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  1. it is bad to work people w an ltg like character
  3. - communication
  4. - someone has an idea and translates this into words
  5.     - someone hears those words and then reconstructs the idea in their mind
  6.     - speaker has a concept of what they want the final idea to look like so they attempt to choose words where they think theyll get the desired result
  7.     - different listeners construct ideas from the information in different ways
  8.         - the same delivery vehicle can result in widely different constructions from different observers
  9. - simultaneously as the speaker and listener interact both build a construction of how they perceive the other person in their minds
  10. - people generally behave as if their constructions of the character of others is representative of the actual character of those people
  11. - the full picture of either party is hidden from both and these constructions are not complete
  12. - this isnt just limited to a speaker/listener type of scenario but all kinds of interactions with people
  13. - sometimes if you spend more time with people or are able to perceive them through other means, it results in your construction of them updating, it might be more accurate this time!
  14. - but you encounter a lot of people throughout a lifetime, often only once for a very short amount of time
  15.     - constructions are built instinctively and quickly discarded later in time
  16.     - eg someone cuts you off in traffic -> you think 'dang what an asshole'
  17.         - your construction of them is that they are an asshole (depends on how the individual experiencing the event constructs these things, some people might give them more slack)
  18.         - this isnt necessarily 1:1 with how they typically behave
  19.             - maybe by chance you run into the same person later on and surprise they actually arent as much of an asshole as your construction made them out to be
  20. - updating the constructions of others can be experienced as a good thing but can also be associated with pain/discomfort
  21.     - eg maybe you discover that a life long partner has been cheating on you for several years
  22.         - not only is your construction of the other party updated but also your construction of yourself too 'how did i not notice this all this time'
  24. how does this relate to this scenario??
  26. - if you intend to exist within a community and intentionally antagonise people and perform actions that you believe will make people think you arent very good at video games
  27. - and then surprise i actually am ok at video games and im not actually a dick i swear
  28.     - peoples constructions will be updated but one of the new bits of information is that this person intentionally was deceiving us
  29.         - people will still probably be upset with your actions and it is not guaranteed that a 'turn' would work out favorably (id argue that its more likely to end up going poorly)
  30. - having others construct unfavorable interpretations of you isnt necessarily bad (infact its almost entirely unavoidable)
  31.     - but if you intend to spend a lot of time in a community why would you want to intentionally sour the relationships with others that youll prob spend some amount of time with going forward for the sake of art
  32.         - its not impossible to rebound from this but i personally dont really think theres much of an upside here that would make this warranted
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