MagiReco Main Story 2.1.1

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  1. [2.1 The Preface is Together with Footsteps]
  3. [2.1.1 The Girls of the Promise]
  5. []
  7. [Kagome in her room]
  9. Kagome: "........"
  10. Kagome: (Rumors, Wings of Magius, Embryo Eve)
  11.     (And the power to not turn into witches, the auto-cleansing system...)
  12.     (I couldn't do anything for a long time, but thanks to that girl I've found the beginning of a way forward...)
  14. [Kagome's notebook]
  16. She whispers in my ear.
  17. The words of Kamihama's magical girls.
  18. By themselves they're small words.
  19. A casual conversation.
  20. But when connected by a thin thread,
  21. the world magical girls reside in
  22. faintly reveals itself.
  23. Darkness engulfs the light, the "magical girls".
  24. Kamihama is a special place to all of them.
  25. It's a strange place, permeated by the power to not be tainted by darkness,
  26. to never turn into a witch.
  27. Is that a utopia?
  28. An eden for magical girls?
  29. They take each other's hands and form a circle,
  30. enjoying stable everyday life.
  31. However, quietly creaking
  32. the sound of cracks spreading can be heard.
  34. [Kagome in her room]
  36. Kagome: (It would be better if I just gathered the courage to talk with people instead of being so secretive about it...)
  37. Kagome: "I'm no good... Aru-chan"
  38. Aru-chan: <More importantly, you have school>
  39. Kagome: "You're right, I should get going"
  41. [cut to the Mikadzuki household]
  43. Ui: "Everyone!"
  44.     "If you don't hurry up, you'll be late for school, you know!?"
  45. Iroha: "I finished locking up! Yachiyo-san!"
  46. Sana: "Um, Felicia-san won't move...!!"
  47. Felicia: "If I do bad on the quiz today, I'll definitely get yelled at...!"
  48. Yachiyo: "That's why I offered to study with you yesterday!"
  49. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san, Sana-chan! If it's come to this—!"
  50. Yachiyo: "Indeed, we have no choice..."
  51. Sana: "Ready, set...!"
  52. *tickle tickle tickle!*
  53. Felicia: "Nha, ahaha! S-stooop!"
  54. Tsuruno: "I'm heeere!"
  55. Yachiyo: "Nice timing Tsuruno!"
  56. Tsuruno: "Oh!?"
  57. Yachiyo: "Carry Felicia!"
  58. Tsuruno: "Aalright, leave it to me!"
  60. [cut to school]
  62. Teacher: "I know a beast eating in the forest." (in English)
  63.     "I know a beast eating in the forest" (in Japanese)
  64.     "The modifier to the noun 'beast' here is..."
  65. Iroha: (There haven't been any reports of doppels being released)
  66.     (So maybe we'll still be fine for a while...)
  67. Iroha: "......."
  68. Iroha: (The number of grief seeds left in the west is...)
  69. Teacher: "So then, regarding the next example sentence, which word do you think it's modifying?"
  70.     "Tamaki-san"
  71. Iroha: "Eh!?"
  72.     "Uh, a total of two!"
  73. Teacher: "........a total of two?"
  74. Iroha: "Uhhhh... Um, So-so-sorry..."
  76. [cut to outside of school]
  78. Rena: "Ha, ahaha..."
  79.     "I, can't, my stomach hurts...!"
  80. Iroha: "But, I'm just worried about what will happen if doppels continue getting released"
  81.     "And if there isn't witchification anymore, there will also no longer be grief seeds"
  82.     "So there's a bunch of stuff that's worrying me..."
  83. Rena: "Still, saying a 'a total of two' in English...!"
  84. Iroha: "It wasn't that funny..."
  85. Kaede: "You also cried about messing up the day for the English final exams last year, Rena-chan"
  86. Rena: "That was the fault of the teacher who didn't explain it in a way I understood"
  87.     "And you were in tears before the exam too, weren't you?"
  88. Kaede: "Hey! You promised not to tell anyone about that!"
  89. Momoko: "I was the one being clung to anyways..."
  90.     "Besides, can't you at least get along during lunch break..."
  91.     "Sorry, Iroha-chan, we haven't even gotten to the main topic yet"
  92. Rena: "Did something happen?"
  93. Iroha: "Yeah, it's about this"
  94. [bracelet is shown]
  95. Rena: "When did start caring about looking cute...?"
  96. Iroha: "Thi-this isn't mine!"
  97.     "Well, I mean, it is mine, but it was dropped by a witch!"
  98. Momoko: "It was mentioned in the contact network the yesterday"
  99. Rena: "Ohhh, that"
  100. Iroha: "Do you know something...?"
  101. Rena: "Noope"
  102.     "Never heard about witches dropping something in the first place"
  103. Kaede: "First time for me as well I think"
  104. Momoko: "Was there something weird about that witch?"
  105. Iroha: "Um..."
  106.     "There were rumor familiars instead of witch familiars"
  107. Momoko: "Rumor familiars!?"
  108. Iroha: "They were the ones from the time with the Breakup Rule too..."
  109. Rena: "Ugh, those are some horrible memories..."
  110.     "Kaede's gonna start cleaning stairs again"
  111. Kaede: "Then Rena-chan is start crying her eyes out as well, huh?"
  112. Rena: "Nu..."
  113. Iroha: "Also, I've been calling it a witch, but were actually not sure what it was"
  114. Momoko: "What do you mean?"
  115. Iroha: "The magic felt different from both witches and rumors..."
  116. Momoko: "So then, it's even less clear for us..."
  117. Iroha: "Yeahhh..."
  118. Momoko: "Today is the meeting for status updates from all the regions, right?"
  119. Iroha: "Yes"
  120.     "Kanagi-san is coming from the east, and Hinano-san is coming from the south"
  121. Momoko: "I think you should ask about it then"
  122.     "Similar things could be happening in other regions"
  123. Iroha: "You're right, I will do that"
  125. [cut to the Magius' lab]
  127. Touka: "Hmmmmm, this is a difficult problem..."
  128. Mifuyu: "It's rare for you to be at your wits' end, Touka"
  129. Nemu: "It is, after all, not so straightforward a problem that you can solve it with mere theory and logic, but one that can only be explained God only knows what destiny"
  130. Mifuyu: "And, what would that be?"
  131. Touka: "I was doing stats!"
  132.     "On the number of grief seeds necessary to maintain magical girls' magic"
  133.     "Put your braincells to good use and think about it, Mifuyu—"
  134. Mifuyu: "Uh."
  135.     "..."
  136.     "S-so, that means, uhm....?"
  137.     "The fact that your troubled by this means..."
  138.     "That you can't figure out the necessary number of grief seeds, right?"
  139.     "That for example, the magic needed to maintain one's body varies too much per individual or something"
  140. Touka: "That is right, but only gets you 48 points..."
  141. Mifuyu: "That's less than Banbanzai..."
  142. Touka: "People are aaalways in a state influenced by other people, right?"
  143.     "So soul gems' corruption is also affected by their surroundings"
  144. Nemu: "Yeah"
  145.     "As mind and body are connected and also exercise an influence over the rate of corruption—if someone is suddenly under a lot of stress, there is a chance that they will immediately become fully corrupted"
  146. Touka: "So that's why I can't judge the necessary number of grief seeds"
  147.     "I did know this from the start, but still..."
  148. Mifuyu: "Certainly, since everyone is unwittingly influenced by others, grasping the number of necessary grief seeds seems difficult"
  149.     "Talking of expanding auto-cleansing system"
  150.     "That's something beyond even the brains of the 'magius', is it..."
  151. Nemu: "When Eve became the auto-cleansing system, it did seem like a good omen"
  152.     "But once it actually came to expanding, it was far too elusive"
  153. Mifuyu: "We don't even know where in Kamihama it is after all..."
  154. Touka: "That too!!"
  155.     "My cortisol levels keep rising and I just continue getting stressed more!"
  156.     "Even though I just want to quickly collect energyyyy!!"
  157.     "We'll just have to use magical girls or witches—"
  158. Mifuyu: "Absolutely not!"
  159.     "Do you plan on fighting Iroha and co. again!?"
  160. Touka: "Come on, but I can't think of any other way!"
  161. Sakura Rumor: "|I'm home|"
  162. Mifuyu: "Oh, Sakurako-san, you're early today"
  163. Sakura Rumor: "|The gathering of the Kamihama Magia Union is today|"
  164.     "|So Hinano and everyone seemed busy|"
  165. Mifuyu: "Yacchan, Iroha-san, and Kanagi-san are gathering after all"
  166.     "Information exchange between the 3 regions is important, it can't be helped"
  167. Sakura Rumor: "|Touka and Nemu, are you not going? Iroha and Ui are going to be there too, you know?|"
  168.     "|Let's go together|"
  169. Touka: "I have stuff to do today, so I'll pass"
  170. Nemu: "I have also already relayed the things I needed to report, so you don't need to worry"
  171.     "You can go if you want"
  172. Sakura Rumor: "|.....|"
  173.     "|But, you 4 together...|"
  174. [Sakura Rumor disappears]
  175. Mifuyu: "Now she's sulking"
  176. Nemu: "She is a rumor born for the 4 of us after all..."
  177. Touka: "In the first place Mifuyu, the reason I stayed behind was to help you study, you know?"
  178. Nemu: "Same here"
  179. Mifuyu: "Sorry..."
  181. []
  182. [black background]
  183. [Touka in the background]
  184. Report 1
  185. The auto-cleansing system is continuing to collect the corruption and protect against witchification, however it is still unclear where the barrier is
  187. Report 2
  188. Since it was formed by the Kyubey without emotions taking Ui's place as Eve's core, so we're assuming it to be purely conceptual entity that is neither magical girl nor witch
  190. Report 3
  191. If it is neither magical girl nor witch, it is unclear what kind of energy it requires, so further investigation is required
  193. Conclusio—n
  194. We have nooooo idea how to expand the power to protect against witchification, the auto-cleansing system!
  196. [cut to Iroha and Kanagi in a martial arts hall]
  198. Iroha: "That was the current situation reported by Touka-chan"
  199. Kanagi: "Well, that could have been summarized as briefly as 'The situation hasn't changed'..."
  200. Iroha: "Haha... Well, that's true..."
  201. Hinano: "Nothing to be impatient about though, right?"
  202.     "Drug development also takes months and years until implementation"
  203. Yachiyo: "It's just that she seems like she might bring up using witches again if she gets stressed..."
  204. Kanagi: "If she really does bring that up, she can talk to my fist"
  205. Iroha: "You don't know either, right Ui...?"
  206.     "Where the entrance to the auto-cleansing system is..."
  207. Ui: "Yeah, I can't sense anything..."
  208.     "Do you know by any chance, [player name]?"
  209. Little Kyubey: "Mokyu..."
  210. Ui: "Yeah...."
  211.     "It seems that I can't tell either when I'm separated from the main body..."
  212. Yachiyo: "No choice but to simply continue searching I suppose"
  213. Tsuruno: "More importantly, there's something else we want to ask about today!"
  214.     "Look, there on Iroha-chan's wrist!"
  215. Iroha: "H-hey, Tsuruno-chan, don't pull me!"
  216. Kanagi: "Hum, the bracelet you mentioned, huh?"
  217.     "It apparently got attached when defeating a witch"
  218. Hinano: "It has traces if quite powerful magic, what kind of witch was it?"
  219. Felicia: "It was suuper amazing you know!? There were rumors that weren't supposed to be there too!"
  220.     "Right Sana?"
  221. Sana: "Eh!?"
  222.     "Uh, y-yeah..."
  223.     "It was so strong we couldn't have beaten it if we hadn't all been there..."
  224. Iroha: "Do you know anything, Midori-san...?"
  225. Midori Ryou: "Why are you asking me?"
  226. Iroha: "I thought you might know something since you were a White Feather in the Wings of Magius"
  227. Ryou: "Well yeah, I was"
  228.     "And while it's true that we raised witches and made rumors"
  229.     "I have never heard of a being that is some combination of those"
  230.     "In other words, the only thing I'm sensing is the smell of a scoop"
  231. [flash] *click*
  232.     "It also clearly shows up in my pictures"
  233.     "So there might not be a causal relationship between the witch and the bracelet"
  234. Yachiyo: "It's fine if it's just a similar story, have you heard anything in the east or the south...?"
  235. Kanagi: "Hum..."
  236.     "I haven't heard of anyone encountering a witch like the one you've told us of"
  237.     "It's just that..."
  238. Yachiyo: "Is there something...?"
  239. Kanagi: "I have indeed heard of people saying that they'd felt a strange magic"
  240. Iroha: "What became of that witch?"
  241. Kanagi: "Nothing at all, as we haven't been able to determine it's location"
  242.     "There is, however, a chance that it is the same as the one you witnessed"
  243. Tsuruno: "Then be careful!"
  244.     "Even we together barely managed to defeat it!"
  245. Kanagi: "Certainly. I will make sure to be vigilant"
  246. Hinano: "I'll also get in touch with the magical girls in the south"
  248. []
  250. [outside in the evening]
  251. Iroha: "Thanks for coming today, everyone"
  252. Kanagi: "Don't worry about it. We're all allies here in Kamihama"
  253. Yachiyo: "Fufu."
  254. Kanagi: "Hum, did I say something weird?"
  255. Yachiyo: "Those words would have been unimaginable to hear previously, so it just felt a little strange"
  256. Kanagi: "It is something to be glad about, is it not?"
  257. Yachiyo: "Indeed, it is"
  258. Hinano: "Alright then, we'll also get going on home"
  259. Ryou: "I also need to go write my article now"
  260. Hinano: "Don't write a weird article"
  261. Ryou: "I suppose that depends on the footage"
  262. Sana: "Ah, are you heading south, we also..."
  263. Ryou: "Do you have business there?"
  264. Ui: "You see, today the supermarket over there has a sale on milk"
  265. Iroha: "We'll be preparing dinner, so we'll leave that to you, Ui"
  266. Ui: "Yeah!"
  267. Tsuruno: "Me and Felicia will go to help at Banbanzai"
  268. Felicia: "We gotta use up all the red chili peppers, right!?"
  269. Tsuruno: "It's the start of the dragon fair after all, where you'll be choked by just breathing in the store"
  270. Felicia: "It's a welcome with flaming hot Chinese food!"
  271. Kanagi: "Tamaki-kun"
  272. Iroha: "Yes"
  273. Kanagi: "Regarding the bracelet, you would do well to also have Yakumo look at it"
  274.     "She's the adjuster, she can tamper with magical energy"
  275.     "She should be able to figure something"
  276. Yachiyo: "I was thinking that would be our last resort..."
  277. Kanagi: "Hum, is there some kind of problem?"
  278. Yachiyo: "If she examines the magic deeply, we don't know what that could trigger"
  279.     "That's why I was keeping it as a last resort"
  280. Iroha: "Though, spending more time than this is scary too..."
  281. Yachiyo: "You're right, let's have Mitama look at it"
  282. Kanagi: "Indeed, that would likely be for the best"
  283.     "I will notify Yakumo"
  284. Iroha: "Thank you, Kanagi-san"
  286. [cut away]
  287. Sana & Ui:
  288.     "Milk...♪"
  289.     "Mi-ilk~♪"
  290.     "Flour...♪"
  291.     "Flo-ur~♪"
  292.     "Eggs...♪"
  293.     "E-eggs~♪"
  294.     "Mix them together...♪"
  295.     "Mix the-m toge-ther~♪"
  296. Sana: "Tasty, tasty, pancakes...♪"
  297. Ui: "Ta-sty, ta-sty, pancakes~♪"
  299. Hinano: "The sight of them kind of makes you jealous doesn't it?"
  300. Ryou: "Going shopping, hands joined in the sunset, it is a nice picture"
  301. [flash] *click*
  302. Ryou: "I'll send it to you later"
  303. Hinano: "Have heard anything from Ikumi?"
  304. Ryou: "Yeah, she just said she finished work and headed to Sakae Comprehensive School"
  305. Hinano: "Do you think Karin will still be at school?"
  306. Ryou: "I'd say so, it seems she's been staying late a lot recently"
  307. Hinano: "She had club activities in the same room as Alina, didn't she..."
  308. Ryou: "And even so, didn't know that Alina was a Magius"
  309. Hinano: "In the face of how deep this connection runs, I really want to put her under our protection..."
  310. Ryou: "For now we just have to leave it to Makino-chan since she's an alumni"
  311. Hinano: "Yeah"
  313. Sana: "I'm looking forward to tomorrow's breakfast..."
  314. Ui: "This'll be my first time making pancakes, so I'm looking forward to it~"
  315. Sana: "I hope we can make them nice and fluffy..."
  316. [the girls sense something]
  317. Sana: "Eh..."
  318. Ui: "This magic... who is it...?"
  319. [the girls concentrate on sensing]
  320. Ui: "They're getting closer..."
  321. Sana: "It's not a witch..."
  322.     "It's a magical girl..."
  323. Ui: "It's someone I've never met..."
  324. Ryou: "Moreover, they're not alone"
  325.     "Maybe they're magical girls not from here?"
  326. Hinano: "There've been eyewitness reports of unknown magical girls recently too"
  327.     "Be careful..."
  328. Sana: "............"
  329. Ui: "............"
  330. Ryou: "............"
  331. Hinano: "............"
  332.     "They're here...!"
  334. ............
  336. [flash] *click*
  338. Sana: "....they passed us"
  339.     "Were they headed towards Shinsei...?"
  340. Ui: "I wonder if onee-chan's going to be ok..."
  341. Hinano: "Ryou, you got a picture...?"
  342. Ryou: "I'm not someone who lets an opportunity for a good shot get away"
  343.     "Though they were far away so it got blurry..."
  344. Hinano: "............"
  345.     "Looks like they're hard to distinguish..."
  346. Sana: "Yes..."
  348. [cut to art room]
  350. *knock knock*
  351. Ikumi: "Excuse mee"
  352. Karin: "You came again"
  353. Ikumi: "Because I'm worried about you, Karin-chan"
  354.     "The love-delivering-maid-magical-girl, Makino Ikumi, has arrived"
  355.     "There, love beam!"
  356. Karin: "Yeah...."
  357. Ikumi: "Aw, my love didn't reach-"
  358. Karin: "I already received plenty from you, Ikumin"
  359.     "So I want you to go home without worrying about me"
  360. Ikumi: "But, you should go home too"
  361.     "The sun's gonna set soon"
  362. Karin: "I don't plan on going home until the teacher tells me to"
  363. Ikumi: "Why...?"
  364. Karin: "Because grandma noticed that I'm depressed..."
  365.     "If I go home early, grandma will have to see more of my anxiety..."
  366. Ikumi: "You still can't accept it...?"
  367. Karin: "There's no way I could"
  368.     "Alina-senpai is strict, but very important to me"
  369.     "Look at this!"
  370. Ikumi: "This...?"
  371. Karin: "This picture is one that Alina-senpai painted with a theme of life"
  372.     "Also, she said this woodcut was about the verge of death"
  373.     "And this, she told me this card game's theme was continual change"
  374.     "The thing they all have in common is life"
  375.     "There's no way that that Alina-senpai would try to destroy the city!"
  376.     "I heard about Alina-senpai"
  377.     "But I don't believe it..."
  378. Ikumi: "............"
  379.     "As a black feather of the Wings of Magius, I saw her from afar..."
  380.     "Ryou-chan also saw her as a white feather..."
  381.     "Alina was without a doubt one of the magius who led the wings, and stood in front of us side-by-side with Satomi Touka and Hiiragi Nemu..."
  382.     "Willing to sacrifice the city and the wings in order to complete raising a witch..."
  383. Karin: "............"
  384. Ikumi: "I wonder which one is the real Alina..."
  385. Karin: "The Alina I know is the real one...."
  386.     "She's neither dead, nor is she missing..."
  387.     "It's just that even when she gave me pointers on how to sketch, I didn't get better, so she got angry and stopped showing up here"
  388.     "So if I practice a bunch and improve, she'll come back!"
  389. Ikumi: "Yeah...maybe..."
  390. Karin: "............"
  391. Ikumi: "Karin-chan"
  392.     "Kumi's kyun-kyun-power will make you feel better~!"
  393. Karin: "-!?"
  394. Ikumi: "You know, I think that people don't just have one side to them..."
  395.     "Sorry... for saying something like this..."
  396. [Ikumi leaves]
  397. *scribble scribble*
  398. *scribble scribble*
  399. [cut to flashback in art room]
  400. Alina: "Here, take it"
  401. Karin: "Eh, whaa..."
  402.     "...strawberry milk..."
  403. Alina: "You're no longer lying to yourself, and I think you've improved"
  404. [cut to black]
  405. Karin: *sob*
  407. [cut to Daitou Ward]
  408. [Kanagi senses something]
  409. Kanagi: (Who is it...!)
  410.     "............"
  411. [Kanagi concentrates on sensing]
  412. Kanagi: (here have been reports, but there really is an odd magical girl...)
  413.     "............"
  414.     "Seems she disappeared..."
  416. []
  418. [Mitama and Kanagi at the Adjuster's place]
  419. Mitama: "Magical girls from outside of Kamihama?"
  420. Kanagi: "Yes, I myself have at last also sensed such a presence"
  421.     "Have you noticed anything Yakumo?"
  422. Mitama: "Indeed, I think there have been girls with memories like that"
  423.     "But there haven't been any that saw them"
  424. Kanagi: "Nothing more than the information we already have, you say"
  425.     "Now that the east hast livened up..."
  426.     "I hope this does not turn into a situation that changes that..."
  427. Mitama: "Can't just be happy, huh..."
  428. [transition to the destroyed Central Ward]
  429. Mitama: "The destruction of the Central Ward brought a lot more work..."
  430. Kanagi: "That said, it is ironic that the destination of the removed rubble is the east"
  431. [back to Adjuster's place]
  432. Kanagi: "Though pushing inconvenient things onto the east is just usual state of things​..."
  433. Mitama: "Actually this time around, the west is comparatively on our side"
  434. Kanagi: "Oh, is that so?"
  435. Mitama: "Even though Eve and Walpurgisnacht caused it, it looks like a natural disaster to everyone else"
  436.     "It seems that due to the mayor being under pressure to resign from the delayed response to the disaster, criticism regarding the handling of the rubble is also reaching him"
  437. Kanagi: "Thinking of how witches are at fault, it is quite the misfortune for the mayor..."
  438.     "Though the brats who called the witches probably are not thinking about this at all..."
  439. [cut to Touka and Nemu in their lab]
  440. Touka: *ahchoo*
  441. *ah-choo*
  442.     "I wonder if someone's talking about me..."
  443. Nemu: "Two sneezes means it's bad mouthing"
  444. Touka: "Jeez! Why do you say stuff like that!!"
  445. [cut back to the Adjuster's place]
  446. Kanagi: "Also, have there been any strange developments in the Endless Mirrors?"
  447.     "If there are any problems, the east will deal with it"
  448. Mitama: "As always, it's complicated and mysterious, but if you exclude the one rampage from before, it's calmed down these days"
  449. *door opening*
  450. Mitama: "Oh, Yachiyo-san"
  451. Kanagi: "Earlier than expected, Nanami"
  452. Yachiyo: "............"
  453.     "Mitama, Kanagi"
  454. Mitama: "What is it?"
  455. Yachiyo: "The magical girls from outside Kamihama aren't just one or two"
  456. Kanagi: "Hum..."
  457.     "Looks like it is starting to get suspicious"
  459. []
  461. [showing all the Mikadzuki House residents are here]
  462. Mitama: "Kanagi also sensed them, but it wasn't just one, huh..."
  463. Yachiyo: "The stories that mysterious magical girls are coming are beginning to have some weight..."
  464. Iroha: "Could you look at this picture...?"
  465. Mitama: "............"
  466. Kanagi: "There are indeed multiple people..."
  467. Sana: "We felt an unknown magic on the way home after the meeting yesterday..."
  468.     "In the moment when they passed us, Midori-san took a picture..."
  469. Ui: "It's possible we just didn't recognize the magic signature though..."
  470. Yachiyo: "However, we can't be too optimistic about it"
  471. Iroha: "Yes, it could be that the feathers who were part of the Wings of Magius came"
  472.     "But there have been a series of weird occurrences these past few days"
  473.     "So I think we should assume the worst"
  474. Mitama: "What's the worst?"
  475. Iroha: "That it's neither girls from Kamihama, nor feathers"
  476.     "But hostile magical girls who are coming..."
  477. Tsuruno: "If it wasn't just Kanagi in the east, but also girls in the south who sensed something then"
  478. Felicia: "There could be a buuunch of bad magical girls around"
  479.     "Funsu!"
  480. Kanagi: "I do not have a rebuttal, but I would prefer not to think about it"
  481. Yachiyo: "I do feel quite uneasy about it"
  482. Kanagi: "A veteran's intuition, is it?"
  483. Yachiyo: "Just intuition. Don't say that like I'm an elderly person"
  484. Kanagi: "That was a landmine, huh"
  485. Mitama: "This picture though... you can't tell how they look at all"
  486.     "I know, Ui-chan!"
  487. Ui: "Wh-what?"
  488. Mitama: "Could you just let me touch your soul gem for a teensy moment?"
  489. Ui: "Y-yeah, ok?"
  490. Mitama: "Alright then, excuse me"
  491. [Mitama moves to UI and starts concentrating]
  492. Mitama: "............"
  493. Felicia: "What's she doin'?"
  494. Sana: "I think she's looking for their magic signatures in Ui's memories..."
  495. Felicia: "Ohhhh, cooool"
  496. [Mitama finishes concentrating and moves back]
  497. Mitama: "Yeah"
  498. Ui: "How was it? Could you tll?"
  499. Mitama: "I'm sorry, I couldn't"
  500. Ui: "I see..."
  501. Yachiyo: "Well, that's understandable..."
  502.     "For now let's at least circulate the information we have"
  503. Kanagi: "First the mysterious witches, now magical girls, people are liable to be surprised"
  504. Mitama: "Other than that, there was the matter of Iroha-chan's bracelet, right?"
  505.     "What I heard from Kanagi was about that"
  506. Iroha: "Ah, yes, that's right"
  507.     "Could I have you look at it?"
  508. Mitama: "Yes, of course, I'm happy to fulfill a customers needs"
  509.     "So then, first take off your clothes and lie down, alright?"
  510. Yachiyo: "Mitama!"
  511. Mitama: "Oh how scary, I'm just joking"
  512. Iroha: "T-that joke isn't going to work on me anymore either!"
  513. Mitama: "Fufu~"
  514.     "Well then, could you show me the bracelet?"
  515. Iroha: "It's this, but I can't remove it at all..."
  516. [bracelet is shown]
  517. Mitama: "Hng...!"
  518. [Mitama tries removing the bracelet]
  519. Mitama: "It really doesn't budge, does it"
  520. Iroha: "Is this something you can investigate somehow?"
  521.     "It would be nice if we could at least figure out how to take it off"
  522. Mitama: "Yeah"
  523.     "I feel some magic from the jewel, let's try investigating that"
  524. Iroha: "Yes"
  525. [Mitama concentrating]
  526. Mitama: "............"
  527.     "-!?"
  528.     " this..."
  529. Kanagi: "What happened Yakumo..."
  530. Mitama: "You really weren't fighting a normal witch, were you"
  531.     "There's an unbelievable amount of magic contained within..."
  532. Iroha: "That much...?"
  533. Mitama: "If I used it for adjustment, my soul gem wouldn't survive..."
  534.     "I'll try looking a bit deeper, alright?"
  535. Iroha: "Yes..."
  536. Mitama: "Deep... deep..."
  537. [red flashing]
  538. Iroha: "Ah!!"
  539. Yachiyo: "Iroha!!"
  540. [transistion to white]
  542. [cut to Iroha on monochrome misty background]
  543. Iroha: "This is..."
  544. [the witch(???) from the prologue is shown]
  545. Iroha: "The witch from that time...? Why? I'm sure we beat it..."
  546.     "............"
  547.     "This... isn't rea-lity...?"
  548. ???: "∵Fufu_ahaha"
  549. Iroha: "Kya..."
  550.     "'s not attacking"
  551. ???: "∵Ha~‾nihihi_"
  552. Iroha: "Are you worried about the bracelet being taken off...?"
  553. ???: "∵Hi_Hahaha-"
  554. Iroha: "We're not trying to destroy it, nor are we going to hand it over to someone else..."
  555. ???: "∵Fufu‾fu-fuu"
  556. Iroha: "You want me to, take you with me...?"
  557. [cut to flashback after the fight]
  558. Ui: "...Maybe it wants to go somewhere?"
  559. Iroha: "Hm? What do you mean?"
  560. Ui: "Ah, no, it just kinda felt like that"
  561. [cut back]
  562. Iroha: "The same as what Ui was saying...?"
  563. ???: "∵Aha-fufu...."
  564. Iroha: "It's not, like I'm trying to give you to someone else..."
  565. ???: "∵Ni-hahihi_‾fufu"
  566. Iroha: "It's ok, I trust Mitama-san, so..."
  567.     "Even if she takes it off, she's only investigating it"
  568. ???: "∵Kusu-haha_hihi"
  569. Iroha: "I see, you were defeated by me and entrusted your life to me like this"
  570.     "So if it's not someone who I can, from the bottom of my heart, share my life with"
  571.     "You can't trust them..."
  572. [cut back to the Adjuster's place]
  573. Iroha: "Ha..."
  574.     "Haa... haaa..."
  575. Mitama: "Iroha-chan, are you ok...?"
  576. Iroha: "I wonder... what that just now was..."
  577. Mitama: "Did you see something...?"
  578.     "It seems I was rejected..."
  579. Iroha: "I was also denied from removing the bracelet..."
  580. Mitama: "Eh...?"
  581. Iroha: "It might, be that I can only hand it to people who I would trust with my life..."
  582. Mitama: "Does this bracelet have a consciousness?"
  583. Iroha: "Somehow, I don't really know myself..."
  584.     "It's just that, it might not mean any harm..."
  585.     "It was defeated by my and seems to have entrusted me with its life..."
  586. Tsuruno: "Alright! There's no point in thinking about too much!"
  587.     "If it's come to this, let's go back to square one!"
  588. Iroha: "Tsuruno-chan?"
  589. Tsuruno: "After all, we haven't gone back to the place where it happened in the first place since then!"
  590.     "At times like this, nothing beats a on-site inspection!"
  591.     "Something might be left there! Funfun!"
  592. Yachiyo: "You're right"
  593.     "Just because it means no harm, that doesn't mean it's completely safe"
  594. Tsuruno: "Let's not waste any time! Let's go, Iroha-chan!"
  595. Ui: "Onee-chan..."
  596. Iroha: "...What you said, Ui, might have been true"
  597. Ui: "That witch, I wonder what it is..."
  598. Iroha: "Let's go back to the beginning and try to figure it out"
  599. Ui: "Yeah..."
  600. [The Mikadzuki House residents leave]
  601. Kanagi: "They left like storm"
  602. Mitama: "............"
  603.     "Previously, when Iroha regained her memories"
  604.     "The tales of Kamihama came alive"
  605. Kanagi: "This time will be the same?"
  606. Mitama: "I'm having deja vu"
  607. [cut to Kamihama skyline]
  608. ???: "When you can't solve a mystery, go back to the beginning, huh?"
  609. ???: "They'll... come back... I don't understand either after all..." TODO
  611. []
  613. [at the location where Iroha got the bracelet, evening]
  614. [Iroha concentrating]
  615. Iroha: "Can't really, sense anything, huh..."
  616. Yachiyo: "Yeah..."
  617. Tsuruno: "There's no magic left, and I can't find any fragments of any kind either"
  618. Sana: "Same for me..."
  619. Ui: "Me too..."
  620. Felicia: "Yooo, Iroha-! There's something cooool over heere!"
  621. Iroha: "You found something!?"
  622. Felicia: "It's massive praying mantis!"
  623. Yachiyo: "Take this more seriously!"
  624. Felicia: "No but, isn't it amazing? Look Sana!"
  625. Sana: "Pl-please don't... come near me...!"
  626. [they sense something]
  627. Sana: "This sensation...!"
  628. Felicia: "This praying mantis, is it a familiar!?"
  629. Sana: "No, it's not...!"
  630. Ui: "It's the same as the magic Sana and I felt yesterday...!"
  631. Iroha: "Oh, the picture..."
  632. [pan to two Promised Blood gang members]
  633. PB Girl (Red): "It is gone right?"
  634. PB Girl (Blue): "Yeah, it's gone"
  635. Iroha: "You are..."
  636. PB Girl (Blue): "We were chasing the magic here"
  637.     "Don't you know?"
  638. Iroha: "We're the ones who defeated it"
  639. Yachiyo: "Who are you people? You're not from Kamihama, right?"
  640. PB Girl (Red): "You're right, we came from outside Kamihama"
  641. Yachiyo: "What's your objective...?"
  642. PB Girl (Red): "We seek the strong magic, the large amount of energy that was here"
  643. Iroha: "-!?"
  644. PB Girl (Red): "You hid your wrist..."
  645.     "I see, that's where what you obtained is"
  646. PB Girl (Blue): "Let's do it..."
  647. PB Girl (Red): "Yeah"
  648.     "RYAAAAA!"
  649. Iroha: "-!?"
  650.     "W-what, why suddenly!?"
  651. Tsuruno: "Looks like we got the hypothetical worst scenario..."
  652. PB Girl (Red): "Our goal is the enormous amount of energy that was in this place..."
  653.     "And your, the Kamihama magical girls', life!!"
  654. Ui: "Why...!?"
  655. Felicia: "Really, I dun get what this' about!"
  656. [Sana senses something]
  657. Sana: "There are others...!!"
  658. [pan to three girls from Promised Blood]
  659. PB Girl (Orange): "If you're gonna fight, come at us like your life depends on it"
  660. Iroha: "...what if we leave the thing we got with you...?"
  661. PB Girl (Orange): "We'll make it painless..."
  662. Iroha: "So you're intent on fighting, no matter what..."
  664. [cut to battle screen]
  665. Tsuruno: "Wha-wha-wha!"
  666.     "Hold on, these might be really dangerous people!"
  667. Yachiyo: "They're quite experienced in fighting magical girls..."
  668.     "They're even doing a good job protecting their soul gems... their life!!"
  669. Felicia: "What? This bloodlust..."
  670.     "What did we do to deserve this..."
  671. Iroha: "Ui! Get behind me!"
  672. Sana: "I'll also provide cover...!"
  673. Ui: "It's ok..."
  674.     "I can't just be cowering in the back...!"
  675. PB Girl (Orange): "I don't care if she dies"
  676.     "Steal the bracelet that crossbow girl has on her wrist"
  677. PB Girl (Red): "I know"
  678. Iroha: "-..."
  680. []
  682. PB Girl (Red): "An opening!"
  683. Tsuruno: "Oh!"
  684.     "But I left myself open on purpose!"
  685.     "Hiyah!!"
  686. PB Girl (Red): "Ugh..."
  687. Tsuruno: "Fuu...
  688.     "I'm done over here!"
  690. PB Girl (Blue): "I've got you!"
  691. Ui: "Kya!"
  692. PB Girl (Blue): "Urk!"
  693. Ui: "Thanks, onee-chan!"
  694. Iroha: "Wow, you've really gotten better at fighting..."
  696. PB Girl (Orange): "Damn... it..."
  697. Yachiyo: "You know, I do keep a pretty cool head"
  698.     "Now, tell us all about who you are"
  699. PB Girl (Orange): "Fufu..."
  700. Yachiyo: "What's with that confidence..."
  701. Hikaru: "Go! Hikaru Army Corps!"
  702. Yachiyo: "-!?"
  703. [white flash shown]
  704. Yachiyo: "Kyaa!"
  705. [white flash dissapears]
  706. Yachiyo: *cough*
  707.     "What... was that attack..."
  708. Yuna: "As expected from people who would do things as unusual as the Kamihama magical girls do..."
  709. Hikaru: "I'm surprised you're fine even after I used my Hikaru Army Corps"
  710. Felicia: "The hell, you're... these dudes' bosses...!?"
  711. Iroha: "Wait Felicia-chan, if you go forward-!"
  712. Yuna: "Hm, that is large swing..."
  713. Felicia: "Ka-boooom!"
  714. Yuna: "I can't believe our lives..."
  715. Felicia: "Hmf, she dodged!"
  716. Yuna: "Were at the mercy of such an animalistic girl!"
  717. Felicia: "Ugh..."
  718. Yuna: "This is aggravating!"
  719. Felicia: "Argh...!"
  720. Yuna: "Disgusting!"
  721. Felicia: "Gaaah...!!"
  722.     "Urk..."
  723. Sana: "Felicia-san!!"
  724. Yuna: "Looks like you managed to protect your soul gem..."
  725. Ui: "A-are you... the... Wings of Magius...?"
  726.     "From outside Kanihama..."
  727. Hikaru: "Nope"
  728.     "We're not the Wings of Magius"
  729. Ui: "Then... what...?"
  730. Yuna: "We have no reason to tell you"
  731. Iroha: /Ui, go get help.../
  732. Ui: /But, I too.../
  733. Iroha: /We need help right now.../
  734.     /This is completely different from the time with the Magius, these people are seriously trying to kill us/
  735.     /Even if we win... someone might die.../
  736. Ui: /O-ok...!/
  737. Ui: "-...!"
  738. Hikaru: "We can't let you go, even if you're just one small fry"
  739.     "-!"
  740. Iroha: "I'm your opponent..."
  742. [cut to battle scene]
  743. Yuna: "This is perfect"
  744.     "Hikaru, steal that girls' bracelet..."
  745. Hikaru: "Aye!"
  746. Yuna: "My opponent is probably you..."
  747. Yachiyo: "So you do understand..."
  748.     "I'll make you regret hurting people from Mikadzuki House"
  749. PB Girl (Orange): "The hammer girl over there is looking like a wounded animal"
  750.     "Let's go and finish her"
  751. Tsuruno: "I can't ignore that!"
  752.     "I was gauging the situation and holding back"
  753.     "But pushed this far my patience is worn out"
  754.     "No matter how many come at me!!"
  755.     "The flames that shroud me will become an ultimate wall no one can pass!!"
  757. Felicia: "Ugh..."
  758. Sana: "It'll be ok Felicia-san... I'll become your shield..."
  760. Hikaru: "I'm prepared to go to hell"
  761. Iroha: "Can't we at least try to talk...?"
  763. [cut to after battle]
  764. Hikaru: *panting*
  765.     "You will be sliced to bits!!"
  766. Iroha: "Urk... my robe..."
  767. Hikaru: "I'm gonna charge right through!"
  768.     "She disappeared..."
  769. Iroha: "We don't know anything about you..."
  770.     "So tell us! Why are you attacking us!?"
  771. Hikaru: "Urk!"
  772.     "That you don't even know is aggravating to us!"
  773. Iroha: "Kyaa!!"
  774. Hikaru: "Come, hand over that bracelet"
  775.     "'s not like I want to pointlessly take lives either..."
  776. Ui: "Onee-chan!"
  777. Rena: "What is this... what's happening...!?"
  778. Tsuruno: "You made it...!"
  779. PB Girl (Orange): "Shit, help arrived..."
  780. Yachiyo: "Do you still plan to continue?"
  781. Yuna: "You're acting tough, but you're also close to your limit, aren't you..."
  782. Yachiyo: "I don't know about that"
  783. Momoko: "It looks like we somehow made it"
  784. Rena: "If you hadn't suggested going shopping"
  785.     "We wouldn't have been this late"
  786. Kaede: "Bad timing, huh"
  787. Momoko: "It was unavoidable!"
  788.     "So, what is happening here... who the hell are you people!"
  789. Yuna: "........"
  790.     "Everyone, lower your weapons"
  791. Hikaru: "Aye"
  792. Yachiyo: "You're going to turn tail and run?"
  793. Iroha: "Please, tell us...."
  794.     "Why are you attacking us? What do you have against us...!?"
  795. Yuna: "We have everything against you"
  796.     "Torayacho... Ryuugasaki... Hebinomiya..."
  797.     "Do you know of Futatsugi City?"
  798. Iroha: "........"
  799.     "no..."
  800. Yuna: "So you don't know anything...."
  801.     "Then, at the very least remember this"
  802.     "We're magical girls who have exchanged an oath of blood"
  803.     "Having experienced hardships because of Kamihama, we will make you suffer for our brethren who have died"
  804.     "We will obtain what has been created by spilling our blood..."
  805.     "For our friends still at home too..."
  806.     "Tamaki Iroha, Nanami Yachiyo"
  807. Iroha: "........"
  808. Yachiyo: "........"
  809. Yuna: "I'm Kureha Yuna"
  810.     "I'm telling you because it wouldn't be fair if just I knew about you"
  811. Hikaru: "I am Kirari Hikaru"
  812.     "We'll get that bracelet next time"
  813. Iroha: "What... is this...?"
  814. Hikaru: "You really don't know anything, do you"
  815. Momoko: "Sorry, Yachiyo-san, we weren't to do anything"
  816. Yachiyo: "It's fine, we were able to discourage them just by you coming"
  817.     "It would have been dangerous otherwise..."
  818. Kaede: "What are we gonna do now...?"
  819. Tsuruno: "Let's go back to the Adjuster's"
  820. Yachiyo: "Tsuruno?"
  821. Tsuruno: "If they're not the Wings of Magius, it's weird that they're this strong"
  822.     "We magical girls from Kamihama, as well as the Wings of Magius who came from outside, we all received Adjusting in Kamihama, right...?"
  823.     "People who came from Futatsugi shouldn't have received any Adjusting..."
  824. Yachiyo: "It does indeed not make sense that they can fight with us on equal standing"
  825. Momoko: "But, if they received Adjusting, the Adjuster would know"
  826. Iroha: "When I asked her before, she said she didn't know..."
  827.     "Maybe there are other ways to do Adjustment..."
  828. Momoko: "If that's the case, the Adjuster will be in the biggest pinch since she began"
  829. Yachiyo: "For now, let's go talk to Mitama about it"
  830.     "Sorry to make you come all the way here Momoko"
  831. Momoko: "No problem, don't be such a stranger"
  832.     "If we could help just by being here, that's great"
  833.     "Contact me if you find out anything else, alright?"
  834. Yachiyo: "Ok"
  835. Iroha: "Thank you too, Ui"
  836. Ui: "Yeah, I'm relieved everyone is safe"
  837. Sana: "Now we just need to get Felicia-san some good rest..."
  838. Felicia: "...I'm...fine..."
  839. Iroha: "No, you're not..."
  840.     "Those people left, so you don't have to hold it in anymore..."
  841. Felicia: "Ow..."
  842. Iroha: "Yeah... we'll take you with in a moment"
  843.     "I can at least heal you some with my magic though..."
  845. []
  846. [at Mitama's place]
  848. Iroha: "Mitama-san!"
  849. Mitama: "Welcome back"
  850.     "Did you find anything?"
  851. Felicia: "Urk..."
  852. Mitama: "Felicia-chan!?"
  853.     "...what happened?"
  854. Sana: "We were attacked by the people from the picture..."
  855. Mitama: "Eh..."
  856.     "F-for now let her rest on the bed over here"
  857. Felicia: "Fu..."
  858. Mitama: "These are awful injuries... it must have been quite the powerful opponents..."
  859.     "Did the feathers come...?"
  860. Yachiyo: "........"
  861. Mitama: "What is it...?"
  862. Yachiyo: "You really didn't know anything, right Mitama?"
  863. Mitama: "I don't understand what you mean..."
  864. Tsuruno: "The people who attacked us, they weren't the Wings of Magius"
  865.     "But they were just as strong as us who've received Adjusting..."
  866. Mitama: "Eh..."
  867. Sana: "When you saw the picture and when you touched Ui-chan..."
  868.     "You really didn't know anything...?"
  869. Iroha: "Um, if you really didn't know anything, that's totally fine"
  870.     "But you're the only person we know of who can do Adjusting..."
  871. Mitama: "So that's how it is..."
  872. Ui: "It's not good to be so suspicious of people!"
  873.     "Mitama-san... really didn't know anything...!"
  874. Mitama: "Ui-chan..."
  875.     "I can't blame you for being suspicious though..."
  876.     "Since you all can't can see into people like I can..."
  877. Ui: "But..."
  878. Mitama: "It's not like I remember everything"
  879.     "So if you have anything you could tell me about them"
  880.     "I might be able to remember"
  881. Iroha: "The leader seeming person's name was Kureha Yuna"
  882.     "Another one was Kirari Hikaru"
  883. Yachiyo: "Also, the town they live in seems to be called Futatsugi City"
  884. Mitama: "........"
  885.     "...I'm sorry, I don't know after all..."
  886. Yachiyo: "I see..."
  887.     "Sorry to doubt you after all that's happened..."
  888. Mitama: "It's fine, I did do terrible enough things to deserve it"
  889. Sana: "But then... how did they get that strong..."
  890. Tsuruno: "Yeah, it's a mystery"
  891.     "There shouldn't be anyone except for Mitama who can do Adjusting, right?"
  892. Mitama: "Yes... there should't be anyone in this city except for me who can"
  893.     "Though, maybe..."
  894. Tsuruno: "Eh, wait a second! There are other Adjusters!?"
  895. Mitama: "I-I too got taught by someone else after all...!"
  896.     "Ah..."
  897. Iroha: "Mitama-san...?"
  898. Mitama: "It can't be... sensei...?"
  900. [cut to Livia and Hikaru]
  901. Livia: "Alright, the Adjusting is finished"
  902. Hikaru: "Aye"
  903.     "You were a life-saver again today"
  904. Livia: "Really, that ya would seriously duke it out as soon as ya met"
  905.     "It's good that you're full o' youthful vigor, but you should try to keep some moderation, ya' know?"
  906. Hikaru: "We we're facing Kamihama, it couldn't be helped"
  907. Livia: "Get to the bottom of the entire situation, and don't lose track of yer original goal"
  908.     "Do make sure to tell yer boss as well"
  909.     "If ya get too caught up in what's right in front of ya, it'll get out of hand later after all"
  910. Hikaru: "Aye!"
  912. [cut black screen]
  914. ???: "Please... save me..."
  915. ???: "I won't tell... I won't tell anyone..."
  916. [transistion in picture of Yuna attacking someone]
  917. Yuna: "Do you think I could believe the words of someone from Kamihama?"
  918.     "Either way, since you've found out about this place, I can't just let you leave"
  919.     "If you were going to beg for your life, you would have been better off running away..."
  920. [red flash]
  921. ???: "u... a..."
  922. *thump*
  923. [transistion to nighttime scene]
  924. Hikaru: "This corpse... what are we gonna do with it?"
  925. Yuna: "Dispose it it somewhere someone will find it"
  926. Hikaru: "You're getting too heated about this"
  927. Yuna: "Get me some ice cream later, I'll cool down with that"
  928. Hikaru: "Oh, I already bought some Crunchy Bars!"
  929. Yuna: "The best choice"
  931. [cut to other location with Juri and Ao]
  932. Juri: "Oi! You're kidding, is this for real!?"
  933.     "Wasn't that Juri-sama's KO victory!?"
  934. Ao: "Thinking you could win against me in game, you're still naive onee-chan"
  935. Juri: "Wow, that really pisses me off!"
  936.     "The hell, is this console broken!?"
  937.     "I don't get t- aah- munch"
  938.     "That's cold!"
  939.     "Oi, onee-san!"
  940.     "Don't just suddenly shove ice cream into Juri-sama's mouth!"
  941. Yuna: "Don't get too heated~ Juri"
  942. Hikaru: "She's right, second sister"
  943.     "Now's the time to be calm"
  944. Ao: "Don't wanna be told that by the people who immediately pick fights"
  945.     "So, how'd it go?"
  946. Yuna: "It looked like they really don't know anything"
  947. Hikaru: "Ignorance is their crime"
  948. Ao: "And how strong were they?"
  949. Yuna: "I think our second sister will be able to enjoy herself"
  950. Juri: "Heh, isn't that nice"
  951.     "So it'll be worth it for Juri-sama to cook them well-done"
  952. Ao: "Personally, I'd prefer it if we could settle things peacefully though"
  954. [cut to Rabi in room with a fish tank wall and chairs]
  955. Rabi: "The truth I gazed upon does not lie"
  956.     "A truth from which I can't avert my eyes"
  957.     "Now, one step was taken forward"
  958.     "Fuu..."
  959.     "The clock of the end has begun ticking towards midnight..."
  961. [cut to Kagome's notebook]
  962. I can hear the magical girls' voices.
  963. A mysterious witch...
  964. A bracelet...
  965. People who are after that bracelet...
  966. The people who appeared here, guided by something,
  967. what goal might they have...?
  968. They are almost like large, pitch-black waves tossed by the aimless ocean in the dead of night.
  969. Is everyone alright?
  970. Will they be able to stay safe...?
  971. They're all magical girls...
  972. These waves somehow feel like they're driven by the urge to survive.
  973. Our light, the magical girls, might be chasing after their own light...
  975. [cut to Kagome and Kyubey]
  976. Kagome: "Sorry Kyubey..."
  977.     "I can't meet your hopes after all..."
  978. Kyubey: "I see, it seems your answer won't change no matter how many times I ask"
  979. Kagome: "I... already made a promise..."
  980. Kyubey: "With the old scholar you mentioned before?"
  981. Kagome: "And also with this one..."
  982. Kyubey: "That one, huh"
  983.     "There is nothing visible to me but, what kind of promise did you make?"
  984. Kagome: "...that I can't say"
  985. [cut to black screen]
  986. Kagome: "Together with Aru-chan I'm going to continue recording, and, with that person, spread to the world"
  987.     "The knowledge of magical girls"
  989. [cut to the train station]
  990. Shizuka: "Charu! Sunao! Help! It won't let me out!"
  991. Chiharu: "Like I said Shizuka-chan! You need to load it!"
  992.     "You need to load money onto your card!"
  993. Sunao: "There's a fare adjustment machine next to you, so put your bills into that!"
  994. Shizuka: "But, that thing, it's gonna suck up my money!"
  995. Chiharu: "That's because you're loading it!"
  996. Sunao: "The money will be inside your card, so it's fine!"
  997. Shizuka: "Even though I can't see it!?"
  998. Sunao: "Even though you can't see it!"
  999. Shizuka: "I can't see myself living in this city"
  1000. Sunao: "What are you saying!"
  1001. Chiharu: "I'm gonna go over to the station attendant quick!"
  1002. Sunao: "Please do Charu!"
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