Anon Investigates - 4

Mar 11th, 2016
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  1. >A particularly heavy bump of the train carriage woke me up from my sleep
  2. >I looked around the booth, eyes still heavy from my rest.
  3. >Twilight was sitting on the opposite side of the booth to me, cradling a sleeping purple dragon in her hooves.
  4. >She looked at me and smiled, seeing that I had woken
  5. >“Hey, Glass. You sleep well?”
  6. “As well as I can while this train is bumping around.” I yawned. “How’s Spike?”
  7. >“Hadn't woken since we got on the train.
  8. >Fair enough.
  9. >He'd gone through some pretty horrible shit, something that a pony, human, dragon, anything should never have to go through.
  10. >I can only imagine how horrible the fear of never seeing your friends or family again would be like.
  11. >I hadn't really had any friends back on earth, but now… that was different.
  12. >I had friends, and with that, I had the possibility of losing them.
  13. >I had made an unwritten promise a while ago to not let myself get attached to ponies.
  14. >Who knows if two seconds after becoming friends with Somepony, I have to betray them for a client?
  15. >It was easier to just avoid friends all together.
  16. >But I had friends.
  17. >I had a friend in Twilight, Spike, hell, even Scootaloo and the cutie mark crusaders had kept hanging out with me.
  18. >I thought about my situation and my mind started to wander.
  19. >Why not just roll with it?
  20. >I had friends, I had family.
  21. >This body was permanent unless Twilight miraculously found a “cure” for being a tiny pony.
  22. >I found myself smiling at the thought.
  23. >Why the fuck not?
  24. >I had been given this chance to start a new.
  25. >A new lease on life.
  26. >“It's nice to see you smiling instead of scowling, you know.”
  27. >I jumped and looked at Twilight, my train of thought derailed.
  28. >I blushed a bit and looked away.
  29. >I felt like forcing myself to scowl just to prove her wrong, but what was the point?
  30. >I felt happy.
  31. >So I smiled.
  32. >There wasn't anything wrong with that.
  34. >A week had passed now since we got home, and Spike was slowly adjusting to being back.
  35. >He seemed to flinch at the slightest sound and whimpered every time a door slammed shut.
  36. >I tried to accommodate the poor guy, but he had clearly gone through something horrid when he was in captivity.
  37. >Word had come yesterday in the form of a letter from princess Celestia that due to the information Twilight and I had provided the city guard, they had managed to shut down that particular animal trading ring as well as a pony slavery ring connected to it.
  38. >Twilight was ecstatic that she and I had managed to make a difference, but it didn't seem to enthuse Spike that much, and honestly, I was too worried about him to celebrate with Twilight.
  39. >Over the next couple of days, I didn't notice Spikes mood change much, if at all.
  40. >He would sit and silently read his comic books, not going outside, not smiling, not even coming out of his room when Rarity and the others came to a visit.
  41. >I could tell something was majorly wrong when even seeing Rarity didn't make him smile even a little.
  43. >I raised my hoof up and knocked twice on the door.
  44. >I waited for a reply, but when I didn't hear any, I slowly pushed the door to the room open.
  45. >Spike was sitting down in his usual spot, quietly reading.
  46. “Hey, Spike.”
  47. >He hardly acknowledged me besides glancing at me before going back to his book.
  48. “Look, I know you might think I'm some sort of heartless freak, or something, but I do care about you. I really do.”
  49. >“Why didn't you stop them?”
  50. >I froze.
  51. “What? What do you mean.”
  52. >Spike spoke without taking his face away from the book.
  53. >“Why didn't you stop them from taking me?”
  54. “S-spike, I-”
  55. >“Is it because you'd rather see me gone?”
  56. “What!? Of course not.”
  57. >“Then tell me, Glass.”
  58. “I… I'm weak, Spike.”
  59. >He looked up and raised an eyebrow.
  60. “For the first time in my whole life, I was weak and I was scared. I used to be so sure of myself, So sure that I could take on the world in this universe full of cutesy animals and ponies. But when I saw them taking you, I… I was scared. I was so bucking scared that I just… froze.”
  61. >Spike looked at me silently, his face betraying no emotion.
  62. “I'm sorry, Spike… I didn't want to let them take you. You're… One of my best and only friends.”
  63. >He sat just as still as before.
  64. “I'm… Nevermind. I'll talk to you later.”
  65. >I turned and walked out of the room, slowly pulling the door shut behind me as I left.
  66. >Just as the door clicked shut, I heard muffled sobs coming from the room behind me.
  68. >Spike was slowly getting better now, and had actually stepped outside a couple of times.
  69. >I tried to spend time around him when I could, and it was clear that he enjoyed spending time around me.
  70. >I read with him a few times, and he genuinely wanted me around, even if it was just to read, or talk about his favourite Power Pony.
  71. >This morning, Twilight invited her friends over for a picnic in the castle grounds and I managed to convince Spike to come along.
  72. >It was a fairly pleasant day, not too hot, not too cold. The leaves had began to turn orange, offering a nice colorful landscape. Twilight and a few of the others had gathered outside, but Spike was nowhere to be seen.
  73. >I checked his room and the library, but didn't find him until I decided to check the balcony overlooking the picnic.
  74. >I slowly opened the door, the squeaking causing Spike to turn around.
  75. “Hey, Spike. You okay?”
  76. >He turned around again.
  77. “You know, Twilight has been really looking forward to this picnic. Rarity even asked where her little “Spikey Wikey” was.”
  78. >“I don't care.”
  79. “Not even for Rarity?”
  80. >“No. I don't care about Rarity anymore. She'll never think of me as anything more than a pet. Just like those evil ponies wanted me to be.”
  81. >He stared out over the balcony as I stood awkwardly behind him.
  82. >I walked forward and leaned up against the balustrade with spike.
  83. >I let out a sigh and breathed in the scent of autumn leaves.
  84. “You really are one of my only friends, Spike.”
  85. >…
  86. >“Do you know what they did to me, Glass?”
  87. “I…”
  88. >“They pretended to be guards and said they would get me back. They made me tell them about you and Twilight and then, they said I would never see you again. They said to me, “You’ll live the rest of your life in a cage. You’ll do what you’re told, or your master will beat you. You are a pet from now on”.”
  89. “Spike…”
  90. >“You wanna know something weird? Besides Twilight… the one pony who I was the most worried I would never see again was… you.”
  91. “What..?”
  92. >“I know it's weird, but in that moment, I thought about all my friends. All of the ponies I knew, and wished I could just say goodbye to you.”
  93. >I threw my hooves around him and hugged him tight. He stood, stunned for a while before slowly hugging me back. I began to cry and sob, letting out all of my bottled up worries and sadness out.
  94. >“G - glass? Are you okay?”
  95. “I was so scared, Spike!”
  96. >“Scared? About me?”
  97. >“Yes, you pea brain! I'm a big bucking idiot and I let one of my best friends get taken! I hardly slept because I know what they do. I know what those evil ponies do to animals and I knew it would happen to you if I didn't do something! My whole bucking life I've shut people out, pretended to be stoic and hard, but I don't want that anymore!”
  98. >“Glass…”
  99. “I thought I'd never see you again.”
  100. >Spike pulled away from the hug and looked at me. I tried to wipe the tears from my eyes, but they were replaced by more as soon as they were gone.
  101. >“Glass, I'm so sorry. I didn't know that you were… that you even considered me a friend.”
  102. “Of course I do, dummy. You're… more important to me than anypony else.”
  103. >“I…”
  104. “Just shut up, Spike.”
  105. >I leant forward and kissed him.
  106. >He stood still as I pressed my mouth into his surprisingly soft but still scaly lips.
  107. >He eventually began to relax and return the kiss, letting out the air that he had kept inside breath out.
  108. >His breath was warm and smelt vaguely of burning wood, but I hardly noticed as I focused on nothing but the kiss.
  109. >Why was I doing this?
  110. >More importantly, why was I liking it so much?
  111. And why did Spike not push me away?
  112. >He began to push back into the kiss, leaning me backward slightly and putting a hand behind my head.
  113. >My heart began to race faster and faster, his claws now gripping my mane lightly and his breath becoming less of a weird smell and more of a comforting smell.
  114. >He let his mouth open and his tongue began to intrude my mouth, prodding around and wrapping around my own tongue.
  115. >This was so wrong!
  116. >Spike was not only a Dragon and a kid, but a dude too!
  117. >I just didn’t seem to care.
  118. >My brain wanted this, and who was I to argue anymore?
  119. >I wasn’t Anon, the human.
  120. >I was Green Glass, the mare.
  121. >I let my old self go, and embraced the new.
  122. >I was a pony mare, and right now, I was kissing Spike, my best friend.
  123. >Eventually, Spike pulled away from the kiss and stared me in the eyes, half lidded.
  124. >“Glass… I’m sorry, I…”
  125. >I laughed.
  126. “What are you sorry about.”
  127. >“Um…”
  128. >He looked down before clenching his eyes shut.
  129. >I glanced down only to see his dick, now fully erect.
  130. >I felt a weird sensation of butterflies in my belly as I stared at it.
  131. >I had seen it before, when he walked in on me after my first heat, but it wasn’t fully out.
  132. >Not like this.
  133. >I giggled at the thought.
  134. >He was turned on by me.
  135. >Not anypony else.
  136. >Me.
  137. >“Don’t laugh at it…”
  138. “I’m not laughing at it, Spike, I’m… I’m laughing at myself.”
  139. >“What do you mean?”
  140. “I’m laughing at how dumb I was. That I didn’t realise how I really felt about you.”
  141. >“Do you mean…?”
  142. “Yes, ya dumpling.”
  143. >I kissed him again, and immediately, he pressed his body against me. It felt strange, having his penis press up against me, but it was also comforting.
  144. >I felt happy that I could do this to him.
  145. >I felt myself... wanting to do even more to him.
  146. “Spike… I want… Can we… Can we go inside and… Um…”
  147. >He stared at me, cheeks flushing immediately red.
  148. >“Wait, you mean you actually want to...?”
  149. >I frowned at him and scrunched up my mouth.
  150. “Don’t make me say it, numbskull.”
  151. >I turned around and walked away from him and he nervously followed me inside.
  152. >I only realized that I was giving him a full view of my mare bits half way inside and covered it with my tail.
  153. >I had no idea why I did it, seeing as we were about to… *ahem*, but I still felt a little self conscious about having these bits instead of a pole and tackle.
  154. >I reached the door and peaked outside to make sure nopony was walking around in the hall before walking out and down to my room.
  155. >One of the good things about Twilight having hardly any ponies in the castle besides her and I.
  156. >As soon as we were in my room, I slammed the door shut and rushed Spike, mashing my face into his and pushing him onto the bed.
  157. >I was so fucking aroused right now that I didn’t even notice how forward I was being.
  158. >He grunted as we landed on the bed and I immediately shot my hoof down and began rubbing at his dick.
  159. >It was practically boiling hot to the touch and every ridge and bump I could feel along it sent waves of warmth and pleasure through my head.
  160. >I kissed his neck and he groaned quietly as my hoof went up and down.
  161. >I might not have a hand anymore, but I had a dick for most of my life.
  162. >Even if his was different, I still knew what felt good.
  163. >I reached my other hoof down and began rubbing in between my legs, and soothing sensation rippling from my crotch and outwards toward the rest of my body.
  164. >I moaned into his neck at the mutual pleasure I was giving us both, which only served to make his penis throb harder.
  165. >“Oh Goddess, Glass…”
  166. >I smiled at bit my lip, feeling my head slowly gravitate towards his dick, peppering him with light kisses the whole way down.
  167. >Eventually, I planted a kiss on the head of his dick and he jolted, his member pulsing as he held himself back.
  168. “Uh uh, not yet.”
  169. >I smiled and planted another kiss, lower down on his dick.
  170. >His claw reached down and began to stroke my mane.
  171. >I pulled his dick upright with the hoof that I had been using to stroke myself and found that it was soaking wet with my juices.
  172. >I rubbed his dick a little more with that hoof, smearing myself all over him and lubricating him even more.
  173. >A little bead of pre-cum dripped down and I licked at it.
  174. >It was extremely hot, hotter even than the heat that his dick was giving off.
  175. >I needed more.
  176. >I wanted to taste him.
  177. >All of a sudden, I dropped my head down, taking his entire dick into my mouth.
  178. >He shuddered and thrust his hips forward, inching just that tiny bit deeper into my mouth.
  179. >I moved myself up and down, his boiling dick filling my mouth and warming my insides.
  180. >I reached down and began to rub myself intensely again, helping myself along as I pleasured Spike.
  181. >“Oh fffuck, Glass… Please, I’m so close.”
  182. >I pulled my head up and heard a whimper of disappointment as his cock popped out of my mouth.
  183. >I silenced it as I pulled myself on top of my and kissed him again.
  184. >I positioned myself above his dick and pulled away from the kiss.
  185. “You ready, Spike?”
  186. >He looked up at my, eyes full of lust and love.
  187. >He nodded and pulled me back into the kiss.
  188. >I slammed my hips down on him, taking him inside me in an instant.
  189. >Immediately, I shuddered in pleasure, forcing myself to not orgasm immediately as his cock filled me up completely.
  190. “Oh g-g-god, this is so much better than toys…”
  191. >I pressed myself down on him, trying to push him as deep inside as possible.
  192. >He was so fucking warm!
  193. >It was like having an amazing dick shaped lava lamp inside me, but no matter how hot it felt, it didn’t seem to burn at all.
  194. >I tried to pull myself up and down on him, using his stomach as a place to put my hooves, but I was shaking too much to do anything at all.
  195. >I leant forward and wrapped my hooves around him, pulling him up before tipping backwards to put him on top of me with his red hot dick still inside.
  196. “S-spike, I need… I need you to…”
  197. >He stared at me wide eyed, still shocked that any of this was happening.
  198. “Buck me, Spike! Buck me, you idiot!”
  199. >Finally, he got the message.
  200. >He pulled his hips backwards and slammed them back down, both of us simultaneously groaning in pleasure.
  201. >Well, one of us a little bit louder than the other.
  202. >Not gonna point fingers, but it was totally me.
  203. >Thank god Twilight was outside.
  204. >He pulled backward again, but this time, slowly slid inside, the taper of his dick slowly pushing my walls apart.
  205. >My eyes rolled back in my head as the heat flushed through my body, the smell of his breath filling me with even more arousal.
  206. >I must have been practically soaking the sheets by now, if my last experience was anything to go by.
  207. >“Glass… Oh Goddesses, you’re so beautiful…”
  208. >I moaned deeply at that and clenched my muscles around his dick, temporarily slowing him down.
  209. >He… He just called me beautiful.
  210. “I’m… Beautiful? Ah!”
  211. >“Yes.”
  212. >He kissed me briefly.
  213. >“Oh fuck, yes you are.”
  214. >He called me beautiful.
  215. >“You’re so much more beautiful… Than any mare I’ve ever met.”
  216. “Ah! That.. Ngh… Can’t be true. You… Ah… Rarity’s more beautiful than me… Mnn…”
  217. >“No!”
  218. >He stopped thrusting, still inside me.
  219. >“I cared about Rarity for too long. I don’t care if she’s more “pretty” than you, but it takes more than looks to be beautiful. You’re a beautiful mare. On the inside and the outside.”
  220. >I sat in stunned silence, staring into the eyes of the amazing dragon on top of me.
  221. >He really meant that.
  222. >It wasn’t something said just in the heat of the moment, he really thought that highly of me.
  223. “Spike… Oh God, I love you, Spike.”
  224. >“Y-you do!? Really?”
  225. “Yes! Now shut up and buck my brains out!”
  226. >“I l-love you too, Glass!”
  227. >He kissed me deeply and began to thrust into me again.
  228. >The pressure and heat inside was building with every movement.
  229. >My slick walls slid along his dick and I shook with every ridge I felt.
  230. >I wrapped my hind hooves and pulled every time he thrusted, slamming him harder into me.
  231. >All of a sudden, he let of a deep groan and pushed as hard as he could against me.
  232. >I only had a second to realise what was happening before I felt my insides flood with amazing, boiling jizz.
  233. >I clenched harder with my hind legs and held him inside as he came, pushing me over the edge and my mind flashing white with pleasure.
  234. >My entire body contracted and I tried my hardest not to pass out as I felt the orgasm rush through my body.
  235. >I didn’t even notice it until I began to wind down from the intense orgasm, but I was letting out small whimpering moans as Spike kissed me and rolled his tongue around mine.
  236. >Eventually, he pulled away and collapsed on top of me.
  237. >I hugged him tightly, with his dick slowly softening inside of me.
  238. >He pulled his hips backward, a pop sounding as he left me empty inside.
  239. >Not completely empty, as his still warm cum radiated heat inside my belly.
  240. >It felt so good, I didn’t ever want it to leave.
  241. >“Spike!? Glass!?”
  242. >I froze as I heard Twilight shout out from down the hall.
  243. “Oh pony feathers.”
  244. >Spike pulled himself off of me and began to wipe himself down.
  245. “Give us a second!”
  246. >I called out to Twilight, hoping that would stop her from barging in.
  247. >It seemed to work as she replied.
  248. >“Okay, I’ll see you down at the picnic! Everypony’s here now!”
  249. >I relaxed a bit, but still rushed to clean myself down.
  250. >I ran to the bathroom and quickly washed my own fluids off of myself as well as the remnants of Spike’s.
  251. >His was a little bit more difficult to wash out, but still came out relatively easily.
  252. >A lot easier than if it had dried.
  253. >Spike walked up next to me as I was washing myself and put a claw on my withers.
  254. >“Hey Glass… Thanks.”
  255. >I smiled warmly at him and gave him a peck on the lips.
  256. “You don’t have to thank me. Just… Please promise me something.”
  257. >He raised an eye at that.
  258. >“What do you mean?”
  259. “Promise me… Promise that you meant it. What you said when we were… Just then. Promise that you think I’m beautiful.”
  260. >“O-of course I do!”
  261. >I sighed a satisfied sigh, a smile spreading across my lips.
  262. >“As long as you promise me something, Glass…”
  263. “Anything.”
  264. >“Promise me that you meant it when you said you love me.”
  265. >I stared into his big green eyes, my heart racing with passion and stomach filling with butterflies again.
  266. “I love you, Spike.”
  267. >I kissed him and we both left for the picnic together.
  268. >Finally smiling.
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