send you higher than anything you've ever experienced. Yet the heat merely grows, only running your ragged pants faster and your groans higher pitched.
  75. You try to continue anyway, but a terrible exhaustion overwhelms your body, and you sag over onto the bed. Your eyes slowly roll up in your head as the room begins to spin, lust forgotten.
  77. You're faintly aware of Lizz giggling next to you, then saying something that you dont really understand. You know the words, but they just dont seem to be translating in your head for some reason. Maybe it just isn't in a translating mood. You can see why, translating sounds really, really hard. Too hard for you right now, especially when its so hot! Why is it so hot?
  79. Your breaths start coming even faster, much faster than even a round of rough sex would bring out of you, and this wasn't even that rough. With a force of effort, you look down at yourself, watching your heaving chest rise and fall erratically with inhuman speed, and the skin that is showing slowly begins to redden. The sight actually frightens you a little, though try as you might, you cant understand why, but it's an important reason.
  81. The heat reaches a pinnacle, and slowly fades into a vibrating sort of numbness. You start to feel a detached horror as your face begins to press forward into a small muzzle with a terrible popping noise. Pale red fur is sprouting all over it, close enough for you to watch it happen with a clarity that makes you very uncomfortable.
  83. That sense of discomfort only swells large and larger until it molts into something that you've never even experienced before. It begins to feel as if your body is slowly being forced into a space much too small for it, and you feel horribly cramped despite your eyes telling you that you have plenty of space to stretch out. You even try to do just that, but the most you can manage is to twitch slightly.
  85. It gets worse and worse, until finally it becomes painful, cutting through the blissful numbness that persisted until now. You cry out, alerting Lizz that something is wrong. Shortly after you discover that your hearing has become dull and muffled as she begins exclaiming loudly next to you. You recognize the tone of panic, but none of the words. You're too distracted with watching what is slowly happening to your body.
  87. Your breasts shrink, becoming tiny mounds while fur covers them. As you stare, you can feel everything inside you shifting in a disconcerting manner as the mounds slide down your body, coming to rest on your lower belly. Your entire body contorts involuntarily, shuddering intensely in a short seizure as your anatomy remaps itself one final time. Your body slowly reduces in an impossible way, your bones rearranging themselves to fit your new, smaller frame. Your eyes slide to Lizz as she watches on in horror, too afraid to touch your warping body. Exhaustion and shock finally begin to take their toll, and your vision blurs.
  89. Eyelids slide shut.
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