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Aug 22nd, 2014
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  1. //save this or something similar to your titanfall r1 folder "\Origin Games\Titanfall\r1"
  2. //most save as autoexec.cfg because they know it works.
  3. //in your game properties add +exec autoexec.cfg
  4. //if you have other - commands like -high or -novid, they can all be in any order.
  5. //if you need a one button eject sequence, this is the alias script below, and the bind.
  6. bind "k" "+quickeject"
  7. alias +quickeject "+scriptCommand1;TitanEject1;TitanEject2;TitanEject3;+use;-use;+use;-use;+use;-use;+use;"
  8. alias -quickeject "-scriptCommand1;TitanEject1;TitanEject2;TitanEject3;-use;"
  9. //bind "tab" "+scores" //below alias script is so you can hold tab for scores instead of toggle
  10. alias "+scores" "+showscores"
  11. alias "-scores" "+showscores"
  12. m_sensitivity "0.750000" //I prefer higher DPI settings, but this just goes back to 1 when you launch the game.
  13. cl_showfps 1 //awesomeness
  14. m_rawinput 1 //placebo effect?
  15. cl_showpos 1 //position on map top left for me, pretty interesting
  16. cl_showtime 1
  18. //below this line are some failed titanfall commands
  19. //it will bind the keys, but they do nothing in game, in menus, or anywhere really
  20. fps_max "144"
  21. host_framerate "144"
  22. con_enable 1
  23. bind "`" "toggleconsole"
  24. bindtoggle "\" "cl_showfps"
  25. bind "kp_minus" "fps_max 144"
  26. bind "o" "showconsole"
  27. bind "i" "hideconsole"
  28. bind "l" "kill"
  29. bind "p" "say Would you look at that"
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