Feb 19th, 2018
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  1. ☆ RED FLAVOUR ☆
  2. ▪ USERNAME : @yahjoon
  3. ▪ PASSWORD : ddd
  5. ▪ SLOT : GO GO
  10. ▪ NICKNAME(S) :
  11. — "CHU~ let me give you a chu~"... when his
  12. friends would see him, they'd always reach for a
  13. kiss
  14. — "i'm gonna be DABIN into your heart"... made
  15. the nickname for himself, dabs every time and
  16. others follow along
  17. — "ELI ELI ELI"... said ee-lie, his friends say
  18. it in an obnoxious way to bother him or others,
  19. like the seagulls in finding nemo
  20. — "ELIZABETH, how you doing"... many say that if
  21. he was a girl, that'd be his stage name, so they
  22. use it against him when he's soft or sensitive
  24. ▪ BIRTHDAY : FEBRUARY 14, 1995
  33. ▪ LANGUAGES :
  34. — ENGLISH... completely, 100% fluent
  35. — KOREAN... completely, 100% fluent
  37. conversational, 80% fluent
  39. ▪ HEIGHT : 180 CM
  40. ▪ WEIGHT : 52 KG
  41. ▪ BLOOD TYPE : B +
  47. ☆ PEAK A BOO ☆
  48. ▪ PERSONALITY : laying eyes on dabin for the first
  49. time ever, people tend to think he is some sort
  50. of inconsiderate asshole who doesn't do anything
  51. other than shopping and talking crap about other
  52. people. but, that's because people never ever
  53. give it a shot at actually being friends with the
  54. male. yes, he does wear designer clothing,
  55. expensive watches... hell, even his hair was
  56. styled by someone very expensive that morning,
  57. but that doesn't mean he oozes with a bad
  58. personality. dabin actually has a really sweet
  59. and caring personality, and all those people that
  60. actually gave him a shot know that. he won't
  61. treat you like trash, and see himself as the more
  62. superior between him and others, he'll actually
  63. treat you carefully, as if you're a new pair of
  64. sunglasses that his beloved parents just gifted
  65. him for no apparent reason. he's someone that,
  66. and to many peoples surprise, puts others before
  67. him, and would do anything to get on everyone's
  68. good side.... though he doesn't really need to do
  69. much because he's really likeable, people are
  70. just too afraid to even look him directly in the
  71. eye. dabin is the type of person that would
  72. compliment you, even though you probably look
  73. like complete shit and feel the worst you ever
  74. have in your whole life, he won't pick at you and
  75. if you're feeling uncomfortable, he's ready to
  76. have his shoulder out for you to cry on. he's
  77. also extremely observant, I mean how could he
  78. not? if he has a good sense of fashion, how could
  79. he not notice when someone is feeling down or
  80. having a crisis? of course, he won't be pushing
  81. himself into peoples business and have his face
  82. all over theirs.... but if someone is truly going
  83. through something that they need help on, but
  84. won't ask for any, he'll be there and ready to
  85. help in a heartbeat. for example, if someone was
  86. getting bullied, and though he never encountered
  87. the person physically getting pushed around, he
  88. could totally tell they were being bothered
  89. emotionally. dabin would try his best to use his
  90. popularity, that he knows he has but isn't cocky
  91. about it, and help the person out personally. as
  92. if, they needed help and wanted to talk to him
  93. about it, or if the person personally wanted him
  94. to teach the bullies a lesson... he would,
  95. because he's that good and helpful of a person.
  96. dabin could be a serious person and help people
  97. out when the time is right, but he's all about
  98. those weird, yet incredibly funny, dad-like
  99. jokes. oh, and don't forget about memes, those
  100. are his go to when talking to someone through
  101. message. dabin is the type of boy who could talk
  102. to about something serious like the government
  103. and his thoughts about it.... but in an instant
  104. could be talking about his favorite vine and even
  105. acting it out for you. also the type to be across
  106. a room, and when you lay eyes on him, he wiggles
  107. his eyebrows, and then he could send you a dad
  108. joke or even a meme, but it's always the first
  109. option. his jokes go along the like of... "what
  110. are you when you walk into a bathroom??"
  111. "...dabin, don't start.. I don't kno-" "euROPEAN
  112. AHAHAHAHA". but overall, people think that dabin
  113. is some type of asshole who looks as you as a
  114. literal trash can once you lay eyes on him, but
  115. after you get to know him, he's the complete
  116. opposite of what you pictured him to be. he's a
  117. tall weirdo who enjoys memes and dad jokes, and.
  118. has a big heart who is willing to help anyone
  119. out.
  121. ▪ BACKGROUND : dabin was born into a rich family
  122. that owned tons of medical companies and hotels,
  123. in seoul, south korea. though, because his father
  124. was offered to own 1/3 a much more bigger
  125. business, just a much more known and bigger
  126. medical building from the one he already owned in
  127. korea, in beverl hills, California. so, the
  128. family hurriedly moved in less than a week and
  129. made their way to the USA, note that the whole
  130. family didn't know a thing or two about the new
  131. country they were headed to, and knew less about
  132. the language. but, dabin's father always saw
  133. business as a form of money, and he saw money as
  134. a form of way to help his son and possible other
  135. children in the future, for when they needed
  136. it... he wanted his family to lived a lavish and
  137. gold life. though, that resulted in a ton of work
  138. for dabin's father, and the poor child never got
  139. to have genuine father and son time with him, but
  140. he knew it was because his dad wanted him an
  141. amazing life. because of his father either always
  142. at the business or taking businesses trips to
  143. south korea for the other businesses, dabin
  144. always spent time with his mother and they were
  145. both incredibly close. he got everything he
  146. wanted, and possibly even more than he could
  147. take, and was always happy for it. though he was
  148. happy with his mom and knowing that he had her on
  149. his side, he wanted to get to know his father
  150. better, so he decided to go on a business trip
  151. with his dad. at this point, dabin was a high
  152. school graduate and was waiting for universities
  153. acceptance, so he saw this as a chance to meet
  154. his birth town, to get to know the cultural
  155. differences and check everything out.... he
  156. wanted to connect not only with his father, but
  157. with what he is as well. sooner or later, dabin
  158. had figured out that he really enjoyed being in
  159. seoul, so he applied to the universities there,
  160. and decided to live there as a student. of
  161. course, he still lived the lavish life, his
  162. parents accepted the fact that he wanted to be on
  163. his own now, and in his birth country as well.
  164. though, because dabin is incredibly into music,
  165. as much as he's into medicine and how the body
  166. system worked, he had gotten personally involved
  167. into music and made friends with various of
  168. artists that many others would kill for. thanks
  169. to his parents money, he got to be into such a
  170. crowd and gain new friendships and interests. at
  171. this point, dabin knew he wanted to do something
  172. with himself and his talents that no one knew
  173. about him, he threw himself out to the internet,
  174. made several accounts based on music and covers
  175. he would do to gain attention, and he sooner or
  176. later got scouted by JYP, a entertainment company
  177. with artists he was heavily influenced by and saw
  178. as his personal artists. obviously, dabin did
  179. everything he could to get accepted into the
  180. entertainment company, he saw this as a chance to
  181. do what he wanted. to make music and influence
  182. others like how he was influenced. though, he
  183. wasn't sure how his parents would take it. yes,
  184. he was going to university and taking his classes
  185. like every normal uni student, but overnight he
  186. would stay up to make covers and doing his best
  187. to make himself known, even if it was just a
  188. little bit. he did contact his parents once he
  189. was accepted, and though he knew they wanted his
  190. to pursue medicine or business like his father,
  191. they couldn't help but feel glad that their son
  192. was scoring for something he truly wanted to do
  193. for the rest of his life.
  195. ▪ LIKES :
  196. — kermit memes
  197. — diet green tea
  198. — reading books that are based over teens or
  199. young adults like him
  200. — dad jokes that make people cringe
  201. — thin sweaters
  202. — people who actually give him a chance before
  203. judging him
  204. - being helpful in any sort of way
  205. — visiting his friends houses and just being a
  206. big pool of nothing there rather than at his own
  207. place
  208. — knowing that people have his back like he's got
  209. theirs
  210. — drinks that contain boba
  211. — high tops that make him taller, even though
  212. he's already pretty tall
  213. — receiving a huge smile when he compliments
  214. people
  215. — when his parents visit him
  216. — literature and medical situations, because he's
  217. actually pretty good at it
  218. — gudetama merch
  219. — being able to gift others with big brand names,
  220. he can't be the only one looking good
  222. ▪ DISLIKES :
  223. — barbecue flavored sunflower seeds / chips
  224. — dark sodas like coke and/or pepsi
  225. — main character in a novel / movie that happens
  226. to be a huge jackass
  227. — when someone uses his dad jokes without any
  228. recognition of his creativity
  229. — overly ripped jeans
  230. — those that start up rumors about something that
  231. is totally different from what they see
  232. — when his offerings on helping is rejected in a
  233. highly rude way
  234. — when no one wants to hang out with him, if
  235. they're busy or just don't feel like it
  236. — two faced people
  237. — really bitter coffee
  238. — when he's running or walking fast, and his
  239. ankle/s give out on him and ends up looking weird
  240. — people whispering when he shows up in a room
  241. — his parents telling him they won't be able to
  242. see him for a while because of business in USA
  243. — incorrect grammar, it's a huge bother to him
  244. — when people believe he's an idiot, thinking he
  245. isn't as talented in medical like many say
  246. — making small little things cute with keychains
  247. or stickers like his folders or his adventure
  248. backpack
  250. ▪ TRIVIA :
  251. — he likes decorating his backpacks with cute
  252. character keychains like gudetama or kakaotalk
  253. characters
  254. — actually has a book where he writes dad jokes,
  255. keeps them there to remember
  256. — has two younger siblings who he cherishes with
  257. his life, though only sees them through screen
  258. aka video chat
  259. — is a huge animal person, but really likes cats
  260. and always makes sure to feed to neighborhood cat
  261. — though he knows how to drive, he doesn't think
  262. he'll ever willingly do it, the other cars and
  263. having to remember street names worries him
  264. — once had his laptop dead for a whole year
  265. because he didn't know where his charger was, so
  266. he visited his local library daily
  267. — has gained a love for libraries because of his
  268. daily visit
  269. — will either drink coffee or boba, there's no in
  270. between, he can't stay without be drinking either
  271. — really likes hardcover books, the soft cover
  272. ones makes him worried that he'll rip it
  273. — looks like the type that could drink all night,
  274. but he's actually the type to get drunk on two
  275. beers
  276. — really dislikes white bread, heard it makes you
  277. gain weight so now he eat wheat bread only
  278. — eats his peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
  279. with peanut butter only
  280. — doesn't really enjoy games like playstation or
  281. xbox, would prefer to just sit and watch the game
  282. — enjoys covering himself up with thick blankets
  283. — low key likes showing off to people that are
  284. cute in his point of view
  285. — really likes receiving hugs, especially from
  286. people much shorter than him
  288. ▪ HOBBIES :
  289. — watches american television shows, more like
  290. netflix shows, and watched them for a long while
  291. — visiting quiet places like his local library or
  292. coffee shop
  293. — visiting malls or street shops to buy new
  294. clothes or cute keychains or notebooks
  295. — meme shopping online / dad jokes shopping
  297. ▪ VARIETY TWIN : SEVENTEEN's seungkwan
  298. ▪ TALENT TWIN :
  299. — RAPS LIKE... iKON's bobby
  300. — SINGS LIKE... iKON's bobby
  302. ▪ TRAINING PERIOD : 4 years
  304. — had a youtube channel dedicated to making
  305. covers of famous and well known groups / idols
  306. based in korea, also the occasional american
  307. singer / song as well
  308. — his instagram was fairly known while training,
  309. people thought of him as an ulzzang because of
  310. his beautiful visuals and his aesthetic
  313. — DAY6's jae
  314. — fanxy child
  315. — 15& jamie
  316. — BLACKPINK lisa
  318. ☆ BAD BOY ☆
  320. — people believed he was going to drop JYP sooner
  321. or later because he is close friends with FANXY
  322. CHILD which contains idols like zico and dean,
  323. who are much more his style of music
  324. — many BLACKPINK fans were making negative
  325. comments over him, calling him ugly names like
  326. pervert or such because many believed member lisa
  327. and him were dating, though didn't accept it
  328. because of such big age gap
  329. — his instagram followers, which soon became his
  330. fans, believe he is either gay or bisexual
  331. because of how he never presented them any female
  332. friends, and he 'gave the vibe'
  333. — received comments on how he shouldn't be
  334. scoring to become an idol because he already has
  335. a rich life, that others deserve his spot more
  336. than he does
  337. — he was in a scandal in which someone catfishes
  338. another a underage young male, using dabin as his
  339. face and so, and sooner or later he was being
  340. accused of sexually harassing the younger boy,
  341. but it all cleared out since the catfish showed
  342. himself
  343. — another scandal about his sexuality came out,
  344. people believing the male is homosexual because
  345. he kept touching the topic about how same sex
  346. relationships are as equal as opposite sex
  347. relationships
  349. ▪ LOVE INTEREST :
  350. — MAIN...TWICE's jeongyeon
  351. OR DAY6's wonpil
  352. — BACKUP... BLACKPINK's rosé
  353. OR SEVENTEEN's minghao
  355. ▪ HOW DID THEY MEET : because dabin was getting
  356. ready for his debut, he had to be on a diet and
  357. watch what he was eating. this was difficult for
  358. dabin, he doesn't stress eat or anything, but he
  359. likes the idea of being able to eat whatever he'd
  360. like to whenever he wanted to. but because he
  361. WASN'T allowed to eat whatever he wanted whenever
  362. he wanted to, he was somewhat stressed. he
  363. thought about what to eat when he's hungry, or if
  364. he should even eat to begin with. he was pacing
  365. inside and outside the building, he was just
  366. concerned about his eating schedule so he
  367. couldn't help and be stressed about it. and then,
  368. he bumped into someone, and because he's so tall,
  369. he didn't fall but the their party did. "oh! i'm
  370. so sorry! i've been stressed and pacing... i
  371. didn't see you my bad" he said ALL this while
  372. picking the person up and patting their shoulder
  373. and back, cleaning them off. the other party
  374. chuckled and smiled, "no no, it's alright! diets
  375. can be a pretty difficult thing and a pain in the
  376. ass so... just eat a cracker or a nutrition bar,
  377. you'll be okay! it's a fast cheat!" dabin was
  378. really happy he bumped into that person, and ever
  379. since then he's stuck himself into them like glue
  380. or like a lost puppy following his only source of
  381. survival, but they got closer and closer.
  383. ▪ FANBASE NAME :
  384. — PERSONAL... POPO's
  385. — GROUPS... TAMER's
  387. ▪ HOW DO THEY INTRODUCE THEMSELVES : "hey babes, it's your elliot, chu dabin with me? *does a calm dab and stays there for a while*"
  389. ▪ FAN SERVICE :
  390. — V LIVE... he's somewhat known for being active
  391. on v live, or somehow always makes his way into
  392. another members v live if it isn't his. but he
  393. doesn't act like it's a v live or as if TONS of
  394. people are watching him. he'll eat, have
  395. conversations with the fans... he'll even gossip
  396. about the other members like a school girl.
  397. — TWITTER... is part of the active group of
  398. members that post and keep the fans updated the
  399. most, but it's got to do with mostly memes of the
  400. other members, sometimes himself as well, or some
  401. weird weird text post with an odd number of
  402. emojis that don't match together at all. for
  403. example he'll be like "aha y0l0 y'all 😲‼️👏🏻💙🙌🏻
  404. 🐻🌱™️" it's a hot mess, but fans take.
  405. — PERSONAL INSTAGRAM... he has an aesthetic, and
  406. makes sure he keeps it at that, but his
  407. captions??? a HUGE mess like his emoji choices...
  408. he could post a pic about coffee and bread,
  409. fitting the color aesthetic, but the caption??
  410. "sweAts coffee is love coffee is life GUYS ☕️☕️"
  411. — PERSONAL SNOW & SNAPCHAT... heck, you want fan
  412. service?? he ADDS fans back, well, at least at
  413. random pick but he makes sure to choose a good
  414. amount and bless them by watching their stories
  415. and sometimes even commenting on them. for
  416. example, "😲😲😲 omg omg O M G IS THat your
  417. dog???? cute oh my goSh tell him i lOVE HIM WITH
  418. ALL MY HEART 💗💗" or "school can be a drag )):
  422. — NCT U's BOSS... such a bop oh my gosh the vibes
  423. — BTS's SPRING DAY... gives soft vibes and i love
  425. it's cute???
  426. — HENRY's MONSTER... it's an aesthetic and like
  427. idk what member it goes to i just rlly like
  428. — HOLLAND's NEVERLAND... my baby boy SIGH
  429. — HYUNA's LIP AND HIP... tbh every hyuna song
  430. — SAN E's COUNSELOR... sweats, some deep shit
  431. — ZION.T's EAT... makes me extRa soft i love him
  432. — LOONA CHUU's HEART ATTACK... sO cuTe
  433. — RED VELVET ICE CREAM CAKE... or you know, every
  434. rv song because they're that great
  435. — BTS JUNGKOOK's PAPER HEARTS... a cover but
  436. still overall very great
  438. covers, but rEALLY GREAT I LOVE BOTH SO MUCH
  439. — IU's JAM JAM... i love sm ugh
  440. — iKON BOBBY's LOVE AND FALL ALBUM... all the
  441. song there, i recommend lol
  443. nam taehyun vocals only so its kinda a solo type
  444. thing?? but the other members in this band play
  445. instruments so (:
  446. — TRIPLE H's 365 FRESH... a trio lol
  447. — AGUST D's 1ST MIXTAPE ALBUM... agh i love my
  448. baby yoongs
  453. — TAME MY HEART
  454. — GOING CRAZY 4 U
  455. — GET WILD
  456. — LET'S BE CALM
  459. — this is if you choose a male love interest,
  460. dabin has never ever had a problem with being who
  461. he is and being bisexual, though because of the
  462. business he's in, he gets blackmailed by a crazed
  463. fan to go on a date with him. a boy at that too,
  464. though because dabin doesn't want to ruin his
  465. members goals or the companies reputation, he
  466. agrees and goes on various of dates with the boy,
  467. can be whoever you want tbh, and does whatever
  468. he's asked... as long as its sane and alright to
  469. do so. it can end whichever way you want. OPTION
  470. A, he disses the date midway and comes out sooner
  471. or later, before the other male has the chance to
  472. do something and everything's fine. or OPTION B,
  473. dabin disagrees to do whatever the other male
  474. asks him to do, not sure if he can even have a
  475. love interest, and his sexuality is put out there
  476. because of the male. or OPTION C, he does
  477. whatever the other male asks, but he let out the
  478. information anyways, and gossips and shows
  479. everyone online how good of a 'couple' they are.
  480. making fans think they're a couple, when
  481. obviously they're not.
  482. — dabin is being bothered and teased, in a nice
  483. way not bully type, by another company mate, and
  484. people ship them together and even go as far as
  485. making them a ship name. fans that are based in
  486. korea have heard the ship name, for example fans
  487. that seen them irl or such, have even started
  488. going along and using the ship name as well.
  489. — he had, or another member? dabin dOnt start
  490. fights, started an arguement about something soft
  491. like what's better?? waffles or pancakes?? and
  492. soon it became deep and they started talking much
  493. more heatedly, about whatever you want the topic
  494. to be lol idc, their face very very close. and
  495. HANDS were put on dabin, but because he's the
  496. type that would rather injure himself than
  497. someone he cares about, he threw his laptop that
  498. his parents bought him through a window and
  499. completely regretted it soon after. "agh we aRE
  501. HANDS ON ME." looks for something to throw, sees
  508. — KNOWING BROTHERS... he truly wants to meet all
  509. of the brothers, and even wants to see whose the
  510. tallest between him and the oddly tall one of the
  511. group of men. he thinks they're all really high
  512. spirited and really enjoys people like that
  513. — WEEKLY IDOL... ik it's not gonna have the same
  514. MCs but,,, dabin really likes the way the MCs
  515. tease everyone, and he somehow really wants to be
  516. teased?
  517. — HELLO COUNSELOR... it's not really a show where
  518. he's there's to entertain, but he really enjoys
  519. talking and helping out other people, so he'd
  520. like to participate in an episode and just, help
  521. those that are in need and try to make a
  522. difference to those that are in the wrong
  525. — PERSONAL SNOW & SNAPCHAT... @ellithot
  526. — PERSONAL INSTAGRAM... @dabing
  527. — PERSONAL TWITTER... @elliyuck
  529. ▪ DID I MISS ANYTHING OUT : you didn't miss
  530. anything!! hopefully i diff miss anything out
  531. either! pls hmu if i did though lol (:
  533. ▪ MESSAGE TO ME : hello gia (: it's taken me
  534. forever to type and finish this out lol srry <3
  535. buT my laptop is comepltely deAd and i lost my
  536. charger so i had to go to the library by my
  537. house... but!! I'm here (: and hopefully you're
  538. okay with the fact that i put female and male
  539. love interests?? i wasn't sure it was okay for me
  540. to make him gay, or bisexual even, so reason onto
  541. why i added male and female. either is fine with
  542. me, i put the love interests i wanted the most,
  543. so anything is fine with me lol. and if the third
  544. half is horrible, from fan base name and so on,
  545. pls not that I was doing it halfway asleep at 12
  546. am lol. pls tell me if i made any mistake or if
  547. you'd like anything to be changed (: ily gia <3
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