MG Christmas Terza Rima

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  1. Once over yonder, was a man simply named Sam.
  2. He sat on a throne, decked in white, gold, and red.
  3. All he knew was nothing was going to plan.
  5. He never knew playing Santa was something to dread
  6. To be beset on all sides by children and beast.
  7. Beastly women who only wanted to take him to bed.
  9. Upon his crotch, these ladies eyes would Feast
  10. Especially the demon princess with hair of white.
  11. If this was to keep up, he would need a Priest.
  13. Except one winged lady was pissed just a mite.
  14. His angelic assistant, a Lady Hannah of Frey.
  15. Who was  at this point asking for a fight.
  17. "Please wait til our break," Sam thought, "At the Least!"
  18. The tension was rising, right there in his sight.
  19. And with a lick of demon lips, the fight was unleashed.
  21. And just like that his heart felt made of lead.
  22. This day was for children, not girls looking for a piece.
  23. So he decided it was time to make treads.
  25. While all watched the fight, He reached for his bag.
  26. And flung out the presents the children had scored.
  27. And as the fighters turned, he dissapeared with a bam.
  29. And over the din, all that could be heard
  30. Was a "Mom, next year I'm working with dad.  So stop making this rhyme."
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