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Jul 21st, 2019
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  2. Perks - Currently, the perks you get besides the 30% sell boost, the player vaults (which still is way too little for the amount you pay for them), and the /fly command are the only useful things you get from donating. I hardly ever use anything else that comes from my rank, as it is just useless stuff that has no use for me. It would be cool if there was stuff that was added to all donator ranks that wasn't just like every other skyblock server. If you look at most of the top ranks of other SB servers, they are all practically the same, and I would like to see some stuff that is new being added to the ranks
  3. On a side note, the idea that you have to normally pay over $100 USD (even $42 for /fly is still too much) for just one command (/fly), I find that a bit outrageous. There should be no reason why you should have to spend $100 just to gain 1 command. Either make the command purchasable or just allow access to it at a lower rank (maybe Champion).
  4. Voting - Who Cares? The only good thing you can get from voting that is seen as valuable to every player is the dragon egg, which is absurd. Plus, seeing that the actual vote crate doesn't give anything good besides a low chance to get a Dragon Egg or Darkzone, is very upsetting. Honestly, scrap this system and come up with something unique with unique loot that makes people want to vote, which brings me onto my next argument: Vote Parties
  5. Vote Parties - Such a terrible system - Why do you have to vote to get rewards when the vote party happens? That is plain out a terrible strategy to get people to want to vote just to get some trash money and shard pouches. Plus, your loot is chosen randomly, and you only get 1 item out of a low 5-6 item pool. All of the items you can get are actually not even worth it. Whenever I see that a vote party happens, I normally throw the stuff off the map because even if you are a newer player, its still nothing to be excited about. LISTEN WHEN I SAY That: "You get better rewards from straight up voting once than from an entire vote party". How does that make ANY Sense? Someone please explain this! Who on earth thought that this would be a good thing to implement? You have this all wrong! Listen to the community when we say that something needs to be adjusted.
  6. End Game Stuff - Currently, there is absolutely nothing to do in terms of end game stuff to do if you are not trying to get a top 5 Island Spot on /is top. Shards, after you purchase all your upgrades, are literally useless unless you sell them. At one point, I had over 700,000 shards from killing mobs, with nothing to do with them. Sure, you can argue that you can use them in the /shards shop, which closes each time you make a purchase, which makes it literally useless and is a nuisance. Oh, and don't get me started on the shard shop items. 5000 Shards for only 32 Diamond Blocks??!? Who's idea was that to add that? Also, the gear that you can buy is too overpriced and nobody would value it. You are better off asking a high rank for their gear or just getting some basic prot 4 unbreaking 3 gear. Also, let's not forget the SPAWNERS. 13,000+ for an ENDERMAN spawner! Woah! Thats a bit overpriced? Nobody in their right mind would purchase spawners from there, not even a newer player; so you are better off not even unlocking the shard dealer section of your island. I would like there to be some "Goals" or "Objectives" that you can feel accomplishment after grinding days for. I mean, come on man! Give us something new and fresh! We have only had nothing but Bug Fixes (Let me say that most of these bugs shouldn't have been a thing and should have been found when BETA Released, poor excuse!) and MINOR Commands added. What's missing? The CONTENT. Why haven't we had new content yet? I mean, eventually, players get bored once they get all their grinders up.
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