Normal Norman - TeachAnon(unf)

Jun 12th, 2013
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  1. >You've recently been assigned a new class to teach, sadly enough, its in the middle of fucking no-were's-ville.
  2. >You were given bare information on the school you were teaching, some new place built only a few years ago.
  3. >The firm that hired you will pay for your board and food and provide you with steady income each month.
  4. >Your job is to teach home-room to a bunch of high school kids.
  5. >Seems simple enough...right?
  7. >Be a day before you begin your teaching as you arrive at no-weres-ville HighSchool.
  8. >They weren't kidding about being in the middle of nowhere as you study the large building.
  9. >You hear a bell ring as you start seeing kids file out for lunch.
  10. >Oh god...the colours!
  11. >You've never seen such a wide spectrum of skin colours in your entier life.
  12. >reds, blues, yellows, pinks, purples...
  13. >Where people fucking rainbows now?
  14. >Your eyes trace the vast number of students of all sorts of shades and colours eventually you pick out one kid.
  15. >One...normal looking...kid.
  16. >He's scrawny, wearing a hat and an orange jacket with a massive belt-buckle.
  17. >He's 'white', not pale white like that violet haired girl walking by, but...normal...white.
  18. "Oh hey, its the racist kid!" someone shouted as all eyes turned to the normal kid.
  19. 'Racists?' you mutter as they begin to ridicule the poor chap.
  20. '"ell man...' you mutter, unable to do anything as you watch a bunch of prick-kids pick on the normal guy.
  21. >You were half-willing to rush in until you see a purple kid and a yellow kid rush to the defense of the poor soul.
  22. > least SOME of them weren't bad, but shit...a white kid being racists in a school of 'coloured' folk...that wasn't good.
  23. >You weren't in any better standing, being 'white' yourself as you turn back to your car, you got what you needed to see.
  25. "Hi there!" came a high pitched voice as you turn to see a pink girl with the poofiest hair you've ever seen.
  26. "You're new here?" she asked as you blinked, rubbing the back of your head.
  27. 'Uhhh yeah...I'm a soon-to-be-teacher here.' You reply, extending a hand.
  28. 'Anon's the name, I'll be teaching a few classes for you folk.'
  29. "Ah, That's amazing!" she said, somewhat overly excited as she grips your had very tightly and shakes it widely.
  30. "My names Pinkie Pie! Oh its so nice to see a new friend here!" she said with a big smile "Maybe we should throw a party!"
  31. 'Ah... maybe not, I still have work to do for tomorrow.'
  32. >The girl's hair seems to sag "awee...but...but parties are fun for everyone!"
  33. 'I know they are...but I don't have the time right now Pink's, thanks though, how bout a rain-check?'
  34. >The Pink kid huffs, but gives a determined glance "Alright then!" she shouted "I'll hold you to it Mr. Anon!"
  35. ---
  36. >You pull up to your apartment, not too far from the school grounds.
  37. >A duplex apartment, two floors, yours being on the upper level as you huff, looking at the instructions.
  38. '2B13...' you mutter, looking at the keys as you walk up the stairs with your suitcase, luggage, and backpack before going to 2B13 and opening the door.
  39. >A nice place, single bed-room, bathroom, kitchen even as you step inside, closing the door.
  40. >There's a note on your bed.
  42. "Dear Mr. Anonymous.
  43. We are happy that you have decided to accept the firm we've presented to you and hope that your continuing educating abilities will prove of value to the students of Equestria High. We've attached a schedule of classes you will be teaching as well as your student Home-room roster. Please file any questions or concerns with our HR deaprtment, their number is attached on the back of this card.
  44. Again, thank you for taking this opportunity and we wish you all the best.
  45. Sincerely.
  46. Miss P. Celestia."
  48. 'Great...' you mutter as you unfold the class roster, eying some of the names...picking out Pinkie's name admist the list.
  49. >Oh the fun that shall thought as you close the list and look at the class schedule.
  50. >It was
  51. >You taught two classes in the morning, your Homeroom which would be Creative Writing and Studies in Literature.
  52. >You then had time off, Lunch, and then more time off before you had your Modern History class at the end of the day.
  53. >Well, at least they knew what you liked to teach, and those courses could be pretty darn fun.
  54. >With a sigh, you toss the papers aside, gently easing yourself onto the soft bed.
  55. >you were beat, though, that Pink kid was kinda interesting, perhaps you might be down for a party as long as you can avoid the student/teacher relationship hazards.
  56. >Though, your thoughts pulled back to that 'white' kid.
  57. >Being a racists?
  58. >That made things couldn't sympathize with him, or the students may find you a racist too...
  59. >it was a problematic situation, but fuck it, sleep time.
  61. >You wake up sometime later, the afternoon wanying as you eye the clock.
  62. >2:30pm
  63. >Class should be ending soon as you slowly ease up, and off the bed.
  64. >Perhaps you'll take another visit to the school, walk the halls before the students file out, see what its like.
  65. >You take a quick bite from a banana and make your way downstairs and out to your car.
  66. --
  67. >You arrive around 3 in the afternoon to see some students already sitting outside the school.
  68. >No Pinkie in sight, she must still be in class as you ease into a spot and slowly make your way towards the building.
  69. "Exuuuse me!" came a voice from behind you as you look to see a rather...thin...old dude with a long bear and a monocle in one eye.
  70. >Dah fuck?
  71. 'Ah, yeah, whats up?'
  72. "I belive...good sir, that you parked in my spot?"
  73. 'Excuse me?'
  74. >He points to your car, sitting in a "teachers only" spot as his own caddy, a large brownish coloured one sat idle behind your car.
  75. "I had gone out for some icre-cream before my final class and come back to see some yokle in my spot, oh, I cannot stand such rudeness!"
  76. 'Ah...s-sorry sir...I guess I didn't know, I'll be teaching here tomorrow so-'
  77. >His expression went wide eye as he smirked.
  78. "ooooh! You must be Mister Anon am I correct?"
  79. >You nod 'yeah...thats me'
  80. >He extended a yellow gloved hand.
  81. "I'm Professor Edward Discord, I teach the science classes at this Highschool."
  82. 'Pleasure...' you mutter as you shake his hand, only to find it being one of those fake prank ones as his hand less sleeve waved a bit.
  83. "haha, oh such a folley, you feel for the oldest trick in the book!"
  84. >His normal had slid out from hiding, also covered in a yellow glove as he smirked.
  85. 'Well... uhh' you ask, handing the fake hand back to him as he takes it.
  86. "Oh come now, don't tell me you're a stick in the mud like the rest of them!"
  87. 'Not...really...just surprised, thats all..'
  88. >He smiled, nodding in approval.
  89. "No harm I hope Mister Anon, I'm sure you'll do just fine!" he patted you on the back with a grin.
  91. 'Yeah...whats with the gags?'
  92. "Oh you can't expect every teacher here to be so stuck up! I'm here for the science, and besides, the kids love a teacher who can be witty and funny, thats what they enjoy the most yes?
  93. >You nod, finding a very...odd...feeling about this guy.
  94. >He gave a sly grin as he suddenly pressed close to you.
  95. "Just....heed a bit of warning from an old timer like me...mind some of these kids, they can be quiet a....handful" he whispered before laughing and easing back to his car.
  96. 'uh...would you like me to move?' You ask as he turned
  97. "Oh nonsense, there are other spots, you see?" he said, pointing to the to you.
  98. >Strange, you didn't notice that one before as he pulled in without a problem.
  99. "Perhaps my boy, we can spend some time getting to know one another, there aren't may new teachers that come around here, perhaps we can be Post-class buddies, what do you say?"
  100. 'Uh...sure?' you ask as he took your hand.
  101. "Splendid, simply spendid! Well, I must be off, Chemistry isn't going to teach these kids itself you know!" and he was off, swinging a rather...odd looking cane with a head that looked like a goat atop it.
  102. >This place is going to be getting a LOT weirder as you make your way inside the school.
  104. >You enter the school, certainly something beyond normal just stepping into this building.
  105. >Sure it retained the 'high-school' charm and look, but it felt so can't help but gawk at the size as you look about the rather empty halls.
  106. >Students were still in class as you eyed several of them, again, more coloured kids, less and less normal white kids.
  107. >Shit was nuts, you still couldn't understand what was going on with those colours.
  108. >At least Professor Discord was 'normal' in appearance as normal as he could be mentally was another question.
  109. >You continue further down the halls, seeing banners and noteboards, keepng your eyes away from the front of you before you suddenly WHUMP into another figure heading in the opposite direction.
  110. >You double back, seeing another teacher infront of you, this one of course had white curly hair, glasses, and donned a tan looking woman's short-skirt suit.
  111. 'Uhm...s-sorry' You said, extending a hand to help the teacher up.
  112. >She looked up at you for a moment, the most brilliant blue eyes you ever seen as she fixed her glasses.
  113. "Ah...n-no thats alright." she said, easing herself up and dusting off "I guess I was just off in my own little world."
  114. >You blink a few times before nodding 'R-right...uhm, look I'm rather new here and-'
  115. " must be Mister Anonymous, am I correct?"
  116. >Wow, word spread fast.
  117. 'Yeah...thats me, I'm the new teacher here.'
  118. "Yes yes, we got the wonderful news this morning, come, let me introduce you to the rest of the faculty, then we'll show you to your class."
  119. 'Awesome...I already checked my schedual thanks to Miss Celestia, she sent me the info.'
  120. >The womans eyes went wide "Celestia gave you the schedual? Oh my such an honour that she did, seems you've taken the hard part of our trip out already, then that leaves more time for introductions!"
  121. >She grabs your hand suddenly "come, we don't have a moment to waste before the class's file out for the day, oh I wish you'd come by earlier."
  123. >Yeah...might have been good
  124. >You're dragged down the hallway rather briskly as the woman looks back at you.
  125. "I'm Miss Emily Mare, head of the Faculty Department. If you have any questions about anything, you should come to me first."
  126. 'R-right, thank you Miss Mare.'
  127. "Oh, no need for formalities, that's just for the students, you can call me Emmy."
  128. 'Right...Emmy.' you respond as she leads you to a rather fancy looking pair of double doors.
  129. "Teachers Lounge" was written across the left door as Emmy smirked and opened them.
  130. >Inside you could see two other teachers, no sign of Professor Discord (perhaps he was still teaching).
  131. "This is where we mostly spend the day aside from our classes, you're free to use the facilities if you like and thanks to our French Teacher, Mr. Grand, we always have a fully stocked buffet and kitchen for consumer use."
  132. >She points to a small kitchen section that had a table with all sorts of sweets atop it.
  133. >You study the rest of the lounge, taking up at least two classroom lengths in size, fancy soft chairs, book shelves, two massive bay windows, and of course, a big coffee machine.
  134. >You see another female teacher tapping the buttons of it a few times. She was fair skinned, red hair and a rather...unemotional look as she turned to stare at you...
  135. >You gulp as she approaches and looks at you.
  136. "Ah, Miss Redheart, have you met our new teacher, Mr Anon?"
  137. "Can't say I have..." Redheart muttered "Miss Amelia Redheart" she extended a hand "Health Education and School Nurse."
  138. 'Pleasure...' you mutter, her stare is freaking you out as you look at Emmy, she smiles.
  139. "Redheart is one of the finest nurses you'll ever meet, she's also the only teacher here to make sense of Health Education."
  140. >Redheart shrugs "its something I'm use to...a lot."
  142. >You nod, looking at the other teacher sitting in one of the fancy looking chairs. He was certainly well...built...for a teacher, donning a hat and a coach whistle around his neck.
  143. "Oh, thats Mister Iron Will"
  144. 'Iron Will?'
  145. "He was once an MMA fighter, but retired to be our schools gym teacher. He's as tough as they come, but knows what these kids need."
  146. >Perhaps it was some sixth sense, but the coach perked his ears, easing his face from his book as he gave the biggest, whitest grin.
  147. "Well well, if it sin't the fresh meat of the faculty!" he leaps up, quickly rushing over.
  148. "AHaha, Mister Anonymous, a pleasure!" he shakes your had very focefully as you almost feel your wrist discloate.
  149. 'ahh t-the p-pleasure i-is all m-mine!' you stammer as he lets go and gives a good flex.
  150. "These kids don't know the first thing about being fit! My job is to drill it into their heads about HOW to do it!" he smirked, showing his muscles off as Emmy was oogly over him.
  151. >Yu sigh, shaking your head, more muscle than brain matter for him as he grins.
  152. "Well, I got one class left to teach, so I will see you around!" he said, slamming you on your back and nearly toppling you forward right into Redheart as she looked at you, pressed close to her with a slight...blush across her face.
  153. "haha, take care kiddies!" he said jokingly as you ease away from the nurse.
  154. "Now then..." Emmy said as the door closed "lets take you to your class, your work books and everything should already be there so lets not waste any more time."
  155. >Emmy takes you by the hand again as she pulls you along as you wave a bye-bye to Redheart,
  156. >She waves softly back, smiling a bit as you blink before the door closed behind you.
  158. >You're led to one of the far ends of the school right up to a large classroom.
  159. >Inside, you can see several students, noticing both Pinkie and the normal white kid as well as the two who defended him.
  160. >It was an...odd mix of colours in this one as their teacher seemed to be a rather old-looking individual.
  161. >Emmy stepped inside first with a grin as she began to ask for the class's attention before pointing to you.
  162. >You enter, all eyes on you as you see Pinkie leap up.
  163. "oh Mister anon, its you! its you, remember me!?" she called, flailing her arms as he you smirk and wave to her.
  164. >Several faces look at the pink one before turn to you, some furrowing brows, others with...interest as you exhale.
  165. "This is Mister Anon, he shall be residing as your new teacher for the rest of the semester." Emmy said as the class all mumurred amidst themselves
  166. >you wave as the class studies you critically from their vantage point, making you feel a tad...uneasy before a rather old dude came over to you.
  167. >He looked older than Discord.
  168. "Ah...finally a chance for me to retire...I'm Professor Bookread, but now it seems my time as a teacher has ended. Perhaps I can finally return to my duties as the Librarian." he smirked as he gently shook your hand.
  169. "God speed with these kids sir Anon, may you do do well with them."
  170. >He slowly shuffled out of the room just as the bell to end the day rang and the students began to leave.
  171. >Emmy eased you over to the desk, showing you the books already piled there.
  172. "Being the Homeroom teacher, you're going to be teaching these students for the rest of the Semester, I do hope you're ready for that."
  173. 'Yeah...'
  174. "Good..." she flopped three large books and two binders in your arms "here's your material, you begin tomorrow, so start getting things sorted." she said before turning and walking out "Oh...and welcome to Equestria high."
  176. >You return home from school thereafter, avoiding the shenanigans of that place.
  177. >Pink's wanted to make a party for you, again you gave her a rain-check, she made a joke about asking her friend Rainbow dash to make it rain so you would check out her party.
  178. >That ran you for a loop before you patted her on the head and said you'd be down for a party on the weekend when you weren't busy settling in.
  179. >That made her spirits shine, you could see it in her eyes before she zipped off.
  180. >You were close to freedom before Edward Discord caught you, offering to have a nice 'initation party' for just teachers.
  181. "My place, at seven on the dot! Don't be late!" he said, handing you a rather corny looking invitation saying "you're invited!"
  182. >You wondered if there was any drinking involved, considering it was a Wednesday, you might not be doing any of that as you load up your course material and drove home.
  183. >Its now around 4pm and you're still up to your neck in the last teachers work.
  184. >Apparently, the last bit of their assignments had been wrapping up geography work from the last semester, leaving you without the worry of their prior work
  185. >their final task had been to map out the school, and apparently the class did very well in it.
  186. >No'd just have to do better.
  187. >You were teaching these kids writing after all, how hard could that be?
  188. >you huff, putting away the last bit of prior semester work, Pinkie did exceptionally well, you wondered how she would fair in this semester as you close your books, eyeing your clock.
  189. >Oh shit! its 6pm! Better get ready for Discords 'initiation'.
  191. >You wash up double quick before you grab your best looking attire.
  192. >Sport jacket, blue button down shirt, black pants.
  193. >You make sure to make yourself presentable as you search your pockets for some cash.
  194. >You should get the man something nice for offering you an invitation, it would be rude to show up empty-handed.
  195. >With a few thoughts in mind, you check your clock.
  196. >6:30, cutting it close as you grab your keys and head out the door.
  197. >You make your way down the main street before you turn off into the side-streets, finding yourself in a very...ritzy...neighbourhood.
  198. >Big houses all over the place.
  199. >He must have done well for himself...wonder why he got into teaching as you see his house number.
  200. >123
  201. >You pull up to the driveway, seeing the old style Victoria-era house at the end of it.
  202. >Pretty swanky gigs, certainly well above your humble little apartment as you pull into an open space, seeing several other cars parked along the wide drive-way.
  203. >you grab a long package from your back seat before you make your way over to the door.
  205. >You knock on the door, seeing it open to Edward Discord himself.
  206. "Ah Anon!" he said taking your hand quickly "Wonderful of you to come, please, step on in." he said as you nod, presenting him the bottle of wine you picked up.
  207. "Oh for me?" he said in suprise.
  208. 'Folks always told me to bring a gift to a house party.'
  209. >Discord eyes the red wine with delight, perhaps a...rare commoditie as he nodded "Well, it is MUCH appricated good sir, do come in, may I ake your coat?"
  210. >You grin 'Nah, its cool, thank you.'
  211. "I must say Anon, fw teachers have the mannerisms such as yourself, why, it has been ages since anyone got me a nice gift."
  212. 'Glad I could help...i guess.'
  213. >You chuckled, eying the room beyond discord, you could see other facutly staff, Emmy, Redheart, Iron Wil, and a few others you hadn't met all talking over wine and treats as classical jazz was playing.
  214. >odd, you didn't see anyone else, what about that Miss P. Celestia, you'd like to meet her too.
  215. 'Hrmmm, you got quiet a crowd here.'
  216. >Discord nods, slipping the bottle into his sleeve as it magically dissapears from his hand.
  217. "oh, just a party among friends, most of the teachers could come."
  218. 'Most?'
  219. >Discord nodded "yes...I was hoping the Celestia would show up, oh she needs a good party now and then to unwind."
  220. 'Yeah...I got a letter from her about my course work and such, I was hoping to see her.'
  221. >Discord smirked "She's the...unsung majesty of the school, being the Principal and all, she often dosen't make much of an apperance, but when she does, she tends to be quite...impressive about it."
  222. 'Sounds like you have a thing for her.'
  223. >Discord went red "I shall have you know that faculty romance is against our code of ethic, come now Anon, that is merely childs play to be intrigued in your superior."
  224. >You chuckle, seeing the stern man of status blushing.
  225. 'Well, I'll go see whats what, thanks for the invite.'
  226. >Discord ows "you are quiet welcome enjoy yourself anon!"
  228. >You walk into the main lobby of the house. Before you is a stairway going to the upper floors, beyond that a kitchen and then further still was a door to the backyard.
  229. >To your right was the den, where the party was going on in full swing as you see Discord saunter past you to the kitche.
  230. "Bathrooms to your left if you need it." he whispered "though, considering whose here, you might want to keep that in mind." he winked a bit before making his way to the kitchen.
  231. 'Against your ethic eh?' you mutter as you shake your head and enter the den area.
  232. >It was huge, a large table in the center composed of most of the party goods, sweets, some salads and other things, wine...lots of it...and of coruse, the main course.
  233. >you moition over to the buffet table first, fuck introductions, you need food.
  234. >Everything from bagels to pig-in-a-blanket was slew across the table, you help yourself to a few bits of everything before you feel a tap on your shoulder.
  235. >turning around, you come face to face with Miss Mare.
  236. >She was...looking very good.
  237. >A nice button down shirt with a black skirt and...from what your eyes quickly snagged, leggings.
  238. >Oh god she was dressing so pro that your spaghetti would be all over the place if you weren't the man you were.
  239. 'Ah...hello emmy!' you say, putting a hand to your mouth as you eat a PiB.
  240. "Hello to you too Anon, its so good to see you, have you settled with your material?"
  241. >*gulp* you swallow "Yup, just finished it before I got here, not too much to worry about, that Mr Bookread was a good geo teacher I take it?'
  242. >She nodded "Yes, he did well for his students, a shame he had wished to resign so soon, hence why you're here."
  243. 'Would be go back to the Library?'
  244. "Perhaps...but were not too sure with him yet, all that matters for now is you and your class."
  245. >You nod as you see miss RedHeart off in the corner, she isn't...talking to anyone, but she notices you and smiles, waving a bit.
  247. >Emmy gave a giggle as she suddenly turned to see another, fair skin, blue hair teacher approch.
  248. "Well now~" the new arrival spoke, almost with a... hiss as you turned to look at a rather...alluring female teacher.
  249. "Ah...Miss Chrysalis..." Emmy said, a bit of spite in her voice.
  250. "Hello Emmy dear, who may I ask is this?" she said, letting a black gloved hand whisk away her blue hair over those eyes.
  251. >She had holes in her gloves, not like wear and tear, but styled holes, must have been a pretty penny for that sorta thing.
  252. >You didn't think grunge was still in...
  253. "Why this is Mr. Anon, the new teacher, he's taking over Mr. Bookread's class."
  254. >Chrysalils eyes lit up, those green eyes were...very weird to you.
  255. >never had you seen something so enticing, perhaps it was something about their colour, couldn't look away.
  256. "Hello Mister Anonymous, I've heard we had a new associates for our cause, I am quite pleased it is another male, and a fine one at that."
  257. >You blink, okay, she was going in a direction you didn't want happen.
  258. 'Ah, thanks Miss-"
  259. "You can call me Chrissy dear, we are all friends here." she said as Emmy gave a huff.
  260. "Miss Chrysalis here teaches Drama, she's quite good at it too; none who have taken her coruse have ever done poorly."
  261. >Chrysalis stood up tall, proud of such a thing. "These students have...potential, but its seeking out their love to theater that merits its own reward."
  262. >okay, you're offically freaked out by her as you take a step back 'Ah, alright, I' going to check out some other teachers then....p-pleasure meeting you both.' and off you go.
  263. "You scared off another one Chrysalis..." Emmy muttered with a smirk as Chrysalils only huffed.
  264. "Give him time, he is a fiesty one, ooo I may have some fun with him yet."
  265. >Emmy sighed, shaking her head.
  266. "Please...don't...we do not want to lose another teacher to your antics."
  267. >Chrysalias only gave an innocent look to Emmy.
  268. "I promise not to bother him...too much." she smirked.
  270. >You stumble away from the duo who both obviously were trying to hit on you.
  271. >You remembered Discords notions, but damn, you weren't really up for the female teachers to all want part of you.
  272. >you sigh, nearly bumping into Iron Will as he stood against the wall.
  273. "Anon! haha, So you did manage to come after all, good on you!" he gave you a swift smack on the back as you cough a bit.
  274. 'Ah thanks Will, you enjoy yourself?'
  275. "Hardly..." he muttered "A party is just a waste of energry on the body better used for working out or doing physical labour. Standing around wit wine and food just makes me quesey."
  276. 'But its a good sort of fun isn't it?'
  277. "Of course, but, you can't make your day without a little pain." he gritted his teeth "i've done 47 laps today, how many have you done?"
  278. 'uhh...none...'
  279. "Great...another soggy sap for the faculty board, we're going to have to change that! Tomorrow, I want you in my office at 7am sharp!"
  280. 'But...I teach my first class at 8:30...'
  281. "Details! We'll set you in for some morning work-out to get your blood flowing!"
  282. >You blink, not willing to argue with this...muscle bound maniac as ou simply nod and trod over to a seat, taking it as you huffed.
  283. "Hey there Anon..." spoke another voice as you turn to see Redheart standing over you.
  284. 'Hey...' you mutter.
  285. "Is everything alright?" she asked as you turned to her.
  286. 'I got to go to Mr Will's work-out tomorrow morning...ugh...'
  287. >Redheart gave a soft chuckle "Ah, don't worry, he makes everyone do that their first day, or out of the blue, we've learn to accept it."
  288. >You shook your head 'Yeah, well I like my body as it is and I like my sleep....stupid 7am wake up...'
  289. >Redheart shook her head "you should be glad he's so willing to fit you up, I'm sure it would help considering what you have on the plate."
  290. 'You're not going to egg me on about my diet now are you?'
  291. "I do teach Health Ed Anon..."
  292. >You groan, huffing as you sink into the sear with a pout.
  294. "So tell me Anon..." Redeart asked as you, perticuiously study a PiG before you eat it "what got you into teaching?"
  295. >you chew slowly, looking at her before gulping and swallowing your food.
  296. 'Bit of a story on that one...' you mutter as she pulls a chair beside yours.
  297. "We got all night."
  298. 'Haha, not really...but whatever, heh.' You put the plate on the coffee table.
  299. 'When I grew up through my educational career, i had my share of good, and bad...teachers. I don't know why, but something about educating youths on the world around them meant something to me. I mean, we're not living in a fantasy world where you can suddenly be granted magical powers or become a Princess and have everything catered to you, this is reality, you gotta get up in the mornings, go to school, find a job, go to work... teaching the kids what they need to know about LIFE and how to live it...well..thats what got me into it.'
  300. >You turn to see Red blushing widly "i...see..." she said, looking at you again before turning away "well, thats...a very positivie mentality of it!" she added before exhaling and rising "now then, I must use the little girls room...excuse me." and off she went.
  301. >Leaving you alone with your snacks.
  302. >god, the women here are messed, its like none of them had been laid yet...
  303. >Wonder how Discord feels abo-
  304. "Enjoying the party Anon?"
  305. >Mr Low and Behold Discord stood beside you now as he smirked "such a riveting thing to be among friends is it not?"
  306. 'Thrilling' you say monotone as you stuff another Pig in your mouth 'you really know how to make these good.'
  307. >Discord smiled "A lot and care I believe is the term, its nothing to bothersome, aside from them talking back." he joke, snickering a tad as you roll your eyes.
  308. "some days I wish students were as easy as a properly prepared meal, but, you can't have everything now can you?"
  310. >You roll your eyes 'Yeah, beggers can't be choosers.'
  311. "Certainly ahead of the game are you not?"
  312. >you shrug again 'Guess you can say I'm just living as it comes.'
  313. >You smirk as Discord took Red's seat.
  314. "You know, I'd be wary of Miss Mare and Miss Chrysalis, both of those...women..." he said with a bit of a spite "are often trying to flirt with everyone."
  315. 'Really?' you ask, stuffing some salad in your mouth.
  316. "Of coruse! Three quarters of the faculty here is women, do you not realize how difficult it can be when there are only so few guys to 'pal' around with."
  317. 'Whatabout Mr Grand or Iron Will?'
  318. >Discord shook his head "Mr. Grand is always up to his eyeballs in work, be it his cooking classes or his own job as a catering chef, he rarely ever comes around on his off time, and don't even get me started on Iron Will, more muscle than brain that one has."
  319. >You snicker, stifling a laugh as Duscord grinned.
  320. "I noticed Miss Redheart has a bit of a thing for you, never in my time here have I ever seen her blush that much, you certainly have a way with words."
  321. >You smirk, getting bitches is what you do best.
  322. 'Well, guess girls just like the good-honest guy to flock to.'
  323. "I couldn't agree more, but then, not all women are honest either." he notions to Chrysalis notably as she and Emmy seemed to be in a heated discussion about something.
  324. "I better go break those two up, they never can see eye to eye."
  325. 'Why's that?'
  326. >Discrod huffed, stretching his neck "Miss Chrysalis wanted Emmy's position from the start, but she lacks the dedication and skill Emmy had during the appraisals, it why she's never been replaced for almost four years."
  327. 'Impressive.'
  328. "Definitly then, enjoy yourself Anon, and don't worry about Iron Will, I'll talk to him about your little 'early-training' exercise." and he bowed, stepping away to the two ladies as he walked over, wrapping arms around both as he led them towards the rear of the den.
  330. >After a few hours, you wave good-bye to discord as you leave the party.
  331. "Come again anytime Anon, my door's always a knock away from a nice chat over tea!" he said as he closed the door behind you.
  332. >You were the last person to leave, you felt the need to just observe the teachers first before you decided to start making your own conclusions.
  333. >as you walked to your car, you thought about them.
  334. >Emmy, she was sweet, certainly a good head on her shoulders if not a bit of a workaholic from what you could gather.
  335. >Still, she was a bit of a drinker, and she could slur her tounge with words if she felt she was being challenge.
  336. >Which brought up Chrysalis, obviously she and Emmy have a history, the pair took stabs at one another when you sat down with both of them during the party, or more for the matter, they both brought you down and offered you a tad too much to drink.
  337. >You refused of coruse, saying you had to wake up early and you were driving, your well-being to be paramount.
  338. >Chryalis, being the drama teacher, capitalized on it, taunting Emmy of even considering to offer you a drink.
  339. >Of coruse, thats what started the department head to notion on how Chrysalis is often 'tardy' herself to her own lectures because she has such strange fashion sense.
  340. >It went sorta down-hill from there, but you were able to get Iron Will to settle the two down and sure enough, they were both too exhausted to drive home that they would stay at Discords.
  341. >Lucky stiff.
  343. >Speaking of which, Iron Will, that guy scared you; he was like some muscle behemoth, willing to bend anything into perfect shape as you slipped into your car.
  344. >The thought of being trained under that guy was insane, but hell, he'd probably make you ripped like crazy.
  345. >You didn't meet Mr. Grand, Emmy said he'd be in tomorrow so maybe you could swing a hi to him, if he was such a good cook, maybe you could ask for some tips from him; sure he'd love to talk about his skills.
  346. >which left Redheart...
  347. >She was...well...she was something else.
  348. >kind, very caring, but also serious about her profession.
  349. >Being a Health Educator had a lot of responsibilities, and you could see she carried them very well.
  350. >But then, that wasn't the ONLY thing she could carry.
  351. >She was pretty cute for her stature, less than Emmy or Chrysalils, but damn fine hips...
  352. >You blink as your brain goes on that tangent as you start your car.
  353. 'Fuck you brain, she's my co-worker'
  354. "it can happen..." your brain would respond as you pull away from Discords and back to your place.
  356. >You wake the following morning, somewhat groggy as you turn to your clock
  357. >6 am...damn, you got time before you have to go to see Iron Will for his 'training haze'.
  358. >Just as you get out of bed, your phone rings.
  359. >Strange, you don't remember giving anyone your number as you pick it up.
  360. 'Hello?'
  361. "Hello my boy!"
  362. >It was Discord
  363. 'Edward...ugh its 6am...and how the hell did you get my number.'
  364. >A snicker "Anon, have you forgotten that every teacher has to put their cell and home phone for records, it was just a simple search through your file, don't worry, I didn't do anything naughty to it."
  365. >Oh god that wasn't very settling 'What's up then?'
  366. "Well..." he began, sounding rather bright and chipper "I've spoken to Iron head and have come to a compromise for your 'hazing', if you're willing to help with with his gym class and work along with the students, you should be in the clear."
  367. 'And when is his class?' you ask, rubbing your head.
  368. "Its right before lunch, perfect for working out an apettie hrm?" he snickered again "besides, I'm sure you can handle a little running and dodge ball."
  369. >You haven't done either of those things in years as you sigh 'Alright, thats a lot better than early exercise.'
  370. "Well you DO want to make a good impression, and I doubt having yourself come in all sweaty and bothered would do well for your class."
  371. 'Point taken...'
  372. >another chuckle "Just be ready for his class, he's quite stern on attendance, so be sure to be early and ready with the right attire. I've had a gym uniform in the teachers lounge for you, be sure to pick it up."
  373. 'Right...thanks D, I'll keep that in mind.'
  374. >goodbyes were made as you hung up the phone and fwumped back into bed.
  375. >Maybe Edward wasn't so bad to have as a friend, he certainly knew how to pull strings, though you weren't too sure if he'd be asking for something in return...
  376. >fuck it, if its going out for ice-cream or what have you, then you'd be down for it.
  377. >Still, something about him was...strange.
  378. >Shrugging, you ease back up, go shower, shave, change, eat, grab your things and you're out the door by 7:00 and on your way to school.
  379. >Your first class wasn't until 9, but it was always nice to peruse the Teachers lounge, they did have some very good food the last time you were there, and perhaps they'd serve breakfast too.
  380. >Maybe Redheart would be there too...
  381. >Your train of thought paused for a second as you stopped at a red light.
  382. >Damn, you didn't see much of her after she went to the washroom last night...had she...been so aroused about your answer?
  383. >That couldn't have been the case, it was only an answer, but still, she did just up and leave in a huff then.
  384. >Whatever the case, you had your class to manage as you pull into the parking lot soon after, easing into the furthest spot from any other car as you sigh, grabbing your things and making your way into the building.
  385. "Ah, Mr. Anonymous, good to see you around campus so early." spoke a familiar voice as you turn to see Miss Mare.
  386. 'Ah, Emmy, good morning, hehe, thought I'd drop by and check the place out, maybe grab some food in the lounge."
  387. >She had a warm smile, as she stepped up towars you, fixing those glasses of hers.
  388. "I...wanted to apologize if I became unruly last night..." she said, rubbing her arm "Chryslalis and I go back many years and well...whenever we're together with drinking, it..." she sighed.
  389. 'Hey, its cool, no one got hurt, and it certainly was a nice show to see you stab each-other with words like that.'
  390. >Emmy blushed "oh...t-that I must apologize a bit more for."
  391. >You shake your hand 'S'cool, you both seem so cute together.'
  392. >More blush as she blinked a few times "W-well, we've been friends since we started but...i guess you can say that friendship's been strained."
  393. >You qurik a brow 'Oh?'
  394. >She nodded "When...I first started, Crissy and I were inseparable, we always did so much together. We taught next door to one another, spent our off time together, it was great! But...When I got this position, she started to show her envy towards me, can guess the rest."
  395. >You sighed 'Shucks man, that...that really sucks, friends shouldn't just ditch their friends because they moved up in the work-place. I'm sure she could have taken it better.'
  396. "She certainly could have, but...she had been vying for the position for ages, and never once got a chance for it."
  397. 'Why?'
  398. >Emmy looked away "She's...a bit of a authoritarian, she would have run the school far stricter and pushed everyone harder than I would have. It was...just how she acted and people didn't like when the choosing came down, I was voted in favor of her."
  399. >You shake your head as you stare down, letting a sigh pass your lips 'That blows really, for both of you, if you were such good friends.'
  400. "It does...but...I've moved on, still, I wish...we could go back to those times, she's not a bad person, just has a complex."
  401. 'Yeah...I could tell that much, still, you and her looked good together, shame you aren't friends.'
  402. "Perhaps in time, but...I've been telling myself that for years....come, lets go see what Mr Grand has prepared." she said, smiling as she turned and led you inside
  403. >What you originally thought of the food in the lounge was blown clear out the window as you saw the spread.
  404. >Pancakes, waffles, muffins, cereal, oatmeal, EGGS & tons of fruit and drink as far as the eye could see.
  405. >There was legit food here, and it smelled good as you could already see Iron Will preparing a hearty plate of eggs and oatmeal.
  406. "Ah, Anon!" he called out as he stepped over "Seems Discord had been able to get you out of the haze, good on him, but I expect you to be at my class on time! Its not often I...huff...give teachers a bit of leeway..."
  407. >You gulp ' problem, I'll be there.' You stutter as he walks past you, letting you pass a sigh as Emmy giggles.
  408. "Seems you've made quiet an impact on Edward for him to go out of his way for you."
  409. 'Yeah, but...I wonder what he has in store for compensation.'
  410. >Emmy only chuckled before she went over to the buffet as you went behind her.
  411. >As you stood there, you felt a sudden chill down your spine as a thin, lanky arm wrapped around your shoulders.
  412. "Well, hello there Mr. Anon~" spoke a surly, almost arousing voice from behind as you see Miss Chrysalis pressing a tad too close to your backside. "I missed you last-night, where did you get off to?"
  413. >You sigh 'you were drunk, I don't hang around drunk chicks.'
  414. "hrmmm, why not, so you can't take advantage of them?"
  415. 'You could say that.'
  416. >She smirked "hrmm, a man with morals, not too shabby for a new teacher..."
  417. >Chrysalis let her arm gently ease down your body, grabbing your plate before slipping in front of you with a wink. "Then, I'm sure you're fine with me going ahead hrmm? Ladies first after all."
  418. >Part of you wanted to slam her face into the eggs, but the better man in you resisted, standing firm as she went ahead, nearly butting aside Emmy as she took a few things, mostly the eggs and a waffle or two before slinking off.
  419. >You shake your head as Emmy gave a sigh.
  420. 'You're right.' you say, taking another plate 'she does have a complex.'
  422. >You eat your fill, god, you never feel the need to complain about a Frenchman's cooking ever again.
  423. >snagging a few muffins for later, you sit down with your hoard and open your material guide.
  424. >Teaching writing isn't as easy as you first thought, there were two major sections to the course; understanding the development of writing and actually writing what you learn.
  425. >Everything from syntax, spelling, editing, punctuation, grammar, god, it almost sounded like a full on Literacy course as you close the book and sigh.
  426. >Teaching writing to students couldn't be that complex, but understanding the proper form was a big deal, certainly you'd have to take this seriously as you open the book again.
  427. >The final assignment involved writing a book.
  428. >no way...
  429. >WRITING...a book.
  430. >Apparently, all the major assignments were writing chapters of this book, but the theme cannot be anything based around genera's of sci-fi or Fantasy.
  431. >You were pissed, but you figured why.
  432. >Those two were very easy to write, taking a piece of fiction based around reality works, but then, its fiction, you can make up anything you wish as long as its 'logical'.
  433. "Ooh, that seems fun." spoke another voice as you turn to see Redheart reading over your shoulder.
  434. >You blink as she smiles "Hello Anon, and good morning."
  435. 'Morning Red, you okay from yesterday?'
  436. >Red blushed, nodding "I...wanted to apologize for that...I was...quite taken by your statement on teaching and...well..." she fidgeted "its kind of noble of you to be so kind and caring and passionate."
  437. >You smirk, rubbing the back of your head 'Haha, well, its just being truthful, I enjoy teaching, and I'm sure to be a smash hit with the kids here.'
  438. >You give a confident grin as Red giggled, smiling as she nodded
  439. "Well, enjoy yourself, teaching is one thing, but being calm and happy is what teachers need the most."
  440. 'Yeah...hehe, well, hopefully it won't be too
  441. crazy.' you say with a grin.
  443. >You make your way down the hallway towards your classroom.
  444. >It's still early, almost 8:20 by the time you arrive as you open the door and walk towards the center of the room, standing there and observing the classroom.
  445. >Like most 'modern' classrooms, they had been going along with a 'university' style lecture hall. The rows of seats were elevated above the lower row, with stairways on either side for students to walk up.
  446. >It was only a middle section, but it had enough chairs to fit almost 60 people.
  447. >Quiet a big number for a class like this as you go to your desk and take a seat there.
  448. >You look about the desk, noticing a note on the top of it.
  449. >You blink, taking it out as you looked it over.
  450. "Auditorium, 6:00pm" it said "Don't be late."
  451. >Strange...was this another hazing trick?
  452. >You fold the note, slipping it into your pocket as you start opening the drawers.
  453. >Mr. Bookread was smart enough to clear all his crap, so each draw was empty and bare as you sigh, pushing them closed.
  454. >Placing your body back into the reclining position, you eye your remains of your breakfast, several muffins and a cup of coffee with a green apple and a bottle of OJ.
  455. >You'd have to give your regards to Mr. Grand eventually, if he wasn't as busy as Discord said, perhaps he'd be interesting to meet with.
  456. >Your thoughts wane back to the note as you look at it again.
  457. >6pm, well, that was almost an hour after school let out.
  458. >You had a hunch who wrote it, but you couldn't be sure as you hear the bell ring.
  459. >8:30, the first bell, and the sign to get to your class.
  460. >You sit upright, dusting yourself off a bit as you look at the chalkboard, easing up and slowly writing your name in big letters, followed by a the course, and...a few rules you had for your classroom.
  461. >You were going to keep these kids in line, that was for sure.
  463. >As soon as you finished, you could hear the voices of children, students entering the classroom.
  464. >A few voices pause, and the mention of "hey, its Mr. anon" caught your ears as you smirked.
  465. >these fools have yet to see your wrath, and one thing you've learned is to show you weren't a pushover.
  466. >Horror stories of teachers losing complete control of their class weren't uncommon, and in every class, there were always the 'bad seeds' of the group.
  467. >You'd ween those out as they come, but first, you were going to show you meant business.
  468. >checking your watch, you saw the time was now 8:45, class would begin in 15 minutes as you return to your desk, some students already noticing the writing on the board and a few faces almost...went pale.
  469. >You had written four simple rules on the board.
  470. >Be on time.
  471. >Be respectful.
  472. >Hand in assignments on their date.
  473. >No horseplay.
  474. >By god you were going to do this right the first time around as you exhale, finishing your coffee and tossing the cup into a garbage bin, putting the OJ into a drawer and starting on a muffin....only...there were a pair of yellow...eyes...staring at you.
  475. >Well, not you per-say, but the muffins you had on a plate.
  476. >At the edge of your desk stood a fair skinned girl, blond hair, and her was upwards, the other downwards.
  477. >It wasn't ugly, cute, but certainly unusual as you blink.
  478. 'Hello, can I help you?' you ask as the girl meeps, ducking a bit lower on the desk.
  479. "S-sorry...I...I hope I wasn;t b-being rude or anything."
  480. >You shake your head 'No, are staring at my muffins, can I ask why?'
  481. >She bit her lip " muffins."
  482. 'So do I, but I don't stare at them.'
  483. "Y-you do!? Oh...oh well...I...i really like them."
  484. 'Really?'
  485. >She nods "Are those...chef Le Grande's muffins?"
  486. >You nod, you can see her eyes sparkle as her fingers dug into the edge of the desk.
  487. "H-he makes...the best muffins...even better than mine!"
  488. 'You bake?' You ask as she nods.
  489. "Yup yup! I love muffins so much that I learn to make them m-myself so I saved some m-money." she seemed to smack her lips a bit.
  490. >You quirk a brow.
  491. "But...Chef Le Grande makes the best muffins...I...always w-wanted to have his muffins... is chip?"
  492. >She points to one, her hand never passing the invisible wall of your desk as you nod.
  493. 'Yes....yes it is, and its my favorite.'
  494. >She fidgeted again, fingers rapping along the wood, never pressing past the edge "I-its mine too, I-I love chocolate chip."
  495. >You smirk a bit, wow, she was...well...passionate about it to say the least as you look at the plate.
  496. 'Well that's good... so do I.' you say, picking it up as she meeped again, watching you hover that muffin close to your mouth, but stop as she looked up at you.
  497. >You swear, you've never seen the derpiest puppy eyes in your life, so much so that your heart dropped a little as you tsk a bit.
  498. 'Well, that's cheating...' you mutter as you exhale a breath, smirking.
  499. 'I take it you're not going to leave me alone about its hrmm?'
  500. >She shook her head, a defiant look as she kept staring at the muffin.
  501. >You sigh...but grin as you push another muffin forward.
  502. 'Would a banana nut work?'
  503. >She shook her head.
  504. 'Blueberry?'
  505. >Another shake
  506. '...Carrot?'
  507. >A third shake as you sigh with defeat.
  508. 'Fine...' you mutter, putting it down and gently pushing it towards her 'you can have it-"
  509. "MUFFIN!" she shouted as she grabbed it and literally swooped off to her seat, tucking the muffin close with glee before she started to nibble it.
  510. "t-Thank you Mr. Anon!" she said as you gave another sigh.
  511. 'You're welcome...miss.'
  512. "Derpy!" she called as she continued to nibble her muffin, a slight...blush on her face.
  513. 'Well, you're welcome Derpy." you said as you started to see the last of the students file in.
  514. >its now 9am.
  515. >time to get this show on the road.
  517. >The final bell had rung for the class as you sruvey the room, out of the 20 students you had, you counted only 17.
  518. >A few empty seats here and there, obviously not everyone would be there on time as you tsk a bit, wondering when the late-comers would arrive as you check over your day plan.
  519. >Considering it was your first day, you might as well make it easy, introduce yourself, have you students do so in turn, and then assign their first homework bits.
  520. >You're TeacherAnon
  521. >and you've just about to open the flood-gate to your new teaching job at Euqestria High.
  522. >The day before you had been introduced to your class, and seeing a wide range of colourful faces made it quite interesting to see how they'd take you.
  523. >That same night, you had been out with fellow teachers, and from what you gathered, things were pretty relaxed here.
  524. >The last teacher of the class you were taking over, Mr. BookRead had ran his class smoothly, the students were quiet intelligent with their work assignments and you didn't really point out much in the way of 'bad students'.
  525. >That however could change, you being 'fresh meat' to these wolves as you tap your ruler on the board.
  526. 'Alright class, as you may know, my name is Mr. Anonymous, I'll be your Home-Room teacher for the remainder of this semester and hope that you all can do your best to make this class both fun and interesting. If you will noticed, I posted a few things on the board just so you guys get a heads-up about how things work here.'
  527. >You eye the students, several you've seen before are already present, Pinkie included.
  528. >You couldn't see the normal coloured kid anywhere, perhaps he'd be one of the tardy students...shame really, but also it would be quiet helpful as you turn to the door and see three students attempt to sneak inside.
  529. The first was a fair skinned kid with blue hair, a white shirt with a shield and lighting bolt underneath a black jacket and matching pants.
  530. >The second was the Normal kid, orange jacket, massive belt buckle, and a toque atop almost purple coloured hair.
  531. >The last one to enter was a very... ineresting.
  532. >She was blue skinned, wearing track shorts under a pink short shkirt with a blue jacket atop a white t-shirt with a rainbow coloured lighting bolt.
  533. >Similar to her rainbow coloured hair.
  534. >Rainbow...
  535. >Coloured...
  536. >Hair...
  537. >What is this, the 70's?
  538. >You let them sneak about a few seconds before you cough, clearing your throat.
  539. 'Rule number 1: Be on time.' you tap the board with your meter stick 'It seems some of you have yet to understand the proper aspect of diligence. You three!' You point the stick at them 'Names, on the double.'
  540. >The three pause mid creep before sighing, turning slowly.
  541. "I'm Brad" the blue hair kid said.
  542. "Norman..." The Normal kid said.
  543. "Rainbow dash..." the girl said.
  544. >You cross your arms, hrrming a bit.
  545. 'So, whats your excuse for being late then?' you demand as they look amongst themselves, Brad looks down, then back.
  546. "Its my fault sir... I wanted to show Norman here some new moves in soccer, but we got caught up with Rainbow dash in a pick-up game..."
  547. >The others nod in agreement.
  548. >You mull over them, giving them each a stern look
  549. ' three are prime examples of what NOT to do in this class. Now I commend you on your attempt at sneaking, but I cannot allow you to continue bad habits such as tardiness.'
  550. >Some snickers in the crowd as you look over each one of them.
  551. 'However, this being the first day of my lectures with you, I'll let it slide, get to your seats, don't be late again.'
  552. "y-yes sir!" they all said, quickly dashing to their designated seating spots.
  553. 'By the way.' you add, turning back to the board 'who won?'
  554. "Who won?" You hear Norman ask.
  555. 'Yes, in your pick-up game?'
  556. "Well... Rainbow Dash, she's one of the fastest players in our team."
  557. "Norman, geeze, don't need to tell him that!"
  558. 'Nothing wrong with being good at sports RD, if that's okay to call you that, just be sure to get your priorities straight, class comes first, sports second.'
  559. >You can hear a few kids chuckle, the names of the kids popping up among it as they looked at the three delinquents.
  560. 'Which leads me to Rule number 2: Be respectful. That means be kind to your classmates, and be kind to me. In turn, I will do my utmost to be kind to all of you and help you through the semester. We're not enemies here, we're friends, allies even, we're trying to help everyone succeed.'
  561. >Looking amongst those voices of snickers, you see a tan skinned girl with red and yellow hair like a blazing inferno, giving a scornful look at Norman as you eye her.
  562. >She grinned, talking amongst some other girls as you make a mental note of her.
  563. >You cross your arms as you give a confident grin. 'Look to the person to your left, and to your right, they will be your friend and associate in this class. You will help them as much as they help you. You don't have to be friends, but you have to be willing to share work, to share ideas, and to share knowledge with them.'
  564. >The students did so, looking left and right before you see Derp raising a hand.
  565. 'Yes Derpy?'
  566. "W-hwta about above and below you?"
  567. >The class let out a giggle as you smirk, shaking your head.
  568. 'I wouldn't worry too much, focus more on your left and right rather than above and below, easier to share work.
  569. "A-and what if you only have one to your right?" she added, seeing as she was at the end of her row.
  570. 'Same deal, just focus to your person to your right and they to you. That, and I'll be sure to help you if you really need it.'
  571. >You could see a faint blush on her cheeks. "Y-yes sir..T-thank you."
  572. >Nodding, you point to your last rule on the board.
  573. 'Finally, be sure to hand your assignments in ON TIME, I cannot stress this enough that your grades demand your utmost attention, so as soon as you get your assignment, be sure to get it done before the due date.' you huff as a hand is raised.
  574. 'Yes, name and question please?' you asked as a orange skinned girl wearing something out of a western movie, stood up.
  575. "Ah, sorry sir" she said rather formal as she removed her large cowboy hat, holding it between both hands "...mah names AppleJack, and ah just wanted ta know if there would be some sorta leeway for student who mah not be able ta get assignments in on time."
  576. 'What do you mean AppleJack?' you ask.
  577. "Well, yah see, mah family an ah work onna farm, and sometimes we gotta work extra hard fer harvest, and ah was wondering if there was something ya'll can do bout extensions?"
  578. >You smile 'Oh, that won't be a problem at all! If you need an extension, be sure to let me know a week before the deadline and then we can work something out.'
  579. >AJ smiled, giving a curt bow "Ah t-thank yah Sir, nice ta know you're able ta make some leeway."
  580. 'You said it yourself you work on a farm, I can respect the need of extra time especially considering the seasons you work, and please, no sir, just call me Anon, we don't need to be so formal here.'
  581. >AJ looked down a bit "ah yes s- ah mean Anon...sir.."
  582. >You look about the class as you nod 'There you have it, three simple rules, easy to follow right? Now then, lets start with getting the first assignment out of the way alright?'
  584. >There was a communal moan from a few students as you crack open your lecture guide, seeing the first assignment printed there.
  585. >Students had to research a famous writer from a list they create on the board. Some were already noted in the book such as H. P. Lovecraft, Edmund Burke, Edgar Allan Poe and so forth.
  586. >Simple enough, you exhale a bit, turning back to the board as you start writing.
  587. 'Alright, the name of this class is Fictional Literature, we'll be discussing and understanding the concepts of fiction and how to properly write it. You're assignments will revolve around the development of your own peice of fiction-'
  588. >There was a sudden plink as something knocked against your head, causing you to stop and blink a few times....hrmm, maybe just a bug as you continue writing.
  589. 'What your first assignment will be is to research a famous writer in fiction-'
  590. >Another plink as you stop, this time that didn't feel like a bug as you look back and down, seeing...two...paper airplanes at your feet.
  591. 'Oh...well look what we got here.' You pick them up, looking them over as you unfold them and make them straight, placing them on your desk before you turn back to the board and start writing some of the names, sticking with two as you turn around.
  592. >Just as a third one plinks against your face.
  593. >You blink a few times before looking down at the third plane, looking up to see the culprit as none other than Rainbow Dash, one of the kids who snuck in.
  594. >You sigh... if she's going to be a problem, then you're nipping it right there as you pick it up.
  595. 'Your craftsmanship is impressive, but you lack subtly in your throws miss Rainbow, the first two were commendable, but I caught your third, so I have to ask you to stay behind after class.'
  596. >A riot of laughter erupted as the snickering girls from before look at her.
  597. "Well, it seems RainbowDash has ended up crashing and burning!" the inferno haired girl said as you tap your desk with your ruler.
  598. 'Settle down everyone, let's not have to make it a group stay in.'
  599. >Everyone shuts up.
  600. >So bawss.
  601. >RD looks peeved, obviously not expecting you to turn as she has an embarrassed looking blush radiates across her face.
  602. 'Now then...we'll split off into teams of two, pick one author of fiction and both you and your partner will write a 2 page summary on who that author is, what they wrote, and how it impacted the way we see fiction today or if it had any importance in the development of literature.' You point to the board 'I have two examples here, can anyone else give me some more?'
  603. >Students would raise hands, call out names even, you started developing a list and the names of authors, from H.G Wells to Hemingway, to C. S. Lewis and Lewis Carroll.
  604. >Eventually, one student mentions J.R.R Tolken, and the class begins to break into a debate on that author.
  605. >For a moment, an argument began to break out about the authors two books, the Hobbit, and the Lord of the Rings.
  606. "Why would you say the Hobbit is better?" One kid bantered as two others looked back.
  607. "Because the story was far more entertaining than the Lord of the Rings!"
  608. "But Lord of the rings had the biggest battles!"
  609. "Not all books are about battles, The Hobbit was a story of adventure ad brotherhood!"
  610. "So was LOTR!"
  611. >They went back and forth for awhile until someone spoke about Gandalf.
  612. "Gandfal was made better in the Lord of the Rings, he's the BEST wizard ever!"
  613. "Whose...gandfal?" A purple kid asked as you look to see its the same girl who protected Norman the first day you were here.
  614. >She looked sweet and all, but her expression of curiosity was...interesting.
  615. "You mean you don't know!?" Norman said in suprise "someone into magic and stuff dosen't know the best wizard of our time?"
  616. "Best wizard?" The purple kid said.
  617. "Yeah, he defeated a Balrog!"
  618. "Whats a balrog?"
  619. >There was a collective gasp from the students at Pruples question.
  620. >As much as you wanted to hear the end of this, you weren't willing to spend all day on it as you tap the desk.
  621. 'Alright children, settle down now, we an discuss protagnosists and meta-bosses later, right now I want you to focus on the task at hand.'
  622. >everyone settles a bit, lookng at you with attention for once.
  623. 'Now, we were talking about writers, personlly i more open to you using anyone withnin your century, but if you want to go back to older writer, try to keep it short.'
  624. >Students were scibbling notes for a moment before another rose their hand.
  625. "So, how we going to do this sort of thing?" spoke Brad "I mean, if we gottas do this in pairs, how do we tackle this thing?"
  626. >You smirk "Simple really, you and your partner will be working on it together, you both have to write it. There are two ways you can do it: collab@ research and write together, or each one of you does a single pay review, obviously if you want to get higher markers..." you cough a bit "you want to work to make something together."
  627. >murmurs erupted from the class as you see many faces smirk and plot their ideas, aside from a confused purple starin rigt at you.
  628. >You could see she had a question, but you weren't sure if she was willing to ask it before she rose her hand.
  629. 'Yes, name and question.'
  630. "uhm...oh...Twilight sparkle sir."
  631. There was a group of snickers from about the room as you try to locate the perpetrator of the rude students, unble to see them amidts the others as you huff/
  632. 'Yes Twilight, what is it?'
  633. "Uhm... is it permissable to look at wizards who wrote books?"
  634. >you blink a few times.
  635. >was she serious? That or very creative s yyou pounder, wondering f that was a stupid idea or one you could go with.
  636. 'Wizards who wrote books? Well I'm sure many fictional ones had, but i'm not sure.'
  637. "But...the one I know isn't fictional, he was a real pony!"
  638. 'A pony....wait wait, you mean to tell me this wizard you a horse.'
  639. "not a horse, a pony."
  640. 'Horses are the same as ponies, ponies are just smaller.'
  641. "But its NOT Horses, its Pony!"
  642. >You pause for a moment as you let a sigh ' is this pony of yours able to do magic and stuff?'
  643. "Oh yes! He's written several encyclopedias on magical incantation and various others on the properties of them!"
  644. >Was this for real? She was able to actually admit he wrote stuff...
  645. >now you might not be on her wave lenght... but you sure as hell don't remember any wizards who were ponies...
  646. "Well, Twilight, I don't mind if you want to tell stories about your pet pony who can do magic, but he isn't a real writer, which is what the assignments says to research.'
  647. >She got flustered real quick as she stood up "He is a real writer, I read many books he did."
  648. 'Really? Well then, why don't you bring one tomorrow and show me?' you retort 'I'll gladly allow it if he has a book I can see.'
  649. >She went red, looking away "I...don't have them anymore."
  650. >Awe, bad feels as you let out a sigh, looking away for a moement before turning back to her.
  651. 'How bout we do this... write a sensible essay and provide a breif description, written or drawn, of this pony friend of yours, and I'll count it as viable, hopefully our partner will be down for that?"
  652. >She turned to Norman, pulling him up beside her.
  653. "I'm sure he will, I've told Norman about him."
  654. "You have?"
  655. >She kicked his leg.
  656. "Ow....uh yeah...yeah."
  657. >You smirk a bit.
  658. 'Alright then, good luck you two.'
  660. Your class ended as the bell rang, shame you only had an hour with them before they filed out, leaving you alone...for the moment...with Rainbow dash
  663. >You stood at the door, watching the last students file out as your focus returns on the little miss Rainbow wing.
  664. 'So...' you begin rubbing the back of your head, the planes behind you lined neatly on the desk like it was an aircraft carrier 'what caused yer reason for sending the rainbow air force?'
  665. >Rainbow looked away, the girl rather unsettled, as she hides her a glance in a shadow.
  666. 'you're fast, but your no pegasus.'
  667. >She looked back, her expression a radical glare.
  668. "I Am a Pegasus, you betta watch your tounge."
  669. 'And you better watch your words, you're still in my airspace, and I won't be so easy to let you leave like that.' You tighten your grip on your desk edge, letting your rear end land on it like a true champ as Rainbow growls, giving you a look.
  670. 'So, you're a pegsus eh? Well... I guess I can find a little merit in its creative design, hell, would be cool ta be a rainbow pegasus.' you smirk 'but I'd rather have something a tad more impressive if you ask me.'
  671. "Nothing is more awesome than a Pegasus you dude, you gotta be crazy to think otherwise." Rainbow shouted in defiance as you smirk.
  672. 'I ain't crazy, that's for sure. Sides, think a kid like you knows what an SR-71 is?'
  673. " do you know of that?" Rainbow dash gasped "who told you?"
  674. 'what do you mean 'who told me?', its common knowledge isn't it?'
  675. >She looked down a bit "... of the fastest thing on earth, you know, no one would have known about it if it was the fastest thing ever."
  676. 'Yeah, you could say that, a marvel of human engineering, I doubt anything magical could beat something that advance that it can touch space.'
  677. >Rainbow blinked in awe, she seemed a tad taken by your words as her eyes were alight.
  678. "It was the most awesome airplane ever!" she said with a big grin, only suddenly realizing she was being all nerdy and quickly returned to her cool and collective self. "So yeah, you got a problem with that?"
  680. >You sigh, raising a hand.
  681. 'Uh...look don't think about it, question is, you got something against me being here?'
  682. Rainbow returned to reality from cloud nine before she blushed a bit, looking down, then back to you.
  683. "Mr. BookRead used to be a pilot back in the day, he flew during the Second World War and when I found out, he told me all sorts of stories about it."
  684. 'I take it you really love flying?'
  685. She gasped, raising a fist "I've loved flying ever since I was a baby girl." she looked sternly at you "So that makes him miles above you" she paused for a moment, giving a grin "...but you're still cool."
  686. You smirk, picking up one of the planes.
  687. 'Tell you what, if you can hold back the air strikes, perhaps we can have some more good times; I really wouln't want to bring out my own counter batteries and risk losing such a fine fleet."
  688. Rainbow huffed, eying the planes on your desk as she fidgeted in place.
  689. "Well... alright...but you gotta prove yourself to me first! You may be the teacher, but you gotta show me you plan on having clean skies in this classroom, some teachers..." she paused looking out the door "you just don't know, and Mr. Bookread was one of the best!"
  690. You look concerned 'well, that's putting it on thick.'
  691. "You could say I have... high standards... of my teachers."
  692. Touche... she got you there.
  693. 'Alright then....get out of ere, you've prolonged your stay anyway.'
  694. She grinned, rushing down and yanking the other two of her planes before darting out.
  695. You don't pursue as gives you a grin at the door.
  696. "Hey, you could probably be a good second awesome to me, why not try what its like being a wingman?"
  697. 'Watching out for my students is what I do, I am your teacher you know.' you grin, rubbing your nose 'stubborn as a mule you are and I'm sure you'd need the help.'
  698. She stuck out her tongue, quickly darting from the class as you sigh, slowly returning to the backside of your desk, packing your things as you lock your desk and take what you need.
  699. 'Alright then... now, whats with the gy-'
  700. You forgot the uniform in the teachers Lounge.
  702. "Alright you lazy lumox's! We're going to get you started out right and early into the toughest work out your little body can handle!"
  703. The voice of Mr. Will boomed like a cannon as several of the students grimmaced at his tone.
  704. "You think I;m going to be all sissy like your other teachers, not in my class I won't, you're going to sweat, you're ging to be tired, and you're going to build your bodies to the best you can get!"
  705. Mr. Will looked about, his eyes stern and uncaring as he looked at the scene, seeing the students he taught at this time, but missing on 'teacher' as he smirked.
  706. "Heh...seems Edwards got his eggs in the wrong-"
  707. *Clank!* The gym door opens as you entere exhausred.
  708. 'Sorry I'm late!' you exhale as you slowly jog up beside Iron Will 'Got held up by a few teachers outside my class, you know, asking how I was settling in.'
  709. Iron Will looks at you, a bull-like huff as he notion to the line.
  710. "Well then, you better be ready, your students have better punctuality than you... give me 10 laps round the gym, on the double!"
  711. You groan, exhaling again as you nod 'Yes sir...' and off you run.
  713. -earlier-
  714. Darting quickly from your classroom, you make a hairpin turn towards the left.
  715. Only to get a face-full of boobage from one Miss Mare.
  716. You pause for a second, your head nearly placed between her breasts as you get a very good look at her black lace-bra beneath her white shirt.
  717. You zip upright quickly, seeing Emmy with a brilliant blush along her cheeks.
  718. "Now Now Mr. Anon, this isn't anatomy class...I must ask you refrain from studying me that thoroughly." she said with a bit of an embarrised grin.
  719. 'Ulp...y-yes Ma'am!' you say, looking at her face as she smiled a bit.
  720. "Though I must admit, I'm glad you are fond of them." she whispered before easing your unfiorm forward "I thought you might need this, you forgot this in the teachers lounge so I made my way over to help you."
  721. You blink in surprise 'Gee...thanks.'
  722. "It was nothing dear, would much rather you not be late for Iron Wills class on your first day, not a very good image to give to your students."
  723. You nod 'Yeah, I guess I just got distracted by Miss Red....'
  724. Emmy blinks, looking away a bit "I...see..."
  725. You could feel an awkward moment as you almost hear a cricket chirp before you slowly move to take it.
  726. Only to have Emmy move back.
  727. 'Eh!?'
  728. Emmy looked at you seriously, her expression stern and unforgiving "I hope you do not plan on hurting her in any way, Miss Red is a kind-hearted person, and I would not approve of your antics if you dared to try and make her upset."
  729. Whoa, this was a new side of her as you rose your hands.
  730. 'Look, I don't get what you're saying, she's nice, but isn't the rules to fraternize with your fellow employees?'
  731. Emmy blinked, looking back at you in disbelief before she exhaled, calming herself.
  732. "I...I'm're right Mr. Anon...I guess I'm just a tad protective of some of my fellow teachers."
  733. 'Why's that?'
  734. Emmy gave a sigh 'There have been...other teachers here before...rude ones, mean ones...we're a new school ANon, we've only been operating for 4 years now and its not easy keeping staff in proper supply, not to mention this town isn't very livid with young teachers to take over after our time."
  735. 'So...I take it you had your fair share of doubt?'
  736. "Myself, my faculty, and even the student body..."
  737. 'I can figure that...' you pause, recalling RD's last words.
  738. "What makes it worse is that each time we have to get rid of one, it tarnishes the image of our school. Principal Celestia has had quite her fill of shenanigans of bad teachers, and the more we lose, well, the lest repeatability the school possess for far-off teachers to wish to apply. You're one of the first long-distance teacher we've had, and I must say, you certainly are a welcoming sight."
  739. You rubbed the back of your head.
  740. 'I'm sorry to hear that...hopefully I can help in improving your school.'
  741. Emmy smiled, she slowly extended your clothing to you.
  742. "Well, I hope you can Mr. Anon, it would be quiet welcoming to-"
  743. "Now what do we have here?" came that sly, almost devious voice from behind Emmy as Miss Chrysalis creeped up from behind Miss Mare, resting herself tightly against her back as she gently let her arms dangle over her shoulders.
  744. >Her face was close to the left side of her head as she quicklu grabbed the clothing, giving a teasing breath to Emmy's ear before pulling away.
  745. >Damn...some nice woman on woman action would be hell of a way to start the day.
  746. >SHUT UP BONER!
  747. "My my, Mr. Anonymous, careless in forgetting your gym uniform I see...tsk tsk tsk, that isn't a very remarkable image to have now is it?" Crissy mused, easing around Emmy, nudging her aside with her hips as she now held your prized clothing.
  748. >She was holding it hostage!
  749. >Your linens are in jeopardy as you stare down the other female.
  750. 'Miss Chrysalis, nice to see you too, I do hope you plan on giving me my uniform, hate to keep Mr. Will waiting.'
  751. "Oh but do hold on my dear...I was wondering if you received any...special"
  752. The letter...
  753. 'Maybe...what about it...?'
  754. >She smirked, that smirking grin of hers causing a shiver down your spine.
  755. "I would advise you ahead to its...request... it would be a shame to leave the maiden waiting~" she whispered, slipping right up to you as she pushed your uniform to your chest. "You aren't the type to do that are you?"
  756. 'A date is a date...I abide to deadlines as much as my yes, I will be there...' you grab your clothing firmly from her grasp, gently pushing her back.
  757. 'Now If you will excuse me, I have a class to get to.' you say, rushing off down the hall.
  758. Chrissy huffed, crossing her arms.
  759. "He's stubborn." she muttered "But he draws me ever closer to his form...his strenght is amazing."
  760. "I'd quit the daydreaming Crissy, he obviously doesn't have the hots for you."
  761. Chrissy almost hissed, looking at Emmy who had a smug grin "You're getting old my dear, same old tricks just won't cut it for him."
  762. Emmy looked down the hall as she watched Anon make a turn towards the gym as she started to walk away.
  763. "Better start looking for a new one dear, he's already out of your league." She said as Chrissy hissed, clenching a fist.
  764. "No...he...WILL be mine!"
  766. --
  768. You huff, coming out of your last lap as you let your body fall forward, gripping your knees as you pant.
  769. 'Shit, haven't run that much in years.' you mutter.
  770. "Alright Mr. Anon, get your rear in gear, you're just in time for some good old fashion dodge ball!"
  771. 'Dodge ball?'
  772. "Why yes! Lets just say, because you ditched my earlier request to simply do an early work-out, I'm going to have every student go at you in Dodge-Ball, does that sound fair kiddies!?"
  773. You hear a rousing course as you look at the students...
  774. Oh god...its your CLASS
  775. and Rainbow dash has the biggest grin on her mug as they all lined up at the opposite end of the gym and you to the other.
  776. Five balls lay evenly spaced in the center as Iron Will stood at the edge.
  777. "Remeber! If you get hit, you're out! If you catch the ball thrown, the thrower is out, and NO HEADSHOTS!"
  778. He blew the whistle, and hell was unleashed.
  779. >But you weren't going to just stand at the gates as you rush towards the balls, taking a slide all boss-like down to the center, rushing...going slightly faster than your kids and grabbing one ball before launching it right into the thick of them.
  780. >You hear several bounces and an ouch as three kids were suddenly tweeted out, and the ball you shot was sent flying upwards.
  781. "DERPY, CATCH IT!" Someone called as you see Derpy pausing mid run
  782. "Catch wha?" She said as the ball bounced onto her head and to the side.
  783. "Oh..." she grabbed it "I got it!"
  784. >Everyone groaned as you huffed, smirking as you got up, seeing the other four balls now in the hands of your students...including rainbow dash.
  785. >You double back, getting a good look and enough space at all of them as the balls whipped towards you.
  786. >Dodge to the left.
  787. >Dodge to the right.
  788. >You dip under one, but the last one is thrown by RD.
  789. >Man is she fast... and strong!
  790. >The ball rushes low, you huff, too low to
  791. 'Up and over!' you shout, leaping above the ball as it slammed into the wall.
  792. "No way!" Rainbow called as you quickly rush back to grab two of the balls.
  793. 'Les go!' you shout, throwing the balls back at high speed.
  794. *bounce bounce bounce* with almost 20 kids on one side, it was easy pickings to nail a child for every ball you had, knocking them out without a problem.
  795. Time and Time again though, you were left with four random kids and RD always throwing back at you.
  796. She was persistent, but you had mad skills for dodging.
  797. That and maybe being a little Op...
  798. Eventually, it leads to you being alone on the floor with only RD and Derpy across from you.
  799. "Go get him Rainbow! Go get her Mr. Anon!!" Pinkie calls from the crowd.
  800. What a good sport she was, cheering for both sides as you stare down at RD and she stares back at you.
  801. "You're going down big guy!"
  802. 'Like you'd be able to do that hot shot!'
  803. "Oh yeah? I"m rainbow dash! I'll kick your ass so hard you won't know what hit you!"
  804. 'Alright then, bring it on!' You edge her on as you jitter in place.
  805. Which way...which way will she go!
  806. She suddenly banked left.
  807. You darted right
  808. Both aiming and throwing your shot at the best speed possible within visual range.
  809. Everything slowed as your shots went out, like missiles bound for your targets as you screamed back like jet fighters.
  810. Only to see the balls whizz past RD, as does hers for you as she slowly began to grumble her expression before you both came to a pause.
  811. "no way!" she said, darting her head to look for another ball before a sudden BOUNCE hit her in the back, causing her to tumble forward.
  812. "Ack! WHAT!?" she said, turning back to see the that the ball Anon had shot bounced off the wall!
  813. Such speed, such power it had, to do that and still knock the awesome Rainbow Dash down? HOW!?
  814. RD turned, turning towards you just as another BOUNCE echoed... follow by a whump!
  815. RD grumbled, looking back to see you out cold on the floor, her ball beside him bouncing away as Iron Will blew his whistle.
  816. "Alright, students win! Everyone get the showers!" he barked, easing over to Anon. "and you're going to a nurse Mister." he said, easing you up and off to the nurses office.
  819. >You wake sometime later in a nice soft bed.
  820. >Can't remeber being in a bed this soft before as you look up at the white ceiling above you, and the open window with its light blue curitans slowly waving in the wind.
  821. >You blinked, slowly sitting up to find yourself in a white room, the nurses office, as you suddenly hear footfalls nearby.
  822. "Ah, Mr. Anon, welcome to the land of the living." Miss Red said, smiling as she sat down beside you on a stool "you feeling alright?"
  823. 'Yeah...' you ask, shaking your head 'what happened?'
  824. >Miss Red huffed, looking at her clipboard.
  825. "You had a mild concussion from a dodgeball to the back of the head. What were you doing exactly Mr. Anon?"
  826. >You rub your neck a bit 'Mr Will's class pitted against me in a game of dodgeball. One kid got lucky and nailed me with a trick shot...'
  827. >Didn't want to give names, not cool if you did, you knew damn well who did it= as you turn, sitting on the edge of the bed.
  828. >Miss Red seemed surprise "oh...l-leaving already? You still need rest." she gently put a hand on your shoulder as you huff.
  829. 'But... I got class soon.'
  830. >She smiled "Silly...its lunch time, you were out for a good twenty minutes, please, lay down, you have time."
  831. >Weren't going to argue with the nurse as you huff, laying back down as she wrote on her board.
  832. "I didn't think you were the athletic type."
  833. 'Oh, why not?'
  834. "Considering you packed away almost seven muffins, you don't give the interpretation you work out a lot."
  835. >ooo that was harsh.
  836. 'Well... used to, swam a lot when I was little, taught swimming for a spell too.'
  837. "Swimming hrmm? THats a very healthy sport, why did you stop?"
  838. >You shrug 'Wasn't in me to continue, wanted to do more.'
  839. >Better brace for her going all wet again if she loved your last story.
  840. "Why not? I'm sure you were a wonderful teacher."
  841. >YOu we go.
  842. 'I won't deny that I was, the fact is, I wasn't always the way the rules needed me to be, that and having to finish high-school during my instrcting was a very bad combo. I remeber missing my students exam because I had an exam of my own to do on the same day, so I couldn't make it out.'
  843. "Oh thats terrbiel!" Red replies "What did you do after?"
  844. 'There wasn't anything I could do, all the outlines I sent in had been tossed away and they brought some lunk head in. My students had been asking where I was and never really got an answer. It was bad, real bad, and afterwards, they wouldn't hire me on for the next semester of swimming. Something about me not doing what was asked and not abiding by the rules. I was in it for the kids, not some rules we had, I made sure they did their strokes and lesson plans to the letter, but they thought less of me because of it.'
  845. >Red almost looks traumatized "Those brutes!" she exclaimed "how could such people even regard a teacher as bad if the class loves them!?"
  846. 'Ask them...the supervisor was never even around and she had said she didn't like me, not only that, but I also failed some 'secret' test they did to gauge teachers abilities.'
  847. "How horrid!" she said "Those people should be punished for it!"
  848. 'They should, but what was I to say? I was only 18, I had no clue what was going on, I just did my job.'
  849. >Red sighed, putting a hand on your shoulder.
  850. >say what?
  851. >She looks at you with a smile "I think it was wrong of them, but, you've obviously learned from it considering your class hasn't thrown you out yet."
  852. >A slight chuckle passes your lips 'you're kidding right?'
  853. >She shook her head "I'm sure Miss Mare mentioned we've had a fair share of disgruntled teachers, sometimes the students take matters into their own hands."
  854. 'Own hands?'
  855. >Red nodded "One teacher was literately thrown out his room by his students... he certainly left in a huff after that and we almost lost any hopes in finding a replacement... that is until you showed up."
  856. >You smile a bit as she leaned in a little closer.
  857. "I must say, Principal Celestia was good at choosing someone who'd be so willing and able to go through with this place. It brings joy to my heart that we can find caring teachers."
  858. >She was getting a bit... too close for comfort before she flipped up a small light to check your eyes.
  859. "Do you have any other teaching background or working with kids?"
  860. >You pause as the light causes you to squint.
  861. >What is this, interrogation?
  862. 'I worked as a councilor at a summer camp, didn't like it too much because some of the kids were brats, but it was fun.'
  863. "I'm sorry to hear that, guess you can't get the good ones all the time." she said, checking your left and then right eye.
  864. 'Yeah, it sucked, but it was still fun in the end.' You smirk a bit as she wrote something else down and then eased away.
  865. "You can sit up now, I just needed to check if you had any lasting affects from the impact."
  866. >You rub the back of your head.
  867. 'It was just a dodgeball.'
  868. >She gave you a look.
  869. "And what if it had caused serious damage? I take my job very seriously Mr. Anonymous!" she had a bit of spite in that word as you rose your hands.
  870. 'Ey ey, sorry... didn't mean it like that, you do a bang up job, trust me, I feel great, but it wasn't something serious.'
  871. >She continued with that look as she eased away "Very well, why don't you go and get something to eat, you still have an hour before lunch is over."
  872. 'Thanks Red...' you say, slowly easing up as you walk to the door and looking at her.
  873. "You're welcome Mr. Anon..." she said, looking back at you as you with a smile "If you need anything, I'm always here."
  874. >You simply nod, making your way to open the door before you hear a knock at the other side.
  875. >With a blink, you turn to red who shrugs in surprise.
  876. "Who is it?" she called.
  877. "Its...uhm Rainbow Dash!" came a voice from the other side.
  878. "Oh, well come in."
  879. >You ease your hand along the door handle, slowly opening it before the whole door is suddenly flung into you and your planting to the wall.
  880. >Miss Red gasped as RD, Twilight, Norman and Brad entered.
  881. "Is Mr. Anon here?" RD asked as she had a concern look on her face "We...wanted to see if he was okay."
  882. 'I was....okay...until about a minute ago.' you mutter from behind the door as it slowly opens and you gently move away, holding your nose for a moment as you look at your students.
  883. "S-sorry..." Rainbow dash muttered before looking at her friends "What!?"
  884. "First you hit him with a dogdeball, then you hit him with a door?" Twilight exclaimed "Rainbow, can yous top hurting Anon for a while at least?"
  885. >Rainbow was about to rebuttal when you wave a hand 'Hey, it was an accident... I guess you can say I'm...flattered... to see you here.'
  886. >The joke ends poorly as eyes were rolled, aside from Red who stifled a giggle and RD who was blushing maddly.
  887. "W-Well, I wanted to make sure you weren't being a lazy pee-body!" RD said defiantly, turning away from you and crossing her arms "I mean, Someone's gotta teach us right? I wouldn't want some weakling laying down on the job."
  888. >Girls got bark as you smirk
  889. 'Thats good to hear then, and you guys got here just in time, c'mon, I could use some grub and I wouldn't mind sitting about with some of my students.'
  890. "That would be awesome!" Rainbow exclaimed before Twilight, Brad and Norman stifled a giggle.
  891. "Hah, yeah, so you can beg for eternal forgiveness from mister professor?" Brad joked.
  892. "Ah put a sock in it Brad."
  893. >Rainbow huffed as you eased past the students, waving to Red as they walked with you down to the Cafeteria.
  895. --
  897. >You haven't been to the lunch-hall before as you survey the mass of students milling about, getting their food and sitting amongst themselves as you're led to a table with RD, Twi, Norman and Brad.
  898. "Mind holding this spot for us?" RD asks as she and the others stand up "we're going to grab lunch before it's all gone, I heard they have Pizza today!"
  899. >A communal gasp erupted from them as they all darted off.
  900. "DONT LOSE OUR SPOT!" RD called as you wave them off, sighing as you took a seat.
  901. >You sit there, alone for a moment as you watch the students, eyes picking out a few you saw from your class as you notice one blond haired girl.
  902. >Derpy! She looked a bit upset as she walked around, obviously unsure of where to go as you watch her for a moment.
  903. >You can see a few kids at a table nearby as the fire-haired chick along with a few other friends of here's were eying Derpy, muttering and snickering as they waved her over.
  904. >Derpy smiled, the smile of innocence as your mind began to race.
  905. 'Don't do it...' you mutter 'dear god above...'don't do it you huff, seeing Derpy arrive at the table as the girls slide over for her...and you notice right then and there one of them put something on the seat that was vacated.
  906. >Was that...gum?
  907. >Derpy of course was ecstatic as she sat down with a thud, only to yipe in surprise as she got up, finding her backside now stuck with icky pink gum.
  908. >She tries to pull it off, but it only gets worse until one girl has the gauff to pull out scissors and snip it free, causing the gum to stick tight to the girls skirt.
  909. >Laughter erupts as Derpy is utterly lost in the torment as you can't stand it anymore.
  910. >You get up... Sorry RD... and walk over to her, looking at the girls.
  911. 'Ahem...' you begin 'is something funny here?' you ask, your voice serious and cold as ice as you scan the trouble makers.
  912. "Why Mr. Anon." the fire haird girl said "nothing at all is funny, we were just telling Derpy a joke here." she smirked, a smug grin on her face.
  913. 'I saw what you did there...' you muttered under your breath 'I don't take kindly to people who play pranks like that.' you grumble, looking down at her with a meneacing glare before picking up Derpy with one arm, letting he walk beside you as you grab her tray with the other before you notice the blond haired girl look up at you foundly.
  914. ''re in good hands.' you mutter, looking back at the girl. 'You're in my homeroom class are you not miss...?'
  915. "Sunset Shimmer, and I know I am, but you can't do a thing about it!"
  916. 'Oh? Considering the three rules missy, I'll be keeping a close eye on you; watch your step, or you'll be sorry for picking on the innocent.'
  917. >She only laughs "And is Mr. Anon going to do anything that MIGHT tarnish his reputation?"
  918. >Shimmering was playing for keeps, what a snake she was as you smirk 'You better watch out when you play with fire, you might get burned.'
  919. >The girl was about to protest before a sudden splash of chocolate milk fell upon her hair.
  920. >Derpy had left your side, taken her chocolate milk, and dumped it on Shimmerings head.
  921. "T-Thats for my S-Skirt you...bully!" she said before she hid behind you again as you couldn't help but smirk, stifling a chuckle before it became a laugh.
  922. >Soon, everyone was laughing at Shimmering as she had the most hateful glare and stormed out with her posse.
  923. >Triumphant, you walk Derpy back to the table to see RD and the others back there.
  924. "What gives!" RD excalimed "You had one job, and you ditched us!"
  925. 'Sorry.' you return 'duty called.' you gently push Derpy forward 'She had the gumbutt trick done to her.
  926. >the group of kids look deadpan at Derpy.
  927. "Oh man, so they got her again did they?" Twilight begins
  928. 'Again?' you ask as Twilight nods
  929. "Shimmering and her posse have always been a nuisance to everyone, and yet, no one can do anything against them."
  930. 'Not true...Derpy dumped chocolate milk on her, was a riot.'
  931. "Really!?" everyone was surprised.
  932. " cool derpy!" RD exclaimed "Wow girl, you got guts!"
  933. "T-thanks Rainbow Dash..." Derpy said softly, hiding her face behind one of her muffins.
  934. >You chuckle, gently patting her on the head 'We're going to have to find a new skirt for her though, gums a mess on her backside.'
  935. "Leave that to me!" RD exclaims "I just so happen to carry an extra pair of track shorts, you can borrow them but return them tomorrow okay?"
  936. "O-okay Rainbow!"
  937. >RD nods, easing over to her backpack as she pulls out a pair of slick black track-shorts and hands them to derpy.
  938. >She looks in bewilderment, stretching them abit.
  939. "Hey...cut that out, c'mon, lets get those on you." RD said as she took derpy to the bathroom.
  940. >Several moments later, they return, and to be blunt, Derpy looked hella cute with the button down shirt and track shorts.
  941. >Almost something out of an Anime as everyone had the dawest of face.
  942. >Brad and Norman were going red with glee at the sight of a cute girl in short shorts as they began to chuckle.
  943. "Pervs..." Twilight muttered as she rolled her eyes, eyeng Norman for a bit before blushing.
  944. 'Hey...' you break the silence, noticing the awkward love triangle 'You guys clear on the assignments right? Since I'm here, I don't mind giving you special treatment for any help or something.'
  945. "Oh yeah!" Twilight began reaching under the table and pulling out a book on wizards.
  946. "Norman and I got this from the Library, can it be used as a credible source?" she pushed the book to you.
  947. >Obviously you didn't realize how much information this school HAD on wizards.
  948. >This book was... in depth to be honest, and something about the script writing made you concerned as you flip through it.
  949. >Pages and pages of magical enchantments, spells, rune types and all that.
  950. >It reminded you of one of those detail kids books about stuff like ships, buildings, etc... very detailed, and also... very concerning.
  951. 'Yeah...this...could work' you look for the author's name but find none, not even a bibliography at the front or back 'Just as long as you can source it correctly.'
  952. >Twilight nods with glee, taking the book "I was glad to find something so in depth in the Library, I nearly had a breakdown trying to use the computer."
  953. >Say wha?
  954. 'Oh...really? Not a fan of technology?'
  955. "Oh...Not really, but I can't help but prefer a book over something thats no physical"
  956. 'But... the computer finds much more information, why not use it?'
  957. "Because it takes the fun our of learning and finding!"
  958. >Wow, she's really old-school.
  959. 'Well, alright, but you should at least find two sources, has Norman found anything?'
  960. >Norman nods "Yessum, I couldn't help but do just that with Twilight breathing down my neck... hehe."
  961. >Twilight huffed, shooting him a look as you chuckle.
  962. >Norman rose his hands in defense "S-sorry purple...just...well... you know."
  963. >Twilight rolls her eyes "fine fine, I'll give you some space, but I want to do the BEST at this assignment, I wouldn't want to show any poor grades to a new teacher." she looked at you, those big eyes glinting "especially one who is so willing to be open to new discoveries!"
  964. >You rub the back of your head, now it was Normans turn to give you a look as you sigh.
  965. >fucking high-school romance.
  966. >'Well, good to know you two are handling it well, but Twilight, as much as I appricate your desire for something different, you should still look up some legit fictional writers.' you pause for a moment 'Norman, why don't you show twilight some fantasy fictions like Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, I'm sure she'd get a kick out of that.'
  967. >Norman blinks nodding "Y-yeah, I can guess she would!" he said with a smirk as you turn to RD.
  968. 'Rainbow, what about you? Everything going alright?'
  969. Rainbow ulped, halfway eating a slice of pizza.
  970. "uummh..." she said as Derpy waved a hand.
  971. "She's My partner, we're going t-to do one of my f-favioret books!"
  972. 'Oh? Which?' you ask as Derpy smiles, putting one one book you knew all too well.
  973. C.S. Lewis, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
  974. 'Damn know your stuff, I loved this book!'
  975. "M-me too!" Derpy said, inching closer with the book before her "I-its my favorite ever since I was little!"
  976. 'Man, I had to study that book in University!'
  977. "REALLY!?"
  978. 'Yeah, was very cool to pick it apart and see how epic it actually was.'
  979. >Derpy let out a soft squee as she hugged you. "Yay, s-someone likes a book I like!" she hugged you tight as you blinked.
  980. 'Uhm...Derpy...'
  981. "Y-yeah!?" she asked, looking up to see your rather uncertain smrik as she let go instantly, blushing deeply as you turn to RD.
  982. 'Well, she just saved your ass when your counter-measures flop RD, you got to thank your wing-man for that.'
  983. >Derpy had a big smile, waving an arm as RD huffed.
  984. "Rrrr fine...thanks Derpy... was hoping for something more adventerious but..."
  985. "But Rainbow, Narnia is FULL of adventure! They made seven books!"
  986. "What!?"
  987. >Derpy nods "If y-you like this one, y-you can borrow the others." she hands it to RD who takes it, seeing the back end with a noting of the adventures of three children in the land of the Snow Witch and the Noble Lion.
  988. "Hrmm...seems cool, maybe I will try it... just once."
  989. >She started to read the book, a few pages, she seemed uninterested before her gaze became fixated on it.
  990. 'Haha, well, if that's your choice, good on you both, have fun with that.'
  991. >You slowly get up, everyone looks at you in surprise?
  992. "Were you going Anon?" Twilight asked.
  993. 'I got to go see some teachers in the lounge, I'll see you guys this afternoon!'
  995. --
  997. >Leaving the lunch hall, you notice Edward standing casually against a wall nearby.
  998. "ANon my boy!" he said with glee, tossing away a drink he held in his hand as it...vanished... or something "I hope your first day has done you well!" he smirked, walking along beside you.
  999. "I must say, you took on all of your students and handled yourself superbly! Even Iron Will was flabergasted by your skills, I must say Anon, you're hiding a lot more under that hood are you?"
  1000. >You shurg 'I just reacted to a very difficult situation Edward, couldn't help but do my utmost to beat my students, you know, survival of the fittest.'
  1001. >Discors grins "All to true my boy, we are at the top of the food-chain in this ecosystem called High-school, our job is to weed out the sick and dying and help the strong succeed."
  1002. >You blink for a moment as he suddenly breaks into laughter.
  1003. " relax Anon, such a thing is grisly at best, even I disdain such methods about teachers." he smirked "I also heard you helped a good old Derpy Hooves in the Mess Hall, nice of someone to stand up to Miss Shimmer."
  1004. >A pause in a step as you look at him 'You heard?'
  1005. "Heard, why Anon, I was there, I saw the bravery you had to stand up to that lout."
  1006. 'Lout?'
  1007. "Oh don't kid yourself." Discord began, easing close "Miss Shimmer is the biggest troublemaker we have, why she nearly tried blowing up part of my class-room when she got into a 'disagreement' with one Twilight Sparkle. Why, even Miss Lullimoon doesn't have the indecency to trifle with science when it matters to the whole class, such a waste of resources to find a simple compound to explode in someones face."
  1008. >Miss Lullimoon, or Trixie as she was called was another student in your class.
  1009. >Strange though, what she had to do with anything.
  1010. 'What do you mean by that?'
  1011. >Edward sighed "Miss Sparkle seems to be getting a bit of flak from Miss Shimmer and sometimes Miss Lullimoon, both girls are quite boastful about their abilities and with Twilight being one of the brightest students, they both can't help trying to be superior."
  1012. 'Strange, Miss Lullimoon didn't act like that in my class.'
  1013. >Discord gave a glance at you.
  1014. "perhaps she was distracted by your charm Mr. Anon, many students seem to be considering how kind you are."
  1015. 'You got to be kidding me?'
  1016. "I am certainly not when it comes to my comrade, Anon, you're a magnet for those who desire a big heart! Being one of the youngest, if not second most dashing teachers here, I'd have to call the riot police if we got a serious uprising of teens wanting you."
  1017. >Spacing out here 'You're telling me that she was focused on me?'
  1018. "I wouldn't doubt it, considering she wasn't her bostrious self or you would have known! Why not pay attention to her the next time you're in class, you'd be surprised." he smirked before he calmed a bit "Miss Shimmer is trouble Anon, and you better watch yourself, she has ways of doing more damage than you'd like, be wary of what you do around here."
  1019. 'Great...' you mutter 'Now I have two female crazies after me.'
  1020. >Discord laughed "Oh, take it you still have miss Chrysalils to worry about?"
  1021. 'She wants me to see her after school in the auditorium.'
  1022. >Discord paused, he looked sternly at you as he approched, his tapping your leg.
  1023. "Anon...joking aside... you better be very careful around that woman; she has manipulative ways, and I wouldn't want you to be swoon by her, not one bit! You're an educational professional here, and I wouldn't dare have your image hurt by anyone else!" he stepped closer "I put a lot of faith in you being here, and I won't have that squashed." he eased away, that serious expression lifting to a grin.
  1024. "Now come on! Mister Grand has served a wonderful meal of lasagna for the staff, lets go see if theirs any left!"
  1025. >And off he went like a giggling school-girl.
  1026. >you sigh, following behind him.
  1027. >Fuck this place is weird.
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