H420 SCP Rules

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  1. Hi, and welcome to Hentai Squad 420!
  2. We have a discord, feel free to join to get more info!
  3. Discord:
  5. This server is owned and managed by:
  7. Owner: Bane?
  8. Admin: Zelix
  9. Moderator: Tempest Galaxies
  11. There are several rules that we have regarding this server and its use, so please take some time to read them.
  13. RULES:
  14. 1.) Do not ghost. IE Do not be in a discord call with someone who is an SCP while you are a D-Class, and give them outside information. This is not fair and violates the integrity of the game.
  15. 2.) No cheating. This one is pretty self explanatory. Do not modify this game or servers properties with the use of outside programs. Doing so will get you immediately banned.
  16. 3.) Do not harass other players. This server is heavily moderated, and if you think nobody is watching, someone probably is. You will be given one warning, any further offences from there will result in a ban.
  17. 4.) Have fun. We don't ask for much here but we do ask that these rules have been set in place for a very specific reason, as to thwart anything that could ruin your experience while playing on the server with us.
  19. We ask that if you have any questions, feel free to contact us in-game, through Steam, or even discord.
  21. Have fun!
  23. - Bane
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