When I'm Codin' Jpegs

ewe2 Mar 12th, 2016 9 Never
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  1. Parody of the Formby classic When I'm Cleanin' Windows
  3. Now I go codin' jpegs to earn an honest bob
  4. For a lazy bastard it's an interestin' job
  6. Now it's a job that just suits me
  7. A jpeg coder you would be
  8. If you can see what I can see
  9. When I'm codin' jpegs
  11. Honeymoonin' fanboys too
  12. You should see them bill 'n coo
  13. You'd be surprised at things they do
  14. When I'm codin' jpegs
  16. In my profession I'll work hard
  17. But I'll never stop
  18. I'll code this blinkin' jpeg
  19. Till I get right to the top
  21. The money splash it looks divine
  22. The ceo is doin' fine
  23. I'd rather have his job than mine
  24. When I'm codin' jpegs
  26. The graphics engine, names I call
  27. It's a wonder it don't fall
  28. It shouldn't have been used at all
  29. When I'm codin' jpegs
  31. I know a fella, such a swell
  32. He has a hunger plain to tell
  33. I've seen him eat the desk as well
  34. When I'm codin' jpegs
  36. In my profession I'll work hard
  37. But I'll never stop
  38. I'll code this blinkin' jpeg
  39. Till I get right to the top
  41. The list of claims is getting wide
  42. Massive porkys I have spied
  43. I'm pretty sure they'll go inside
  44. When I'm codin' jpegs
  46. uke 2nd part instrumental RETURN OF THE DEATH KAZOO
  49. Now there's a famous timeline queen
  50. Well she's the best you've ever seen
  51. More 2020 than 16
  52. When I'm codin' jpegs
  54. She munches timtams quick behind
  55. The swell gets doughnuts on his mind
  56. I wish that I were going blind
  57. When I'm codin' jpegs
  59. In my profession I'll work hard
  60. But I'll never stop
  61. I'll code this blinkin' jpeg
  62. Till I get right to the top
  64. The old guy pacing round the floor
  65. He's so fed up, one day I'm sure
  66. He'll drag them in and lock the door
  67. When I'm codin' jpegs
  69. scat- verse
  70. When I'm codin' jpegs
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