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  1. [22:07:14] Grayson Tudor says: Alright, gather around everybody.
  2. [22:07:23] Daniel Crowe says: Goran. That's serge's chair.
  3. [22:08:05] Grayson Tudor says: Alright, so this is a first for us, the whole family, save for a few of the brothers and sisters who can't be here.
  4. [22:08:18] Grayson Tudor says: Want to start out by pointing out that our brotherhood has grown and changed today.
  5. [22:08:33] Grayson Tudor says: Daniel Crowe has taken up the Vice President's position.
  6. [22:08:37] * Grayson Tudor claps a few times.
  7. [22:08:51] * Goran Baranov joins in the claps and reaches out to give Dan's shoulder a shake.
  8. [22:08:55] * Thomas Gaglione claps while he smiles towards Daniel.
  9. [22:08:57] Daniel Crowe says [low]: It's not ness-...
  10. [22:08:59] * Stephen Hodgetts joins in  the clapping.
  11. [22:09:07] Grayson Tudor says: Alright, alright, enough of that.
  12. [22:09:18] Grayson Tudor says: Zachariah cash is holding down he sarge post now.
  13. [22:09:38] Grayson Tudor says: Stephen Hodgetts..- Yeah, it sounds weird calling him that, right? He's our new enforcer.
  14. [22:10:09] Zachariah Cash says: Fuckers.
  15. [22:10:11] * Goran Baranov claps, once he notes Zach looking.
  16. [22:10:15] Grayson Tudor says: Thomas Gaglione has joined the party as a full patched member of the Sinful Kings.
  17. [22:10:45] Grayson Tudor says: Goran Baranov..- Am I saying that right? He's our latest prospect.
  18. [22:11:05] Bjorn Balgruuf says: Sorry im late.
  19. [22:11:28] Grayson Tudor says: Robert Walker is gonna' be getting his patch in the next few days too, a full brother, like Tommy.
  20. [22:11:52] Grayson Tudor says: That's the announcements. Real proud of you all boys.
  21. [22:12:00] Grayson Tudor says: Got a couple of things to say now.
  22. [22:12:46] Grayson Tudor says: Ya'll are all our family, you are a part of the beating heart of our club, each one of you. I love each and every one of you, and I want you all to know that you always have a sanctuary in the storm here, with us.
  23. [22:13:20] Zachariah Cash says: Love you brother.
  24. [22:13:32] Goran Baranov says: Long live the Kings.
  25. [22:13:55] * Goran Baranov taps his palm on the table, in a 'hear hear' reaction to Gray's words.
  26. [22:14:11] Grayson Tudor says: Alright, going to be passing the speaking to my boy Zach now, sarge, hit it.
  27. [22:14:46] Zachariah Cash says: Alright. So, it won't have escaped anyone's attention that we've been hit in a tornado of shit lately.
  28. [22:15:00] Zachariah Cash says: It's quiet now, but this is literally the eye of the shitstorm, you feel?
  29. [22:15:47] Zachariah Cash says: Times get hard and it becomes more important that we all - every single one of us - start to pay attention and adhere to the tenets of the MC.
  30. [22:16:34] Zachariah Cash says: Gonna be working with everyone for the coming weeks to make sure they know their place in the grand scheme, but I wanna make things clear now too.
  31. [22:17:09] Zachariah Cash says: Present company accepted, Talia not included either, women have been nothing but fucking trouble for us lately. Now, that ain't their fault, it's ours.
  32. [22:17:44] Zachariah Cash says: Getting twisted up, chewed out, pissed all over ain't what we're about. Now, I'm imposing a new rule.
  33. [22:18:10] Zachariah Cash says: If you under the protection of the MC, that's one thing. Any woman you introduce though, if she ain't wearing a property patch, she ain't family.
  34. [22:18:42] Zachariah Cash says: That means we ain't dropping everything at a moment's notice to chase off after the latest douchbag whose put hands on her. We don't need the heat. You wanna do that, be my guest, but it won't become MC business anymore.
  35. [22:19:20] Zachariah Cash says: Speaking of chasing; look at us.
  36. [22:19:35] Zachariah Cash says: We are a fucking machine. Since when do we ride out when people wanna throw down.
  37. [22:19:42] Zachariah Cash says: They can start to come to us.
  38. [22:20:47] Zachariah Cash says: Anyone got any questions?
  39. [22:21:10] Goran Baranov says: What constitutes someone having protection from the MC?
  40. [22:21:28] Zachariah Cash says: President's decree.
  41. [22:22:03] Zachariah Cash says: Ain't no one else extending anything of the sort to anyone without the King's command.
  42. [22:22:07] Grayson Tudor says: Every person in this room not wearing my patch has my protection and is family.
  43. [22:23:16] Zachariah Cash says: At the end of the day, this is a family. Each and every one of us'd die for the other if we had to, no issue but even family has to respect the others. In times like this, where cops are pushing on us, our stocks are low-
  44. [22:23:46] Zachariah Cash says: We gotta really start to pull together. Build up. Get better. Fuck, start being discreet.
  45. [22:24:03] Grayson Tudor says: No more drama bullshit.
  46. [22:24:24] Daniel Crowe says: I suggest going full gay MC. No women, no drama.
  47. [22:24:38] * Grayson Tudor cackles loudly.
  48. [22:24:40] Bjorn Balgruuf says: I won't say im in, i don't want any more roast.
  49. [22:24:41] * Daniel Crowe chuckles briefly.
  50. [22:24:42] Goran Baranov says: Unsurprising from you, Dan.
  51. [22:24:45] Zachariah Cash says: I ain't gonna lie; I'm gonna come down like a ton of bricks on anyone fucking around and causing us more trouble than we need-
  52. [22:24:55] * Zachariah Cash snorts down his nostrils into a chuckle.
  53. [22:25:25] Daniel Crowe says [low]: Sorry.
  54. [22:25:57] Zachariah Cash says: Now, I'm gonna be putting pen to paper and writing up the tenets in the coming days and I'm gonna send each and every one a copy so there won't be anymore 'I didnt know' bullshit. Anyone stepping outside of that is gonna wish they hadn't.
  55. [22:26:03] * Daniel Crowe coughs and leans forward, resting his elbows on the table.
  56. [22:26:30] Zachariah Cash says: But saying that, proud to stand among you all. Real proud.
  57. [22:26:54] Zachariah Cash says: Questions?
  58. [22:27:06] * Grayson Tudor slams the gavel down on the table so that everything Zach said is now canon law.
  59. [22:27:56] Zachariah Cash says: That was all I wanted to say. Anyone else got a little monologue to throw at us?
  60. [22:27:59] Zachariah Cash says: Now's the time.
  61. [22:28:46] Daniel Crowe says: No, not really. I think you covered it all.
  62. [22:28:54] Grayson Tudor says: Well said sarge.
  63. [22:29:08] Zachariah Cash says: Cool.
  64. [22:29:20] Grayson Tudor says: Tigger.
  65. [22:29:34] Bjorn Balgruuf says: Yes, Gray?
  66. [22:29:41] * Daniel Crowe drums his fingers on the table and pushes himself up.
  67. [22:29:51] Grayson Tudor says: We want to see more of you. Been thinking real hard about that kutte of yours.
  68. [22:30:08] Grayson Tudor says: Wouldn't mind seeing my colours on it. Be here and prove to us that you deserve it.
  69. [22:30:46] Bjorn Balgruuf says: Of course, brother.
  70. [22:31:09] Grayson Tudor says: Good shit.
  71. [22:31:42] Grayson Tudor says: Time to drink.
  72. [22:31:51] Grayson Tudor says: Prospects, get the beers flowing.
  73. [22:31:54] Zachariah Cash says: I'm fucking parched.
  74. [22:31:55] Daniel Crowe says: Yas!
  75. [22:32:11] * Zachariah Cash leans over the table and snatches up his cell phone, turning off the recording software.
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