Dr. Brights Plugin Info

Apr 18th, 2022 (edited)
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  1. - There is a chance Serpent's Hand will spawn instead of Chaos Insurgency or MTF. This is a force that helps SCPs. Due to this, Chaos Insurgency do not win with SCPs.
  2. - SCP-914 will upgrade items in your hand, you don't need to drop them.
  3. - All D-Class are given a coin that can be upgraded in SCP-914 on Fine for a random item.
  4. - SCP-079 has extra abilities. For more information type .079 in the console to see the full list of commands.
  5. - SCP-079 will be turned into a random SCP and given half health when all other SCP's die
  6. - This server has revised win conditions.
  7. - Be careful what you pick up, items could be SCP-035 in disguise.
  8. - Keep a flashlight on hand, SCP-575 may plunge the facility into darkness randomly.
  9. - Every MTF spawn has a chance to contain a Chaos Insurgency Spy (CISpy). This spy is tasked with staying undercover and trying to kill as many MTF as possible.
  10. - SCP-106 can stalk random players, keep an eye below you for his portal.
  11. - SCP-939-89 is smaller and faster.
  12. - SCP-939-53 has a rage mechanic. The more damage he takes, the more damage he deals.
  13. - SCP-966 is an invisible zombie that can only be seen by flashlights but is revealed if he is the last SCP standing.
  14. - Some classes spawn with special abilities.
  15. - The nuke will automatically go off after every 15 minutes, this cannot be turned off so be careful.
  16. - Friendly fire enables at the end of the round.
  18. Updated: 5/7/2022
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