Problems with hiccups (Gay, explicit)

Aug 30th, 2016
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  1. >It was a normal day in the town of pony town. Ponies were conversing, others playing and as usual, some ponies were eating left side of the grass of the town.
  2. >Two peculiar stallions were enjoying a good meal at the lakeshore, being friendly with each other and totally not planning to do anything lewd in the day.
  3. >One had a bluish coat and mane as blue as the sky and sea together, the other pony had a light black coat and orange mane with a fashionable rainbow tail.
  4. >”Are you sure you don’t want more grass, Shino? It takes long to grow and ponies might take whatever is left.” The blue pony asked to his lover.
  5. >”I’m fine, I would prefer a daisy sandwich instead of just grass.” Shino says as he lies on the bed of grass, getting comfy and giving a good look at the sky. “Or maybe a pizza…” He licked his lips. “Some goooood cheesy pizza…. By the way, Meno, you shouldn’t eat all that grass so fast, all that grass is going down your belly... on the other hoof, I could use it as a pillow, heh.”
  6. >Meno stopped for a second and looked at Shino a bit frustrated.
  7. >”I’m not eating that fast! Must be your imagination…” Some air came from Meno’s nose. “ Anyway… I’m just *hicks*”
  8. >Meno placed his hoof over his mouth before continuing speaking.
  9. >”Anyway I- *hicks*” Some grass fell from Meno’s mouth. “Any- *hicks*” Angry about the hiccups not letting him finish his sentence, he stomped his hoof in what was left of his meal on the floor.
  10. >”Told ya you shouldn’t eat that fast, now you have hiccups.” Shino giggled a little. “Cute hiccups I’d say”
  11. >Meno started to whine as he looked at his ruined meal that was lying on the floor.
  12. >”Aww… now how *hicks* how I’m going to eat that…”
  13. >Shino got up from the ground and went to tap a few times Meno in the back.
  14. >”Don’t worry; there’s more grass where that came from. But first we need to cure your hiccups, sounds annoying, right?”
  15. >Meno nodded as he gave two more hicks.
  16. >”Maybe if I drink *hicks* water from the lake…” Meno looked at the direction of the lake, in hopes that the water could cure his annoying problem.
  17. >But Shino had another idea in mind, one to help him get over the hiccups.
  18. >’I’ll scare him with something… then his hiccups will go away!’ He thought.
  19. >As if he was getting a heart attack, Shino started to groan in the floor.
  20. >”Hnnng… I think, my heart is pounding… too much… aaahh…” And with a dramatic faint, Shino waited for Meno’s reaction.
  21. >The blue stallion approaches his ‘fainted’ lover and looked at him for while a time.
  22. >”Say Shino… if you die can I get your socks *hicks* socks collection?” Meno said with a sly smile.
  23. >Shino quickly reacted and opened his eyes, his eyes looking with worry and surprise to Meno.
  24. >”What? Nooo, get yoooours!”
  25. >As Meno looked at Shino with a tiny smirk, he soon realized what Meno just did to him.
  26. >”Aww… I was trying to scare you so your hiccups could go awaaaaay”
  27. >Meno started to slightly laugh along a few hiccups; Shino giggled back and put his right hoof on the back of his head.
  28. >”Seems like I was the only one getting scared… heh…”
  29. >Meno nodded and he gave other two hicks before talking again.
  30. >”I’ll get to my original idea of *hicks* of drinking water and see how it goes. Wanna come?”
  31. >Shino got up from the ground and followed Meno. As the two started walking with more hicks coming from Meno, Shino started to realize how cute they sounded.
  32. >For some reason the hiccups of Meno remind Shino of something… something really peculiar. But what was it? It was something personal between the two of them, but… it couldn’t be.
  33. >Shino’s thoughts of last night in the apartment of Meno hit back in his mind, the deep moaning his lover had as he tenderly worked his way through his body. Some moans mixed with whimpers had the almost exact sound of Meno’s hiccups.
  34. >Shino started to bit his lips for all those lovely memories, it wouldn’t be good getting a boner in this hour of the day, but hell if it wasn’t hot now how Meno sounded every time he gave a tiny, cute and short hiccups.
  35. >They finally arrived to a lonely part of the lake and Meno took no wait, as he submerged his entire head in an attempt to get his hiccups away.
  36. >Shino waited impatiently as Meno drinks water in… his way. Part of him wanted the hiccups still in his system, as it was starting to turn him on.
  37. >’Damn if only I had hiccups too…’ He though, as he started to dance a bit to ignore his fifth hoof that tried to celebrate the dawn of a new fetish. ‘Y-you stay down… wait for the night… hnnn… it wouldn’t hurt to do it in this part of the lake… nopony is here anyway…’
  38. >Meno emerged and with a few gulps, he looked happily to Shino.
  39. >”Did the water do the trick?” Shino asked, awaiting an answer from Meno.
  40. >Meno just stood there waiting and waiting… after some good seconds, he looked at Shino with a smile.
  41. >”Yes! I think-“ A big hiccups came from his mouth, stopping him mid sentence. “Aaaaaaah! This hi- *hicks* Hiccups! Why doesn’t it go away?”
  42. >Meno looked at Shino waiting for a laugh or something, but he only was looking and starting to sweat slightly.
  43. >”I thought *hicks* that you would laugh or some- *hicks* something. What’s the matter, Shino? Was it for the way I started drinking? I know there is a *hicks* bucket for drinking water in the lake but… *hicks* I was desperate”
  44. >Shino could see that Meno’s hiccups was getting worst each second, but that wasn’t the only problem, for he started thinking ways to take advantage of Meno’s hiccups.
  45. >”M-Maybe I can help you… there is a secret way to cure hiccups, you know?”
  46. >”Oh yeah? Do tell, I would *hicks* do anything to take this hiccups away…”
  47. >At this point, Shino’s big member started showing, which Meno took notice.
  48. >”Well… if water didn’t work… maybe this could?” Shino raised his left hind hoof, showing his big, thick and arousing horsecock for Meno to see. “I’m not gonna lie, your hiccups is so cute that it made me remember of last night and… well, this happened.”
  49. >Meno’s tail started to move around as he looked at the stallion in front of him with the gift of pro-creation under his possession.
  50. >”Well… let’s just… *hicks* get under a tree and hope nopony catch us in the *hicks* act. A quickie wouldn’t hurt.” Meno licked his lips as his horn started glowing. “Besides, I *hicks* kind of wanted the dessert… and *hicks* and I’m getting it with extra cream…”
  51. >Meno was starting to apply magic on his own cock. The two gay lovers quickly walked towards the closest tree of the lake. They looked around for anypony nearby, but most of them were away doing their stuff. This was the perfect opportunity to have a good time outside
  52. >Meno sat on Shino’s lap, looking with lust, love and happiness to his partner, but mostly with love. As the magic of the two ponies started to act in both their horsecocks, they beginning kissing in a slow, tenderly way.
  53. >At the start the kiss was only as tease it only being a single and normal kiss, but Shino as the leader started to attack Meno’s mouth with his own tongue. Shino could only get more aroused as Meno transmitted even more hiccups as they kissed.
  54. >Meno on the other hand started to rub his own cock against Shino’s body, giving it rubs against his belly and slowly approaching to the tip of Shino’s cock. He did a tiny squeeze with his own balls against his lover’s balls.
  55. >Both horses started groaning and moaning, until Meno stopped the kiss in a trail of saliva. Both were starting to breath heavenly, his horns continued emitting magic towards their private parts.
  56. >Meno gave a tiny kiss on Shino’s snout along a hiccup.
  57. >They both looked at each other once again blushing very hard for the lewd situation.
  58. >”Succ?” Shino asked.
  59. >”Succ” Meno answered as he lowered and gave a good look at Shino’s cock, stopping his magic and going for the attack.
  60. >Shino stopped his magic too and looked around once more, just in case anything happens. They were alone and it was the perfect time for a high noon blowjob.
  61. >This wasn’t the first time Meno had seen Shino’s lowers parts, but every time it was arousing. The twitch of the tip, the precum starting to come out, the essence of Shino, the afterglow taste and of course, Shino’s moans… everything was perfect.
  62. >Instead of the tip, Meno gave a tiny lick on the middle ring of Shino’s thick horsecock, making it twitch once more and giving a slightly groan to Shino in reply.
  63. >Shino could feel his heartbeat more different than other moments, maybe the fact that his partner was going to blow him up as he had hiccups was turning him on and on… or maybe he didn’t need to eat too many grass. One or another he was ready for it and was ready to give Meno the most lovely and pleasurable quickie ever.
  64. >Meno went in for the blowjob, starting from below the base and going slowly up… until he decided to stop teasing Shino’s cock and takes the middle of the cock inside his mouth.
  65. >The hiccups wouldn’t stop bothering him even in the act, but that wasn’t stopping him from sucking on the thick, beautiful and glorious horsecock of Shino. Both gay ponies were giving to each other cute moans which were accepted by the air.
  66. >”Hnnn… Meno…”
  67. >Meno in reply could choke and look at the eyes of his lover, as he sucked in intervals, slowly and slowly, then fast… and back to slow pace.
  68. >Shino could feel the tongue, breath and hiccups of Meno as his cock was deep inside his mouth. As for Meno, he tried to move his tongue in the best spots of the cock so he could give Shino a good well deserved blowjob that indeed, he enjoyed.
  69. >Shino could feel that he was starting to get into the climax, anytime now his seed would blast and pierce through Meno’s mouth.
  70. >Meno started to use his hooves to rub Shino’s balls, his left hoof going between the Shino’s butt and balls.
  71. >Shino, excited for the moment, started to use his magic against Meno’s butthole. This surprised Meno, but he didn’t stop on sucking until after some seconds, it was time for Shino to…
  72. >”Ah… Meno… I’m… I’m cummiiiing…” Shino moaned as he bites his lips, feeling almost the release from his crotch.
  73. >Meno did the best he could, as he deepthroated Shino’s dick and felt the warm semen going through his throat.
  74. >He tried his best to not choke and ruin the orgasm moment. As the last drop of semen went down his throat, Meno pulled Shino’s dick out and started to breath.
  75. >Giving a tiny kiss to the tip of Shino, Meno looked happily to his cute lover.
  76. >”Aww, and for me?” He asked and in reply Meno went directly to plan a deep kiss in his mouth, no tongue this time… just a deep, warm and juicy kiss.
  77. >Meno stopped once more the kiss and looked happily at Shino.
  78. >”Well, did it work?” Shino said waiting for a reply.
  79. >Meno opened his mouth, not talking but waiting for another hiccups to emerge.
  80. >…
  81. >Nothing happened.
  82. >”I think it did! Wooo! No hiccups for me!”
  83. >Meno gave a tight hug to Shino as a thank you for solving his problem; he didn’t even complain about Shino’s dick poke his butt or notice that Shino was continuing to use his magic on his anus, trying to continue to the next step.
  84. >But Shino didn’t want to get over the cute moment of his partner in lewd, he wanted to kiss him again, over and over again until he moaned once again as he liked and loved.
  85. >”That’s so good Meno!” Shino celebrated. “Wanna continue as cele- *hicks*”
  86. >Shino stopped talking and put a hoof on his mouth, his magic stopping and his eyes looking wide at Meno.
  87. >Meno in the other hand started to smirk as he sat near Shino’s horsecock.
  88. >”I guess we need to… cure you from the hiccups now, heeh?”
  89. >Shino smiled and started to laugh accompanied with a few hiccups.
  90. >”I love you *hicks* so much, menooo!”
  91. >”But before we start… or should I say.” Meno moved a bit, teasing Shino’s horsecock who started to rise again. “Butt?”
  92. >”Menoooo!” Shino happily said almost in a sing tone.
  93. >”Shinooo~” Meno replied.
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