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A game of chess

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  1. {[white]"It seems you know the game. Have you played much?"}
  2. 1. e4
  3. {[black] You see what he did there. The King's Gambit, kinda ironic. If he only knew...
  4. "Oh yes, I had plenty of time for it."
  5. Now, you know many methods of how you could deflect it. Many variants to just reject the gambit and play it safe.
  6. But... you've never been one to play it safe.}
  7. e5
  8. {[white] So he decides to meet your gambit. But thats only the first part. True the move is a risk, similar to the situation you've put yourself in.
  9. It wont stop you though. Your life has been defined by well placed risks.
  10. "Glad to hear it. Its been quite a while since I've had a challenge."}
  11. 2. f4
  12. {[black] Grin. "I hope I can live up to these expectations."}
  13. d5
  14. {[white] So, the gambit rejected. Well, not entirely, you suppose. Double gambit.
  15. [white] "You've exceeded expectations so far, I must say."}
  16. 3. d3
  17. {[black] Aw yes, that good, good ego stroking.}
  18. Bb4+
  19. {[white] "Daring in all things, I see."
  20. You're not in a favorable spot right now. Playing defense so early.
  21. Though you wouldnt say your gambit was entirely unsuccessful.}
  22. 4.c3
  23. {[black] You play hard and aggressive. But never rash and careless. He better learns that quick.}
  24. a5
  25. {[white] Aggressive indeed. But you've got your own way of playing. Ruthless.}
  26. 5.cxb4
  27. {[black] You're more than familiar with being ruthless.}
  28. axb4 6.Nf3 Nf6
  29. 7.fxe5
  30. {[white] A late finish to his mirror gambit, but you think its appropriate. Though the mid game stalemate was quite interesting.
  31. [black] Isn't that curious. Not the move you expected the most, but one that makes sense.}
  32. Nxe4
  33. {[white] Its your tendency to sacrifice the weaker pieces for a better positioning on the board. And he is eating it up. They always do.
  34. Despite the prizes youre capturing, youre still on defense. It leaves a sour taste in your mouth.}
  35. 8. dxe4
  36. {[black] Now that was a move you expected. Sure, sacrificing a good piece stings, but a piece is still a piece.
  37. After all, it doesn't take more than a pawn to capture a king.
  38. As long as your foray remains as strong as your defense line, it's a noble matyrdom.}
  39. dxe4
  40. {[white] You lean your head on your hand, glancing up at him. Its not the move you wanted to make.
  41. But who could have forseen he would tempt you into a double queen murder suicide.
  42. Not today, sir.}
  43. 9. Qa4+
  44. {[black] A chance to take the enemy queen? Tempting, but not at this cost. Not when there were so many better options.}
  45. Rxa4
  46. {[white] "Hoh." You cant help a small sound of surprise. In your haste, you hadnt noticed the danger right in front of you.
  47. And so your queen is taken. Damn him, that was a good move.}
  48. 10.Bg5
  49. {[black] You've been grinning at him, and that only gets wider after his reaction.
  50. Speaking of hasty moves, the euphoria of the victory almost makes you reckless. Your hand already moved to your queen to take his bishop when you notice the trap. Not today, Satan.}
  51. f6
  52. {[white] So he saw through you. Good. It would be far too easy otherwise.
  53. So you try again, this time being far more careful about your placement. All you need to do is clear the way for that pawn.
  54. After all, even a pawn can become a king. Or well, queen, in this case.}
  55. 11. Bb5+
  56. {[black] The second time he went for a check like this. He can't possibly expect it to work out this time.
  57. He has you on the defense for a while now, but you've been clearing his pieces plenty enough.
  58. So as long as you can keep your assets safe, he can't make you nervous.}
  59. c6
  60. {[white] With your queen gone, you're a bit anxious to finish this. Not that you let it show. You dont like how out in the open your king is.}
  61. 12. Bxa4
  62. {Wuss. -Take the damn pawn.- But no, this is fine. Gives you a chance to strengthen your defenses.
  63. You don't like how open and vulnerable you, I mean, your king is either. Time to change that.}
  64. O-O
  65. {Daddy's home.
  66. [white] A smart move. Keep the king safe, keep the game in his hands. You had considered doing the same thing. And yet...}
  67. 13. Bb3+
  68. {[white] Its in your nature to forge ahead. Always look for more. Better. Further. As far as you can get, safely, from a distance.
  69. [black] And there he was again, that motherfucker. Now, this was a tricky position to defend from, one option worse than the other.
  70. Sacrifice your bishop, he takes it and is still in check.
  71. Sacrifice your rook, he takes it, the king loses his defense and has to make a move.
  72. Sacrifice your queen for your own safety... an unbearable tragedy.}
  73. Rf7
  74. {[white] You finally have the offensive, and you are not going to give it away. Let him sweat that position in the corner. You'll use your king.
  75. For something a little more devious.}
  76. 14. Nbd2
  77. {[black] He didn't go through with his ploy. Fine with you.
  78. You could move your pawn foward and out of danger.  But for what gain? To eventually feed him to the king?
  79. Ooor you could prepare an attack.}
  80. Qd3
  81. {[white]Hmph. You'd almost celebrated early, seeing his queen on the move. Stopping short of your trap, how rude.}
  82. 15. e6
  83. {[white] A simple move. Inelegant, but it will serve your purposes. You want to see if he has any plans, or if i[ts all just talk.
  84. [black] Ahh, his pawn is on the move. You can see what he's trying. What you don't know is how much of a threat you should consider that.
  85. You could end it now and avoid all risks. A queen on your side would be dangerous, so close towards the king.
  86. But if that's his goal... There's still a few barricades left standing.
  87. Meanwhile, your queen has very little wriggle room without setting herself up to be captured. However, another one can move just fine.}
  88. exf3
  89. {[white]Youre home free. He should have taken the pawn when he had the chance. Now its too late.
  90. Let him have your pieces. He may even get a faux queen of his own, for a turn.
  91. If youve planned this right, the game will be over in one turn.}
  92. 16. e7
  93. {[black] It is not too late. Dangerous, sure. But you've always liked playing with fire.}
  94. g6
  95. {[white]Very clever. Prolonging the inevitable, perhaps, but clever nontheless.}
  96. 17.e8=Q+
  97. {[black] You're stalling, you're aware. Bleh, what a waste of time, should have taken the pawn when you could.
  98. But sometimes, just sometimes a tactical retreat can work too.}
  99. Kg7
  100. {[white]Thats what happens to unchecked pawns. They get greedy. Powerful. You like him, sure. But this is your game.}
  101. 18.Qg8+
  102. {[black] Is it though? Anyway, you had enough of pawns that think they're more than that.
  103. Time to end this little game within your own court and go back to the actual battlefield. }
  104. Kxg8
  105. {[white]Oh shit. Uh. You mean. Something clever. Damn. He got you good. You got ahead of yourself. Again.
  106. Thats what you get for underestimating the king.}
  107. 19.Rc1
  108. {[black] Witness the king, judge and executioner. You don't even need to luck up to feel his surprise. Didn't work out like you hoped, huh?
  109. "I guess all bets are off."
  110. You say that, but honestly, you're in the better position now. Your king still strongly guarded, and his so very in the open...}
  111. f2+
  112. {[white]"Hmph. Not yet." Not if you have anything to say about it. You wont give up so easily.}
  113. 20.Kxf2
  114. {[black] You stare at the board for a good few minutes, going through your options.
  115. The queen alone will not be able to win this. She'll need reinforcements.}
  116. Bg4
  117. {[white] Youve been playing far too fast and loose. Perhaps youd thought you could finish it quickly. But you see now its going to take more.}
  118. 21. Rc5
  119. {[black] He's an idiot if he ever assumed something else.}
  120. Qxd2
  121. {[white]Though youre keeping a fairly cool exterior, your mind is raking itself. Looking for the best way to proceed. Safely, but always forward. And there it is. Finally, some payback. Worth it? Considering youve lost two to his one, maybe not. But it feels good.}
  122. 22.Bxd2
  123. {[black] Ah, for once, you have been uncareful. Have you not considered that one? You probably have and forgot about it. Damn it.}
  124. Na6
  125. {[white] You're advancing. You have a bit of a lead now, some breathing room without his queen staring you down.}
  126. 23. Bh6
  127. {[black] That bishop is no danger to your king. Anything else may be. Time to clean up the field.}
  128. Nxc5
  129. {[white] Carefully. Slowly. Think it through. Your king will survive, you just need to advance.}
  130. 24. Bc4
  131. {[black] Hmpf. Look at him, inching forward. And yet you can do little else. All your pieces need to hold the line to keep that wretched bishop out.
  132. Only one you can allow to move, and you could use it to stall. Or to lure him into action.}
  133. Be6
  134. {[white]Finally on the run. Had he moved a piece back before now? You werent paying enough attention before. But now...now its on. Oh its so very on}
  135. 25. Re1
  136. {[black] On the run, HAH. Oh, if he had said that out loud, you would have actually laughed. No, you just needed to position yourself.}
  137. Bxc4
  138. {[white] Another misstep. Youre cutting it too close. You have to finish this before its too late.}
  139. 26. Re8+
  140. {[black]Ah. Well fuck. Now it's on. You let a growl slip. Don't like that at all. There may still be a chance, but...}
  141. Rf8 27. Rxf8#
  142. {[white] You've done it. It was harrowing till the end. But you did it. "Well now."
  143. "Good game, old sport."
  144. [black] This is the move that breaks your neck. You lean back, knuckles crackling, but a satisfied grin on your face. "Respect. Been a while since I had a game like that."}
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