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  1. The Dungeon, Tower World. Many centuries ago, when the sentient races of the world were still in their infancy, the Gods grew impatient, and decided to speed things along. Great Towers descended from the heavens, some falling to the earth, some hanging in the air, but all changing the lands around them. These were called The Primary Towers by those who lived in their shadow. As time progressed the sentient races matured, and these towers were slowly explored, with the burgeoning nations learning how to create their own, these copies known colloquially as the Lesser Towers. The Gods of the towers were angered by this display of insolence and released their wrath upon the world. New towers fell from the sky, and changed the skin of Orus. These new towers were known as Dungeon Towers, though some of the gods were lazy and just modified the existing lesser towers the humans had made in mockery of those of the Gods. These modified towers are known as the Greater Towers.
  3. Tower Hiarchy:
  4. The Primary Towers: The original constructs, sent from the Gods. An unknown number of them were created and are littered across the surface of Orus. The few that have been explored were never fully cleared, and still possess untold secrets.
  5. Dungeon Towers: A punishment upon those who sought to take control of the flames the gods sent to warm and nurture the mortals. The number of them is unknown, as with the Primary Towers. These towers affect the lands around them strangely, even vengefully, exhibiting some signs of sentience. Cities will pay to have a tower cleared but the towers can only be cleared temporarily. Eventually they become hostile once more, creating problems for those that live within their sphere of influence.
  7. Greater Tower:  Some of the gods of Orus were more spiteful, or perhaps less motivated to work their will upon the lands again. Instead, they converted the mockieres of creations, into these towers. These too effect the world around them, either producing monsters, or attracting them to the areas around them. They also move, every few years, a tower will up and disappear, leaving the current area residence, happier. Sometimes, more than one of these towers can appear in an area at a time, this is usually taken as a sign of a great calamity.
  9. Lesser Tower:  Some were created by power hungry mages, to show that they were just as strong as the gods. Others were created to show the appreciation for the gods. All were taken as slights against the gods, and so all are cursed. It is hard to tell one of these towers, from another, as the god's shrouded each in glamour. Those who enter into one of these, are stricken with all sorts of curses, and maladies. The only way to be rid of such things, is to complete the tower, even then, sometimes curses still linger.
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