Henric and Alex Part X (v1.4)

Feb 28th, 2014
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  1. Tags: Villainous male knight/virtuous female squire, reverse-trap, forced cuddling
  4. The squire woke up in early morning, and had never been greeted with such agony. A shrill moan escaped her, loud and wild and helpless. It was enough to wake Henric, but not loud enough to leave his room unless someone was listening just outside the door. Surely the spell protecting the door was gone by now.
  6. Alex shuddered and trembled in pain. It was everywhere, and she felt the acid still eating at her wounds, but slowly now. There was a burning everywhere in her every time her heart beat, and it seemed to beat so weakly now. Nevertheless she could not prevent herself from shaking like a leaf, and her pale skin was covered in a thin layer of sweat.
  8. Her body was so damaged and frail, she had never felt like this before. "Sir," she said. Her voice was nothing but a ghost of what it had been. "There is still acid in the wounds, I can feel it, and I can feel it in me... oh gods... I am too injured to get it out myself, I can barely move... please, sir, I could die if these get infected and I don't know what will happen now, this feels like poison..."
  10. Henric sat up and looked down at his squire, the girl that he owned. He couldn't bring himself to feel sorry for her, but he did not believe that she was lying to him and he had to admit to himself that he did not know the full extent of the powers of the sword.
  12. The squire's blue eyes were wide and pleading. She was utterly filthy from the monster’s blood still smeared on her from when it had gushed blood and brain juice on her. Her own blood was smeared even more prolifically.. The only clean spots seemed to be a pair of lines heading down from her eyes where her tears had been frequent travelers.
  14. "Fine," he said. He got up, and then grabbed Alex by her arm and pulled her to her feet. She cried out again in pain, and Henric found when he let go of her that she could not stand on her own. Alex tumbled forward against him and slid down to her knees. He pulled her up again (and again she made a sound of agony). He lifted her and carried her down to the main area of his room, setting her on the floor in the middle.
  16. Before he tended to her, he took his sword from where he had abandoned it stuck in the floor, and sheathed it properly before going back to Alex.
  18. He looked down at her thoughtfully. "You are disgusting, do you know that?"
  20. She flinched, and looked up at him. Those blue eyes of hers, so expressive. The emotions they showed Henric were almost as nourishing as food, in a way. Her pain was sweet like honey.
  22. "There is no one more disgusting than you," she said. Her voice was a rasp.
  24. "I am not the girl covered in monster blood," he said, running a finger over her cheek. "And her own blood."
  26. Alex had no response to this, but she seemed to shrink. She said, "I hurt everywhere."
  28. Henric ignored this complaint, and took the bucket of water from the corner. This wasn't especially clean water, but it wasn't filthy. He'd had Alex using it to clean the mirror and windows with it recently. After one more glance at the girl, he knew the water would be filthy when he was done cleaning her. Stupid whore. She should have known better than to end up like this.
  30. Alex watched Henric as if she were in a daze, but in actuality she was intensely focused on ignoring pain and controlling her reactions. She didn't move when she felt the cold, wet, washcloth press to her face and begin to wipe away the blood and grime. She looked at his eyes, but he didn't look into hers. It was for the best, she supposed. He was quick and rough with his cleaning, but more important than that: he was thorough. The only times she reacted were those horrible times that he ran the washcloth over a wound, making her moan or yelp. The handprint on her shoulder was the deepest mark and the dirtiest. Tears fell out of her eyes the whole time Henric had to clean it out. Normally he might have smiled as he inflicted her with pain, but it was a means to an end that she wanted, and her cooperation stole the fun.
  32. After the water he took the salve and covered each patch of raw skin. Alex behaved as if this were some enrapturing experience of unrivaled relief, and the way her head reclined with her mouth open was exactly the way she looked when Henric made her cum. Except happier. The more of it he put on injured parts of her, the more she seemed to wake up and become sharper. Her fever receded and her breathing started to return to a more normal rhythm.
  34. Every time he thought he was finished, Alex would make a small sound and twitch an arm or leg and he would see another sore. The places where she had been burned were ever so slightly concave, and Henric was blown away by how impressively powerful the sword was.
  36. Finally she spoke. "What are you going to tell them today when I can't come to training?"
  38. He contemplated, then spoke a lie as if it were fact. “You were bitten yesterday. There was no venom, but this morning we realized that the wound was much worse than we thought. You have a fever.”
  40. It took her a moment to grasp what he was getting at, and then she nodded slowly. "Don't let anyone visit me." She thought of Ellis, wandering into the room…
  42. "Of course." He got up and paced while thinking to himself. "I'll let the other knights know of your unfortunate predicament when you’re bandaged. After that I have a meeting with my friend Kerran."
  44. The necromancer. Alex was glad she wouldn’t have to go with Henric.
  46. “It’s such a shame we got so carried away last night and you can’t meet him. I really would have liked to have the chance to show you off to him, but there will be other chances later too,” Henric sighed. He had barely unpacked from yesterday’s trip to the beast’s cave, and it wasn’t much work for him to repack his things. He went through cupboards and drawers until he found rolls of bandages. “He and I will be traveling a bit, there are errands that must be run and quite frankly I enjoy his company better than yours when you’re sick.”
  48. Those words aroused curiosity in Alex--'when you’re sick'. He enjoyed her company when she wasn’t? But no emotions crossed her face and she stared ahead just as she had been. Henric knelt next to her again and began to wrap bandages over her where he could, where they would cover the injuries without falling off. His face was so close to hers and he could not stop himself from leaning forward a few inches to brush his lips against her soft pink cheek just for the sensation of the texture.
  50. She pulled back slightly, but then his lips were at her ear and he groaned into it. “Oh, Alex. You proved to me last night that you can take anything I throw your way. And now, I’ve cleaned you up, I’ve bandaged you… you look almost like a young lady again.”
  52. “What are you getting at?” she asked him.
  54. Henric put a hand on her hip where she was sitting to keep her from scooting away. “You might be disgusting,” he said. “But you’re a tough little bitch, Alex. You’ll be a strong knight like me.”
  56. “I don’t want to be a knight like you,” she whimpered, and for once he didn’t hear her or retaliate, his mind was elsewhere.
  58. “When things are different,” he said, stroking her messy hair lovingly while his blue eyes bored into hers. “When I am in charge, you will rule beside me, Alex.”
  60. “No,” she corrected him. “That will never happen.”
  62. Her knight gave her a look of pity and disdain, then talked on casually, “I’ll leave you something to eat.” He stroked his beard. “You’ll be fine. A few weeks of that salve of yours and we’ll see how those scars will turn out.”
  64. Alex reacted with subdued horror and her face looked drawn. “Scars? I hadn’t really… I suppose they would...” She hadn’t seen herself in a mirror since last night. It was probably better not to look at her shoulder, where she would have sworn she still felt Henric’s hand holding onto her.
  66. Henric nodded. “You will have scars. So many lovely gifts to remember me by even when I’m not with you.” He smiled and laughed softly to himself on his way out the door to talk to the knights and get food. His final glance at Alex he saw her staring ahead with horror at the thought of marks on her body.
  68. It was an extreme displeasure for him to find Ellis climbing the stone steps. “Can I help you, squire?” he asked, his eyes narrowing.
  70. “Oh, I was coming to get Alex,” he said, looking caught off-guard. “Is he okay? He’s usually up by now with us on the field. But…”
  72. “Alex was bitten on our mission yesterday. He’s not poisoned but he’s having trouble walking. Don’t disturb him,” Henric explained severely, and made a sweeping gesture with his arm to tell the boy to go back the way he had come.
  74. “Yes, sir,” Ellis said sadly. “Do you think he’ll be better tomorrow?”
  76. “I doubt it,” Henric said. He walked down the steps very quickly and was annoyed to have Ellis keep pace with him, continuing the conversation.
  78. “Do you think that I’d be able to visit him tomorrow?” pressed Ellis.
  80. “Why is it so important that you speak with him?” Henric countered. He suppressed a frown and tried to play the part of a ‘good’ knight. “I could pass along a message, if you like. What shall I say?”
  82. There was something that Ellis didn’t seem prepared for as Henric crossed the field to where the other knights were standing around correcting Glenn and Micah’s stances and footwork with swords. Sir Cuthbert saw them first and waved, and with his next breath, Henric had slipped casually into his friendly knight persona that had fooled everyone around him for years.
  84. “Henric!” Cuthbert said. “Where’s Alex? You’re usually the one sleeping in, not him!”
  86. “Very funny,” Henric said. In reality, he was furious that his brothers seemed to want to spend time with his squire so much. They should have been excited to see him, Henric, the best swordsman, the smartest, the most handsome among them. They should all have desired his company far more than Alex’. He explained the lie he’d practiced on Ellis and was repulsed by their looks of concern.
  88. “He’s bandaged up, just sleeping today,” Henric said. “He’ll be fine given time.”
  90. As soon as the opportunity presented itself, Henric escaped their company and in the pantry he took rolls of bread and a cup of some thick stew back to his squire. Alex was lying perfectly still on her furs, sleeping on top of all of them. Henric took a step sideways to admire her buttocks and pale thighs.
  92. “There’s food on the table. Do not leave here, Alex. I’ll be back tomorrow night,” he said.
  94. She woke and stirred and processed his words, then gave a slight nod. Henric approached her and knelt down at her side. He grabbed her jaw and kissed her almost tenderly while she was too sleepy to pull away.
  96. Then he left.
  99. Ellis and Micah watched Sir Henric ride away on his red stallion. Micah said, “Sometimes I think he doesn’t really care about Alex that much.”
  101. There wasn’t much that Ellis could respond with but a shrug. Alex had demanded that he not think about it, but he’d disobeyed her and come to very uncomfortable conclusions. They kept him up at night. He said, “I dunno. I’d rather not make assumptions.”
  103. Micah threw his hands up. “You sound like Glenn. So noble, no sense for scandal.”
  105. Ellis shrugged, guilty. “I guess gossip stopped being fun after being a page for me. I dunno man. Maybe I’m just out of it today.”
  108. Ellis checked the stables that evening when he had free time to make sure that Sir Henric was still gone, then he jogged to where Alex was still sequestered and he knocked on the door.
  110. He didn’t hear anything, so he knocked again.
  112. “Yes?” he heard Alex faintly, and heard movement. Ellis wanted to say more but didn’t want to be heard when he spoke. Fortunately, a piece of paper slid out from under the door.
  114. He took it and read: It’s best you don’t try to talk to me here. Sneak out tonight. See you where we made that fire when Micah had the rum.
  117. Alex had enough drugs to keep her numb on top of the salve. She had already eaten everything Henric had left for her to eat and she’d gulped all the fresh water.
  119. She’d also found that she couldn’t move her arm well enough (the drugs prevented her from feeling the pain but she knew that it was there like a tiger hiding in tall grass every time she moved) to tie her breasts down, so she just pulled a tunic on. It would be dark. She would be with Ellis.
  121. One of the guards was out tonight, but he was on the other side of the barracks, sleeping in a chair. He was of no concern to Alex as she walked slowly out and up the hill into the trees. She felt happy, and she forgot her pain. She felt like she was leaving Henric’s clutches, his controlling death grip, by meeting with Ellis in secret.
  123. “Alex!” Ellis whispered from behind a tree, stepping from the darkest shadows into the second darkest shadows where Alex was. “Hey are you okay?”
  125. She shook her head gravely, and held up her good hand to communicate that it would be a bad idea to hug her. “I’m pretty fucked up right now. Henric nearly killed me last night.”
  127. Ellis looked like she had struck him, there was a wash of helplessness across his face followed by flickers of rage and anger. Alex didn’t want to hurt him like that, and the moment she told him she also wished she could have taken it back. But she was stuck now, stuck finishing what she had come there to ask him.
  129. “If I die, or if I ever go missing,” she said, “Tell everyone what was happening. Please.”
  131. “Alex, you need to tell them all now.”
  133. “I can’t,” she said bitterly. “If I talk, I can’t be a knight.”
  135. “But I don’t want you to die,” Ellis pleaded. His voice broke.
  137. “Better dead than… not a knight. That’s, that’s all I have, Ellis. My whole life. I have to be… a boy.” She sighed. “I have to become a knight, and even if I didn’t have to, that’s what I want to do more than anything else anyway. I want to help people and fight for good. I have to marry this girl because our dads figured it out ahead of time. If I fuck up and get caught, I fuck it up for a lot more people than just me.”
  139. Ellis looked sick. He repeated, “I don’t want you to die.”
  141. Alex looked at him and nodded. She didn’t want to die either. Maybe it was time to stop trying to be the hero that she wanted to be and time to start being smart enough to survive Henric. Looking at Ellis with his wet eyes and slumped shoulders, Alex couldn’t bear the idea of hurting him by getting badly hurt again. She said, “I don’t want to die either. I’m… I’m going to do my best to change things so that I… so that he’s less violent.
  143. “I’m sorry you’re part of my lie,” she said, and meant it. “I can’t imagine being in your shoes.”
  145. “I can’t imagine being in yours,” Ellis said.
  147. They were very quiet. Alex was too numb to feel how cold the night was. Finally Alex broke the silence and said, “I need to sleep. You need to sleep. When I’m better I think… we should sneak out like this more.”
  149. Even in the dark she saw her friend’s face turn absolutely scarlet, and her lips twitched into a smile.
  151. “It’s good to have a friend,” she said. “I’ll sneak back first, then you. The guard won’t notice.”
  154. She slept until Henric came back late the next day and she enjoyed every moment of rest. She was so soundly asleep that she barely stirred when he entered, and her eyes didn’t open until he knelt at her side and felt his hand in her hair.
  156. “Hello, Alex,” he said softly.
  158. Alex made no reply, just looking at him wide-eyed. Henric seemed alive and awake, but there were dark circles under his eyes and his long hair looked ragged. He got up, leaving his traveling gear on the floor and abandoning his armor in a pile of metal as he shed it piece by piece. Clothes followed, and Alex hid her eyes. She hoped to will herself back to sleep, but couldn’t stop from clenching her entire body when she felt his touch on her back.
  160. “What?” she asked weakly.
  162. “Come to bed, young one,” Henric said, and he picked her up despite moans of weak protest. One of his arms supported her ass, holding her against his side, and he climbed up to his bed with his other arm while Alex leaned against him and took the path of least resistance.
  164. “I was already in bed,” she said into his ear.
  166. “Not with me,” he said, laying her out and wrapping them both in the covers, wrapping Alex in his grip and inhaling her scent. She felt him shudder as his hand ran over her rear. “I did so miss having my little squire while I was away.”
  168. “You weren’t gone for very long,” she complained.
  170. “Next time, you’re coming with me,” he purred. “Kerran is extremely excited to meet you, Alex. I really do not want to disappoint him when he meets you.”
  172. “I want to disappoint him,” she muttered.
  174. “Do you want to start a fight right now?” Henric countered. His muscles tensed around the girl, and she shook her head. She really didn’t want to fight right now. That would only hurt Ellis and make him worry. It was better that her pride suffer than her body. She needed more sleep. Pragmatism won out and she went limp.
  176. “Good girl,” Henric said, and Alex cringed as he gave her forehead a kiss. “Have sweet dreams.”
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