Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero Volume 1 Chapter 2

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  1. Completion Status (4/4) Completed. Jan 19th
  3. Chapter 2 – The Hot-Headed Loafer’s Youthful Rampage
  5. Part 1
  6. The scenery from outside the window gradually increased.
  8. JPN Babel school’s campus scene becomes smaller and smaller, further and further.
  10. The glass elevator is currently following a certain speed and slowly rising.
  12. The Babel school’s dorm is a super tall building. On the side of the body of the building, there are numerous elevators. This building has a total of 180 floors, in accordance with the different level of author and status, the students and staff members are limited to which floors they can arrive on. Thus, the floors being used at a higher frequency is provided with numerous direct elevators, in order to reduce the waiting period. Currently, Akatsuki and Miu are taking the exclusive B-class student’s elevator to the floor where the classrooms are.
  14. “Damn it, my head hurts…I don’t know whether it is because of a cold or whether it is because I’m too nervous.”
  15. This morning when Akatsuki opened his eyes, he was suffering from an inexplicable headache.
  17. Ousawa Akatsuki has a task that he must complete, and this task is basically equivalent on challenging the world. As he finally standing on his second starting point, he was more or less feeling a bit nervous deep down in his heart, this is Akatsuki’s analysis of his own mental state.
  19. Turning his head, he only saw Miu staring at the glass wall in front of her, looking at her own appearance in a uniform. Although she was born from a mix of a human and a dark elf,  Miu’s skin is white, soft and delicate, she also does not have elf’s pointed ears and her appearance is no different than an ordinary human. The elf race’s unique beauty and slender limbs are quite compelling, but not to the extent where it raises suspicion. Akatsuki looked at Miu, his face showing a knowing smile.
  21. “You’re quite happy.”
  23. “…Huh? R..Really?? Of course not.”
  25. Miu quickly tried to evade the topic. In Akatsuki’s eyes, the Miu with her red ears was extraordinarily cute, Akatski could not help but narrow his eyes. Maybe Miu never wore a uniform before, Akatsuki thought. Plus, Miu had mentioned a while ago that today was her very first day going to school.
  27. After bring Miu to this world with difficulty, Akatsuki sincerely hoped that her very first experience of going to school will leave a favorable impression to her.
  29. At this moment, the elevator’s rising speed gradually decreased and finally stopping at a certain floor. With a mechanical ringing sound, the elevator doors slowly opened.
  31. This is the B class floor, several students were chatting in the hallway. After walking out of the elevator, there was only one path in front of them. Thus Akatsuki and Miu walked slowly along the corridor and passed through the students who would standing in the corridor.
  33. Akatsuki quickly discovered one thing.
  35. “Strange…”
  37. Miu also seemed to be aware of it, her tone was very uneasy.
  39. “Is it because I am too sensitive? But it feels that …”
  41. “Yes, we have become the focus of everybody’s attention, but this is quite normal, there is nothing strange with it. This floor only has people in B-class and now two unfamiliar faces show up, it will obviously cause curiosity from everyone. Therefore, you do not have to take it to heart.”
  43. Then Akatsuki suddenly stopped his footsteps. At the end of the corridor appeared a entrance doorway, which was the B-class classroom doors.
  45. …Okay, the day has finally arrived.
  47. Akatsuki violently and rudely pushed open the doors, and walked confidently into the classroom.
  49. The chattering of the classroom suddenly became quiet.
  51. “———”
  53. Everyone’s attention was all focused at the door. Akatsuki did not try and escape, and directly confronted everyone’s stares of curiosity. Whether it was the whispering throughout every corner of the classroom or everybody’s stares of curiosity, it was, in fact, not unfamiliar to Akatsuki. During his time in Alayzard and wandering around the place with his identity of a rogue hero, he has already tasted this feeling.
  55. But at that moment —
  57. “…uuuwwaa!”
  59. The uneasy Miu held and pulled tightly to Akatsuki’s sleeves. After Akatsuki sees this, he gently held Miu’s shoulder, then look proudly at the class.
  61. “No matter what time, or ever the world, transfer students are always the main attractions of the crowd. You do not have to be nervous, there is no need to be polite, just confidently be yourself. Come, let us go.”
  63. Akatsuki started to take a step, and walked through the path between the aisle of tables under the gaze of the entire class. The classroom is design in a stairs-shaped where the front is low and narrow and the back is high up and wide, with a total of three columns of table in left, middle and right of the class. The formation of the columns extends all the way from the front to the back, making it look like a shape of a paper fane. Akatsuki’s destination is the window seat located at the very last row. Miu timidly follow behind him, with her right hand clinging tightly to Akatsuki’s sleeves.
  65. After arriving at the destination, Akatsuki sat down.
  67. Beside him, Miu disturbed said:
  69. “C…can we sit anywhere available?”
  71. “Of course. If the seat cannot be sat on, someone will naturally inform us.”
  73. And —
  75. “Usually transfer students sit in empty seats.”
  77. Just when Akatsuki was talking about nonsense—
  79. “— Hahaha, you are quite an interesting person.”
  81. A female student walked over. With a slender physique, beautiful short hair and a pretty face coupled with a well-proportioned body, her gestures revealed the charm of a mature woman. A cute girl is not the best way to describe her, in fact, she is closer to a dazzling beauty.
  83. …Uh Oh.
  85. Akatsuki narrowed his eyes, but the female student heartily laughed.
  87. “— Good, Very Good, as expected the legendary student is really talented.
  89. “Ehh? Why do you say this?”
  91. Akatsuki’s retort seems to play into the hands of the girl, only to see her smiling very happily,  and even her eyes are filled with tears of laughter.
  93. “Ever since the school enrolled you to B-Class, you guys have become famous within Babel school, everyone calls you guys as History’s strongest newcomers!”
  95. After saying all this, the girl looked at Miu.
  97. “One is a mysterious beauty who used magic to instantly ko the combat skills instructor during the entrance exam—“
  99. Then she looked at Akatsuki again.
  101. “The other is the one who was identified as a <True Hero> during the Norum Screening,  and afterwards was endorsed as a hero by Student President Hikami during a special inspection. Actually, both of you has already become everybody’s object of discussion.
  103. “So that’s what happened…”
  105. Miu who finally understood the situation, embarrassedly scratched her cheek.
  107. “I will have to work harder in the future, so I will not fail to live up to everyone’s expectations.”
  109. Akatsuki smiled and said:
  111. “Looks like you are very familiar about us. Based on the greeting principles, shouldn’t you also talk about yourself?”
  113. “Now that you said that, please let me introduce myself.”
  115. The female student nodded, her right hand touching her chest.
  117. “I am called Izumi Chikage, from now on, I am your classmate. As for whether or not will we become friends from classmate, that depends on each other’s meaning of friends. About this, I personally am maintaining an optimistic attitude. Nice to meet you.”
  119. The smiling Chikage extended a hand of friendship, Akatsuki also politely expressed agreement. Chikage’s soft and delicate hand was also very smooth.
  121. “I am Ousawa Akatsuki, this here is my sister Miu.”
  123. After Akatsuki’s introductions, Miu timidly extended her right hand.
  125. “Uhh, I am Ousawa…Miu. During my stay at the alternative world, an accident occurred and made me loss all my memories about this world. If I cause problems for everyone in the future, please forgive me.”
  127. “Don’t be so polite. If there is anything you don’t know in the future, feel free to ask.”
  129. Chikage shook Miu’s hand while smiling.
  131. “Ah that’s right, there is something that I specially have to tell you two. Ousawa-kun, it is natural for transfer students to sit in empty seats, but I hope to persuade you that you can select other seats.”
  133. “There are two Ousawa-kuns, it’s fine to just call me Akatsuki.”
  135. After saying all this, Akatsuki shrugged.
  137. “Why can’t we select this seat? Don’t tell me everyone’s seat is fixed?”
  139. “The classroom follows the design of a university lecture room, Akatsuki believed that he could freely select his seat.”
  141. “Well that’s true, but…”
  143. Just when Chikage was about to say the reason behind it—
  145. A large noise of dispute could be heard in front of the entrance to the classroom.
  146. Miu looked in the direction of where the sound was coming from. There are two males in front of the classroom door, one was awkwardly sitting on the ground, the other was a hideous looking man, arrogantly looking down on the other, it seems that there was some sort of dispute between them.
  148. “Tanaka, Look where you are going! Pretending that you don’t know when you bumped into someone! How are you going to compensate me!”
  150. “Ahh, it’s beginning again.”
  152. Chikage sighed. Her reaction caught Miu’s curiosity.
  154. “Beginning again…? This kind of thing occurs frequently?
  156. “Yes. He is Onizuka Kenya, previously a student in A-class, but in the end, he was dropped down from the previous periodical inspection. Perhaps it is problem of having his pride shattered, he is constantly bullying people after coming to B-class, relying on the fact that no one is his opponent in B-class, and vent out his frustrations.”
  158. Chikage paused for a moment and continue to speak:
  160. “Actually, the reason why I came to talk with you is also related to the situation. Akatsuki, the seat you selected is Onizuka’s specified special seat. There is no fixed seating arragements, normally you can sit wherever you look, but everyone is afraid of facing trouble, so they specially avoid this seat to avoid provoking him.”
  162. “So that’s it…”
  164. Akatsuki looked at the classroom door. After Onizuki kicked the male student on the floor a few times, his face was still filled with rage.
  166. After a few seconds, he finally noticed Akatsuki’s existence.
  168. “Hey, what are you looking at huh? Never seen something like this before?
  170. Only now did Onizuka noticed that Akatsuki was actually sitting in his special seat.
  172. “And you dare take my seat. I’ve never seen you before, a newcomer? If you came here, then you have to follow the rules here!”
  174. Onizuka rushed up angrily.
  176. “Now that I think about it, you are the legendary transfer student?” You believe that lying fortune telling is real? You actually believe that you are a hero?”
  178. “…”
  180. Akatsuki did not reply. To be honest, he did not even care about Onizuka, his vision lies on the male student who was bullied by Onizuka. Onizuka noticed and coldly snorted.
  182. “What are you looking at? Want me to kick you is it? Don’t think that by entering B-class directly, you can ignore me.”
  184. “Onizuka, could you please not provoke others?”
  186. Chikage attempted to stop Onizuka, and even stood in front of the confused Miu.
  188. “This is not your problem, Chikage. Now scram over to one side…huh?”
  190. Onizuka’s gaze laid upon Miu who was behind Chikage, his face suddenly emerged an obscene smile.
  192. “So that’s it… she is the other transfer student? Not bad, this kind of product is not commonly seen, and she is just my taste.”
  194. After speaking, Onizuka reached out for Miu.
  196. “…W…What are you trying to do…?
  198. Ignoring Miu’s suspicions, Onizuka rudely held onto Miu’s arm.
  200. At this moment…
  202. “Uhhhhoohh—!”
  204. Onizuka’s entire body flew backwards, hitting the classroom walls abruptly.
  206. The classroom suddenly had an uproar, the students, who was coldly observing on the sidelines, whispered nonstop. The problem student who caused headaches to everyone, the school’s time bomb, was actually being taught a lesson by the new transfer student!?
  208. —What has actually occurred…?
  210. As the event was so sudden, Miu stood at her original spot, bewildered. Chikage, who was beside her, also widened her eyes, and doesn’t know whether this was good or not. At this moment, Akatsuki patted Miu’s shoulders and slowly walked to the front.
  212. …Ah, Don’t tell me…!
  214. Miu finally understood. The reason why Onizuka flew back several meters turned out to be Akatsuki’s work. After hitting the wall, Onizuka gently shook his head, his face revealed a painful expression. Due to being inside of Babel school’s barrier, Onizuka’s physical body was not injured, but the impact of the mental shock should not be underestimated. Onizuka struggled to get up, but with his feet staggering, he nearly failed to stand.
  216. “You are quite impressive, very good, looks like you have guts. Just you wait, I will instantly—“
  217. Onizuka expressed a fierce look, and was about to stand up from the side of the wall.
  219. “At this moment, Akatsuki suddenly stretched out his hand, clutching Onizuka’s face.”
  221. “—”
  223. This seemly ordinary and mediocre action, was completely out of Onizuka’s expectation, it could be called the ultimate technique, which combined all fight skills.
  225. Miu who witnessed everything stood frozen at her place.
  227. “A…Are you trying to do—Whoaaaa!”
  229. Onizuka held onto Akatsuki’s wrist, attempting to break free from Akatsuki’s clutches. What has actually occurred? Miu was puzzled and even the other students are revealing an expression of uncertainty. At this moment, Miu noticed that Onizuka is trembling, and after a careful observation, found out that the reason is that even speaking would inflect tremendous amount of pain.”
  231. Akatsuki calmly looked at the Onizuka in front of him.
  233. “You and I are really like-minded, the truth is I also like bullying the weak. In this world, aren’t there always people who believe that they are stronger than others, and looks down upon them? I absolute love shatter the pride of these type of people. Right, you are called Onizuka isn’t it?”
  235. Akatsuki snorted.
  237. “So how this? The feeling of you pride being stepped on by others isn’t so bad right?”
  239. “…! …! Guuuuu….!”
  241. Onizuka’s face was twisted in pain. Although his physical body does not hurt, it does not mean that he cannot feel pain.  Onizuka’s face was red and gradually turning from red to black.
  243. “— S…Stop it! It will cause problems if you continue!”
  245. A panicked Miu broke into the scramble between Akatsuki and Onizuka, pulled on Akatsuki’s burly arms and barely managed to separate the two. During the process of pulling Akatsuki back to his seat, Miu sighed repeatedly.
  247. “Causing trouble on the first day, I really don’t know what you’re thinking.”
  249. “The school’s barrier is designed for the hot-headed people like us, I only played around slightly, It won’t kill anyone…right?”
  251. Akatsuki seek Chikage’s input, but she reluctantly shook her head with a wry smile.
  253. “Yes it is, but it’s hard to say for those who knowingly cause trouble.”
  255. After speaking, Chikage’s expression suddenly turned stiff, a commotion also occurred  in the classroom.
  257. …Huh?
  259. Miu looked around and was surprised to find out that beside Onizuka was a magic circle, and a defensive barrier, meaning that he intends to use a powerful magic in the classroom. Activating magic in such a confine space will ultimately cause a significant amount of causalities. Even if it is under the barrier which could remove all physical harm, this could also lead to everyone losing consciousness due to the enormous impact.
  261. “—I must activate a magical barrier! But after thinking through, Miu dismissed the idea. Onizuka is B-class strongest returnee, activating a magical barrier can protect herself, but not all the students have the ability to block his magical attacks.
  263. Looks like there is no other choice.
  265. Miu began to concentrate, preparing a defensive magic that ranges throughout the entire classroom.
  267. Unfortunately she was slowing by a step, Onizuka has already completed his magic chant. At the moment when Miu felt despair, Akatsuki suddenly shook off her hands.
  269. Only to see Akatsuki approaching Onizuka at lightning speed, with a turn of his body, unleashed an upper kick.
  271. “Ha! Idiot!”
  273. Onizuka’s face emerges a hint of sneer. The chant has already finished, the defensive barrier was already opened, all physical attacks are a waste of energy.
  274. Everyone was thinking the same thing, they could only watch Akatsuki’s upper kick clash with the defensive barrier.
  276. After a brief struggle, what follows was — a crack. As if the crisp sound of glass shatters spread across the room, Onizuka’s defensive barrier suddenly dispersed. This unbelievable scene occurred in front of everyone.
  278. Akatsuki’s upper kick broke pass the defensive barrier, and with overwhelming accuracy hit Onizuka in the head.
  280. “—”
  282. Bang.
  284. Onizuka, like a kite without any string, flew from the very back to the very front.
  286. After rolling a few times on the floor, Onizuka lost consciousness, lying on the ground motionless. The huge classroom was enveloped in an unusual silence. Is this the power of Renkan Keikikou? Miu wondered while staring at Akatsuki.
  288. Just a slight mistake could have led to an enormous disaster, yet Akatsuki stood there relaxed.
  290. “Yes, an idiot indeed.”
  292. Akatsuki coldly spoke—
  294. “Only that the idiotic person is you.”
  297. Part 2
  299. A while after Akatsuki stopped Onizuka—
  301. Numerous students wearing white uniforms immediately hurried to B-class, they are all part of the school’s Disciplinary Committee Members.
  303. According to the school’s timely scan on the school, it will confirm whether the barrier is working or not, thus, all students and staff member’s physical and mental state will appear on the screen. Once a abnormal situation occurs, the Disciplinary Committee Members and staff members will immediately head for the scene. Alternative World returnees are an important asset to the country, the management cannot be careless.
  305. Onizuka, who is showing the whites in his eyes, was sent to the infirmary, and should quickly recover his consciousness. As for the other accomplice, Akatsuki, will be sent by the Disciplinary Committee Members to the Student Council. No matter if it was Miu, Chikage or any other students testifying that it was Onizuka who first provoked him, the Disciplinary Committee Members also accepted everyone’s statement. However, as the accomplice, Akatsuki must provide a spoken report to the Student Council and the Student Council will decide on a suitable punishment. In short, it means that Akatsuki’s self-defense went overboard.
  307. “Please wait here for a moment, the enforcement division will be here shortly.”
  309. After leaving this phrase, the Disciplinary Committee Members walked out of the student council room.
  311. …Shortly, is it?
  313. Akatsuki turned and looked around the empty student council room. On the floor lies a red carpet, the inside was a rectangular shaped space, on both sides of the wall lies a bookshelf reaching as high as the ceiling and the location close to the door had a sofa and a small table placed there. The place between the rectangular shaped space and the entrance had three high class desks, two on the left and one on the right confronting each other. As for the inner part of the classroom, was a even more high class and more lordly desk.
  315. “Whoaaa…”
  317. Akatsuki slowly walked to the inner part of the classroom.
  319. The desk all have a name tag that presents the position and name, the desk that are facing left and right respectively belong to <Vice President Nanase Haruka>, <Secretary Uesaki Ryouhei> and <Accountant Aihara Minami>.
  320. After seeing the nametag of the inner most table, Akatsuki narrowed his eyes.
  322. <Student President Hikami Kyouya>
  324. …This is that fellow’s desk…
  326. Akatsuki suddenly remembered the silver-haired male who tested him back in the entrance inspection.
  328. “So that’s it…”
  330. Akatsuki circled around the desk and sit rudely on Kyouya’s seat.
  332. Babel school president’s seat, the throne of the strongest Japanese.
  334. This position is a goal that he must conquer one day.
  336. Akatsuki crossed his legs, turned the seat and faced the window behind him.
  338. The student council room is located at the highest floor of the school building. Through the entire surface of a French window, JPN Babel school’s campus can be seen throughout.
  340. High above the landscape, all the people looked extraordinarily small. The distant surface looked like the underworld.
  342. …Being at this place too long will inevitably produce an illusion.
  344. Akatsuki’s brain emerged another person’s shadow. It is not the owner of this seat Hikami Kyouya, but another person he is familiar with.
  346. After turning the chair back to the front, Akatsuki rudely placed his legs on top of the desk.
  348. He used both hands to hold the back of his head, placing his upper body’s entire weight onto the back of chair, he leisurely straightened his body.
  350. Then he yawned and closed his eyes.
  352. Waiting.
  354. After a period of time, the student council door opened, two females and a male appeared behind the door, but Kyouya wasn’t there. All three of them is wearing an armband, embroidered on top was the student council and its title, looks like it should be members of the student council.
  356. “You’ve waited fo….Huh?”
  358. Her eyes reflected on the deserted sofa, the female who was wearing the Vice president armband was slightly surprised. The vice president is a beautiful female with superior qualities, her shoulder-length hair swaying as she moves around, further underlines her scholarly style. As she slowly move her gaze forward, her eyes met with Akatsuki. Akatsuki gently raised his hand and provided a greeting.
  360. “Hello, you guy finally came.”
  362. Until the new second, she finally realized that Akatsuki was currently sitting on the chair of the Student Council president.
  364. “—!”
  366. The vice president’s face immediately changed.
  368. “Y..You… What are you doing!”
  370. She headed toward Akatsuki at a surprisingly fast speed, the other two were just standing there with a shocked expression and do not know what to do. The vice president Nanase Haruka quickly reached Akatsuki’s side, with a face filled with rage.
  372. “You dare! You…Stand up immediately! This seat isn’t something a normal student like you can randomly sit in!”
  374. “Didn’t you guys ask me to wait for a while? I only listened to you guys only”
  376. Although Akatsuki tried to pretend he was innocent, but inside of him he was secretly delighted. Haha, she indeed fell into his trap.
  378. “And chairs are chairs, when have you heard of a chair that you can’t sit on?”
  380. “—Basically, she was not referring to the physical abilities of it.”
  382. “…That is Kyouya’s seat.”
  384. The unfamiliar sounds entered his ears, Akatsuki turned around and noticed that the other two have already reached the front of the desk. The male, who is unconsciously scratching his head, seems to be the student council secretary Uesaki Ryouhei. His hair was very casual and also had a thick layer of hair clay. His face was wearing a lazily expression, and can be seen that he was not as agitated as the vice president, he only felt that Akatsuki’s act was incredible only.
  386. The person who was standing quietly behind him should be the student council’s accountant Aihara Minami. With a slightly long straight hair, both sides of hair braided and long bangs nearly covered her left eye, you can still see her beautiful upright face.
  388. …All three of them plus Hikama Kyouya, that is all the student council members.
  390. Akatsuki looked at the three people in front of him and attempted to imagine the scene when all four stood together. He noticed that the imagine was quite coordinated, no wonder that they became JPN Babel school’s four kings.
  392. “—Did you not hear us? Quickly stand up, do not tarnish Hikami-kaichou’s seat!”
  394. Haruka angrily pulled a long face, but her angry look was indescribably sexy.
  396. Akatsuki, joyfully playing around, curtly refused to stand up.
  398. “You angry expression is actually quite cute.”
  400. “—!”
  402. Haruka suddenly blush with embarrassment.
  404. “Don’t go overboard —”
  406. Just when Haruka was about to scold him.
  408. The student council office doors opened again, Kyouya came in from the outside.
  410. “Ahhh…?”
  412. Everyone’s expression made Kyouya immediately understand the situation, he could not help but have a hint of a smile on his face.
  414. Almost at the same time—
  416. “—!”
  418. Akatsuki suddenly took action, there was absolutely no signs beforehand. Only to see him step onto table and jumped over Ryouhei and Minami’s heads, and after landing, immediately sprinted forward.
  420. “Ah—!”
  422. Tossing away everyone’s cry of alarm to the back of his head, Akatsuki swiftly moved towards Kyouya. Just when he thought he succeeded, a sudden gust of wind blew in front of his eyes. A closer look revealed the vice president Nanase Haruka.
  424. …So fast!
  426. Akastuki was slightly surprised. In that split second, she could actually catch up him who sprinted at full speed, this girl really isn’t that simple. Akatsuki looked at the vice president in front of her, and noticed her surroundings was with activated magic circles, she probably used the wind attribute magic to produce a high speed movement. But to complete the chant in such a short period of time, it can also prove that her strength is not to be underestimated.
  428. …The so-called vice president should be the second most powerful person here.
  430. Akatsuki smiled and suddenly crouched in front of Haruka.
  432. “—?”
  434. Haruka’s focus was suddenly attracted downward. Taking advantage of this moment, Akatsuki took a violently jumped, utilizing the knee’s elasticity to directly leap over Haruka’s head.
  436. “—!”
  438. An unusual atmosphere came from behind. Akatsuki turned around to look in midair, and was surprised to see a huge fireball coming towards him.
  440. The fireball was created from the magic by Ryouhei and it was on an inevitable direct course. Akatsuki hurriedly collected the ki within his body, and twisted his body in midair, using a right kick to face the fireball. After a heavy bang, the fireball was split into fragments, and under the protection of his ki, Akatsuki’s right foot was completely unharmed.
  442. “Oh, you’re quite remarkable!”
  444. Ryouhei applauded, but Akatsuki could see it very clearly. Minami, who was beside Ryouhei, stretched both hands and touching the ground, clearly showing signs of an activating magic circle. The floor  — Akatsuki subconsciously looked below.
  446. However, there was no attack coming from the bottom. Akatsuki was slightly surprised, and thought he was in a tight corner inside of him.
  448. —Above?
  450. Akatsuki raised his head and looked at the ceiling, but unfortunately he was a step too late. A giant mud hand appeared on the ceiling, trying to push Akatsuki to the ground.
  452. “…Damn!”
  454. Akatsuki continued to fall used the momentum of engaging the fireball, to abruptly change the direction of his body.
  456. He then extended his left arm and directly stabbed into the giant mud hand. Under the effects of Renkan Keikikou, the mud arm instantly turned into pieces. Akatsuki took advantage of this gap to adjust his position, barely landing with one knee on the ground.
  458. However— His actions had been stopped.
  460. “Immediately stop the attack or we will not be hold back anymore.”
  461. Akatsuki was surrounded by three people, all three of them had their palms raised towards Akatsuki. If Akatsuki tries to resist, they will mercilessly attack.
  463. “…What just happened here?”
  465. Kyouya’s tone had a hint of laughter.
  467. Akatsuki slowly stood up, with a face that was completely outside of this situation.
  469. “Someone called me to the student council office, I had thought that you wanted to settle our unfinished duel and purposely called me here.”
  471. “Knock it off, I don’t even know why you appeared here.”
  473. “Ousawa Akatsuki, it is me who looked for you.”
  475. The speaker was Nanase Haruka with a very serious expression.
  477. “The Disciplinary Committee Members have already reported to me. On the first day of school, you were involved in a dispute between students,I can only say that your luck is extremely bad. That student called Onizuka will received the proper punishment, we, the student council, will like to specially thank you for your courageous acts.”
  478. There was no smile, nor any feelings, it was purely a businesslike tone.
  480. Akatsuki shrugged.
  482. “After half a day, you only found me to express your gratitude?”
  484. “—And to give you a grave warning.”
  486. Haruka’s tone carried a hint of angry.
  488. “Causing trouble on the first day of school, you have already become the Disciplinary Committee Member’s target. The Disciplinary Committee Members belongs to my elite team, if you continue to cause any trouble, we would use all our power to arrest and confine you in order to maintain the peace on campus.”
  490. Haruka narrowed his eyes, revealing a cold killing intent.
  492. “—Especially acts that disrespects us, or you will face the consequences yourself.”
  494. Haruka right arm swayed and stepped back.
  496. “What was needed to be said is finished, please return.”
  498. The cold eyes did not contain the slightest warmth.
  500. The sound of the heavy doors slowly closing echoed in the silent corridor. The location is the student council building located at the highest floor of the school.
  502. The figure standing at the corridor is Akatsuki who have just left the student council office.
  504. In fact, he really wanted to have a duel with Kyouya, but there was no chance of winning 1 vs. 4.
  506. Although his actions planted a fuse, but it was likely that there is a chance to attack the student council president in the future. The current Akatsuki could not do anything now, but only hope for an opportunity to occur.
  507. …Based on the above considerations, they probably believed that Akatsuki had already given up.
  509. Akatsuki stared back at the door of the student council office, a hint of smile appeared on his face. Too Naïve. Was 4 against 1 really a big advantage? Did everybody bring out their true strength? Thus — there is no possibilities of a surprised attack now?
  511. …Too careless and too full of yourself.
  512. Akatsuki activated Renkan Keikikou and unleashed his body’s inner ki.
  514. …Directly destroying the door…No, it should be better to attack from afar.
  516. Just as a precaution, Akatsuki had already prepared against the others, he even took the opportunity to consider the possibility of a counter attack. In the end, he still think that a direct assault, defeating each of them one by one was the most effective tactic. Placing the strongest, Kyouya, at the very last and taking out the other three seems to be good. Akatsuki gently licked his lips, concentrated, and extended his right palm gently against the doors.
  518. …Sorry, I cannot be standing still.
  520. Today I will destroy JPN Babel’s leadership.
  522. “… I advise you to remove the idea out of your head.”
  524. The sudden warning enetered his ears, Akatsuki turned and looked at the direction of the sound.
  526. “… Huh? Where’s the person?”
  528. But in front of him, not even half a person exists, Akatsuki could only saw the empty silent corridor.
  530. “I am here.”
  532. The voice sounded again. Akatsuki’s gaze followed the source of the sound and went down, only to be surprised to see a petite female youth standing in front of him. Strictly speaking not a female youth, but a female child. Her age is about ten and her height is only to Akatsuki’s waist, she also kept her black hair to her waist. Although her face was expressionless, it did come with a doll-like beauty. She will become a stunning beauty in time. Her entire body is expressing an intellectual aura, wearing a kimono would be unexpectedly outstanding. However, she is not wearing a kimono, but a JPN Babel school uniform.
  534. “You can interpret their thoughts, but likewise they can see through you.”
  536. The girl looked up at Akatsuki with cold eyes, and no emotional tone.
  538. Akatsuki crouched down and looked at the girl in front of him.
  540. “…Did you get lost? Where did you come from, little girl?”
  542. “That should be a little girl in your class, Ousawa-kun.”
  544. The girl smiled slightly.
  546. “I am B-class class representative Doumoto Kuzuha. The first class’s location is at another location, let me bring you there.”
  549. Part 3
  551. “… Still hasn’t appeared.”
  553. Inside of the student council office, Haruka muttered to herself while staring at the door
  555. Ryouhei then placed both hands onto the back of his head.
  557. “There is actually times when Kyouya’s sixth sense is wrong.”
  559. “There’s nothing that can be done, this type of thing has always been based mostly on luck.”
  561. Kyouya chuckled uninterestedly, and soon bowed down his head deep in thought.
  563. …There is an 80% chance that Kuzuha stopped him outside. Ah, why?
  565. Oh well. Although I am curious about the results after a direct confrontation, but I should temporarily save this kind of fun. Once he thought about it up to this point, Kyouya cannot help but  laugh.
  567. “Anyways there are plenty of opportunities in the future, there is no need to hurry.”
  569. “At that time, leave it to me!”
  571. Haruka said in high spirits:
  573. “I, as the vice president, command the Disciplinary Committee Members to perform the purging tasks.”
  575. “However, the report says that he cannot use magic, that fact seems to be true.”
  577. Ryouhei recalled Akatsuki’s previous actions and his reactions towards magical attacks.
  579. “But his fighting ability makes one dumbfounded.”
  581. “It feels that he is very used to fighting techniques.”
  583. Minami chipped in.
  585. “I think he must very aware of his own strengths, he really is a powerful enemy.”
  587. “How strange, you would actually praise others—”
  589. Ryouhei was greatly surprised and then suddenly frowned.
  591. After thinking for a while, he decided to ask Minami directly to understand the situation.
  593. “Minami, why is the buttons in front of your chest opened?”
  595. “…?...That’s true.”
  597. The perplexed Minami looked to her chest and was about to fasten the buttons when her hands suddenly stopped in midair.
  599. There was no other reason, Minami has already discovered the abnormality in front of her chest.
  601. “…Gone.”
  603. “What is gone?”
  605. “What happened…Minami?”
  607. Haruka immediately found the answer. As they were both females, Haruka instantly noticed the Minami’s abnormality, but she just could not believe it in that moment. After all, it isn’t during the moment, where the owner is unknown to the situation, for things to disappear.
  609. “Could it be…”
  611. At that moment, Haruka was suspicious.
  613. “—!”
  615. Her faced suddenly became pale.
  617. “I…It…can’t be…!”
  619. Her pale face suddenly flushed. She bit tightly on her lower lips, and embarrassedly brushed her thighs, her expression was very shy.
  621. Afterwards, she began to care about the length of her skirt, and ultimately could resist—
  623. “S…Sorryy, I’ll excuse myself.”
  625. Haruka gently stepped back a few steps, and left the student council office in panic.
  627. The momentum of opening the heavy doors was surprising, but the momentum of closing door was even more astonishing.
  629. The sound of the doors opening and closing constantly echoed in the classroom.
  631. “…But she only needs to use the washroom, why does she need to be so nervous? I really don’t understand what females are thinking in their heads.”
  633. “Yes, it is really hard to understand.”
  635. Facing the dismissive Ryouhei, Kyouya, who knew the truth, could only shake his head with a wry smile.
  637. The transparent space over the horizon. The elevator, with a quiet motor driven sound, is slowly going down. The elevator gently went down heading towards its destination floor, seemed like a giant steel bar dropping down. During the short stay at the elevator, Akatsuki and Kuzuha chatted.
  639. “—So you skipped grades, very impressive.”
  641. When facing Akatsuki’s praises, Kuzuha still had no expression.
  643. “I just turned 11, which is equivalent to an elementary 6th grader.
  645. But the 11 years old Kuzuha was the same as Akatsuki, they were both students in the high school sector. Babel school originally had the so-called grade skipping system, but her example of grade skipping was a rare case.
  647. Babel school is not a place where you are only seeking knowledge, besides the static lessons, combat training is also included in their daily curriculum. This could be said that not only has Kuzuha’s intelligence been confirmed, her combat capability was not inferior to the students older than her by 5 years.
  649. “The class rep is certainly outstanding.”
  651. “That’s hard to say. However, the student council members you were going to challenge before is much more amazing than me.”
  653. “I believe that’s true, after all, the student council member are JPN Babel School’s top youths.
  655. Akatsuki muttered. Then the words following that came from Kuzuha left Akatsuki dumbfounded.
  657. “It’s not that simple. The student council president Hikami Kyouya is part of <COCOON>.”
  659. “—”
  661. Akatsuki’s was slightly startled, almost suspecting if he has heard wrong.
  663. After noticed an unusual Akatsuki, Kuzuha frowned and looked a little surprised.
  665. “…Are you okay?”
  667. Akatsuki looked down at Kuzuha, only to see her expressionlessly say:
  669. “You face … is a little bit scary.”
  671. “…Sorry. I didn’t think he was actually part of <COCOON>…Hahaha, so that’s it.”
  673. Akatsuki finally understand why on the day of the entrance inspect, why he could feel a strong pressure coming from him.
  675. — The new United Nation’s chairman, secretary general and G7’s Babel school highest authority, all of them are returnees who obtained a strong power from alternative world. These people are the so-called <COCOON>.
  677. Children of Cross Over Other Nation, in short <COCOON>. These people are all returnees who have achieved a title of a hero in alternative world. If you have to use the shortest description, they are the strongest warriors, at the same time, they represent the entire world. Akatsuki originally thought that Kyouya was only the strongest student in JPN Babel school, now it looks like he should be the strongest Japanese instead. No wonder during the entrance inspection, all the staff on the scene were all respectful to him, Akatsuki suddenly realized that.
  679. Just a single <COCOON> is enough to override the power of a national military. In order to implement the concept of world peace, they, as the elite of Babel, took up the responsibility to educate and manage the returnees. If a war occurs somewhere in the world, Babel will immediately intervene by sending the alternative returnees to the battlefield.
  681. On the surface, Babel seems to have young men and women who have various superpowers, developing them into a elite force to safeguard world peace and promote human prosperity. Contrarily, they are turning the alternative world returnees as a tool for war, in order to suppress the organizations worldwide.
  683. <COCOON>’s existence, would it really bring everlasting peace and prosperity? The answer is a no.
  685. There is a group of people who deemed the alternative world returnees as infidels, terrorist acts that uses cruel methods to persecute the faith and ideologies still remains in this world. Even as Akatsuki and Kuzuha are going down in the elevator currently,  there are many young returnees being sent off to the battlefield.
  687. The countless battlefields around the world did not have Babel’s defense barrier, returnee causalities naturally occur.
  689. The most difficult problem is the terrorists that reject the concept of Babel and oppose the returnees.
  691. One of the most famous terrorist organization is the brave and fierce <Scarlet Dusk>. Their goal is to select like-minded comrades among the returnees and create a whole new country, to advertise their thoughts and boast their strengths, they will often take the most intense means. <Scarlet Dusk>’s strength is say to be not inferior to <COCOON>, the local military, and even the new United Nations and Babel all are hopeless against them.
  693. Aside from <Scarlet Dusk>, the world still have many other terrorist organization, their common point is that they regarded Babel as their number one enemy.
  695. “…”
  697. Akatsuki looked at the somewhat immature Doumoto Kuzuha.
  699. A thin body as if could be easily broken gently into pieces if just a bit of strength was used. Even a girl like
  700. this will be pushed into the battlefield to act as cannon fodder, just because she was an alternative world returnee.
  702. Akatsuki could not accept this cruel reality. This is a mistaken world, and it is horribly wrong too.
  704. After Kuzuha was aware of Akatsuki’s sight, she showed a mischievous smile.
  706. “Although you were not aware of the situation before, but how did the feeling of challenging the world feel?”
  708. “Not bad actually, not bad at all.”
  710. Akatsuki also grinned. Isn’t it? This is the reason why Ousawa Akatsuki returned to this world.
  712. At that moment Akatsuki suddenly remembered one thing, he could not help but scratch his cheek embarrassedly.
  714. “But…If I had known, I should have placed another type of fuse instead.”
  716. “How chaotic, what kind of fuse did you planted?”
  718. “Well, probably something like this.”
  720. After saying all this, Akatsuki suddenly flipped up Kuzuha’s skirt.
  722. He wanted to confirm something.
  724. “…”
  726. The defenseless Kuzuha just stood still, and did not know how to react. The skirt that was raised high up was slowly falling. The expressionless Kuzuha stared at Akatsuki.
  728. “…Ousawa-kun, I did not expect you to be some sort of pervert that was interested in a girl’s panties.”
  730. “Class rep, aren’t you too calm? It was completely outside of my expectations. A normal girl encountering such a thing, shouldn’t they either be angry or crying, or else angrily attack back?”
  732. Yet Kuzuha did not have any of these reactions, this point was what Akatsuki had guessed. Kuzuha lacked the feelings that a teenager should have.
  734. But no wonder, Akatsuki thought.
  736. Suddenly being summoned to an alternative world, survived a life that was unimaginably lonely, and finally managed to come back to the original world. The result having to be split apart from her friends in the same age group, and start a unfamiliar school life with a bunch of strangers that are a few years older. In addition to that, she could be sent off to the battlefield any time, having her emotions changed greatly is reasonable.
  738. —Or Kuzuha must have lived in an environment where they had to suppress their feelings from a young age.
  739. “That’s enough.”
  741. Her tone reveals a bit of unhappiness. The grumbling Kuzuha looked down at her feet, Akatsuki sensed that from her tone and actions, she felt a bit of emotional upheaval. A expression of a normal girl flashed by, but this made Akatsuki kindled some hope. Yes, it is still not too late.
  743. During his life at Alayzard, Akatsuki saw the darkness within the humans, he understand that the people who are physically and mentally battered will eventually have a miserable fate, no matter whether it was male or female, old or young. However, Kuzuha was different, she still have some hope, a chance for her to recover the emotions that a normal female should have.
  745. However he should still call it a day, as they often say “haste makes waste”.
  747. He should first try to make her happy before continuing such a conversation.
  749. “You panties are very cute, is that a cat?”
  751. “No, it’s a bear.”
  753. In the end, he failed.
  756. Part 4
  758. “Ding Dong—“ Following a sound effect that sounds like answering a correct answer, the elevator has reached the destination floor.
  760. The heavy doors opened and the passengers inside came out. Akatsuki and Kuzuha appeared from the elevator that had just reached the destination floor, mixed in with all the other students, and walked along the corridor. After confirming that there was no mistake—
  762. “—Ousawa Akatsuki, stop right there!”
  764. Nanase Haruka shouted. Akatsuki and Kuzuha unconsciously turned around, the students looked at each other, not knowing what had happened. Seeing an aggressive Haruka standing in the middle of the corridor, with both eyes looking back and forth on Akatsuki’s body, she was surprised to find that in the left pocket of the uniform pants revealed a white and pink cloth-like object.
  766. … It really was you who did it.
  768. Haruka’s corner of her lips rose slightly higher, but between her eyebrow, it was filled with killing intent.
  770. It should be during the short offensive in the Student Council Office—
  772. She did not know when did Akatsuki steal Minami’s bra and …
  774. …her…panti—!
  776. A flushed Haruka looked at Akatsuki. Selecting the strap-style underwear was certainly her own negligence, but it does not constitute an excuse for his behavior.
  778. Yes, It is all his fault.
  780. “You really have guts…”
  782. Haruka intentionally lowered the volume, her cheeks was still fiery red.
  784. “Offending the president is already an unforgivable crime, but to think that you also actually took Minami and I…O…
  785. Our…”
  787. “…Ousawa-kun.”
  789. “Oops, the fuse was actually lit. What should I do now?”
  791. Kuzuha gave a contemptuous look to Akatsuki, but Akatsuki only scratched his face embarrassedly.
  793. “I’m very sorry, vice president. I only wanted to test you out a bit, so I used the special skill my master personally taught to me, it absolutely did not mean any disrespect. If you want, I’ll return it to you, can you forgive me?”
  795. “—S...Shut Up! The president may have let you go, but that doesn’t mean that I will spare your life. To maintain order in JPN Babel, I will make you pay a price today.”
  797. After saying all this, Haruka waved her right hand, green light particles gathered between both her hands.
  799. The light particles instantly became a frame for a blade, and finally turned into a real crescent moon blade. Seeing this, Akatsuki could not help but widened his eyes.
  801. “Wh…What is this toy?”
  803. Today is his first day of school, Akatsuki is quite unfamiliar about knowledge and common sense within Babel, Haruka’s action was suspected of having no pride. However, Haruka did not care about this point, she has already identified the man in front of her eyes as a huge pervert, there is no need to talk about reason with this kind of person.
  805. “It will soon be over…”
  807. Haruka began to concentrate.
  809. The magic circle that covered her entire body instantly activated.
  811. As the event was sudden, the students watching on the side suddenly began to stir. A student council member suddenly used magic in the corridor, it is no wonder that everyone panicked. Although Haruka was apologetic deep inside, she did not have any plans to stop.
  813. …That’s right… It will soon be over.
  815. The magic chant was completed, Haruka immediately activated magic. Blessed by the elf’s wind magic, her entire body was wrapped by a swift whirlwind. This had the ability of increased movement speed and it was a magic that was more effective than the one she previously used in the Student Council Office.
  817. Beside from that, before activating the magic, Haruka specially did extra preparations to prevent accidents happening from under her skirt again.
  819. Unable to dodge, impossible to resist, and cannot be justified, the duel will be instantly over.
  821. With a flash of light, Haruka lifted up the crescent moon blade and pushed off with both legs.
  823. “—!”
  825. In a blink of an eye, she had already moved behind Akatsuki, swing down her hands with the crescent moon blade. If analysis in slow motion, she instantly moved across the corridor, passed through Akatsuki  and did a cross-cut. Under the effects of the barrier, Haruka’s attack will not cause any physical damage, but the targeted individual will still feel it. An attack multiplied by speed is equivalent to the amount of damage dealt to the enemy, according to this formula, Akatsuki’s mental consciousness should have taken serious damage,  and should have fainted already.
  827. “…Huh?”
  829. Turning back, Haruka saw an incredible sight.
  831. Akatsuki was still standing still, as if nothing had happened.
  833. … How is this possible? Didn’t I already hit him?
  835. Compared to a extremely shocked Haruka, Akatsuki only shrugged calmly.
  837. “This is called Hard Qigong, a common weapon means nothing to me.”
  839. “So that’s it, you really are outstanding.”
  841. Haruka glanced coldly at Akatsuki.
  843. “Looks like I have to show my real skills, in order to stop a pervert like you.”
  845. This time she will not be lenient. Haruka added a wind blade on top of the crescent moon blade, this greatly increased the weapon’s attack, even steel or diamond could not withstand it. Just when she was about to wrap the swift wind around her body—
  847. …Huh?
  849. Haruka suddenly felt that the situation was strange.
  851. Her chest felt chilly. However, Haruka did not understand, and did not think that there is a possibility of such a thing occurring, thus she could not but looked down carefully. When her sight was about to fall upon her chest, an usual scene entered her sight. Akatsuki who was standing in front, his pant’s right pocket revealed a small pink cloth. A closer look reveals that it should be a bra strap, and it is not Minami’s belongings, but this item looks very familiar. Haruka unconsciously looked at her own chest, only to find out the button in front of her chest had been removed, exposing her white snowy skin and an attractive valley.
  853. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh—!”
  855. Haruka pressed against her chest and sat down on the spot. Without the protection of her panties, her private spot directly pressed against the cold floor, but it is not the time to care about it so much. This was really hard to believe, what kind of action did Akatsuki do just now? The answer was none, absolute none. Wait, could it be the moment she passed by him?
  857. “Vice president, will you still not forgive me?”
  859. Akatsuki scratched his head, narrowed both eyes and looked at the embarrassed Haruka.
  861. “Or do you want to continue to play around?”
  863. “~~~!”
  865. A flushed Haruka tightly bit her lower lips. No, she absolutely cannot let this person go unpunished, and cannot let him slip away from her own hands. But what is his next goal? Her shirt? Or her skirt? Just thinking about it is terrifying, not to mention that there are other students in their surroundings. If she makes a fool of herself in the middle of a crowd, wouldn’t this thoroughly discredit the student council?
  867. “Y…You remember this, Ousawa Akatsuki! The student council… No, I absolutely will not give up! One day I will personally punish you!”
  869. While saying all the ruthless words, Haruka allowed her surroundings to blow around and created a whirlwind.
  871. After the whirlwind subsided, Haruka had already disappeared.
  872. Only the sexual harassment criminal as well as the witnesses who saw the beginning of a legend was left at the scene.
  874. — The transfer student Ousawa Akatsuki pushed back the vice president Nanase Haruka.
  875. Akatsuki’s brilliant performance quickly spread throughout every corner of Babel.
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