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Island of Misfit Toys 16

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  1. [20:22] `GM     [And so the four whoevers continue to do a whole lot of nothing in the clinic.]
  2. [20:23] `GM     [Conveniently seated in a circle together, so that the cameraman has to do less work.]
  3. [20:23] `GM     [Or standing with some seated on beds. Whatever works.]
  4. [20:24] `GM     [Also the vampire's name is Phrine. No one's asked yet, but that's who she is.]
  5. [20:24] `GM     Phrine: "So... Are we in space~?"
  6. [20:30] Ai`     "Clarify?"
  7. [20:30] Ai`     faces the minigirl.
  8. [20:31] `GM     [Phrine looks and points upwards.]
  9. [20:31] `GM     Phrine: "Space. Y'know... Up there~"
  10. [20:31] Ai`     thinks for a moment.
  11. [20:32] Ai`     "We are upon a planet that is travelling through space. Does that answer your question?"
  12. [20:33] Jonah   "Why space though?"
  13. [20:33] `GM     [Phrine stares at Ai, empty-headed, and unblinking. She just... keeps doing this.]
  14. [20:35] Ai`     stares back. Her neutral expression sours slightly.
  15. [20:36] Ai`     "Are you confused?"
  16. [20:36] `GM     [Kitkat keeps jotting down doctor's scribbles, likely for the Colonel's eventual benefit.]
  17. [20:36] Jonah   sighs
  18. [20:36] `GM     Phrine: "...Hi! I'm Phrine~! What's your name?"
  19. [20:36] Jonah   watching you two bickering is like watching kindergarten fights.
  20. [20:37] Jonah   [add "-" on that one]
  21. [20:37] `GM     Kitkat: "Says the guy who stole a plane because he lost a fight to girl~"
  22. [20:37] `GM     [=-= *to a girl]
  23. [20:37] Ai`     glances to the others before addressing the minigirl once more.
  24. [20:38] Jonah   "I just need to know that our sky is secure, is all."
  25. [20:38] Jonah   tsun!
  26. [20:38] Ai`     "I am named 'Ai'."
  27. [20:40] `GM     [Phrine smiles and sticks out her tongue between her pokey fangs.]
  28. [20:41] `GM     Phrine: "Fsssh, you can't be I... I'm I!"
  29. [20:42] `GM     Phrine: "I is me! Ohhh, did you, not go to school...?"
  30. [20:42] Ai`     considers this one... How puzzling.
  31. [20:42] `GM     [Phrine frowns sympathetically and hugs Ai's shoulder.]
  32. [20:42] `GM     Phrine: "It's okay... I didn't either..."
  33. [20:43] Ai`     looks down at her, stretching ordinary ranges of movement to see well.
  34. [20:43] Ai`     "Does anyone have writing implements?"
  35. [20:44] Ai`     [=-= *+ available]
  36. [20:45] Jonah   "See what I mean? man, this is driving me crazy. I'm just not good with kids..."
  37. [20:45] `GM     [Kitkat punches Jonah playfully.]
  38. [20:45] `GM     Kitkat: "Hey, that's my line!"
  39. [20:47] `GM     Kitkat: "Wha? Oh, nyeah, Ai, there's some clipboards and pens over there."
  40. [20:47] Ai`     moves over and grabs them in short order, and then writes her name. After doing so, she shows it to Phrine.
  41. [20:47] Ai`     "Ai. Not 'I'."
  42. [20:50] `GM     [Phrine squints at the two letters on the paper. It must be a riddle of some kind; what does it mean?]
  43. [20:53] `GM     Kitkat: "So, like, Jonah... She seems like a nice girl, right?"
  44. [20:53] `GM     [Kat scoots over to Jonah and lowers her voice, pointing subtly to Phrine.]
  45. [20:53] Jonah   "well except a bit bitey yeah"
  46. [20:54] `GM     Kitkat: "Doesn't seem any worse than dragon-girl to mye~"
  47. [20:55] `GM     Phrine: "...I can't figure it out. Sorry..."
  48. [20:56] Ai`     frowns.
  49. [20:56] Ai`     "I thought reading was a skill universal to your civilization."
  50. [20:57] Ai`     turns to Jonah and Kitkat.
  51. [20:57] Jonah   "If you put it like that, then yeah. They are both worse."
  52. [20:57] Ai`     "Is it not?"
  53. [20:57] Jonah   "Hm? Kinda."
  54. [20:57] `GM     Kitkat: "Hmm? Hey what nyow?"
  55. [20:57] Jonah   answers.
  56. [20:57] Jonah   "if they come of age, they will learn how to."
  57. [20:58] Ai`     "It is not a universal skill?"
  58. [20:58] `GM     [Phrine tries turning the paper sideways. It kind of looks like a face...?]
  59. [20:59] `GM     Kitkat: "Not technically. I myean, it's really easy to learn, but..."
  60. [21:00] `GM     [Kit just sort of trails off, ruminating upon the degradation of the education system.]
  61. [21:01] Ai`     follows up with another question.
  62. [21:01] Ai`     "Without universal reading or mind-links, how does your civilization advance?"
  63. [21:02] Jonah   "That's something for later."
  64. [21:03] `GM     Colonel Walt: "By advancing, Entity Ai."
  65. [21:03] Jonah   "!"/
  66. [21:03] `GM     [And then there were five.]
  67. [21:03] Jonah   stands up and salute.
  68. [21:03] Jonah   "Sir."
  69. [21:03] `GM     Colonel Walt: "Mr. Moors. Report."
  70. [21:04] `GM     [The Colonel obviously notices the presence of someone new in the room.]
  71. [21:04] Ai`     faces the Colonel.
  72. [21:04] Jonah   "We found something that we assume a blood-sucking little bastard in a crate. We are securing it and trying to learn more about it while we fix a minor injuries happen during procurement."
  73. [21:05] Jonah   "End of report, sir."
  74. [21:06] Ai`     adds:
  75. [21:06] Ai`     "Her name is 'Phrine'. She apparently cannot read."
  76. [21:06] `GM     Colonel Walt: "It does not appear to be very secure, Mr. Moors. Explain."
  77. [21:07] `GM     [=-= *mine above Ai's]
  78. [21:08] Jonah   "It is secured, sir. we have overwhelming manpower."
  79. [21:08] Jonah   though I'm just a freaking fighter pilot mumblemumble
  80. [21:09] `GM     [The Colonel approaches Phrine; she seems wholly unconcerned, but instead is doodling over the A I in an attempt to find the hidden secret.]
  81. [21:10] `GM     Colonel Walt: "Weaknesses? Strengths?"
  82. [21:10] Ai`     "Weaknesses are sunlight in addition to the contents of that bag."
  83. [21:13] Ai`     "Few noted strengths except persistence when biting."
  84. [21:13] `GM     Kitkat: "Ahh, umm, one moment, sir... Religious symbols ineffective, garlic effective, holy water effective, silver effective."
  85. [21:13] `GM     [=-= *myoment, I am really slacking on her accent]
  86. [21:14] `GM     Kitkat: "Purrliminary, of course! I myean, uhh, preliminary~"
  87. [21:14] `GM     [The Colonel nods, and backs away.]
  88. [21:15] `GM     Colonel Walt: "She seems uneducated... Good. More than we'd hoped for."
  89. [21:17] `GM     Colonel Walt: "I expect a more formal report at your earliest convenience. We should know what we have here."
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  91. [21:18] `GM     Phrine: "...I can hear you, you know... I'm not an idiot."
  92. [21:18] -->|    Rutgers (~Rutgers@Rizon-A2DD8C47.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #MaidRPG
  93. [21:19] `GM     [Phrine spins around and sits down on the nearby bed, looking much less chipper and childish than before.]
  94. [21:20] Jonah   "Would be great if I could get any self-defense gears, sir. But you are the boss."
  95. [21:21] Jonah   is somehow still holding it against the old man with a 'stache. I mean, he got FUCKING shot at. Of course he'll hold a grudge.
  96. [21:22] `GM     [The Colonel inclines his head slightly out of respect to Phrine.]
  97. [21:23] `GM     Colonel Walt: "My apologies ma'am; I'm only playing things by the book. It's my job to keep everyone safe here."
  98. [21:24] `GM     Colonel Walt: "SAFE, Mr. Moors. As in, not taking undue RISKS."
  99. [21:24] `GM     [The Colonel of course turns his eyes in Jonah's direction at the last part.]
  100. [21:28] Jonah   rolls his eyes around in response.
  101. [21:29] `GM     Phrine: "...Y'could've just ASKED, maybe..."
  102. [21:30] Ai`     Regardless, we are now all in good condition."
  103. [21:30] Ai`     [-=-* +"
  104. [21:30] Ai`     ]
  105. [21:30] Ai`     [=-= ffs]
  106. [21:33] `GM     Colonel Walt: "Ms. Long?"
  107. [21:34] Ai`     "She is cleaning debris from the basement."
  108. [21:37] `GM     [He raises an eyebrow.]
  109. [21:37] `GM     Colonel Walt: "...Debris."
  110. [21:38] `GM     Phrine: "Oh that, that we me, I did that~!"
  111. [21:38] `GM     [=-= *was]
  112. [21:39] `GM     [He looks back to Jonah.]
  113. [21:39] `GM     Colonel Walt: "Serious?"
  114. [21:41] Ai`     "Passively."
  115. [21:41] Ai`     "When first awakened, she reflexively bit Jonah. He fell back, damaging a shelf."
  116. [21:41] Ai`     "Liu also reacted similarly."
  117. [21:42] Jonah   "Cause of the codename 'blood-sucking little bastard' I gave it. her. Whatevs."
  118. [21:43] `GM     Colonel Walt: "Entity Ai, I appreciate your information. However, it would behoove you to allow others the opportunity to do the same."
  119. [21:43] `GM     Colonel Walt: "I asked Mr. Moors the question. Not you."
  120. [21:44] Jonah   "Would be better if I let her do the minute report, sir. She IS a computer. It's kinda her job, sir."
  121. [21:44] Jonah   "Video feed recording and all that jazz."
  122. [21:45] `GM     [Walt sighs. So far the boy has yet to come...]
  123. [21:46] `GM     Colonel Walt: "But I didn't ask her, Mr. Moors. I asked you."
  124. [21:47] Jonah   groans under his breathe.
  125. [21:47] Jonah   "We open the box, I was attacked, there's some melee self-defense going on, causing some minor damages to the area."
  126. [21:48] Jonah   "Manage to secure her. We then wrap it up and proceed to EVACs and basic medical aid."
  127. [21:48] `GM     Colonel Walt: "Thank you. That's much better."
  128. [21:49] `GM     Colonel Walt: "Now, as to the matter of blood... Miss, Phrine, was it? How much blood do you need daily, and do you need it fresh?"
  129. [21:49] `GM     [Phrine perks up.]
  130. [21:50] `GM     Phrine: "Oh, oh, blood...? I know about that, I really do! Ummm... I neeeeeed... this much?"
  131. [21:50] `GM     [Phrine makes a little pinch with her fingers.]
  132. [21:51] `GM     Phrine: "Or... no, wait... This much?"
  133. [21:51] `GM     [A much larger pinch.]
  134. [21:52] `GM     [The Colonel glances at the rather elaborate bandage on Jonah's arm. He's not buying "this much" as accurate.]
  135. [21:53] `GM     Phrine: "It's not a lot, honest~! I'm not very big~!"
  136. [21:56] Ai`     "If desired, I could set up a test to determine precisely how much she needs."
  137. [21:57] Jonah   "I am not a fan of getting my blood sucked outta me, mate."
  138. [21:58] `GM     [Phrine looks bashfully at Jonah, twiddling her thumbs.]
  139. [21:58] `GM     Phrine: "I'll... I promise to be more careful next time..."
  140. [21:59] `GM     Colonel Walt: "By all means, Entity Ai. Though I'd not get your hopes us; extraplanar creatures tend to be... difficult to quantify."
  141. [22:01] Ai`     "As a biological entity, only so much sustenance is required. I could measure these amounts accurately, and thus determine an optimum level of blood to give."
  142. [22:02] Ai`     "Counting is precise to the molecular level."
  143. [22:02] `GM     Phrine: "Can, umm... Hello, me again?"
  144. [22:02] `GM     [Phrine raises her hand; she has something to say!]
  145. [22:03] Jonah   "What is it you little bloody bugger?"
  146. [22:03] `GM     Phrine: "H-hey, that's, that's mean..."
  147. [22:04] Jonah   "Try getting a bite as a greeting instead of hello."
  148. [22:05] `GM     Phrine: "H-hey, that's, that's mean..."
  149. [22:05] `GM     Phrine: "...too."
  150. [22:06] Jonah   "Yup. And you did exactly that to me."
  151. [22:06] Jonah   "mean, eh?"
  152. [22:08] `GM     Phrine: "..."
  153. [22:09] `GM     [Phrine is really very good at cocking her head and not blinking while staring at someone.]
  154. [22:10] Ai`     tries to offer Phrine context.
  155. [22:10] Ai`     "Biting is 'mean', too."
  156. [22:12] `GM     [It's like talking to a thing that is not actually a thing that can talk back.]
  157. [22:12] `GM     Phrine: "..."
  158. [22:13] `GM     Kitkat: "Great. Nyow myou went and broke her."
  159. [22:13] Ai`     turns to the resident doctor.
  160. [22:13] Ai`     "She is now broken?"
  161. [22:13] `GM     [Kitkat throws her hands up in defeat.]
  162. [22:13] `GM     Kitkat: "I liked her, too! She was keeping it real!"
  163. [22:14] Ai`     "'Keeping it real'?"
  164. [22:15] `GM     Phrine: "..."
  165. [22:15] Jonah   "..."
  166. [22:15] Jonah   dukes it out with staring contest
  167. [22:17] `GM     Kitkat: "Nyeah, myou knyow, keeping it real?"
  168. [22:18] `GM     Kitkat: "Like, nyot fake? Speaking nyour myind?"
  169. [22:19] Ai`     pauses.
  170. [22:19] Ai`     "... I think I understand."
  171. [22:19] `GM     Phrine: "..."
  172. [22:20] `GM     Phrine: "...what?"
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