Bomb form - @crybabyjoon

Mar 7th, 2017
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  1. WHY
  2. username ↝ @crybabyjoon
  3. password ↝ amber
  5. slot ↝ venus
  6. backup ↝ jupiter
  8. full name ↝ Augustus Choi
  9. stage name ↝ August
  10. nicknames ↝ auggy (pronounced aw-gy), gush
  12. birthday ↝ August 4, 1992
  13. age ↝ 24
  15. nationality ↝ korean
  16. ethnicity ↝ korean-american
  18. birthplace ↝ san diego, california
  19. hometown ↝ incheon, south korea
  21. languages ↝ english, korean, spanish
  23. height ↝ 5'10 / 177 cm
  24. weight ↝ 130 lbs / 62 kg
  26. blood type ↝ AB
  28. face claim ↝ s.coups (svt)
  29. backup face claim ↝ jaewon (yg)
  32. personality ↝ though august can be pretty annoying at times due to the fact that he just talks and talks nonstop, and to top it off it's english phrases no one really catches onto sometimes, but he can be a serious person at times. giving off the serious and manyl aura, people expect him to be all serious talk with a hard toned face, but everything goes down the drain once the talking does start. other than him being very talkative, he also makes a lot of jokes and enjoys making other people have a great laugh, though it seems like its always fun and games with august, he's actually someone who watches others and takes action onto that. of course he's told on a daily to shut up or to be more quiet or keep to himself more, but once he smiles or apologizes sweetly, those around him have to fight the urge to squish his cheeks and say "it's alright". august may look like hes all about what's currently in, jokes and games, and being cute only for forgiveness or attention, but he's truly a serious person who tries his best for the group. he isn't someone who likes to joke around when it isn't the time, he knows how to keep his ridiculousness contained, he's someone that would like to devote themselves into what they're working and then chill as they crack some not too funny but cheesy jokes as he dances to the latest trap music that's popular in the states.
  34. background ↝ like every person who actually wants to get somewhere with their talent, august wanted to let his talent show and let others know that he made it when all he received was "the idea is too ridiculous, just study". of course, actually making some money and giving his family everything they wanted was part of the reason onto why he thought becoming a trainee in yg was a good idea, but he also wanted to become part of the industry because he wanted to be some type inspiration to at least someone. may sound cliche, yes, but he couldn't help and get giddy when he thought of someone looking up to him the same way he looked up to his inspiration. august wasn't poor growing up, he was actually very fortunate in that area. he got everything he wanted, even though he had three younger siblings, was always made sure he had everything he needed for school and if his health was the best. the boy just wanted to repay his two hardworking parents and wanted to buy all the toys his baby siblings wanted or devices his teenage sister desired, he just wanted to have a happy family that got everything they rightly deserve. though, not everything was fun and games while the growth of august. he was mainly teased for the fact of having parents of the same gender, because for some reason, his classmates thought it was odd for two men two be in a loving relationship and somehow managed their hands onto four children. he would also, at times, get teased for being adopted and not knowing in the name of the gods who his biological parents were, the poor boy would always come home with a dirty uniform or bloody lip. though, he didn't let any type of sadness consume him whatsoever, smiled through the bruises to make his parents happy, and even back talked a couple a students for various of rights. that being yet another reason he decided to become a trainee under yg entertainment, he wanted to rap about his childhood and how so many people have the wrong idea about love or happiness.
  37. –sour candy
  38. –american snacks
  39. —the number 5
  40. –celebrating (any ocasion tbh)
  41. –visiting foreign places
  42. –trying new things (mostly food)
  43. –dark clothing
  44. –being recognized on his work
  45. –being praised
  46. –really sweet people
  48. dislikes ↝
  49. –dark coffee
  50. –really greasy / physically dirty anything
  51. –ridiculous & ignorant ideas / doings
  52. –too much negative attention on one specific person
  53. –when people are really rude or just a debbie downer
  54. –when he's being ignored
  55. –really clingy people (those he isn't known of)
  56. –when someone shit talks for no reason
  57. –his thighs being touched
  58. –those really ignorant people that do the most stupidest things
  60. trivia ↝
  61. –his stage name is august because it's short for his name and it's his birth month
  62. –he's actually a huge softie, likes pampering people and rather take care than be taken care of
  63. –huge fan of attention from those he truly desires it from
  64. –has a pet cat and named him cinnamon roll!!
  65. –truly believes that #5 is his lucky number
  66. –isn't aggressive at all, even though he gives the aura
  67. –though he rarely lets his "pamper me" attention, he only lets the members and fans see him like that
  68. –has this huge secret crush on every rapper that actually does their best
  69. –hardcore supports the lgbt+ community
  70. –every time he does something and people get mad he blames it on his american side
  71. –"i'm half white, white people are crazy okay?"
  72. –does the most stupid dares like kiss a cactus for three bucks or says hi to a pedestrian like nothing
  73. –doesn't like being at fault for anything
  74. –really sweet guy who is a big fan of romance and forever always will be
  76. hobbies ↝
  77. –likes playing anime games, it being romance where he has to play a female lead or action game, there's no in between
  78. –stalks favorites on twitter or instagram
  79. –posts on whatever social media he has
  80. –likes to sew things
  81. –creative as fuck, draws and paints like a beast
  83. variety twin ↝ jung hoseok / j.hope (extra extra)
  85. talent twin ↝
  86. raps : min yoongi / suga (istg can't come up with anyone other than bts i'm sorry)
  87. dances : mark (got7)
  89. training periods ↝ 5 years
  91. pre-debut activities ↝
  92. –worked as a part time staff at yg as a trainee
  94. idol relations ↝
  95. jamie park (15&), rosé (blackpink), hansol a-tom (toppdogg)
  97. I GOT LOVE
  98. scandals / rumors ↝
  99. –the fact of him being so close with toppdogg member hansol, made people believe that he was gay, making up the rumor of his sexuality. though he denied dating the singer, he never denied being gay
  100. –august was said that he had a fight with other yg trainees because he was mistaken that he was slapping the other male, but he was only acting cutely to earn a payed dinner
  101. –people rumored that he got his stage name from suga from bts, because of august d, making a small war between the two fan bases
  103. fanbase name ↝ saviors (bc after a bomb, u need to be saved??? istg, rachel wth) or survivors (?? I'm trying gia omg)
  105. how do they introduce themselves ↝
  106. "hey babies, it's your favorite daddy, august." *cue the handhearts & winks here* (this is when he's playing around)
  107. "hello, it's one of your favorite rappers, augustus. I love you all." *instert cute smiles & wiggly fingers*
  108. (you can use whichever u like tbh)
  110. fan service ↝
  111. –any type of hearts towards fans, handhearts, fingerhearts, heart with another member etc.
  112. –really cute & sweet hugs / backhugs to the other members as he places his nose on the crook of their neck (can be the male member/s only if you'd like?)
  113. –makes v app videos and tries his best to talk to the viewers that speak the languages he speaks fluently
  114. –makes sure to hold hands when he meets with fans and asks them if they're healthy & doing good
  116. debut song suggestions ↝
  117. –200% ; akmu
  118. –apology ; ikon
  119. –don't recall ; kard (!!!!)
  120. -u ; primary ft kwon jinah & rapmon
  121. –don't flirt ; winner
  122. –love paint ; nuest
  123. –for now ; kwon jinah LOVE sam kim (fav)
  124. –healing ; seventeen
  125. –beautiful ; crush
  126. –stay with me ; changeol & PUNCH
  127. –hush ; lasse lindh (its in english only but omfg so good istg)
  128. –and I'm here ; kim kyunghee (fav)
  130. suggested album names ↝ survive (??i can't :'))
  132. suggested scenes ↝
  133. –the two male members are close to the point where people (fans, those known with them) start to question if they're gay, resulting in both of them acting even more gay than before
  134. –lol, ok, so like the oldest catches the maknae looking at a nude that was sent to her (bc thirsty people) so the oldest decides to give a talk to the youngest, it being awkward asf bc it's about sex and shit
  135. –one of the members accidentally tripping while holding a plate, making the plate fly across to another member. it resulting in a small little kitty fight about how the trippy member did it on purpose and how the mad member only got mad to relieve their stress on the innocent
  137. tv show suggestions ↝
  138. –august would really like to go on WEEKLY IDOL because he thinks the hosts are really funny and seem genuinely awesome
  139. –another show he'd like to go on is AFTER SCHOOL CLUB, mainly because he's close with jamie but also because he speaks english
  140. –HELLO COUSELOR would be a show he'd like to guest in because he's someone that likes to listen to others and help out in any way he can
  142. characters social media accounts ↝
  143. –snapchat ; ughustus
  144. –instagram ; auggy92
  145. –twitter ; auggy92
  146. –kkt ; bbygush
  147. –snow ; daddygushy
  149. did I miss anything out ↝
  150. nope : ) everything's okay!! <3
  152. message to me ↝ i LOVE YOU YOULL DO AMAZING ON THIS I PROMISE YOU. DONT LET ANYTHING BRING YOU DOWN, NO HATERS. just do you, bc u cool asf ♡
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