Mirror's Edge 100% guide for speedruns

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  1. Mirror's Edge 100% Bag Guide (For Scrubs) (For speedrunners)
  3. Prologue-
  4. 1.Seriously?
  5. 2.After going up stairs go left instead of going right (outside)
  6. 3.Under the walkway where the police officer is is on top.
  8. Chapter 1-
  9. 1.At the beginning on top of the building on the left, before you jump over the gap.
  10. 2.After where the slide pad is, continue and jump across the building instead of going up the blue stairs.
  11. 3.By the final Kick-Glitch on the left, over a fence, between the vents.
  13. Chapter 2-
  14. 1.In the canals on the left hand side before the second turn, behind the stone pillars.
  15. 2.In the storm drains at the very top where the snipers are on the far side.
  16. 3.After coming out of the storm drains on the left behind the orange shipping container by the forklift.
  18. Chapter 3-
  19. 1.After falling from the vent before going through the tight wall.
  20. 2.Before the door after the where the guards come out of the helicopter on the left.
  21. 3.On the crane right before the end of the level.
  23. Chapter 4-
  24. 1.At the start, next to the billboard skip on the left.
  25. 2.After you are on top of the falling elevator, where the guard opens the elevator door.
  26. 3.After blue wall on the left. You need to climb up to get to it.
  28. Chapter 5-
  29. 1.After pole Kick Glitch, in between the vents over the barbed wire fence.
  30. 2.After the zipline on the tall vent on the left.
  31. 3.On top of the truck when you fall out of the vent.
  33. Chapter 6-
  34. 1.At the beginning, go past the ziplines.
  35. 2.After the room where you have guards shooting at you, inside a shelf, before factory and steam room.
  36. 3.In factory at the far right side, past the forklift.
  38. Chapter 7-
  39. 1.At the start by the forklift, before getting in the truck, on the right side of the building.
  40. 2.Don't do death abuse, continue normal and its in the area where you are on top of the vents.
  41. 3.When you first get on top of the boat, go to the right, inside a small room.
  43. Chapter 8-
  44. 1.Before the first elevator by some white boxes
  45. 2.In atrium, at the start, go to the left. (semml skip)
  46. 3.In the vents before sniping the truck.
  47. Rat- Shoot the middle circle after shooting the truck.
  49. Chapter 9-
  50. 1.Where you turn the valve to blow up the door up top.
  51. 2.After the cut scene and before beverage lift. on the right hand side. (use chair springboard)
  52. 3.In the vents before sniper area.
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