Cuphead Speedrunning Tutorial Links and Info

Dec 14th, 2018
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  1. This is a place for links referenced in the tutorial I (Grondious) will be doing on 12-17-18 for Cuphead - All Bosses - Regular speedruns using the lobber/spread route.
  3. The Beginner/Intermediate Tutorial can be found here -
  4. YouTube Export of the Tutorial -
  5. Livesplit (Timer used for runs)-
  6. The splits for the category -
  7. Cuphead Speedrunning Discord -
  8. Cuphead Offical Leaderboards -
  9. Best Times achieved in all bosses category -
  10. Debug Mod -
  11. DPS Chart for weapons -
  13. Here are 2 optional button layouts, one that I use and one SBDWolf uses. These layouts allow for a higher consistency at an advanced technique called Luigi swaps that saves 15-20 seconds throughout the speedrun. If you plan on running the game very seriously these could be good to start off with so you get used to them but if not just use what you are comfortable with and either way feel free to experiment.
  15. My Button Layout for Xbox One Controller:
  16. Movement: Analog Stick
  17. Jump: A
  18. Shoot: X
  19. Ex Shoot: Y
  20. Switch Weapon: Left Bumper
  21. Lock: Right Bumper
  22. Dash: B
  24. I use the keyboard for plane levels with these keybindings:
  25. Movement: Arrow Keys
  26. Jump: A
  27. Shoot: Spacebar
  28. Ex Shoot: D
  29. Switch Weapon: S
  30. Lock: C
  31. Dash: Left Shift
  32. Those are probably not great keybindings for regular play but work great for me on the plane levels specifically for the Luigi swaps I mentioned earlier.
  34. SBDWolf's button Layout for Xbox One Controller:
  35. Movement: D-Pad
  36. Jump: Right Bumper
  37. Shoot: Left Trigger
  38. Ex Shoot: A
  39. Switch Weapon: X
  40. Lock: Left Bumper
  41. Dash: Y
  43. The Advanced Tutorial can be found here -
  44. Playlist of my current best fights in the category - (WIP)
  45. SBDWolf's 1:02 Hilda -
  46. Jason's clean 32 Forest Follies -
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