Bad Manners Walkthrough

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  1. Walkthrough of the each Chapter is divided into main branches. If you see in the text the letter and the number (D3), then there is an intersection with another branch and most likely, it is necessary to fulfill the condition.
  3. Example: in the branch" Dorothy " of the second Chapter, in the beginning is (K1). Go to the branch "College" and look for the number (1). After this event, and will branch Dorothy.
  5. Chapter 2.
  6. "College." (K)
  7. We are in the office. Read the letter on the table, look over the magic ball.
  8. Go to class, listen to the request of the princesses about the store and communicate with distrustful peasants. We go to the river to offer Genie the position in the shop. The next day again go to the river and the Genie opens the shop, then comes the night conversation with Meri (1).
  9. We inform the princesses about the news and pick up candy. We go to the shop, talk with a Genie" about trade and girls " (if you talked with the peasants), give him princesses・candy, get poems.
  10. Read the poems to the peasants. At night we receive news about the arrest of the Director (2).
  11. Talking with peasants in the class about the scholarship. On the river (or in class) meet the shy peasant, which tells us about the situation with Genie. We go to the Genie, we will have to listen to his erotic fantasies three times (at the same time we learn that there is a library in the castle). For the fourth time we pass a simple test. Shopping becomes available in the store (3), there is the book for the quest "to Teach Dorothy to perform the filthy job."
  12. In the morning transmigration to the principal's office Meri explains that now it is possible to spy on the girls using the globe ones per day. At first, the rooms will be empty, so that the girls need to peek at once in the morning and evening, then Hans will give the order to settle the room. You can watch the blonde in the morning and red in the evening.
  13. After Dorothy finishes the task with romance story there will be a peasant student in the classes. She will report from the HoRes society on the need for manners lessons.
  14. After Dorothy finishes the task with easy erotica, go to the river, talk with Genie he asks you to bring a book titled "Interesting positions" from the library, solve the puzzle (108). Now we have access to the location "Library" (4).
  15. Attention! Give\do not give the book to Genie is a fork, one of these choices leads to a bad ending. To stay on the main route you need to give "Interesting positions" to Ginny. To see the ending ・don稚 give the boo to Genie (don稚 forget to save beforehand). The ending will start on the evening of the day when we can give "Interesting positions" to Dorothy. (D1).
  16. On the river overhear the peasants conversation on the succubus. Listen the second time, the third time when eavesdropping choose to Approach. And then we catch the princesses and find out the other part of the story and get a leaf out of the book. We speak with Meridian in the office (5).
  18. (D3).
  19. In the library we read the book "Democracy and the balance". We go to the Genie, "talk" with the nobleman, then discuss this man with Genie. Pay Ginny 20 gold for the meeting with the nobles.
  20. In the classroom talk two times with peasant women (the second time - about sponsors)(6). Genie invites nobles to the peasants perfomance.
  24. "Dorothy." (D)
  25. (K1).
  26. We speak with Dorothy in the class: now we can call her to the office. Three times talk with it in the office, then two times ・on the small river. Dorothy agrees to the hemming of the dress.
  27. Genie will do the work with the dress, talk to him, he asks for threads and 10 coins. Catch the princesses who break the order, get the thread and give it to Genie. Talk with Dorothy in the classroom.
  28. In the office, the Meridian reports a salary raise.
  29. (K2).
  30. Catch insufferable princesses, pick up "love affair". Call Dorothy and give her the book. Two more books you can buy from the Genie after shopping is available (K3).
  31. Then give Dorothy the book with the breast.
  32. (K4).
  33. In the office talk with Elsa, then with Dorothy, who had heard stuff from Elsa. Tal with Elsa in the library (1). Get the knife and the key (2). Buy the erotica (not easy) book at the store. We call Dorothy and hand her this book, and then we call her back.
  34. We speak to offended Dorothy in the classroom. Buy chocolate at Genie痴. Three times give Dorothy chocolates.
  35. At the river observe Dorothy meeting Meri, then comes a night conversation between Hans and Meri in the bedroom and a morning conversation with the peasants in the office (3).
  36. Go to class, there choose the option to go to the bedroom. Now we have access to the location "Bedroom".
  37. (K5).
  38. Watch the dialogue between Dorothy and Meridian at night on the river, and then night dialogue with succubus when she mentions the books in the library (3).
  39. (K6).
  40. We talk to Dorothy in the study about the appearance.
  41. Watch the dialogue between Dorothy and Meridian in the bedroom.
  43. "Elsa." (E)
  44. Meet Elsa in different places, for the third time she reports that she痴 sent the pupils to help her maids. Talk to the succubus in the office.
  45. Wait for Elsa in the library and then open the door with the knife obtained on the quest (D2). Watch the scene with Anna.
  46. Then go to the shop and buy the book about 的nteresting positions・ In the workbench, collect the book and the torn leaf, in your inventory click on the collected book, guess the riddle (threads). Go to the library and leave the book there.
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