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Oct 1st, 2017
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  1. f8b5bab drivers: Make sure CPUQuiet gets compiled
  2. eef9124 CHROMIUM: PM / QoS: add min/max online cpus as PM QoS parameter
  3. 619b219 CHROMIUM: sched: update the average of nr_running
  4. 87f50fe kernel: Nuke GENTLE_FAIR_SLEEPERS sysfs
  5. 1c6dcda Merge branch 'h4waii-nougat' into nougat
  6. 8b06963 Merge branch 'nougat' of git:// into h4waii-nougat
  7. be5834e Spectrum: Added spectrum support :)
  8. 02016ba anykernel: Anykernel update for spectrum
  9. 15b9173 Add USB HID gadget suport
  10. 81c6ae2 Update: ElectraBlue 5.0!
  11. 94d7029 Linux 3.18.72
  12. a355cd8 bcache: fix bch_hprint crash and improve output
  13. 3ee7dd94 bcache: fix for gc and write-back race
  14. 0c673be bcache: Correct return value for sysfs attach errors
  15. dffb2c7 bcache: correct cache_dirty_target in __update_writeback_rate()
  16. 1459c07 bcache: Fix leak of bdev reference
  17. 3318be6 bcache: initialize dirty stripes in flash_dev_run()
  18. 65fe9ab media: uvcvideo: Prevent heap overflow when accessing mapped controls
  19. a8d5fbe media: v4l2-compat-ioctl32: Fix timespec conversion
  20. 520e75d PCI: shpchp: Enable bridge bus mastering if MSI is enabled
  21. 50e4819 ARC: Re-enable MMU upon Machine Check exception
  22. 3fc4463 tracing: Apply trace_clock changes to instance max buffer
  23. ae776ac ftrace: Fix selftest goto location on error
  24. 4263bb6 scsi: qla2xxx: Fix an integer overflow in sysfs code
  25. 5fcfb99 scsi: sg: fixup infoleak when using SG_GET_REQUEST_TABLE
  26. 97f0c1b scsi: sg: factor out sg_fill_request_table()
  27. 84d643c scsi: sg: off by one in sg_ioctl()
  28. 1d8432b scsi: sg: use standard lists for sg_requests
  29. 6308f37 scsi: sg: remove 'save_scat_len'
  30. ec0640b scsi: zfcp: trace high part of "new" 64 bit SCSI LUN
  31. 23e6215 scsi: zfcp: trace HBA FSF response by default on dismiss or timedout late response
  32. 165323d scsi: zfcp: fix payload with full FCP_RSP IU in SCSI trace records
  33. 0273a65 scsi: zfcp: fix missing trace records for early returns in TMF eh handlers
  34. a416c00 scsi: zfcp: add handling for FCP_RESID_OVER to the fcp ingress path
  35. 208d729 scsi: zfcp: fix queuecommand for scsi_eh commands when DIX enabled
  36. 3344317 skd: Submit requests to firmware before triggering the doorbell
  37. b45cf05 skd: Avoid that module unloading triggers a use-after-free
  38. 7f10ed4 md/bitmap: disable bitmap_resize for file-backed bitmaps.
  39. 8e3283f block: Relax a check in blk_start_queue()
  40. 522fe13 powerpc: Fix DAR reporting when alignment handler faults
  41. edc0084 ext4: fix incorrect quotaoff if the quota feature is enabled
  42. e9df556 crypto: AF_ALG - remove SGL terminator indicator when chaining
  43. 8c627bc Input: i8042 - add Gigabyte P57 to the keyboard reset table
  44. 4ba4670 ip6_gre: fix endianness errors in ip6gre_err
  45. bf1df16 Revert "usb: musb: fix tx fifo flush handling again"
  46. e618271 f2fs: check hot_data for roll-forward recovery
  47. ce780df ipv6: fix typo in fib6_net_exit()
  48. 5c816aa ipv6: fix memory leak with multiple tables during netns destruction
  49. 410ce15 tcp: initialize rcv_mss to TCP_MIN_MSS instead of 0
  50. 69f353e Revert "net: phy: Correctly process PHY_HALTED in phy_stop_machine()"
  51. 4c57011 qlge: avoid memcpy buffer overflow
  52. c39e809 ipv6: accept 64k - 1 packet length in ip6_find_1stfragopt()
  53. ae2183df Revert "sched: Trying to reduce power usage"
  54. 98653a6 msm: mdss: Use a high priority WQ for irq_done work
  55. 63fe0d4 arm64: Fix section mismatch error introduced by latest gcc update
  56. b0d026c zswap: runtime enable/disable
  57. 193bb6a sched: Trying to reduce power usage
  58. 3dd39ad cpufreq: interactive: fix after add screen off max frequency
  59. 4d76dd7 cpufreq: interactive: adapt screen off max frequency to MIDO
  60. 73d92e4 cpufreq: interactive: add screen off max frequency tunable
  61. 8f560bc cpufreq: interactive: add powersave bias tunable
  62. d8081cd mido-defcofig: Enable Frandom generator
  63. 375cc65 upgrade frandom to latest
  64. 48e2768 drivers: Upgrade frandom from staging
  65. 1073488 staging: frandom: Clear up checkpatch conflicts
  66. 32c30c4 staging: frandom: Dynamically allocate the char device numbers
  67. 17690fa staging: Add frandom RNG driver
  68. 8b77f3d cpu-boost: Decrease priority of notifier_block
  69. 2ba142c cpufreq: cpu-boost: boost the input boost notifier to max prio
  70. 6fc27ee cpufreq: cpu-boost: don't boost over user set max freq
  71. 49c852a cpufreq: Add cpu utilization statistics to aid decisions made by userspace.
  72. fd129b8 Update msm8953-gpu.dtsi
  73. bb25d69 gpio: stop dumping the stack every time a gpio isn't valid
  74. e3b5a46 gpu: devfreq: adrenoboost: correct leveling errors
  75. 7932c15 msm adreno: adrenoboost v2.1: adrenoboost lvl 3 settings cut low freq bump
  76. c7dbca6 gpu: devfreq: adrenoboost: adding conservative governor v2
  77. f19d0e0 gpu: devfreq: adrenoboost: adding conservative governor
  78. 471e446 mido_defconfig: Enable LazyPLug Hotplug
  79. f822008 lazyplug: Don't delay fingerprint boost
  80. 971daa2 Lazyplug: Convert to state_notifier
  81. d388405 lazyplug: Add MSM8992 + Hexa core support
  82. 49a4b29 lazplug: Boost on fingerprint scan
  83. 96dd3b8 lazyplug: Fix missing queue improvement
  84. 25f9538 lazyplug: Use LCD Notifier instead of display state
  85. fc706a2 lazyplug: Remove unused int
  86. 8f871c9 lazyplug: Fix cpu_online call in unplug_cpu
  87. c5c02b8 lazyplug: Online CPUs with screen on
  88. cfc585b lazyplug: We know lazyplug is active, reduce overhead
  89. 4af3d14 lazyplug: Remove input handler
  90. d983477 lazyplug: queue work on any online core
  91. c9a1584 lazyplug: enhance cpu hotplug
  92. d2161f6 lazyplug: Allow max cores to be tunable
  93. ae06f57 lazyplug: Add highly aggressive lazy profile
  94. 263aabd lazyplug: Improve MSM8994 and MSM8996 thread capacity
  95. 6c78d9c lazyplug: Use correct hysteresis for octacore cpus
  96. 06bfb13 lazyplug: Add Hysteresis for Octacore CPUs
  97. 07ae5d3 lazyplug: Remove wakeup_boost
  98. c106b62 lazyplug: Use display_state hooks
  99. 37bbb93 lazyplug: Remove Power/earlysuspend hooks
  100. 4370e46 lazyplug: add mutex & boolean check for lazy mode
  101. c627c36 lazyplug: separate thread for reducing wake-up delay
  102. 97fa0ce Introduce Lazyplug
  103. 22cb291 Makefile: Silence x.509 warning
  104. ad4f192 mido_defconfig: Enable chill, relax and electron governors
  105. 40df507 cpu_governor: Nuked duplicate freq_step
  106. def9956 cpufreq: Add Electron governor
  107. d6d9823 chill: Cache tuneables
  108. f42d9e9 chill: Fix down_threshold_suspended sysfs input
  109. af901e0 chill: Fix logic for reducing boost count with freq
  110. ff8455e chill: Allow any number >= 1 for boost count
  111. 68ebb21 chill: Reset boost count on policy->min
  112. 3518038 chill: Decrease boost count alongside frequency
  113. fc12727 chill: Simplify boost increment logic
  114. 11504d9 chill: I'm secretly retarded
  115. 673bb0ab chill: Reset boost count at max regardless of whether we've boosted
  116. 1c46067 cpufreq: chill: Use native display_state instead of PowerSuspend
  117. ed289f5 cpufreq: chill: Version 2.0
  118. 1a5b932 cpufreq: chill: Impliment down_threshold_suspended
  119. b42328b cpufreq: chill: Replace sleep_depth with true load ignorance
  120. dbb5c22 cpufreq: chill: Guard against 0 sleep depth and optimize defaults
  121. 5adb3c0 cpufreq: chill: Go back to using Conservative's tunables
  122. 723c83e cpufreq: chill: use GOV_CHILL macro
  123. 4f45db7 cpufreq: chill: Don't check for target frequency when boosting
  124. 00e3cc0 cpufreq: chill: Major cleanup, move changes from governor.h to chill.h
  125. 10d7742 cpufreq: chill: Add boost option
  126. 8dca7d6 cpufreq: chill: Add verion macros
  127. 29d75bb cpufreq: Add Chill cpu gov
  128. e34ae20 Relaxed Governor: Use State_Notifier for Display Query (Off/On)
  129. bbdcbe6 Add Relaxed Governor v1.3
  130. ed75bb0 ARM: dts: msm: lower DCVS min MB per frame load for apq8053
  131. d427007 ARM: dts: msm: Add support for turbo frequency efuse for MSM8953
  132. e285b0f arm64: copy_to-from-in_user optimization using copy template
  133. 70b427f sched: Fix the bug in select_best_cpu() that returns -1 as target_cpu
  134. a333517 drivers/Kconfig: remove duplicate entry for soc
  135. 21cf8f1 sched: walt: fix window misalignment when HZ=300
  136. 4e5891c msm: mdss: Don't constantly fire interrupts for DSI status check
  137. f1b2634 cfq-iosched: fix the setting of IOPS mode on SSDs
  138. 73ddc77 fix up initial thread stack pointer vs thread_info confusion
  139. 59f3147 shmem: fix shm fallocate() list corruption
  140. d051060 asm-generic: rwsem: ensure sem->cnt is only accessed via atomic_long_*
  141. 0923990 ARM: optimize memset_io()/memcpy_fromio()/memcpy_toio()
  142. 162e5be lib/memcopy: use glibc version
  143. ced22bf lib/string: use glibc version
  144. cb76264 zsmalloc: use page->private instead of page->first_page
  145. 4dd1381 zsmalloc: use bit_spin_lock
  146. facd9b5 mm: zpool: fix discard-const-qualifier warning
  147. 18b4575 zpool: add zpool_has_pool()
  148. 483be4b module: export param_free_charp()
  149. c13981d zpool: change pr_info to pr_debug
  150. 99e85a2 mm: zswap: change default compressor and zpool type
  151. 95d61e2 mm/zswap: use workqueue to destroy pool
  152. f006add mm/zswap: provide unique zpool name
  153. d01ed90 mm/zswap: change incorrect strncmp use to strcmp
  154. 9a54635 zswap: use charp for zswap param strings
  155. 8c24103 zswap: change zpool/compressor at runtime
  156. e408927 zswap: dynamic pool creation
  157. 67a6b32 ASoC: wcdxxxx: queue work on power efficient wq Signed-off-by: Pranav Vashi <>
  158. 765db5d time: Remove CONFIG_TIMER_STATS
  159. cd90fd5 block: Make CFQ default to IOPS mode on SSDs
  160. c7ecb7c sched : Add some necessary functions
  161. f4d464e msm: vidc: disable debug logs
  162. 85b6029 qcom: msm-core: uninterruptible wait - you can kiss my arse goodbye
  163. 1c3b528 Disable cleaning
  164. 61dd7d7 mido_defcondig: Enable snappy compression
  165. d67283e Update gitignore
  166. 6817908 csnappy: Update to newest version
  167. d161eb1 staging: Add Snappy compression library (v3)
  168. 566bc89 update-binary: Fix typo
  169. 37de4ee Linux 3.18.71
  170. f46bfa2 xfs: XFS_IS_REALTIME_INODE() should be false if no rt device present
  171. 61825d4 ARM: 8692/1: mm: abort uaccess retries upon fatal signal
  172. 90cc55d Bluetooth: Properly check L2CAP config option output buffer length
  173. 4ebfae6 ALSA: msnd: Optimize / harden DSP and MIDI loops
  174. 6d45b68 locktorture: Fix potential memory leak with rw lock test
  175. 4dfb393 btrfs: resume qgroup rescan on rw remount
  176. 5870429 scsi: sg: recheck MMAP_IO request length with lock held
  177. 371aaa7 scsi: sg: protect against races between mmap() and SG_SET_RESERVED_SIZE
  178. 346d2ba cs5536: add support for IDE controller variant
  179. c0eb7cc workqueue: Fix flag collision
  180. 46ba379 cma: fix calculation of aligned offset
  181. b5b1362 dlm: avoid double-free on error path in dlm_device_{register,unregister}
  182. 05a9230 Input: trackpoint - assume 3 buttons when buttons detection fails
  183. 867b564 driver core: bus: Fix a potential double free
  184. cf2b05c staging/rts5208: fix incorrect shift to extract upper nybble
  185. ff6ec04 USB: core: Avoid race of async_completed() w/ usbdev_release()
  186. c5a96a59 usb:xhci:Fix regression when ATI chipsets detected
  187. 7975a54 usb: Add device quirk for Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920-C
  188. 24c9acb USB: serial: option: add support for D-Link DWM-157 C1
  189. 84c72c3 usb: quirks: add delay init quirk for Corsair Strafe RGB keyboard
  190. e275cdf Update: ElectraBlue 5.0!
  191. 5b7cf49 Makefile: Remove toolchain path! It doesn't make sense to have toolchain path here cause it is already defined in the build script lulz.
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