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  1. The Days of the Phoenix AFI
  2. Affliction      AFI
  3. Endlessly, She Said     AFI
  4. The Interview   AFI
  5. Kill Caustic    AFI
  6. The Killing Light       AFI
  7. Kiss And Control        AFI
  8. Love Like Winter        AFI
  9. Miss Murder     AFI
  10. The Missing Frame       AFI
  11. Prelude 12/21   AFI
  12. Summer Shudder  AFI
  13. (unlisted)      AFI
  14. 37mm    AFI
  15. Take Over Control       Afrojack
  16. Because I Got High      Afroman
  17. Time To Waste   Alkaline Trio
  18. Hating Every Minute     Alkaline Trio
  19. Warbrain        Alkaline Trio
  20. Kill The Rich   Anti-Flag
  21. You've Got To Die For The Government    Anti-Flag
  22. Press Corpse    Anti-Flag
  23. Project for a New American Century      Anti-Flag
  24. This Is The End (For You My Friend)     Anti-Flag
  25. School of Assassins     Anti-Flag
  26. E-Pro   Beck
  27. Loser   Beck
  28. The Internationale      Billy Bragg
  29. There Is Power In A Union       Billy Bragg
  30. Price of Oil    Billy Bragg
  31. Waiting For The Great Leap Forward      Billy Bragg
  32. Jammin  Bob Marley
  33. Buffalo Soldier Bob Marley
  34. Three Little Birds      Bob Marley
  35. It's My Life    Bon Jovi
  36. Let's Get Lost  Chet Baker
  37. Viva la Vida    Coldplay
  38. Dig It  The Coup
  39. Kill My Landlord        The Coup
  40. My Sacrifice    Creed
  41. Hand On The Pump        Cypress Hill
  42. Illusions       Cypress Hill
  43. Aerodynamic     Daft Punk
  44. Crescendolls    Daft Punk
  45. Digital Love    Daft Punk
  46. Face To Face    Daft Punk
  47. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger        Daft Punk
  48. High Life       Daft Punk
  49. Nightvision     Daft Punk
  50. One More Time   Daft Punk
  51. Short Circuit   Daft Punk
  52. Something About Us      Daft Punk
  53. Superheroes     Daft Punk
  54. Too Long        Daft Punk
  55. Veridis Quo     Daft Punk
  56. Voyager Daft Punk
  57. Alive   Daft Punk
  58. Around the World        Daft Punk
  59. Burnin' Daft Punk
  60. Da Funk Daft Punk
  61. Daftendirekt    Daft Punk
  62. Fresh   Daft Punk
  63. Funk Ad Daft Punk
  64. High Fidelity   Daft Punk
  65. Indo Silver Club        Daft Punk
  66. Oh Yeah Daft Punk
  67. Phoenix Daft Punk
  68. Revolution 909  Daft Punk
  69. Rock 'n Roll    Daft Punk
  70. Rollin' & Scratchin'    Daft Punk
  71. Teachers        Daft Punk
  72. Wdpk 83.7 Fm    Daft Punk
  73. The Brainwasher Daft Punk
  74. Emotion Daft Punk
  75. Human After All Daft Punk
  76. Make Love       Daft Punk
  77. On/Off  Daft Punk
  78. The Prime Time Of Your Life     Daft Punk
  79. Robot Rock      Daft Punk
  80. Steam Machine   Daft Punk
  81. Technologic     Daft Punk
  82. Television Rules The Nation     Daft Punk
  83. Holiday in Cambodia     Dead Kennedys
  84. Ghosts 'n' Stuff        Deadmau5
  85. I Remember      Deadmau5
  86. Raise Your Weapon       Deadmau5
  87. Love In Rewind  Dino Merlin
  88. Soldiers of the Wasteland       Dragonforce
  89. Discord Eurobeat Brony
  90. F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X.        The Fall Of Troy
  91. Thks fr th mmrs Fall Out Boy
  92. I ran so far away       A Flock Of Seagulls
  93. Answer  FLOW
  94. Re:member       FLOW
  95. Sign    FLOW
  96. Monkey Wrench   Foo Fighters
  97. The Pretender   Foo Fighters
  98. How I Miss You  Foo Fighters
  99. Best Of You     Foo Fighters
  100. All my life     Foo Fighters
  101. Learn To Fly    Foo Fighters
  102. Ballad of me and my friends     Frank Turner
  103. Thatcher Fucked the Kids        Frank Turner
  104. English Curse   Frank Turner
  105. Eulogy  Frank Turner
  106. Glory Hallelujah        Frank Turner
  107. I Am Disappeared        Frank Turner
  108. I Still Believe Frank Turner
  109. If Ever I Stray Frank Turner
  110. Nights Become Days      Frank Turner
  111. One Foot Before The Other       Frank Turner
  112. Peggy Sang The Blues    Frank Turner
  113. Redemption      Frank Turner
  114. Rivers  Frank Turner
  115. Better Half     Frank Turner
  116. Imperfect Tense Frank Turner
  117. Jet Lag Frank Turner
  118. Long Live the Queen     Frank Turner
  119. Photosynthesis  Frank Turner
  120. Reasons Not to Be an Idiot      Frank Turner
  121. St. Christopher Is Coming Home  Frank Turner
  122. I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous    Frank Turner
  123. Substitute      Frank Turner
  124. Love Ire And Song       Frank Turner
  125. To Take You Home        Frank Turner
  126. Love Worth Keeping      Frank Turner
  127. Dan's Song      Frank Turner
  128. Faithful Son    Frank Turner
  129. The Fastest Way Back Home       Frank Turner
  130. Isabel  Frank Turner
  131. Journey Of The Magi     Frank Turner
  132. Live Fast Die Old       Frank Turner
  133. Our Lady Of The Campfire        Frank Turner
  134. Poetry Of The Deed      Frank Turner
  135. Richard Devine  Frank Turner
  136. The Road        Frank Turner
  137. Sons of liberty Frank Turner
  138. Sunday Nights   Frank Turner
  139. Try This At Home        Frank Turner
  140. Heartless Bastard Motherfucker  Frank Turner
  141. The Real Damage Frank Turner
  142. Vital Signs     Frank Turner
  143. Romantic Fatigue        Frank Turner
  144. A Decent Cup Of Tea     Frank Turner
  145. Father's Day    Frank Turner
  146. Worse Things Happen At Sea      Frank Turner
  147. My Kingdom For A Horse  Frank Turner
  148. Back In The Day Frank Turner
  149. Once We Were Anarchists Frank Turner
  150. Wisdom Teeth    Frank Turner
  151. The Ladies Of London Town       Frank Turner
  152. Must Try Harder Frank Turner
  153. Take Me Out     Franz Ferdinand
  154. Fuldans Fulkultur
  155. Mad World       Gary Jules
  156. OPA!    Giorgos Alkaios
  157. American Idiot  Green Day
  158. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams      Green Day
  159. Shirat Hasticker        Hadag Nachash
  160. The King Is Dead        The Herd
  161. 2020    The Herd
  162. Down boy        Holly Valance
  163. You Never Know  Immortal Technique
  164. The Poverty of Philosophy       Immortal Technique
  165. Capitalism Stole My Virginity   The (International) Noise Conspiracy
  166. Smash It Up     The (International) Noise Conspiracy
  167. Are You Experienced?    Jimi Hendrix
  168. All Along The Watchtower        Jimi Hendrix
  169. Angel   Jimi Hendrix
  170. Bold As Love    Jimi Hendrix
  171. Castles Made Of Sand    Jimi Hendrix
  172. Crosstown Traffic       Jimi Hendrix
  173. Dolly Dagger    Jimi Hendrix
  174. Fire    Jimi Hendrix
  175. Foxy Lady       Jimi Hendrix
  176. Freedom Jimi Hendrix
  177. Hey Joe Jimi Hendrix
  178. If 6 Was 9      Jimi Hendrix
  179. Little Wing     Jimi Hendrix
  180. Manic Depression        Jimi Hendrix
  181. Night Bird Flying       Jimi Hendrix
  182. Purple Haze     Jimi Hendrix
  183. Red House       Jimi Hendrix
  184. The Star Spangled Banner        Jimi Hendrix
  185. Stone Free      Jimi Hendrix
  186. Voodoo Child (Slight Return)    Jimi Hendrix
  187. The Wind Cries Mary     Jimi Hendrix
  188. Shogun Serenade The Juliana Theory
  189. Freak on a leash        Korn
  190. Autobahn        Kraftwerk
  191. Dedicato a Te   Le Vibrazioni
  192. Va Così        Le Vibrazioni
  193. Vieni da Me     Le Vibrazioni
  194. On Repeat       Looptroop Rockers
  195. This music sounds better at night       Looptroop Rockers
  196. Obama Nation    Lowkey
  197. Terrorist       Lowkey
  198. The Beautiful People    Marilyn Manson
  199. Reflecting God  Marilyn Manson
  200. Slutgarden      Marilyn Manson
  201. Tainted Love    Marilyn Manson
  202. I Want To Kill You Like They Do In the Movies   Marilyn Manson
  203. We're From America      Marilyn Manson
  204. The Death Song  Marilyn Manson
  205. The Fight Song  Marilyn Manson
  206. In The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death    Marilyn Manson
  207. Lamb of God     Marilyn Manson
  208. Coma White      Marilyn Manson
  209. The Dope Show   Marilyn Manson
  210. Cake and Sodomy Marilyn Manson
  211. Black Cat       Mayday Parade
  212. Land Down Under Men at Work
  213. Achilles Lung   Million Dead
  214. After The Rush Hour     Million Dead
  215. Bovine Spungiform Economics     Million Dead
  216. Bread And Circuses      Million Dead
  217. Carthago Est Delenda    Million Dead
  218. Engine Driver   Million Dead
  219. Father My Father        Million Dead
  220. Harmony No Harmony      Million Dead
  221. Holloway Prison Blues   Million Dead
  222. Living The Dream        Million Dead
  223. Morgot Kidder   Million Dead
  224. Murder And Create       Million Dead
  225. Plan B  Million Dead
  226. To Whom It May Concern  Million Dead
  227. Breaking the Back       Million Dead
  228. Charlie & the Propaganda Myth Machine   Million Dead
  229. Gnostic Front   Million Dead
  230. I Am the Party  Million Dead
  231. The Kids Are Going to Love it   Million Dead
  232. Macgyver        Million Dead
  233. Pornography for Cowards Million Dead
  234. Relentless.     Million Dead
  235. The Rise and Fall       Million Dead
  236. Smiling at Stranger on Trains   Million Dead
  237. A Song to Ruin  Million Dead
  238. I Gave My Eyes To Stevie Wonder Million Dead
  239. I Want To Get Shot At (By An Israeli Gun Squad) Million Dead
  240. Pop-punkyone    Million Dead
  241. Complice        Miodio
  242. Baby Blue Sedan Modest Mouse
  243. Broke   Modest Mouse
  244. Grey Ice Water  Modest Mouse
  245. A Life of Artic Sounds  Modest Mouse
  246. Medication      Modest Mouse
  247. Never Ending Math Equation      Modest Mouse
  248. Other People's Lives    Modest Mouse
  249. Sleepwalkin'    Modest Mouse
  250. Whenever You Breathe Out, I Breathe in  Modest Mouse
  251. Workin' on Leavin' the Livin'   Modest Mouse
  252. The Air Modest Mouse
  253. Here It Comes   Modest Mouse
  254. I Came as a Rat (Long Walk of Life)     Modest Mouse
  255. So Much Beauty in Dirt  Modest Mouse
  256. Willful Suspension of Disbelief Modest Mouse
  257. You're the Good Things  Modest Mouse
  258. 3 Inch Horses, Two Faced Monsters       Modest Mouse
  259. The Fruit That Ate Itself       Modest Mouse
  260. Karma's Payment Modest Mouse
  261. Sunspots in the House of the Late Scapegoat     Modest Mouse
  262. The Waydown     Modest Mouse
  263. Black Cadillacs Modest Mouse
  264. Blame It on the Tetons  Modest Mouse
  265. Bukowski        Modest Mouse
  266. Bury Me with It Modest Mouse
  267. Dance Hall      Modest Mouse
  268. Float On        Modest Mouse
  269. The Good Times Are Killing Me   Modest Mouse
  270. Ocean Breathes Salty    Modest Mouse
  271. One Chance      Modest Mouse
  272. Satin in a Coffin       Modest Mouse
  273. This Devil's Workday    Modest Mouse
  274. The View        Modest Mouse
  275. The World at Large      Modest Mouse
  276. Edit the Sad Parts      Modest Mouse
  277. Interstate 8    Modest Mouse
  278. Pushing the Buttons     Modest Mouse
  279. Bankrupt on Selling     Modest Mouse
  280. Convenient Parking      Modest Mouse
  281. Cowboy Dan      Modest Mouse
  282. Doin' the Cockroach     Modest Mouse
  283. Heart Cooks Brain       Modest Mouse
  284. Jesus Christ Was an Only Child  Modest Mouse
  285. Long Distance Drunk     Modest Mouse
  286. Out of Gas      Modest Mouse
  287. Polar Opposites Modest Mouse
  288. Shit Luck       Modest Mouse
  289. Styrofoam Boots (It's All Nice on Ice, Alright) Modest Mouse
  290. Teeth Like God's Shoeshine      Modest Mouse
  291. Trailer Trash   Modest Mouse
  292. Truckers Atlas  Modest Mouse
  293. Alone Down There        Modest Mouse
  294. The Cold Part   Modest Mouse
  295. A Different City        Modest Mouse
  296. Gravity Rides Everything        Modest Mouse
  297. Life Like Weeds Modest Mouse
  298. Lives   Modest Mouse
  299. Paper Thin Walls        Modest Mouse
  300. Perfect Disguise        Modest Mouse
  301. The Stars Are Projectors        Modest Mouse
  302. Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes       Modest Mouse
  303. What People Are Made Of Modest Mouse
  304. 3rd Planet      Modest Mouse
  305. Dark Center Of The Universe     Modest Mouse
  306. Night On The Sun        Modest Mouse
  307. Wild Packs Of Family Dogs       Modest Mouse
  308. You're Life     Modest Mouse
  309. Autumn Beds     Modest Mouse
  310. Guilty Cocker Spaniels  Modest Mouse
  311. History Sticks To Your Feet     Modest Mouse
  312. I've Got It All (Most)  Modest Mouse
  313. King Rat        Modest Mouse
  314. Perpetual Motion Machine        Modest Mouse
  315. Satellite Skin  Modest Mouse
  316. The Whale Song  Modest Mouse
  317. Worms vs. Birds Modest Mouse
  318. Beach Side Property     Modest Mouse
  319. Breakthrough    Modest Mouse
  320. Custom Concern  Modest Mouse
  321. Dog Paddle      Modest Mouse
  322. Dramamine       Modest Mouse
  323. Exit Does Not Exist     Modest Mouse
  324. Head South      Modest Mouse
  325. Lounge  Modest Mouse
  326. Make Everyone Happy     Modest Mouse
  327. Might   Modest Mouse
  328. Novocain Stain  Modest Mouse
  329. Ohio    Modest Mouse
  330. She Ionizes & Atomizes  Modest Mouse
  331. Space Travel Is Boring  Modest Mouse
  332. Talking Shit About a Pretty Sunset      Modest Mouse
  333. Tundra/Desert   Modest Mouse
  334. Dashboard       Modest Mouse
  335. Education       Modest Mouse
  336. Fire It Up      Modest Mouse
  337. Florida Modest Mouse
  338. Fly Trapped in a Jar    Modest Mouse
  339. Invisible       Modest Mouse
  340. Little Motel    Modest Mouse
  341. March into the Sea      Modest Mouse
  342. Missed the Boat Modest Mouse
  343. Parting of the Sensory  Modest Mouse
  344. People as Places as People      Modest Mouse
  345. Spitting Venom  Modest Mouse
  346. Steam Engenius  Modest Mouse
  347. We've Got Everything    Modest Mouse
  348. Parasites Will Be Excited When You're Dead      Modest Mouse
  349. Everything is Alright   Motion City Soundtrack
  350. Let's Get Fucked Up and Die     Motion City Soundtrack
  351. The Ghost Of You        My Chemical Romance
  352. Helena  My Chemical Romance
  353. I'm Not Okay (I Promise)        My Chemical Romance
  354. The Becoming    Nine Inch Nails
  355. Closer  Nine Inch Nails
  356. Eraser  Nine Inch Nails
  357. Heresy  Nine Inch Nails
  358. March of the Pigs       Nine Inch Nails
  359. Ruiner  Nine Inch Nails
  360. The Great Below Nine Inch Nails
  361. And All That Could Have Been    Nine Inch Nails
  362. Everyday is Exactly the Same    Nine Inch Nails
  363. We Called It America    NOFX
  364. The Idiots Are Taking Over      NOFX
  365. Despre Tine     O-Zone
  366. Dragostea Din Tei       O-Zone
  367. Breathe Paramore
  368. Somebody to love        Queen
  369. Under Pressure  Queen
  370. Maasta maahan   Raappana
  371. Karma Police    Radiohead
  372. Follia d'amore  Raphael Gualazzi
  373. Re-Education (Through Labor)    Rise Against
  374. Soviet National Anthem  S. V. Mikhalkov
  375. Kiss From A Rose        Seal
  376. Driven  Sevendust
  377. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out    The Smiths
  378. Somewhere In The Between        Streetlight Manifesto
  379. Would You Be Impressed? Streetlight Manifesto
  380. Summertime      Sublime
  381. What I Got      Sublime
  382. Smoke Two Joints        Sublime
  383. 40 oz. To Freedom       Sublime
  384. Aurora sogna    Subsonica
  385. Il Cielo Su Torino      Subsonica
  386. Il Cielo Su Torino live Subsonica
  387. Tutti I Miei Sbagli     Subsonica
  388. Tutti I Miei Sbagli live        Subsonica
  389. L'odore Subsonica
  390. All the things she said tATu
  391. Come Around     Tim & Jean
  392. I Can Show You  Tim & Jean
  393. Drops of Jupiter        Train
  394. Wessex Boy      Frank Turner
  395. Sometimes You Can't Make it on Your Own U2
  396. Vertigo U2
  397. Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For        U2
  398. Where The Streets Have No Name  U2
  399. With or Without You     U2
  400. Pride (In The Name Of Love)     U2
  401. Sunday Bloody Sunday    U2
  402. Numb    U2
  403. Denglisch       Wise Guys
  404. Just Hold On    Zircon
  405. Starin' Through My Rear View    2Pac
  406. De Stroom       3JS
  407. Geloven In Het Leven    3JS
  408. Je Vecht Nooit Alleen   3JS
  409. Loop Met Me Over Zee    3JS
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